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For over a year now when i lay flat on my back i feel a lot of pressure and some pain in my pelvic bone. Should this a serious concern?

1 to 2 seconds of vibrating in left foot, repeated every 2 to 3 seconds. Happens when standing, sitting, or laying down. What could be causing this?

16 year old male pain and numbness when sitting, goes away very quickly when standing up and moving. Is this serious?

24/7 pelvic ache for a week w/mild lower back pain, no vaginal pain. Worse when sitting, better when moving or standing. Could it be my IBS?

27 year old female what could cause Chest pain when bending over or sitting down?

27weeks getting really bad lower abdomen pain when standing or walking. Happens after sitting or laying down (on sides) ?

28 YO female. Hurt tailbone badly when sledding. Pain for 7 days when sitting, twisting, bending, sneezing, and defecating. Should see Dr?

3 weeks ago i woke up to a stabbing, burning pain to my R hip ,i can't lift my leg from a seated position my body just doesn't respond to the command?

30w pregnant, dull pain/pressure in ribs/ just below on the right hand side during sitting, not laying down or walking.could it be pressure from baby?

31 weeks Pain in the pelvic area all the the time worse when getting from sitting to standing position and rolling over in bed cannot close legs either. ACCOMPANIED by sharp shooting pains in the vagina every time the baby moves, (a lot)?

38 weeks pregnant with pelvic pain and lower back pain, hurts to walk and not relieved by laying down hurts worst when changing positions! is this normal?

5 months pregnant. Tibial pain right below knee. More pain sitting than standing. Will things resolve on its own. Pain started from sleeping on side.

5 weeks pregnant, slight occasional pain in my right ovary- most noticeable when standing up after sitting or laying down. Is this normal?

61 year old female. Sudden onset, sharp stabbing pains behind pubic symphysis. Worse when sitting, better when standing or walking. Urine clear. What?

A 47 year women with complain of lower area (lower limb) and in the back during standing sitting and also lying down position.also have cesarian op ?

A family member has a bad pain in his lower left abdomen. When lying down he feels ok, when sitting it gets much worse as well as when walking. ?

Ache over and under left breast in ribs, much worse after sitting at desk. Please have you any ideas?

Aching, throbbing pain in feet and legs while sitting or standing. Also hearing a really loud rushing water sound in both ears. Ideas on what this is?

After sitting my left hip socket is sore. Walking for about 20 minutes improves the pain until i sit again. Should i monitor or see a dr. Now?

After standing for long time 2 wks ago, have pain in left heel, near inside edge. Hurts to push on it. Worse after walking & then sitting for a while.

All day abdomen/groin pain when breathing , moving or even standing or laying down tingly also and itchy help?

Anyone know what is a sharp pain in my heel that only lasts about five minutes after standing?

Area above buttocks hurts, especially when i stand up after sitting for a short period of time. What coukd be wrong?

Back and leg pain after sitting too long?

Back pain at left side for more than 2 week especially during walking and standing for about 1 hour..Any explanation?

Back stiffness and pain, also rib pain that wakens me at night and fealing scary, also pain in my left buttock and increasing with sitting on a chair?

Backpain on the left scapula, alrdy going for massage but not better. Pain is worst when standing too long or sitting. What could be the cause?

Been having chest pains a lot lately especially when i sit in certain positions ?

Bilateral pain in the back of both knees. Much better when moving. Horrible after sitting or period of inactivity. So stiff . What would help?

Burning & pulling sensation in lower back when bending over and sitting back up. Also hurts when sitting up straight for a few mins.What could this be?

Burning pain in right groin when sitting or lying down. Rest of hip and leg aches some when sitting.Less pain when standing walking. Pregnant. Causes?

Burning pain left side low back to tailbone when sitting, gone if standing but muscles on sits bones get tight sore, radiates to groin, disc causing?

Butt and inner thighs cramp and hurt from sitting too much, 4 days later still minor sporadic aches and cramps. What could it be? Standing or sitting

Buttock pain when sitting relieved by standing up. Also occasional tingling in testicles, I have job which makes me carry furniture, is it serious ?

Can a bed be too hard that it worsens back pain?

Can pain in one leg be related sitting in one position for a long time?

Can prolong standing in one position cause back knee pain randomly?

Can prolonged sitting/ desk work cause muscle tightness on the low back/pelvic area?

Can sciatica pain only come when i bend certain ways and when i he up form sitting or laying down pain in lower leg and thigh does not hurt when walk?

Can sitting for a long time cause back pain?

Can sitting for too long cause upper back pain?

Can standing on bad knees for too long lead to back pain?

Can't sleep from severe shooting pain buttock . Can't lay on side of left hip or sit on toilet even. worse with inactivity. Can't walk .

Could prolonged standing cause leg and back pain/spasms?

Difficulty breathing when standing or sitting up since 1 week ago. Better when laying down. Also upper, mid back pain. ?

Discomfort and a pressure around the anel region.but while passing the stool their is no pain.but while standing or sitting a discomfort and pain arou?

Do gallstones hurt worse when lying down?

Does hypotension cause low back pain when lying down?

Does sitting on a cold surface cause period pains?

Dull ache in lower back from sitting wrong in wheelchair. Would a cushion help?

