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Is it possible to have shin splits in both legs? Can shin splits cause burning pain?

sun/wind burn on back of calves/thighs. When I stand, there's a lot of intense pressure around the burned areas. Joints also in bad pain. Help?

"my wife just shot up meth in her right femoral vein and her inner thigh from her waist to her knee cap is numb now..... Should we be concerned?

(My Cousin) Pain is felt around buttocks, straight down the leg to feet, also visible are burn like sores which ooze blood, what problem is this?

15 year old female cross country runner w/ hip pain on right side, feel like I stabbed hip on the corner of a table. On the front side of hip + above?

17yrold female 130lbs height 5'2 1/2. Dark inner thighs help? And around my waist and my neck and knees elbows and inside knees above calfs

19 year old female, excercises approx. 3 hrs. daily MMA,Jujitsu, etc. has had left upper thigh/pelvic dime size swell. left hip just started to ache.

29 yr old female, deep tissue aches in thighs & upper arms & blue-ish, purple bruises without injury, over a year.Mainly rite thigh. What could it be?

29/f feels like butt bone is bruised sometimes, pain in left hip, thighs, knee and down to foot? Take a kickboxing class 3 times a week also.

34 weeks and 4 days pregnant just fell down about 5-6 stairs on my back/bum/arm/sholder and partly my bottom part leg. Should i be alarmed?

35 weeks pregnant. Left leg is cramping from knee to behind and sometimes impossible to walk or sit. What can it be?

36 y/o female. What can cause leg hair to not grow back on the shin area and in random areas on lower leg? Could it be from circulation problems?

37 weeks pregnant & have pain on left leg when walking, bruise located upper thigh was itchy at first and now its a bruise could this be a blood clot?

39 yr old male. Left leg swollen and hurting. If i press his leg with my finger the skin stays down makes a dent. What can that b?

3yr old says head hurts but a few min later she says it doesn't, happened last two days and diff spot each time, same with tummy and legs on and off?

5wk post hysteroscopic myomectomy &TVT, I am having a pulling pain in hips, stiff feel in butt &thighs. Inner palm,feet always feet hot & lips dry,?

62 year male with numbness in left shin and sore back. Was recently on long plane ride.?

After being diagnosed with diastasis recti I have noticed the bulging above my belly getting worse when i lay on back and lift legs. What is going on?

After eating food it hurts down on my upper inner thigh(s) (near my buttchecks & next to my scrotom). What could this be?

After exercising (first time in a long time), my upper thighs in my pelvic area are really, really sore! what can I do to make this pain go away?

After my monthly cycle, my left labia and left buttock tend to hurt a little as if there is poor circulation in them or they are going numb. ?

All of a sudden, noticed large blue veins on my thigh by my knee that've never been there. 28, f, healthy. Have had what feels like nerve pain in legs?

Any ideas why i get sore easily? Mainly on back, abdomen, groin, butt and shoulders. I play soccer 2-3 days in a week 19 yrs old/male.

Are there superficial veins on the edge of the thigh/hamstring where the two come together at the back of the inner leg? Feel knobby like cord

Area in right upper inner arm to armpit & near right breast is sore.Is it bcause i did brisk-walking exercise yesterday for first time in a long time?

Area in the upper outer lower leg below the fibula head that's sensitive to touch. doesn't hurt to run or walk. Feel slight pull when pointing toes ?

At Football practice i recieved an knee just under mine,, just hitting my calf. Since then, my entire lower leg has become blue and itchy.How?

Back injury(l5-s1). Told to do clamshell exercise. By five reps can't lift top leg from bottom leg. Curious why that would be?

Back on left upper thigh there is/are large large purple lines. It does not go far down my leg at all but spans about 4 inches wide?

Been feeling pain around the adductor(closer to pelvis)when apply force/weight on to right leg as if it was a bruise.any tips?/how do I make it heal?

Behind my knees there's a small muscle that are very sore. Hard to stretch legs. Been sore for a long time, now aches at night. Shld i stretch more?

