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1 yr post PLIF on l4-l5 still have lower back pain and not fused. I've have cold water sensation now constantly on my sacral area. what is that? Tx

2 yrs of swelling/pain on right ankle bone & pain runs leg to butt only after hours sitting. Neuro dr says not L4/5 disc. Podiatrist disagrees. Help?

i had lower back pain and got told it was a lateral pelvic tilt and i needed to change how i was walking. since seeing the physio have had knee pain

I just had bilateral SI fusion. I now have severe pain & tenderness down the front of my leg ( mainly left of my shin) that radiates to my foot. ?

told I have weak abs/tight hamstrings and this is causing my one sided SI joint pain, and nerve pain down leg hurts more @ night. Is this possible?

1 month recovering from microlumbar disectomy, l4/l5, l5/s1. Back pain relieved but numbness/tingling/pressure in right knee persists. Possibilities?

11 days in the hospital with numbness in both legs, severe muscle spasms, bladder retention and no findings in MRI some days i cant walk what is its?

14 months ago I fell on an icy sidewalk. A day later, pain began in the lumbar region of my back. Can you break your back with no neuro symptoms?

18 weeks preg, intermittent pain on pubic bone, kind of between legs. What could cause this?

19 year old female with severe leg and lower back pain with minor numbness and tingling sensations.. Mri came back clear no deformities. Sciatica?

2 epidurals. 1 almost 10 yrs ago, another almost 14 yrs ago. Both with complications. Periodic lower back pains. Now spine is tender feels swollenwhy?

2 pain block injections in lower lumbar 6 days ago. Now feeling constant pressure mid spine. Very painful to bend over. Is this normal post injection?

2 weeks ago had ultrasound therapy on lower back - never had pain there until then and it was a 7 out of 10 when transducer went over certain area. Now experiencing pain in said area. Spinal tumor?

26,5weeks w/emergent cerclage.have pubic bones pain(one side or both sides on and off,as if its bruised)radiating back to tailbone.chance of dilation?

26y/o male w/ lower back pain, sciatica in r buttox, l testicular pain, numbness in l big toe. Duration-2 months, sharp pain when stand/sit. Army?

3 month ago I had slipped disk. Been told so without any scan because my left lower leg got numb. Now I have shooting pain down tailbone and numb leg?

37 weeks pregnant with yet another UTI and on antibiotics. Having pain in my left lower back/hip shooting into buttocks... Kidney pain vs sciatica?

3esi, doctor wants to do nerve burn, throbbing lower back pain and burning down left butt and pain in foot. Annular tear and buldge in l5/s1what to do?

3yrs ago I had breast cancer. Since aan few weeks I suffer a pain in my upper leg and sometimes the hip. Not a pinched nerve. Should I be worried?

4.5 years post l4, l5, s1 fusion. Pain in fusion area with pain radiating down r leg. Also some "tearing" feeling down right butt cheek. Is this ok?

43 m / pain off and on for 4 months in right groin, pressure in the front and hurts in buttock when sitting, 3rd rnd of cipro (ciprofloxacin) for prostatitis.Worried ?

5 months preg. Joint pain in right leg/pelvic this because my pelvic bones are widening? Feels disconnected. But my leg is fully functional..

5 months preg. Nurse injected my first TT shot in posterior deltoid before one month feeling pain in hips rt. Butt and sacrum is it any serious probl?

5 yrs ago had a surgery on 5&6, have a metal plate. Once again -severe neck pain that radiates down back & arms w/ numbness, do I need another surgery?

52year ol male. Severe pain under scapula. Numbness in right leg. General pain in lower body?

6 Days after right side L5s1 Microdisectomy....pain in LEFT buttock centered and not radiating...excruciating lasts 1/2 hour, Steroids help. ?

6 yr old fem w/ swelling & pain in arms, legs, belly and pelvis. Not bearing own weight. xray & CT scan came back clean.  Itchy lumps form on legs ?

63 y/o w/f : what is causing swelling, pain and itching in lower legs.L4 with a bone spur and s1 is degenerating with nerve damage in legs.?

64 yr old female with shooting pain that makes my fingers numb on the left side. Has c spine fusin and left shoulder replacement, pain still present, ?

65 y.o. Male fell on butt complains of lower back pain with tenderness to left of lumbar spine?

