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are long walks of 20-22 kms bad for someone with sciatic pain?

fell on the floor 12 hours ago, have severe pain in upper part of leg & knee. I can not walk without help, that too with pain.3 months pregnant l.

If i run my life side starts to hurts?

walking with 10kg hiking backpack for month averaging 30 miles a day for 5 days a week, but back shoulder are in mega pain, how can I manage the pain?

1/2 mile walk w/3 short jogs. Back an hour now. Pain in l shoulder, l side, and chest. Lasts < 1 min. Comes and goes. Should i be worried?

11 year old son has had pain in his legs for 2 years. Consultant said growing pains. But it's causing him to limp, he can't run and gained weight?

15yr old female swims on team. She has been complaining about pain in groin and inner thighs when walking and sitting. Could this b from swimming?

24y/o F with left knee pain. When I go down stairs/hills, keep it bent for 3 mins or so and at night I get random shooting pains that move up my thigh?

29/f. The past few days I have had axhy pain in my entire leg. The achyness is gone now but when i walk i havebad knee pain.Exercise daily and healthy?

3 weeks ago both my ankles and feet swelled up and it lasted for a week. After that i started exercising by walking which now has been 2 weeks of doing it, i had no problems but really low back pain but i still did exercising. Yesterday my left ankle sw

35 yrs old 4 children and have bad knee pain with nerve pain running down both legs especially when sitting down or in bed more pain when i go gym?

37 weeks pregnant and my butt hurts! Feels like muscle pain in the middle of BOTH glutes. Not very much sciatic pain, feels like i walked up stairs?

4 wk knee pain, esp after sitting and bending.Better when walking, but more sore in evening.See doc in wk.What to do to get better.Walking, biking bad?

5yo had low fever for 4 days. Today she complains back of her knees r hurting&can't stand&walk properly. Doctor said growing pain. Does it make sense?

6.8 mile bike ride yesterday. 1st time in years. Today, I have this pain, only in my left thigh. It's not the "I over did it" pain. + tingling in leg?

60 minutes into my 90minute soccer match I suddenly got sharp knot type pain when ever my leg was bent, got worse with running, what could it be?

63yr old female. Bike rides once a year. After 26 mile ride, not well hydrated, experiences lower right quadrant pain. Pain remains 9 hours after ride?

7 yr old son had left chest pain when running. It stops whrn he stops. More aaffected when running longer distances. What could it be?

A few weeks ago go I was jogging up my stair. I heard a crack and I was in a lot of pain. It went away until July 4 where it was unbearable to walk.

About 5 months ago i started running then 3 months later i stopped i noticed that i had stretch marks on the back of my calves how do loose them?

About 2 weeks ago when i was walking i mustve moved my knee the wrong way cause it was painful and now the soreness aint going away, is it ever going to?

About 3 miles into my 5 mile walk, I have pain in the back of my left leg like behind my knee and down the calf, this has been going on for a month ?

After 5 mile run my knee gave out pain was excruciating. Pain is unbearable to put weight on it. Pain is in a u shape under kneecap. What should I d0?

After a long run of 18 miles i started to feel a lite pain on back of knee. Should i be worry? I have a marathon in 3 weeks.

After a while of running I tend to get a sharp pain in the lower left of my abdomen. It stops when I stop running. But what is it exactly?

After being inactive for yrs starting cycling again about 60 min/day but lately have had terrible thigh pains, am I overdoing it?

After daily running in summer, my hip aches when I do planks and sometimes when I lie on side or move a certain way. Run 1x a wk now. What can it be?

After going for a 5 mile run, the next day or two i get really bad pains in my calves. What can I do to prevent or ease the pain?

After going for a run, i felt tightness on the right side of my right quad and pain whenever i flexed my knee. Should i see doctor or just rest?

After i walk for short time my leg stops working I have sharp pain in my hips my legs like they weight is so heavy they go numb when try walk the pain hurts so bad

After jogging 4 mi, approx. 24 hrs later, I have inner/side knee pain when going up steps and walking. A week has past. Not red or hot, little edema.