Bites that look like small blisters, all over my 2 year old. They are on his chest, back, arms, but mainly from where the elastic from his underwear sits on his hips all the way to his thighs. He has started running a low grade fever. Right at 100°.

Both my legs go numb on the outer side of my knees an up my thighs. Sometimes it's fairly painful.M.S. In my family.Could that be what i have?

Both my legs go numb on the outer side of my knees an up my thighs.Sometimes it's fairly painful.I have m.S. In the family could that be what i have?

Bump by bum pant line r leg. Popped inward. Few days later severe pain in right hip back. Every time I pop in get worse pain in hip. Related? Cyst?

Bumped lower inside part of knee playingfootball Pain when touch area rather than walking...has a prickly feeling, bruise or fracture?

Butterfly pose pain r thigh going into groin. Unable to stretch out. What could it be?

Calf (outer part) painful for 8wks. Now entire calf & outer part all the way to the top of the ankle. Hurts with walking now. No injury. What is it?

Can a pulled muscle in the leg cause the leg to be swollen, very hard and s not hot. So cd a pulled myscle cause this?.thks

Can a swollen knee or the removal of fluids from the swell, cause a thigh to be slimmer than the other? It appears one of mine is slimmer.

Can a tattoo on lower stomach cause a leg to hurt?

Can doing pelvic floor exercises cause pirifomis pain? I tend to clench my bum cheeks together and get sharp pain top left of bum?

Can doing sit-ups tone your upper thighs and the area around your hip bones?

Can hematomas of the upper knee and lower thigh leave nerve damage?

Can I give my son a epsom salt bath thats experiencing pain in the inner thigh area. ?

Can I use a thigh compression sleeve for my upper left thigh hematoma?

Can meralgia paresthesia be on the lower part of leg like from the back side of thigh and from the outside of knee down I am type 2 diabetic?

Can retroverted uterus cause back swelling? Flat tennis ball size swell on top of area near tailbone.Worse week before period.Hurts if stand too long

Can the L4/5 affect the front of the thigh? My muscle by the hip area hurts upon getting up.

Can wearing dansko clogs cause thigh and groin pain. I started on clogs 3 months ago, but this just started last week. Upper thigh is tender to touch?

Can you have bruise under the skin without showing anything? Right leg below knee cap off to the left, it is sore like I ran into something.

Complete numbness in hip & upper/inner thigh area when laying down. keeps me awake at night! could this be dangerous for my baby? 22 wks pregnant.

Contusion on my lower leg keeps spreading .. What can I do?

Cross country meet yesterday and a lump started forming on my leg to the bottom right of kneecap. Its not an injury. Itchy, 2 inch radius,what do i do?

Currently my body feels like I have worked out, but I have not. I can barely lift my arms and my lower abs / hip area is very sore as well. What is it?

Deep pain in the back upper thigh, below butt comes only for a second or two, feels almost like the bone is hurting. blood clot? Nerve?

Desperate to stop nocturnal leg spasms. Left ankle, right thigh cramp often. Thigh feels like string pulled taunt inside. What could cause this?

Discovered two unexplained bruises, one on each leg on the opposite sides of each other. Right leg looks better, left leg looks worse. Possibilities?

Does anyone know what is going on with my leg ? The inner thigh muscle at the groin hurts.

Does goose bumps have any connection with period. Im having then in lower back area and thigh area. I can't walk. And my period is three weeks away ?

Does sciatica always follower a path or can it start in the bum miss a bit of thigh out then start again further down the thigh or leg?

During practice, i landed on my feet, but it felt like left upper leg was weird. Occassionally when stepping, i would lose strength in that leg. Why?

During workout while running the inside part between ankle and knee part of my leg hurts. After running the inner part will be sore for 2-3 days.

Every time I run, I develop a hard small ball on the front of my leg around my shin area. What could this be?

Experiencing severe pain at left outer/upper thigh progressing down left leg making it hard to walk and increases with cold compresses. Any advice?

Extreme pain. Very top of butt cheek. Just to the side of the crack. Diagnosis? Stretches? See doctor? Hurts when getting up after sitting, walking..

Extremely large amount of knee swelling? My legs hurt! two major workouts today.

