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Male 21. Have some pain in my hip, more when I woke up. What are the chances it's osteosarcoma or something bad?

1 yr + hip and groin pain that radiates down the front of my rt leg and into my lower abdomen. X rays ruled out arthritis?

10 year old daughter complains of severe aches and pains in her knees ankles shoulders hips and back seeing big red spots, & asthma ?

12/23/13 labral hip repair, 10/20/14 psoas release&scar tissue removal. Now having sharp pains in hip & hurts if put all weight on it & to turn in&out?

15 year old with bilateral hip pain/ache when placing my weight on hips but more severe when I wake up or get up from a chair.

19 year old female - popping or clicking in right hip with some pain walking?

1991 had back surgery on l 4 l 5 disk was great for many years. In the 1 year I am having major pain in my right hip pain is going in to the knee?

2 yrs ago i tore the muscle in my left thigh. I keep injuring it. Will i need surgery? Having horrible pain from hip down.

20 yrs old I was told I had a weak hip could that b causing my knee pain ?

37 weeks pregnant major pelvic pressure and numbness in hips when walking when sleeping I have hip pain is this normal? I do have gestational diabetes

5 months post op from hip arthoscopy as well as microfracture and bone shave. Still getting a lot of hip flexor as well as groin pain when deep squatting or leg pressing any amount of weight. Normal?

5 years ago, i had 2 rods and 4 screws put in my back at l-5, s-1. If I am now having pain and stiffness in that area and all the way across my back, from hip bone to hip bone, what could be causing it?

Achiness in both hips shoulders knees wrists and elbows. Hip pain seems to radiate down to upper thighs. Is this psoriatic arthritis? Also nail pitti

After dislocation of the right hip it was reduced but the top of the hip became soft about 40 years back the hip got stiffened - advice movements?

After hip replacement I am experiencing deep pain in my calf area, please tell me what that is?

After hip replacement I am experincing deep pain in my calf area, please tell me what that is?

After hip replacement surgery, I am suffering pain in my lower back, legs, and feet. I didn't have these problems before surgery. What is going on?

After more than several visits to orthopedic surgeon, I still have severe pain in my left buttocks where hip joint is. I had spinal fusion last year.?

Anterior hip replacement in feb. Walk perfect until 100feet than severe pain in hip?

Any suggestions for hip pain when going from sit to stand. Pain is lateral near iliac crest.?

Are leg pain and thrombophlebitis common side effects of hip fractures?

As an infant my hips were out if place and I was in braces. 30 yrs later I have lots if hip and lower back pain. Could there be a conection?

Bad pain in pelvis since 12/13. It hurts + when I weight bearing & stretching or squatting. Hip X-ray norm. Dr. thinks muscular. Any other causes?

Because of my scoliosis, my right hip is much higher than my left. Recently I have been having a lot of pain between my leg and hip while walking.

Been having hip pain. Thought it was hip, but wondering of possibility of referred pain from l-5, s-1 fusion 20 years ago with lots of scar tissue.

Besides my hip, and knee in severe pain with swelling, my hip always feels crooked & my hip and pubic bone crack! i'm miserable!

Bicycle crash, pain on my left hip, what to do?

Born with ball & socket hip deformity. Now have arthritis in hips. Is hip causing damage if i don't pop into joint right away? Periodic foot numbness.

Broke my pelvis at 16 and now im 21 with severe hip pain at times to the point where I have to limp to walk what can make the pain go away?

Buttock severe pain after 3 dislocations and 2 revisions left hip. Pain getting worse. Dr did aspiration of left hip joint no infection.

Can a colonoscopy procedure cause severe hip and leg pain?

Can a person have spurs in back? My brother has pains when he walk, he initially was told he needed hip replacement. After further tests, his doctor said he had some spurs on in his back which was causing pain.

Can an MRI arthrography cause severe pain on my hip?

Can being on my period be the cause of my excessive back and hip stiffness?

Can bone sclerosis of the sacroilac joint cause pain in my lower abdomen, near my ovary?

Can exercises for hip pain help or hurt the problem?

Can flat feet be responsible for chronic pain in the knees hips and lower back?

Can hip pain be a result of scoliosis? Can any docs explain?

Can I attribute my recent back and hip stiffness to my fall?

Can low back pain be connected to a knee issue? Or is it separate I have chronic knee pain I have been walking limping now my low back is hurting?

Can lumbar spine arthritis cause constant pain in my hips and groin?It even hurts to sit or lay. Could this be a hip impingement & a separate issue?

Can mid hip pain while walking and sleeping could be due to hip fracture pain is bearable?

Can mirana iud cause severe pain in the hips? I had my iud placed on September 2nd. Since then, I have developed severe hip pain in both hips.

Can my limp affect back and hip injuries?

Can osteitis pubis be a chronic condition & cause sciatic like pain and hamstring pain? Can it last for years (it has for me) Right diagnosis ? I'm 21

Can pubic bone instability cause slight swelling of the pubic mound and groin areas and pain in hip when walking long distances? and sciatica pain?

Can scar tissue in the inguinal area cause pain to travel to the lower and upper hip part of the hip. I have had a MRI that shows scar tissue, pain is at the hip 24 -7?

Can si joint problem cause pain in calf? sharp pain over left SI joint plus a bit in hip but also have stabbing pain in calf had MRI and spine is fine

Can Si joint problems cause pain in calf?Have sharp pain over left si joint a bit in hip but also have stabbing pain in calf Had MRI and spine is fine

Can someone tell me what the pain will be like after a hip replacement?