After jogging my left hamstring is quite tender?

After my knee surgeries back in ('05 rt &'06 lt) i'm still having problems walking & going up & down stairs. Going down i can only go backwards.

After playing basketball I just start getting knee pain or pain in thighs so why I would be getting this?

After resting 6 weeks due to back fracture I began running when I felt a pain/ what is it now?

After running 1mile in 8min from last 8 days.Now extreme pain in lower leg if jump 2-3 times,skip rope 5 times or any activity of legs barely for 5sec?

After running exercising (high impact) I have a dull ache deep inside each hip when I put pressure on it from walking steps for a good few days afterwards?

After running/jogging about 3-5miles, I started having pain in my back. Not like muscle pain. What can I do now?

After sitting criss crossed for a while both my knees start hurting incredibly and the pain doesn't go away till hours or days later, what can I do?

After standing for long periods or walking/running for a while, i experience a dull ache/pressure in the tops of my calves. Why?

After standing for more than 2 hours i get the feeling of ice cold running water on the front of my upper left thigh. What could this be? Sciatic?

After walking aprox 1/2 mile today, my left leg felt as if had ran a marathon. Week tired, no pain. Just exhausted leg. Right leg was normal.

After walking around the city during the day, my testicles start to ache and then the ache is gone once I'm sat down for a while. Is this ok?

After walking on treadmill 30 min. My legs feel like they have bubbles in the veins/muscles for about 20 minutes after. No pain. What is this?

After walking or climbing my right side hip burns and aches badly, what could it be?

After walking, or jogging for a bit, either both or usually my left ovary starts hurting, or I suspect it's my ovaries.

Am always well hydrated before and after running. Why does my stomach hurt after running 10+ kilometers? Burning sensation. What should I do?

Am an athlete and after a period of intense training my knees and legs suddenly felt numb and too heavy to move what could it be?

Am avid runner (20-30miles/wk). Just finished 13.1 mile race. What could cause pain in my right hip on the bone when walking&push on not stand/sit?

Am getting knee pains after playing basketball n running..What's the best way to eliminate this pain.N?

Am having waist pain, but I do exercise (playing football) atleast once a week. The pains started 4 days ago. What do I do?

Ankle and toe pain. Is this normal? I bearly walk and takes jogs or any exercise.Pain since 2 days now.Normal? It happens randomly through out the day

Ankle feels like its gives out when going up stairs just feel a sharp burning pain when lifting my foot to go up cause? Hist: htn pcos 205lbs

Ankle has throbbing pain, like someone is cutting it. Happens eveytime I run. ?

Ankle hurts when i run and when i stop it starts pounding but it still hurts when it's pounding ?

Anyone have any tips on ways to ease the pain in my leg from running?

Are there any good ways to prevent this burning pain in my right lateral calf everytime i go walking?

Bad pain in hip When moving or exercising sends shooting pain down leg esp bad when running had to stop exercising?

Been having right ankle pain lately. Stepped out the car wrong but it went away quickly but came back after lng walking im also a pretty bad pronater?

Being overweight and experiencing right knee pain after walking too much for 5days and numbness while resting(same joint) should we see a doctor?

Bilateral knee pain/soreness. Recently started jogging with intervals on treadmill. Do I keep jogging and work it out or stop?

Body pains in the morning after waking up but sometimes goes away after stretching and walking around. Cause?

Both of calves started to hurt suddenly, pain radiating to tibia bone. I didn't exercise or strain and ate nothing but tuna?

Broke right ankle and just got back into exercising. Now after sitting for brief periods my LEFT knee is in a lot of pain when bending it been a week?

Burning pain inside my left knee. Off and on for the past week. Worse: after exercise. I think it happened when I was jumping or running.

Calf & knee pain in 1leg. Occasional pain in groin. Fly regularly. Flew 20 hours 7 days ago. No swelling. Hurts more resting than walking. I am fit. ?

Can a shin splint cause ache to inner leg below tibia? Ran Sat. & inflamed it but haven't since.. rice/med. Is it normal to feel pull or twinge/weak?

