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i hit my foot while walking more than a month ago. It still hurts when the side touches or when walking. Xray showed nothing wrong. What could it be?

& or so then could my left bottom heel still like be hurting, aching to walk on from me both being over weight, from my new running/walking shoes too huh? Just wondering!

13 weeks pregnant, hurts when i walk but mainly when i walk a lot. What can help this? It's like in the vagina area.

13 y/o son has right leg pain, foot to kneecap. Knee a bit tender to touch, hurts when he walks on it. Feels better at rest. Could it be cardio/vasc?

15 weeks pregnant. Stiff, dullish pain in tops of thighs. Notice more when i stand and walk. Is this normal?

17 y/o so much pain in hips and feels like they're always cracking.Sometimes has to crack hip2be able2 walk. Walks very pigeon toed. What can it be?

2 days after my foot injury& today I tried walking& it doesn't hurt anymore. Still feels stiff& there's still a swollen spot.Is it ok to keep walking?

22yo female. Why does my leg ache when i walk and walk upstairs. Its not painful and is ok at rest pain doesnt get any worse and there is no swelling?

25 weeks pregnant. I have pain in my left hip/buttocks so bad I can hardly walk. Hurts when I bear down on foot. What causing this?

4 days ago I was walking and I felt a pull/ pop on the inside of my foot and now I'm struggling to walk ?

5 months since i fractured my foot does walking on a treadmill make it worst I do walk a lot laying in bed my foot & ankle hurt really bad?

6 days ago I stretched & my calf locked up,my left leg now is painful, tight & swells, I can't point toes or walk right, what can I do to heal fast?

6 yr old has sever knee pain at night and cant walk....she limps during the day gets worse at night?

7/14 twisted foot in fall. Only peasized hard bruised lump on outside mid foot. Still hurts to walk. Ache radiates to ankle. See a doc or cont. Rice

A few days ago I started having pain just under my big toe. Now it's up past my ankle and very painful to stand/walk on. What could this be?

A horse stepped on my leg/ foot yesterday and it hurts to walk or move it. Should I get an X-ray? 

A spot on my upper inner arch of my foot hurts sometimes other times not when it does hurt I can t push on it or the pain gets worse and I hate walking on it what could this be?

A week ago after walking a lot my ankle began to hurt. I let it go because I have a bad ankle. But now the top of my foot hurts when I move it up or d?

Achilles heel has a painful and burning sensation when i walk. It comes and goes, it's been going on for about 5months. Why is this happening?Explain!

After 7 days of bed rest, knee brace and crutches I can't walk with my left leg or put pressure bcs it bends and my foot feels rlly weak is it normal?

After knee surgey almost a year ago i seem to be tripping alot, I am dragging that foot is that normal?

After sitting or sleeping when I walk for the first 5 mins the top of my foot hurts, and I just cant walk properly I limp. What is the cause, thanks.

Ankle bone pain outside of my ankle feels like the bone is coming apart no injury hurts to walk or when I'm laying down?

Ankle hurts to move.. 2 weeks after fall. When will i be able to walk?

Ankle hurts to put pressure on it after long tumble down a flight of stairs. It feels is if it hurts inside of my ankle.Should I go to the hospital?

Ankle hurts week after 1/2 marathon. Has gotten a little better but still hurts to walk/stand too long. Not swollen, no bruising, no pain to touch.

Ankle hurts when i walk.Younger got foot in bike wheel.What can I do to stop pain so i can walk or do I have to have surgery? Tightens up n hurts bad.

Ankle pain when walking shoots up leg hard to move my foot up and down and ankle looks normal pain comes and gose?

Ankle sprain, pain gets worse at night when I lie down and I always wake up in the night after I've moved my foot in an awkward position, help please?

Back of foot feels like its. going to snap and very painful when walking or moving foot.

Back of the knee pain, down the calf to my foot. It hurts to walk, but really hurts for a few minutes when I stop walking.

Bad knee pains that wake me up in my sleep and get me to drop to the ground screaming, pain shoots from knee down, cant walk.. what could be wrong?