Can spine and or hip misalignment cause muscle shrinking and weakness in one half of the body including face? I have bad pelvic, back, and hip pain.

Can they see both hip joints on a pelvic x-ray?

Can you have a pulmonary embolism for months? I don't know if it's just a disk problem but awful pain center back/rib/hip area,Have siatica to

Can you tell me what a throbbing hip means please?

Cause of one side hip pain a and popping in 17 year old dancer? Since end of January

Causes of some minor pain and aching in hip joint and upper thigh discomfort after total hip joint replacement?

Chronic SI and hip joint pain with popping/cracking. Normal XRay and MRI. (HO hip dysplasia as infant) Pain is getting worse. What can cause this?

Constant pain both sides hip & pelvis area, stay sore, hard to walk. Had MRI normal, has sle. Crr over 500 seeing rheumatoid specialist.

Could a doctor please give me any suggestions as to how control my hip pain?

Could a malformed hip cause both hip and lower back pain? What can be done to help this please. Have been told I have hip malformation and knee tears

Could hip pain be a result i scoliosis?

Could my hashimoto's cause dull ache in right groin, hip, thigh and knee? X-rays of hips and knees showed no arthritis.

Could myoma cause leg and hip pain?

Could rheumatoid arthritis affect the lower back and buttock area?

Could scoliosis cause back, hip, and groin pain all of a sudden after years of having no problems?

Dear sir, madam. Please help me. After receiving hip surgery and a new hip, I have still agonizing pain where the wound is. Even through leg, stomach.

Deep, sharp pain through hip/femur. Will OTC painkillers help?

Degenerative arthritis back, leg muscles ache, lower back pain. Elbows hurt to touch, knee bone on bone, re diabetic, what medwill help. On soma (carisoprodol)?

Diagnosed sacroiliac fracture during child birth 15 months ago non displaced still in pain now have hip bursitis how can I ease the pain and will itgo?

Diverticulitis - can it cause shoulder pain?

Do it cause hip problems? ,&arm pain

Do people with septic hip have a lot of pain?

Do your hips ache before menastration?

Does a l5-s1 bulging disc hurt the hip? I have noticed that the pain coming from my hips more than anything else..Explain please.

Does knee pain send pain to hips? I believe my left knee caused my left hip to hurt and most recently the opposite hip. Best exercise and treatment?

Does the backlift machine work for hip and back pain?

Dull achy hip near hip bone, and back where hip is..not painful just dull and achy feeling. Going on for 2 months on and off does not affect walking?

Every time I stretch my left hip to the side it pops but my right does not this was also the affected side with legg calve perthes. Is this normal?

Evidence of left sacroilitis, docs unconvinced it's AS. Been in pain for 2-3 weeks: hips, lower back, knees, feet (heel/achilles). Is this a flare up?

Explain transient rt hip pain. What is or does transient rt hip pain mean

Extreme pain in left hip joint.No comfortable position.

For my waist, hip and leg pain which kind of orthopedist doctor should I consult ? Like rheumatology, musculoskeletal, bone trauma etc..

From hairline cracks to extreme pain, how do they fix the pelvis?

God morning Doctor, I have had pain for last 4 years from epidytomectomy on left testicle and a torn labrum in my left hip this pain radiates down t?

Had a bursa removed in left hip since the surgery having horrible knee pain what could it be?

Had hip replacement 8 weeks ago all of a suddon had a lot of pain in lower back and buttocks hard to walk .Wondering if i would know if i dislocated.?

Had microdiscectomy 3 wk ago having severe hip pain is this normal ?

Had RA(ARTHRITIS) In hips which doesn't pain any longer but stiffness in lower back has incrsd any suggestions?

Have a pulled ligament on my outside of my right hip. What to do to treat it?

Have aching pain in hip for 4 months.Thought it was snapping hip syndrome until pain started. Can't stand for 2 hrs without pain and groin/hip muscles tighten after 30 minutes walking. What could this be?

Have back pain from having 9 kids and carrying on hip. What can I do?

Have had hip pain in both sides off and on for almost 3 yrs. Ranges from a soreness to a stabbing ice pick feeling in hip joint area. What is wrong?

Have hip pain in both hips following a fall that occurred 5 days ago. Some nights the pain is so bad, I can't sleep. Because on both, I don't always have a good side to sleep on. Pain in buttocks area

Have limited range of move in hip with discomfort. 1 Dr says it is tight muscles, another Chiropractor says need hip replace. Which better MRI or XRay?

Have lupus had severe pain and burning starting from hip down to my ankle. Had an X-ray didn't show anything. Doc said it might be tendonitis on hip

Have night sweats and hip hurts?

Have pain in hip on weight bearing its in groin also and walking is difficut xray are normal on examine my hip doc says pain while rotating internaly?

Have severe untreatable scoliosis, had hip replacement in left hip, need to do right.Doctor said that could be leg discripancy.Probability of 1+ in?

Having pain in hip on weight bearing its in groin also and walking is difficut xray are normal problem sleeping on that side what could be this?

Hello, can si joint dysfunction affect the knee? Cause knee pain or swelling at the back? And I have severe pain at both hips I can hardly sleep at night. My right and left hips hurt while sleeping on my sides. And sleeping on my back si joint hurts. What