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. My husband got hurt at work in his knee i don't knoe how but when he bends his kneea something cracks is that normal or is something misplaced?

2 mo my knee has hurt. Back of knee mostly & throbs into calf some. Hurts to straighten all the way but especially bending. Getting worse.

A few months ago i had a bad fall on my kneecap. I couldn't bend it or walk for a month. Today it is still numb, swollen and hurts to bend. What is it?

A week ago I woke to a swollen knee couldn't straighten at all. Very painfull I can straighten my leg a bit bette still painfull & pain down to ankle?

Achy left knee that comes and goes. Felt in leg.Sometimes when i bend it or sit funny it hurts. No swelling or fractures. Osteosarcoma? Or less worse?

After running, my knee has been hurting. The pain is bearable so I can still walk, but it's uncomfortable.It only hurts after I run. I play volleyball

After working out, left knee hurts when straightening?

Ankle doesn't hurt when i walk or run, but it hurts when i touch it. Wat's wrong?

At night I wake up to my hips hurting what causes this?

At night when im sleeping why do my hips hurt?

Back of knee has been hurting 3 months now. When to urgent care when it first started hurting they say it was a sprain, popping, and constantly hurts?

Back of my leg behind knee and calf hurt when i walk i didn't do anything just got up and all of a sudden hurt not swollen?

Been having hip pain off and on last two weeks.more on now than off.hurts to sit,walk and lay for awhile.what could cause it. Do Have old knee injury?

Bent down and felt something in knee catch/twist. Now it hurts the move my knee. What have i done?

Both legs ache like the flu hip to toe every night and most of the morning daily. Hurts to walk and bend at knees.

Bruise+below+knee+cap at the front of knee. Hurts when i bend and straighten, touch. This started to hurt morning after evening soccer match.

Burning pain in knee, when you touch it hurts, i'm 56 f/m did not injure, hurts to walk, any advice?

Can you have sciatica with just a dull ache that moves around,feels stiff at times. Moves around sometimes near butt,thigh,knee,etc. hurts to walk ?

Can you tell me why my knee is going numb?

Could standing on bad knees hurt your back?

Couple of months ago i was doing boot camp and i hurt my knee and it still hurts when i bend it or do squats what should I do?

Does it hurt to bend over when you have a twisted ovary?

Does the back of your knee hurt when you're growing?

Does trx hurt after first time?

Every now and then my right knee goes numb and I can bend my knee that much. It lasts around 5 minutes. I injured it a year ago or more. Any ideas? Ta

Everytime I straighten my leg my knee cracks and pops.. No pain.. I hurt my knee when I was 12 jumping off my house. Never got it looked at.?

Fell & twisted knee. Swelling & can't walk on it. Pain in inner, outter & back of knee and can't bend fully. Doc said nothing broken. What could it be?

Fell down 4 weeks ago. Knee didn't hurt then but leg was very bruised. Now knew hurts really bad and makes a pop noise anytime it bends.

Fell down in tennis. Hurt and skinned my knee, been hurting ever since and the pain is going down my leg and foot. Whats wrong with my knee??

Fell last week, drs.Say no broken bones.Knee still hurts when i bend knee or squat.What could be causing the pain.

Fell on ice in Dec. Hands & knees hurt, focus was on fractured hand. Left knee hurts when I bend it. Hurts worse to sit w/ it bent than to walk on it.

Felt knee pop. Hurts go extend and put pressure on... Top/outside of knee.?

For 2 days now my fibula-muscle around that area has hurt when u touch it and it hurts 2 walk or flex it. What could this be?

Friend had torn meniscus surgery and when he walks on his foot, his calf hurts. He says it only hurts when he walks on it. What is making it hurt?

Front thigh pain and soreness after falling? Fell on ice, felt a burning pain from knee to upper thigh. Now hurts to move or bend. Knee hurts too

Got hit in the knee with a puck it swelled then later bruised its been 2 days and is getting worse hurts to walk and stairs and shooting pain down leg?

Groin hurts whenever I walk?

Hard blow to right knee. Stabbing pain through kneecap, weight bearing hurts, pivoting hurts sometime?

Have pain around back of elbow for 5 weeks now swelling just started, hurts more to fully extend and bend, what could it be and what to do about it?

Hello, i hurt my hip doing the limbo. I don't think it dislocated, but maybe a tendon or muscle tore on the front of the hip. 2 weks later and hurts?

Help please. When I do a squat my ankle feels really tight and it hurts, how do I fix this?

Help pls..Should i seek pro. Help if behind my knee hurts wen i bend it, put pressure, and walk? Pain began several days ago.

Help! my knee hurts so much now that I have gotten my full leg cast off, it only hurts when i try to bend my knee. Please help!

Hey my knee has been painful for a week its been locked I can bend it but it wont straight out?

Hi I have pain in knee .it feels like i twisted it . it hurts to bend it and move it ?

Hi : i've dislocated my kneecap three days ago , yesterday the doctor put it back but when i walk on it i feel its unstable is that normal ?

Hi Doctor, My knee hurts when I walk I dont think it is something to do with bones, neithermuscles... I know how they hurt. For this one, today when ?

Hi i have pain in the back of my knee but to the outside if i sit with my knees bent for to long when i straighten it hurts?

Hi my knee hurts first i heard it click 3 times then it went all stiff and i can't straighten it and now it hurts to put pressure on it ?

Hi, i had a bad landing on my right leg and i feel my knee is dislocated abit, i can walk but i cant squat all the way. what should I do?

Hi, it hurts in the center front of my left knee when I straighten my leg or going up and down the stairs, it doesnt hurt when walking ?