Bad pain on right foot whenever I step feels like a bruise hurts from inside kind of sharp pain. I have flat feet. The more I step the more it hurts ?

Ball got kicked really hard at my leg if I move my toes uptowards me the pain is going up my leg hurts when walk could this be a fracture

Basically, my left leg hurts really bad, I can hardly walk on it and I'm wondering if I should get crutches for it? Im not sure.

Been having pain both feet, hurts when i walk or stand for too long, could it be something to worry about. If you have hbp?

Below the knee my legs feel so heavy & are painful, by the afternoon I have to shuffle to walk, no swelling.

Both feet hurt when standing and walking on them, they also get very swollen and tight. What could this be?

Both my achillies tendons are. Sore all the time. I can barely walk when i get out of bed. It's been going on about 2 months. What could it be?

Both of my feet hurt like i, m walking on rocks.I, m heavy i don, t have diabetes.It, s getting more and more uncomforable to work or walk .

Bottom of feet when I wake up in morning hurt so bad can barely walk?

Bruised feeling on top of kneecap- hurts with pressure & walking. Yesterday no pain. Comes and goes. I know to rice but what is causing it?

Calf is hurting not walked on foot properly for 3months since op been told muscles are wasting away is this y it hurts so much as can only walk on toe?

Calf muscles in both legs hurt so bad when I woke up this morning, I can barely walk, what can cause this?

Can a foot metarsal stress fracture hurt more first thing after waking up and feel fine after walking around for a while?

Can i sprain my ankle by placing it in a chair on its side w/ my other foot on top? Or does it hurt for another reason? It has been hurting for a few hours and it hurts to move it and walk on it have i twisted it or something?

Can you get muscle spasms in your ankle? If so, will it make your ankle hurt with pressure and throb, when not moving it?

Can you pull the muscle in the heel of foot i moved mine wrong now hurts very bad like bruise almost but not i know?

Can you tell me some causes of inside knee pain, at night, gets better if i walk around, hurts again, repeat walking?

Car ran over feet and i am able to walk properly no pain on foot but my legs and thighs hurt from insde. Can i have any injury and still no pain?

Cause of Pain in side of left foot, near heel? Every time I move it a certain way it feels like the muscles are pulling. doesnt hurt when I walk.

Causes of heel pain. Constantly hurts but worse when I walk especially on stairs. pain runs down back of ankle/heel. Had been getting worse 2x weeks?

Could you explain why do my teeth hurt when i'm walking?

Dad is having really bad knee pain. Feels a lump on back of knee, extreme discomfort while sitting with feet up, hard to get up and walk.?

Do people who work out all the time have to walk around in pain every day?

During doing an exercise I jumped and landed on the side of my ankle, causing it to roll and now it hurts when I walk, a lot when a roll it and it hurts when I run. It's been hurting for about half a day now?

Every morning when i wake up I have a bad pain in both heels making it painful to walk any idea what would cause this has been going on a few months?

Everytime I walk more than 30 mins, my right knee hurts, vague pain cannot point, right foot hurts as well, MRI didn't shw serious prob. Rx?

Feels like a stress fracture in top of left foot. Ice or heat.... Hurts to try to walk?

Feet are swollen hurts everytime i stand for long periods of time what could this be?

Feet feel swollen and burning and hurting when standing or sitting longtime?

Feet hurts for hours after work. They are red and aching. Hurts to get up and walk. What is it?

Fell and twisted ankle. Can walk on it OK with some pain but immediately had a tennis ball lump on side of foot. Is this okay?

Fell down stairs 3x yesterday. Left foot seemed to give out and legs feel weak, but no pain. Bottom of L foot been buzzing awhile. What could it be?

Fell on apt steps, landed hard on L side of bottom. Now left knee hurts to stand & walk = light limp from aching. Should I see a dr? Or just RICE?

Fell on ice hurt lower back. year later fell down stairs hurt same area. could this be cause of leg weak, feet inflammed and red after walking??

