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I have stabing pains in lower leg?

I've been suffering severe pain in my right hip when I stand up I get shooting pains to my knee and when I sit I get numbness/pins and needles ?

10 year old. Severe pain stretching from the thigh to calf without prior injury?

11 year old son has been having shooting pain down back of one leg on & off for weeks. Now complains of achy pain in both legs & 1 heel. Hurts to walk?

2 days i have small calf pain pain when resting..pain only when walking and touching calf...wat i do?

22yo female leg feels tight when i walk there is no pain or swelling?

29/f . Past few weeks been having leg pain from thigh to foot. Sometimes shooting pains in thigh to calf, sometimes achy pains from thigh to foot?

34 yrs women. Severe legs pain from knees to feet in both varice.sometimes mild lower back make worst with bowel movement or gas.

3rd night experiencing a kind of growing pain. Started just in right quad, now the entire leg w/ pain worsening and walking with limp/headaches in AM?

3yr old has been having occasional leg pain in mainly one leg for over a year, calf area and knee no swelling or redness comes and goes walks normal?

3yr old has had frequent leg pain in one leg shin knee area, at night for the past swelling or limping, fine during day.

6 weeks after a discectomy and still terrible leg pain. What do you recommend?

A pregnant in 7th month suffers from pain in her left leg only in femoral region .. Aches severely during walking .. What should she do ?

A tight knot, pulsating pain 6" above each knee in thighs like a fist digging in, stiffness, aches, pain, down legs, difficult to walk giving backache?

Aching head, shoulder and legs, on long trip. Help?

Aching pain in whole upper leg and knee? Occasionally ankle. 28/f healthy

Acute hip pain. With back. Pain and. Leg pain?

After 10 minutes on a threadmill I start feeling pain in the left hip joint (also muscle numbness) and have trouble lifting the left leg. Why is that?

After having a discectomy, I'm experiencing leg pain driving. Should I be worried?

After seating for long time or bending leg for a long time, I am having pain in my right leg at the joint, what can be the reason?

After staying off of my leg due to a tear in my calf for two weeks I've been experiencing pins and needle pains random throughout my lower leg. Normal?

All of a sudden I have painful joint pain on my legs and my knee is feeling inflamated even have trouble walking because of the pain. I am 53 years?

Always pain in legs?

Am on the menopause. Stage but everyday am having terrible body pain and stinging pain in my legs and arms?

Ankle surgery 12 8 burning pain in heel unbearable squeezing pain in foot calf leg and hip chest pain shortness of breath dizziness nausea & vomiting?

Ankle surgery 12 8 pain in calf that moves up thigh and into my hip, hip feels like its burning up dizzy andalmost fainted Nausea chest pain foot pale

Any explanation for why i get intense pain in my leg every now and then?

Any ideas on why i'm having pain in both calves?

Are "growing pains" in legs a real thing? I get horrible muscle pains in legs at night from time to time. I'm 18. Normal?

Are pednizone pills going to help with severe left leg pain toes to hip worse with walking?

At the age of 18, can you still get growing pains in your legs?

Back and sever leg pain why?

Back problems for years now if keep legs straight little pain but when legs bent major pain?

Back+front pain in thighs, pain in both calves, foot pain. Especially when i stand up, it's excruciating. No strenuous activity as of late. Ideas?

Bad lower leg pain when walking. How can you tell if it is a nerve or circulation problem?

Bad pelvic pain and posterior leg pain for years, is there anyway they would be related?Pelvic:labia to grion, leg:low back to hamstring skips to foot

Been having pain in my right leg but it's not severe pain. Some times it feels like my nerves jumping & some slight stings. Not much calf pain. Ideas?

Been on prednisone 60mg for 4 days and I have awful leg/calf pain and ankle pain like i need to massage it. Is this a normal side effect that will go?

Both of my calves are in severe cramping pain but I am hydrated and have not exerted myself today besides walking. why?

Both of my legs have been strongly aching all day could it be growing pains? I'm 17 years old..

Bunion surgery 3 weeks ago, healing ahead of curve. Past 6 days intermittent chills, nausea sometimes severe & intense lower leg pain & leg jumps. ER?

Burning in legs pain in legs shooting pain, vains hurt in arms and in legs when I push my vain in my foot it shoots up to my knee the pain what is it

Burning pain above heel. Swelling beneath outer ankle. Pain increases when walkin especially on incomes or stairs. Heaviness and leg weakness to hip?

Calf pain for more than 2 months? Time to see someone?