Hi. I have knee pain after I bend my knee and then extend it, and it also hurts whenever I play sports. Or put to much pressure on it? What do I have?

Hip hurts when I wake and when I wake up I wake up in the middle of the night having to straighten my legs because my knee and hip hurt just left side?

Hip-flexor hurts when doing cartwheel. What does this indicate?

Hit in the knee with puck bruised swollen and painful shoots pain into leg every time i walk even more so during stairs should I be seen?

How can I stop the back of my heels from hurting when i squat?

How do know if u actually hurt knee? Everytime i try to walk on it hurts so I have to leap

How to stop the back of my knee from hurting right between where it bends?

Hurt knee. not sure how. swollen at first, went away. now swollen back of knee and pain travels up thigh. hurts to walk and bend leg. popping feeling?

Hurt my knee in soccer and hurts when i kick the ball. Can't bend it all the way without hurting. And a very loud popping noise when bent. What is thi?

Hurt my knee week ago went doc told fluid in it got naproxen but last two days back calf and knee kills hurts straighten or bend it should I hospital?

Hurting in groin, bump or bulge hurts to walk or do physical activity what do you think?

Hurts to put pressure on right knee. Excruciating pain when being twisted,stepping down,leaning to that side.Tore cartilage years ago both knees.Help?

I cant bend my knee back all the way without a clicking feeling and i cant bend down on my knee its swollen it hurts if i stand or sit to long the pain goes all the way to my hip and sometimes down to my ankle doesnt hurt when i touch it only when i move

I have this reoccurring pain in my knee. It hurts when ever i try to bend t or walk this happens about every 3 months after not using it for 2 days?

I 12 I went to the doctor and have swollen joints in my left knee they said it was nothing they could do but it hurts really bad to walk ?

I am 24.Woke up to knee pain. Knees buckling, tender to the touch and slightly swollen. Hurts to bend and straighten. What could be the cause?

I am 61 years old my right knee swells hurts and gives out when walking what causes this?

I am a athlete and my left hip has been hurting for a while, it hurts when I run and sometimes when I walk, and the most when I lean to the right.

I am having a bruised feeling on my knee cap. It hurts when pressing on it or climbing stairs. It hurts even more when the knee is bent with pressure?

I am having painful knee pains when i run. And sometimes when i crouch down my knee pops out then when i stand up it pops back in hurts then goes weak?

I am not 60 i'm 18 and the back of my ankle hurts so bad when i point on my toes or rotate. It doesn't hurt when i walk.?

I banged my knee against a knob of a cabinet and on impact it hurt then it didn't hurt anymore. Now it clicks when i move it. Is it normal?

I banged my knee hard on a door 2 years ago. Lately, whenever I stand for a period of time or have it bent, the same knee starts to hurt very badly. ?

I bumped my knee today and now when I walk it hurts can you tell me what is wrong ?

I can barely stand without almost falling, popping, unbearable pain, knee feels like it's giving way, limping, right knee, hurts on the outer side.

I can hardly walk around because of swelling and pain in my left knee when I put my weight on my right knee it starts hurting There has been no injury?

I can't bend my knee, should I go to the er?

I can't bend or straighten my knee w/o it being very painful. It doesn't pop and i can do a squat without it hurting. This came out of no where. ?

I can't bent my knee or keep it straight with out it hurting. It also hurts to touch. I don't know what's wrong with my knee?

I cannot bend my knee all the way back, heel to but without pain and if I squat it hurts as well I feel a pain on the inside of the knee between wha?

I cant bend my knee all the way back and recently I feel pain in the knee even when I am not bending it...

I cracked my knee very loudly. It's been hurting for two months now. Hurts to bend and getting up from sitting. What could be wrong with my knee?

I dance and I felt a pop under my knee cap. It also hurts on the inside of my knee. Pressure, overuse, and bending hurts it. Not swollen. ?

I didn't injure myself however my knees have been hurting over a month now what can it be, it hurts when I bend and whan I walk i walk up the stairs?

I feel pain inside my knee when going up the staires?

I fell about a week back i hurt my left shoulder and i think i landed on some then and it hurt my knee as well now its swelling and pain full to move?

I fell and hurt my knee 3 months ago and still have pain. What should I do?

I fell directly on my left knee is the kitchen. My knee hurts so bad, and my ankle is starting to hurt. It hurts when I put pressure on it. Should I ?

I fell down on sidewalk and just below the knee towards the left of the knee is swollen and hurts to walk....what should i do?

I fell down some stairs 2 weeks ago and my knee is still swollen and sore. It also hurts to bend my knee. Any tips?

I fell off a bike and hit my left side i have a knot on my up left thigh that hurts and i sprained my knee it been 3 wk my knee better but knot hurts?

I fell on ice in a parking lot 2 days ago and my outter upper thigh hurts now but i can walk and throbs when i sit. No bruise, what did I do to it?

I fell on knee while bent when i slipped on ice 8 weeks ago. No pop and had little pain and hardly any swelling. Now it's stiff in the back and hurts.

I fell on my knee 3 weeks ago, it was cut and bruised up pretty bad, now it hurts to walk on it and its making my back hurt by standing on it. ?

I fell on my knee a while back and it hurt to walk on at the time but the pain subsided. Now it hurts when I run or walk for too long.

I fell on my knee a year ago and still can't feel anything. Will I ever have feeling in the knee again?

I fell on my leg, now my knee hurts and my whole leg is swollen.The top part of my knee hurts should I go to a doc? Or let it heel on it's own.

I fell two days ago my knee hurts and i can feel something. Moving in my knee?

I got 5 stiches in my knee 7 days ago. My knee hurts to the touch in certain areas and it hurts to bend it to a certain extent. Why does it hurt?