Foot pain all over, stretching, ibuprofen, ice isn't helping. Sides of feet throb, tops hurt when standing, side of heel hurts to touch. Walking hurts?

For 5 days now I feel pain under my foot. It feels like a foot callus but I cant see it. I feel something round and painfull under my foot when I walk?

For a while I've had electric pains run through my foot & ankle if i put my weight on it & just recently when i walk i get a pain in the bottom?

For almost 4 moths the when I walk and put presure on my tipi toes it hurts like if my bones are breaking is a pain similar lay on it foot wrong.?

For the past week, when I get off work (on feet 8+ hrs) I have horrible pain on the outside of my left foot and can barely walk. Causes?

For two and a half weeks, slowly progressing, my left ankle and foot hurts sooo bad. I cannot move any if it without bring in pain. What should I do?

Friend rolled ankle inward last night b4 going 2 bed no pain after this am she can barely walk & top ft bruised. High top shoes help w/ walking wrong?

Got kidner procedure. Its been 5 weeks and doctor said i can walk with boot. But when i walk i feel slight pain. Is this normal? Should i walk?

Groin ache only when walking and comes on from walking for abit it just isn't going even after rest. I limp of it hurts to push of and lift leg?

Have a hard bump on heel that makes it hurt to walk?

Having Sharp pain in heel with swelling near foot arc. Its severe in morning after i wake hurts whenever i stand after sitting sometime.

Heel of my foot is raised and hard and blisters. Doesn't hurt all the time but it never goes away? Hurts more when I'm trying to sleep?

Heel pain.. usually hurts worse after being off of it then getting up and walking. Then hurts when walking. Any thoughts?

Hello dr. had a charley in right side above my hip bone a couple of days ago not I cant bare walk and lay on that side what should I do?

Hello i masturbated alot from age of 11 or 12 now i am i feel my knee is hollow.when i masturbate ifeel pain in legs and knees and hardly walk.

Hello i noticed when its gets cold i cannot walk and i can bend my knee .What can i do?

Hello..Why when i walk for a long time..My back will hurt..Us that normal for me..?

Hi doctor I am having a large blister on top of my hip and I am unable to walk, sleep and having pain what should I do for this?

Hi i have lot of pain in my feet and they feel heavy and when i stand up i cant walk very well and they hurt really bad?

Hi I have a lot of pain in my heel. I have a small hole there it hurts when I walk on it or stand?

Hi, I have a corn on my foot and it hurts me when i touch it or walk, i was to the gp and he said that i need to see a specialist.What can I do?

Hi! this morning when i woke up, i can't barely walk beacuse of a pain in my left achilles?

Horrible heel pain when i woke up this morning and it is still hurting when i walk. Now my calf is hurting too?

Horrible pain in last three toes on rt. Foot all the way to outside of calf hurts to drive walk etc. Kinda like a throb sore ER last n test norm ?

How can I walk if my right pelvic bone is broken? Will I be able to stand straight?

How come the side of my ankle hurts when I go barefoot?

How do I go about saving my heel? It hurts all the time!

How do I know if I have heel spurs for sure I have extreme pain in the bottom of my heels. When i walk for a while and go to bed, in the morning sometimes i can't walk because the pain is excruciating. Sometimes even when i sit down for long periods and

How long calf strain last? it's been 8days. it only feels like a grade 1or2 strain. doesnt hurt too bad to walk. hurts to stand on toes. spasms

I sprained my top of foot 6-7 weeks ago I still get a lot of pain In foot with walking and resting I also hear popping sounds when I walk ?

I am 30 weeks and I had done a lot of walking yesterday and woke up with bad pain in my left leg or legament where its hurts to walk or move at all?

I am 61. For a couple of months, whenever i try to walk, i feel great pain in both the heels and ankles. Why is this?

I am in severe pain when I walk I have been diagnosed with a prolapsed hemorrhoid and it hurts a lot when I walk is that normal?

I am severly over weight and this morning i fell down the stairs and i hurt my ankle pretty bad i am in alot of pain and even if i move it a little?