Can I do sport (run/walk) while suffering from lower back pain ? Pain started 3 days ago and is regressing daily.

Can running case sciatica? I started running about 6 months ago and have begun feeling sciatica symptoms. Could the running be causing them? .

Can running case sciatica? I started running about 6 months ago and have begun feeling sciatica symptoms. Could the running be causing them? .

Can running cause back pain? I recently started a regimen 3/4 miles 3 times a week and pain/stiffness started around the same time

Completed a 3 day, 60 mile walk. During walk had thingling in left thigh. 2 days later the thigh feels almost numb. Will this resolve itself?

Constant burning pain in calves. Resting doesn't help. If i walk it burns like i'm on fire!

cramping calf-to-ankle after running,gets sore for next few days.was just walking,felt pop in lower pain initially, now dull pain.full mvmnt

Cyclist for 20yrs. Started having right leg pain Burning aching from foot tendon all the way up leg along outside shin during hard efforts only. ?

Dancing a lot yesterday at a party and my waist hurts on my right side above leg. What could it be? Did I maybe step wrong?

Daughter is 5 yrs she wakes up some days with pain in her shin and limps a Lil then it goes away throughout the day any ideas on what can cause that?

Did a 2 mile walk 2 days ago. My right shin and calf have been hurting ever since. Did't stretch. What happened? What do I do? Is it safe to exercise?

Did a 3 mile walk and lower left sacral is killing me, what do I do and what is this?

Do cervical pain and headach connect with walk on treadmill?

Doc my concern is that wen iam doing my brisk walking i fell pain in my heel region help me out?

During and after running or sports i feel tightness in my groin and an ache in my testicles, should I be worried. The pain only lasts a few hours?

During the ovarian cycle, I am unable to run, do jogging or jumping because i get extreme sharp pain on my left pelvic area.i cant resist. Treatments?

Even if i run for a minute or two, the lower portion of my leg (from ankle to the knee) starts paining severely. The pain persists for several weeks.

Even while at rest, I get a sharp throbbing pain in lower calf. Pain is tolerable. No physical activites. Last a few secs & started 1day ago any help?

Every time I run 4or6 miles I get a sharp pain right below my calf with swelling after can you please tell me what is going on?

Every time when I start running in pe my lower right abdomen hurts? Im a guy.

Everytime i exercise i get knee pain. What could be wrong?

Everytime when i run for more than 10minutes, my right leg begin to feel very heavy. It is more towards the thigh area and it is a burden to my run?

Excruciating pain in the 5th metatarsal from running/dancing won't go away only improves a little then worsens had for about 2-3 months is it serious?

Experiencing dull ache on outside of foot and outer base when stationary but painful when I start to walk. Been doing long distance running ?

Experiencing knee pain when exercising and putting pressure on left leg. I'm overweight but will this pain go away if I continue to lose weaight?

Extreme exercise. 100 miles week Around 15 miles a day. Took jest day off in weeks and my whole body hurts. Aches. Burning. Spasming. Not sore spams!

Extreme lower leg pain, almost like my bones are hurting, after running barely 30 min? Not sure what's wrong im a little overweight

Extreme pain in interior right side of left knee. Had xray 3 weeks ago and nothing showed. Dr said should go away in two weeks but it has not. Any wieght bearing exsercse makes it worse especially bending or kneeling. Staionary bike ok however.

F. Played contact sport. And now when I run or stretch I get a really bad pain in my lower right abdomen between my ribs and hip.

Few months ago, after I ran for a long time I had pain in my legs muscles. And now the pain appears each time I start running. Iam 20 years old. Why?

Few months ago. I started running almost every other morning. I began to have this pain in my left knee. Resting helps. But it comes back after i run?

For 1month knee pain and can spread to leg.Aches and hard to walk up and down stairs.Can be quiet dull or sharp.I'm not athletic 20 y/o.Cancer?Worried

For about 2 months now I've been having bad cramping like pain in my outer right calf.It goes away when I rest briefly but starts up again when I walk?