Feel a hard cord on the lateral side of my lower leg that extends from just slightly above the ankle and into the calf. It is not the small saphenous.

Fell down on her side and difficulty walking on one side. Can lift her leg but can't put pressure on it. Groin is sore area, no where else. ?

Fell on buttocks two weeks ago. Pain + swelling. Still very sore to sit?

Fell on tailbone 3 mo ago, still swollen area on left buttock width of half my palm. How to treat without going to doctor? Thank you

Felt like something popped in upper thigh so now I can't lift leg or run but can walk. Whats that?

Fever that travels and moves from my thighs to my stomach and then to my head and behind the eyes. I was sexualy active. :(?

For a couple years now i've suffered from very sore inner thigh muscles. It's only on the left leg and hurts to touch. Nothing helps. Any thoughts?

For about a week and a half now, I've had itching on my lower back, hips, inside hips and on sides of my breast. possible eczema?

For over a week I have had a slight burning under each of my buttocks or high thigh when rubbed or stand up and sit . Could it be Fibromyalgia?

For the past couple days my leg muscles have been really sore for no apparent reason. Mostly my right thigh and both my buttocks. I don't work out and?

For two days now I've had tenderness in skin in front of my shin and pain that travels along my inner leg vein. Also, the areas a hotter to the touch?

Front of right thigh still numb 10 hours after epidural. Everywhere else wore off. Nurse not concerned but should i be?

Get sharp pain in pubic area when exercise legs,strech or pull something with legs, it is a few millimetes above penis and a sharp instantaneous pain?

Groin strain happened xmas day. Felt it "pop" and it burns from the inner leg up all the way up into lower abdomen just below belly button. ?

Had a bilateral laparoscopic varicocelectomy in June 2014. The front of my thighs have been dead to touch ever since. When will the feeling come back?

Had a boil on the left side of my buttocks around dec of last year... It pop but now it's backs again in the same place ...Is that normal please help.

Had angiogram to check which side of brain my speech was on.Went in groin and I now have a large bruise in my inner thigh.Is this normal ?

Had pain in bum piriformis muscle I think but last started to get tight painful calves and burn and sore arches in feet what's happenin?

Hard lump on lower part of inner left calf muscle when flexing. Not present on other leg. Also odd numb/spasm feeling in same spot when walking stairs?

Hard, painful lump under skin where inner thigh meets r side of kneecap. Numbness & weakness of leg & feet. Extreme fatigue. No weight loss. Cancer?

Have a lump in outer thigh, hurts and off.having sciatica and my foots number.Does it sound like a nerve or blood clot.

Have had numbness on the outer side of my right thigh for a couple of months now tonight it has spread to the top and burned so i couldn t sleep the n?

have had serve pain in left groin area 4 2days running into left leg making it hard to walk w/ knot behind knee for 10mons what to do what could it be

Have mid inner shin pain for 3-4 days hurts to walk hurts more to touch i'm not active and don't remember doing anything to it any ideas? What to do?

Have pain on outside middle of right thigh, mainly at night for months. Very hard to get comfortable to sleep. I drive a lot, what to do?

Having some pain in joint where leg and pelvis meet.cannot sit "indian style" on that side.hurts to have leg turned outward.feels like its catching.

Heavy pain in left calf and shin, deep inside leg. Doctor gave me steroid shot in left hip. Pain stopped in 3 days. Heal/bottom foot now herts?

Hello dr,i have alot of fat on my upper legs and upper arms,worried

Hello dr. I am 19 years old. In fact when i walk there is a sound of my right thigh that appears like slaps. What it can be?

Hello sir, i am having pain in my right leg,from my buttock till foot, and also am having a kind of a lump around my anus, is it pile, ?...

Hello, I was playing ball and I felt this pain behind my right thigh(hamstring) area. There is no discoloration. Could be a strain or pull, what next?

Hello,Is there a cure for Erythema Ab igne ? I currently have it on my lower right leg (under my knee and moving upwards towards the side of my knee)

Hello. When I sleep sideways left or right, my scrotum stays between my thighs. I can't move them out of the way. What should I do?