6mos post lami. Localized left lower back pain, feels muscular. Hurts when twist and extend. Dr. Wants facet rhizo. Muscles? Pain when i stretch. Mri?

8 days ago I had a lumbar puncture and during the procedure I had a hot burning pain in the lateral thigh that radiated downward. Still on going?

80 year old mom had a l3, l4, L5 laminectomy 4 months ago. Sciatica is gone, but still has back pain when standing & weakness in legs. What can be done?

81/female, both lower extremity paresthesia(symmetric, buttock~sole, not dependent dermatome)-bursting, shooting pain aggravated standing.

85 yr fem-sharp intermit pain in both thighs, occurring after sitting or walking too long. Has spinal stenosis. On warfarin-3.75MG/day Possible cause?

A buzzing feeling on front pelvis, on left side of pubic area? I might have Si joint prob or pirformis sydrome, could any of these cause it or not?

Advice to understand - pain down left hip/back of leg down to calfsome tingling at foot. had mri?

After a hip repl 12 yrs ago what would cause severe pain when lying on the side of the surgery side (upper thigh area) thank you very much !

After bike n swim, hip joint inflamed. Sometimes pain n electric shock sensation when i stand n twist body left n right. Lumbar MRI fine. What's wrong?

After having a discectomy last year I am still getting sciatica and back pain. I ve had a nerve block but still get pain abs worse with a full bladder

After having a hysterectomy on 27th March I've had numbness in the left thigh, which now develop into pain, is this normal ?

After having low back surgery, is it normal to have unresolved nerve pain in feet and legs?

After spinal fusion surgery pain from the right side was gone. But now I have pain similar to sciatica on the left side from my spine to my feet.

After the 1st year after spinal fusion in l 4-5 it started to give me chronic pain in the left buttocks and left leg-then when it started to have debilitating pain in the top of thigh and inner thigh, pain management dr said-thats l3-4. My spine surgeon r

Anterior thigh pain can be from ovulation?

Any ideas? Patient had a disk prolapse in sl5 , now and again central pain in the lower back area spreading to thighs; pins and needles in arms n legs

Awaiting natural m/c @ 5 weeks, last 2 months had aching pain in l buttock & an cold feeling in l foot, but last few day had pains behind knee & calf.

Back of right leg - lower 1/3. Intermittent, pulsing, shooting pain at7/10. No inflammation, normal range of motion at ankle. Happens 2-40+ times/day.

Back pain at left lumbar area, numbness and tingling radiates to calf and foot for first 3days. Now, no pain but non movable lump left lumbar area.

Back pain localized on lumbar disc. Pain on movement. No leg pain/numbness. Gait weakness. PCP refusing imaging. Pain meds, ice/heat not working.

Back pain, and pain all along my leg down to my foot when I straighten it in midair. I also have difficulty straightening in midair. Slipped disc?

Back pain,then crushing thigh pain,then cant move foot at ankle or toes-its totally rigid.The other foot slowly following. MRI lumbar/sacral negative?

Been diagnosed with fracture of spine l5.Have a pain in the right thigh too.Should I have to stop my workouts permanently?

Been n pain for 12mnths w/pubis shearing & low back pain. Pubis shearing has been corrected almost 2wks but my leg muscles still hurt. Recovery time?

Been suffering from constant groin, hip & inner thigh pain for 3months. Had constipation on and off 11years. Damaged/pulled something from straining?

Before my discectomy op all of my pain was located in my right leg with a little to the left but now two weeks on my left leg has all the pain and meaning I am unable to walk far and am bedridden? Possible reasons? Please

Best treatments for loin pain and thigh numbness?

Blood clot on sciatic nerve in lumber area, very severe spasm pain, can this be fixed to stop this nasty pain please, anybody?

Bulging disc in lower back now making legs tingly/numb but not affecting walking & no pain in legs. Also jaw sore now. See a doc again?

Burning pain from lower back, to right butt all the way to my right foot. Can't sleep at night. Undergoing physical therapy for 2 yrs. Rite dr. Needed?

Burning sensation in toes and bottom of both feet as well as front of right quad. Lumbosacral MRI + EMG clear. What could it be?

Buttock pain in higher part of glut?

C section 2 mnths ago.spinal anesthesia and voltarene injections in left thigh.since then numbness in skin and pain when press the area.inflamation ?

C-section delivery (spinal anaesthesia ) one month ago.. Experiencing leg pain while standing n walking mainly on the joints.Is it normal? seek help!