Calf pain in both legs.MORP dance on Saturday.Can't walk pain severe.Hurts to point &flex.When pressure is applied I get shooting pain on back of ankl?

Can a disc problem cause random sharp cramps in calf, numbness on n off in calf, occasional line of sciatica like pain, and flank pain, arch cramps?

Can a nerve block from a month ago cause sharp shooting pains from my butt down through leg and foot to just start occurring now?

Can a slipped lumbar disk cause sharp calf, arch cramps, occasional line of pain down back of leg, occasional numbness in calf with mild cramping?

Can a tight belt whilst sitting down for long periods cause severe calf pain in both legs ?

Can appendicitis cause pain in legs?

Can appendix cause pain on legs or swollen legs?

Can calf pain, knee pain in both legs be caused by poor shoes? 2 negative d dimer

Can chrominac a cause restlessness and pain in legs below the knee?

Can diphenhydramine cause extreme leg pain?

Can gout cause lower leg pain?

Can growing pains occur in just one leg?

Can I have only one bowed leg and starts a constant pain in the knee since I was 20 ? I had no pain before 20

Can it be no problem to get lower leg pains when jogging?

Can kidneystones cause leg pain?

Can leg claudication cause random sharp pain?

Can leg claudication ever get worse on its own?

Can pain in lower left back just above hip cause discomfort down leg in thigh and calf?

Can pain reduce strength on the arm or legs?

Can Piriformis Syndrome be in both legs? Sometimes in 1 leg then subsides then another. Comes on when walking. Legs ache and pain in calves too.

Can prostate pain radiate down the leg?

Can sciatica cause pain even in the calf?

Can sciatica sometime miss the leg and just show up in the foot?I get stabbing pain in thigh/calf and foot not all at the same time but different days

Can sweet-and-low cause leg pain?

Can taking a statin cause concentrated muscle/tendon pain after only 3 days? Right leg pain (outside knee area) ONLY during walking after a while.

Can the Depo-Provera shot cause burning pain in the feet and legs?

Can the pain from diverticulitis radiate down your leg?

Can you advise for pain due to broken leg?

Can you die from calf pain?

Can you get calf pains in both legs from amlodipine as been on them a week and suddenley woke up with calf pains in both legs advice please ...

Can you tell me about my calves pain from or what is happening to them?

Can you tell me how sciatic leg pain is different from leg claudication?

Can you tell me why im having pain in my leg?

Can zpack cause knee and leg pain? My legs weak and cramping. Today is last dose. What should I do?

Cannot walk, severe pain in legs, especially l leg arthritis, osteoporosis, hbp,

Cause of pain and weakness in legs? Difficulty getting up from sitting.

Causes of leg pain in toddlers?

Causes of leg pain?

Chest pain and tingling in legs?

Chronic calf pain in both calves. Throbbing when laying down. What could this be?

Chronic knee pain worsening, swelling and vericose vein increase, shooting pains up thigh and down leg with tingling. Sometimes can't put weight on, extreme pain. No ins. Er or wait for clinic?

Chronic low back pain can't stand up straight and pain goes down my right leg I have to crawl on my hands and knees.?

Clarify ?. Prednisone 60mg 4 days and have bilateral leg pain ankle pain. No swelling feels like achy ness and walked a long distance. Want massage

Compartment syndrome? Pain, extreme pain when exercising, pain while squeezing calf, loss is sensation sometimes in foot, calf pain

Compression stockings don't help pain what else can I do? I had a DVT in my right leg 2 years ago. It went from my groin to ankle. I still have pain in this leg, and when i walk any distance or even a 50 yards i get excuriating pain in my leg, specific

Consistent almost charlie horse pain general left leg vein pain and tenderness when laying down. 3 days, additional left foot bruise feeling walking.

Consists of left leg pain for a long time. Why is that?

Constant left leg pain in calf.dvt negative. Chest pain most days and back. Left arm sometimes sore . Leg pain most worse?

Constant leg pain...What is it..Muscle area.?

Constant pain in shin after standing for a long time. How do I prevent this?

Constant pain in the hip, with pain radiating into the leg, & down to the foot can be symptoms of what?

Could I have a compression fracture if neuropathy pain suddenly got so severe in my right leg , hip and shin bone in excruciating pain for 7 days nons?

Could it be something bad if I have leg pain?

Could vit.D3 cause horrible pain in the legs.I have it 6 and i was unable to walk on my left leg because of the pain below &above knee?

Could you still have pain from having a DVT years later?

Could you tell me what are common leads to for leg pain?