Dull chest pain (both sides) starting when sitting for long periods of time, relieved by leaning forward. 22yr active male. What could it be?

Dx chronic pericarditis. Sleep in recliner sitting up. Pain is worse lying down but best standing up. What exactly causes the positional pain?

Episodes of throbbing headache and chest pain/pressure. Very intense.Lasts seconds. Only after standing, sitting, or activity. What's happening to me?

Every time I go from sitting to standing I get a throbbing pain in a vein in my head, what could be causing this?

Excruciating upper back pain from just sitting or laying in bed. What's this sound like?

Experience tightness in chest and pain in left shoulder and elbow when lying down. Pain resides when sitting or standing.

Experiencing hip (left hip) discomfort since december. Mostly when lying or sitting. When lying it feels like i need a pillow between my legs.

Experiencing Pelvic pain today. it is associated with certain movement when bending forward then when getting straight again + when lifting something?

Extreme back pain after a bout of violent vomiting. Worsened with sitting and standing but still feel the pain when lying?

Extreme pain from hip to ankle after waking up in morning. After an hour the pain reduces but again shoots up while moving from a stagnant position.

Fell a week ago. Still rather severe back pain betwn shoulder blades & im dizzy (worsened by: changing head position, lying flat, sitting. Reason why?

Foot pain after.sitting for a minute?

For a month now I have random painful pins and needles in my thigh. Mainly when lying or sitting. Starts lessening when I stand or move. Help! ?

For three years now i've been having back problems. Terrible lower backbpain, leaving me with trouble walking, standing after sitting, or getting up.

Gluteus maximus and quadriceps hurt suddenly for no reason. Pais is lessened when standing, but getting almost unbearable on sitting or lying down.?

Greater Trochanteric syndrome?wake up in night with pain in side of hip/thigh which goes as soon as I turn over, to come back when lying on side?

Have a pain at lower back it occurs only after few hours of sleeping, i can't even lay down, pain makes me walk to be relieved what can it be

Have a sore hip when lying down?

Have been having lower leg pain for the last 3 days. light pain when walking or standing. Serious?

Have l4l5 slipped disc have tolerable pain and tingling while standing and walking in left leg no pain while sitting, doc said for surgery what to do?

Have lower back pain when lying down & butt hurts when walking. Pain eases when I lie down and lift up my feet up. ?

Have pain in right hip about 2 mos. Seems more intense when i stand up from a sitting position affecting my walk for the first minute or so.

Having leg pain on standing walking and pain in hand/shoulder while typing if i sit long thn back pain wt cud be this?

Having pain in back of legs tingly, cramping, ache, both the calf and thigh area, what can it be? Did not do anything to cause the pain i.E. Working out or heavy lifting. Uncomfortable sitting or standing.

Having pain in lower middle hip area just above the groin, both sides while sitting but not standing or running. Particularly on benches.

Head pain in the same spot. Worse with bending over and standing up. Worse after waking up. Ibuprofens don't relieve pain. Had over 2 months?

Heel pain all of the time. Does not matter if walking, standing, sitting or laying down. It is a consist pain all of the time.

Hell I have had back pain above my buttocksfpr the last 5 days the only respite I have is when sitting especially driving but walking and standing are especially painful thanks hope you can help?

Hello doctors. I have dull pain on left popliteal area, thigh and buttocks when i stay seated for a long time.. Its relieved by walking or exercise.?

Hello, having pain on the left side of the pelvic going on to the leg .After birth it is not constant mainly when i'm standing and walking for long.

Hi doc, i have upperback pain when i'm laying down or stretching and when i bend over also when something is on want to know what this is i'm worried?

Hi Doctor Been having pain(below knees) in my legs for over a week now. Dull pain which mostly increases while sitting/lying down. No other symptoms?

Hi I'm getting a burning pain in my right knee i get it when I'm standing/driving/sitting?

Hi im sweatin too much while im walking and i have pain in my back and dizziness while im walking?

Hi, I am expericing pain in my vaginal area. It is more painful when lying down and when I get up from a lying down position.

Hi, I am getting pain in the area between the testicles and the anus when walking or sitting, help please?

Hi, I have been experiencing crucial , aching lower back pain. Laying in bed, or sitting for a while is when it feels to be getting worse.?

Hi, my fiance is 27 years old , she has a sciatic pain in her back and leg. Sitting increases her pain. What is her treatment and make her sit easily?

Hip and lower back pain. Pulled something lifting weights a week ago, ER gave NSAIDs. Walk stand is good. Sitting and laying is painful. I fix?

Hip pain when sitting or laying down. When laying pain goes down leg and leg hurts then wil go almost numb?

How can sitting on the floor too long cause pain in the middle of the backbone?

How can I avoid pains from sitting still all day?

How can I prevent back pain from sitting?

How come i always have pain in my arch when sitting or laying in bed?

How do I prevent back pain due to sitting?

How do I prevent back pain from standing?

How to reduce back pain while standing at work at restaurant?

I am 20 years old, My right hip has been aching for a few months now, worse when I'm in bed in the evening and after I stand up, what could it be?

I am 27 years old. I feel more pain on my waist and I have also sitting down long time infront of my computer. How can I reduce my waist pain. ?

I am experiencing bladder pain only while laying down/more so in morning. No pain when sitting up or standing. What should I do?