C3-4 fusion, c6-7 discectomy.Now left arm shoulder pain, and left leg feels numb and heavy. Is this related to surgery or unrelated ?

Can a full spine mei detect cancer in left hip or buttocks or thigh area?

Can a large cyst at left L4 L5 cause right lower back hip pain and sciatica?

Can a left retroverted hip and a right anteverted hip cause right lumbar back pain and nerve root irritation?

Can a nerve/muscle problem in groin cause pain upon ejaculation? No infection or problem urinating. On/off for months. Daily pain in thigh/foot/back.

Can a right l5s1 tranforaminal epidural steroid injection creep to the left side and relieve pain on the l?

Can a spinal tumor filling the left half of thecal sac at L4 cause flares of pain in lower left pelvis along with exacerbations of stress incontinence and GI problems but no weakness in left leg?

Can anxiet cause electrical shock type pain and lightening pain around buttocks? My doctor said it wasn't sciatica because it doesn't go down leg.

Can arthritis in the lower back compress the sciatic nerve for 15 years causing leg numbness. I began experiencing this in my early 40's. ?

Can bening fasciculations syndrome cause constant leg pain sore to touch and I do not have many fasc only pain emg showed only fasc?

Can cauda equina come on slowly? Have had extremely achy buttocks, thighs,hips and legs for 2 months. Low back pain started 2 weeks ago. Urinating mor

Can damage to femoral nerve cause infertility im having sharp pains on the front of my thighs?

Can genital hsv-2 travel up spine and lead to one-sided body pain?Nerve pain in right leg 2 months ago, then ongoing soreness in right arm/leg muscles?

Can having large heavy breasts cause a pinched nerve to form in your lower back?

Can hip pain be a symptom of herniated disc? I have l 3-4 disc protrusion (per mri) from lifting a heavy object. Initially i only had low back and hip pain. Over the period of 2 weeks i developed pain down my left leg and into the sole of my left foot.

Can I use Hifenac P for sciatica ? Pain radiating from right butt to the leg.

Can left 3 mm disk protrusion and annular tear, cause rt buttock pain for past 2 yrs?

Can left foot pain around hump cause dizziness after sitting down on an chair? Would and emg reveal anything?

Can left sacroiliac joint sclerosis cause swelling of the lower left leg?

Can lower trap/fibers issues cause tingling in your arms? i have tenderness, popping/cracking on the right side. EMG arms normal. min c4 disc protrusi

Can muscle unbalances cause Pain in SI joint Area on one side?Plus nerve pain down leg. Had MRI and showed no disk problems, pain in side really sharp

Can peripheal neuropathy cause upper right thigh/hip pain. Also, unable to put weight on it with bruises all of a sudden?

Can pinched nerve cause groin pain?Hve pain in back close to kidney, bum down bk leg and groin.Any remedy besides meds?Dr after physical said sciatica

Can pinched nerve in S1-S2 or L4-L5 cause the lower posterior leg to look rounder than the other leg, but measure the same in circumference?

Can pirifomis syndrome cause a stabbing knife like pain in the si joint area when turning in movement? Thankyou.

Can si joint pain cause a burning pain in groin and butt cheek and achey leg? Not tender to touch. Worse sitting. 18wk pregnant with ehlers danlos.

Can spinal arthritis cause pain on side of leg and warm feeling insideleg?

Can supraspintis tendinitis be so painful that no pain meds or injections help? MRI is neg. radiates to elbow and now inner left thigh hurts! Help!!!!

Can there be a relation between diverticulitis and nerve pain in legs?

Can you have a bulging disk that only presses on nerves causing pain sometime when you twist or move a certin way? Thanks

Cause of frontal thigh pain on one side six months after spinal fusion s4 l1.? Pain walking and standing.

Causes of hip and leg paim shooting down to calf most (both sides) the day not severe MRI of spine and blood wok clear!?

Cervical spinal stenosis very painful left shoulder blade going down left arm not going for next surgery going for therapy will that help?

Chronic mid back pain. Tingling, numbing feeling.I have had this for about a year.Not kidneys not disks. Drs are stumped. Help!?

Ciyatic nerv is killing me the pain is from my hip to heal down the back of my leg.My wife just told me that my calf is swollen bigger that the other.?

Ck 239 I have pain in legs and burning. What could this be? Should b referred to a specialist?