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. Can sciatica cause pain in left hip as well as left lower back? Does sciatica sometimes recur or flare up?

1st day, woke up with lower back pain; 2nd day, back and legs hurt. She describes the pain to be moderately-extreme. ?

2 months of physio for lower back pain on left side of spine, right hip now aches constantly near groin. Massage doesn't help either. ?

Abdominal pain that radiates to back then shoots down buttocks into the leg and then feet. Was told by doctor to join a pilates class. Pain is bad. ?

Aching pain in right side groin, lower back, & legs. Random back spasm when lean forward & pain in tailbone/middle of buttock bone. What could it be?

After suffering from herniated disc 3 years ago, after the treatment. There is still pain in right side of my lower back, hip, and whole leg. Help.

All of my pain is in my right leg rather than my back, will my discectomy not get rid of the pain in my legs at all and just my back?

Are leg and back pain related to one another?

Are my flat feet and back pain related?

Are they any ways to relieve a numb thigh and lower back pain?

At night i get pain in my hip down my leg and into my back is it burstits?

Awful low back pain. Scoliosis. L4-l5 bulging disc. 1 year last time pain. Hurts to walk, sit, do anything . Radiates to thighs. What's causing this?

Back aching when twisting?

Back and hips pain with tirednes for 6 weeks, do work behind a desk?

Back pain 2 months when walking?

Back pain leads to pains in the leg if you have a nerve problem, right?

Back pain legs going numb?

Burning pain in left lateral thigh that radiates down. Also secondary pain in calf muscle. No back pain. Pain worsens when crossing legs. Diagnosis?

Burning pain in lower back and right leg. Should I see a chiropractor or someone else?

Can tail bone pain cause lower back and leg pain?

Can a disk problem cause very slight buzzing in foot only at night? No back pain or leg pain.

Can a lower back injury cause pain in your legs and ribs.?

Can a pinched nerve cause harsh lower back pain that runs down the left bum & leg , bladder pain, femoral pain and fever?

Can a torso rash and lower back pain be a uti?

Can ankle swelling ever related to lower back pain?

Can anybody give me advice about lower back pain and upper leg numbness, what could it be?

Can anybody give me advice about lower back/ left hip joint pain?

Can anyone tell me what could be causing lower back and leg numbness?

Can back pain come from having a tkr?

Can burning shin and foot pain be caused by a nerve in lower back without the lower back actually hurting ? Burning symptoms intermittent last 2 month

Can constipation cause back and leg pain?

Can gout cause sciatic like pain. i have 6.5 uric acid level. have pain in right leg.right knee and lower back pain.

Can I use icy hot for sciatic pain in lower back?

Can leg pain be coming from the back if you never ever ever had an incidence of back pain?

Can low back pain and knee pain be related ? I have lower left back pain and also have left knee pain that has been ongoing? Please help

Can lower back pain cause hurting in legs, pelvic, and arms. It's sometimes a burning feeling also, aching in muscles, joint pain. ?

Can physical therapy help with my lower back pain and the sciatica in my left leg?

Can pinched nerves in lower back cause asymmetry between lower legs?

Can piriformis syndrome cause lower back pain?

Can prednisone cause pain in hips legs and lower back?

Can sciatic pain come and go for months? Chiro says that's what it is.Random Pain throughout leg, groin foot. Crampy achy shooting tingling sore.

Can sciatica cause cramp like pain in back of thigh when getting up or straighten my back up get pains in thigh calf and butt?

Can soleus trigger points cause swelling in back of the lower leg?

Can the wrong shoes be the reason for my back pain?

Can tight glutes cause lower back pain that feels like nerve pain?

Can tight muscles in lower back or butt cause pain down leg or groin? Can it affect nerves?

Can you ever get a sharp pain in your lower leg when your asleep?

Can you have camps when your tubes are tied i been have back pains and leg pains

Can you have pain after emg test? I have horrible pain on both legs i can't even lay down without pain. I feel pain lower back and hips.

Chiropractor : had lower back adjusted improperly (laying on side) lower back and leg pain since. What could have been injured? It's not nerve pain.

Chronic lower back pain. 16 years old. Relief when I bend forward. Leg numbness and radiating pain?

Consistent lower back and leg pain, what do you suggest?

Constant hip and back pain with popping of hips and sharp pain in back by right hip. Possible reasons for pain?

Constant sharp left calf and back thigh pain! Lumbar MRI came back normal! Some of the worst pain I've felt! What could this be?

Constantly have lower back, hip and tailbone pain i also have constant pain in my arms and legs what could this be its been ongoing for 3 years now?

Could a bulging lumbar spinal disc cause dull ache in right groin and on/off pain/ache in right upper leg and hip...Also lower back?

Could a pinched nerve anywhere n my back or lower back cause pain achey feeling in the front & side of my thighs only?

Could i be having spasms of the achilles' tendon? The pain will be an 8 for several seconds then go back to 1 or 2 then go back up to 7 or 8.

Could the quadratus lumborum cause burning/prickling pain in the upper and lower legs ?

Do high heels cause back and leg pain?

Do you think I should be worried about this pain in my lower leg?

Do you think I should still consult my chiropractor for severe lower back/buttock/both leg sciatic pain?

Does a hernia gives i back pain n leg pain?

Does a herniation cause you not to be able to sit at all or lay on your back . Burning pain and pain in other parts like hips, groin, sensitive thighs?

Does diabetes cause lower back pain and tingling feet?

Does HGH help with back pain?

Does the sciatic nerve start in the lower back buttock region and extend into the lower foot?

Dull aching pain in lower back, groin, and down to knees? Do I have cancer or leaukimia ?

Dull pain in groin for 6 wks, pain in hip and thigh , burning when sitting , feels better with heat but comes back , some slight swelling . ??

Emg testing back pain and legs pain, how does this work?

Every now & then I get excruciating pain my lower back.Occasionally pain / numbness also in my hips and down my leg as well.Should i go to the doctor?

Fell on icy stairs 2 weeks ago. Had some minor back/butt pain that subsided. Now, having pain up my spine. Related or something else?

Female (45), Difficulty walking and sitting, Pain in lower left back, Pinching nerve from lower left back towards down the leg. And Sharp pain.

Five year old complaining of back pain around hip on right aide?

Flat feet. Pain on lower back! is there a relationship?

For 10 or 11 weeks i've been having a lot of pain when standing or walking. The pain is in my lower back to right of spine and upper right buttocks ar?

For 3 days now I have had bad lower back pain & my legs go numb from knees down. When the numbness subsides I have pain in my legs. What could it be?

For 3 weeks i've had really bad pains, it would travel up my spine through my hips and into the left side of my stomach. Any ideas what this could be?

For 8days I have been having very bad back pains and the pain runs through the buttox.and down right leg have osteoarthritis could that be the cause?

For several weeks I have lower back pain, left side, right above buttocks. But only there (no pain in legs). And the pain comes & goes. Sciatica?

For the last 2 months been having sever abdominal pains when I bend over or squat to use the restroom not only that lower back pains swollen feet ?

Gained 40 in less than 2 months.Now lower back pain when walking and feet are swollen. I've tried walking but after 5-10mins lower back pain intense ?

Get this back pain only when bending down for a long time. It's right between my butt and lower back. It's a shooting pain that travels. What is this?

Got a sharp pain during sleep. Around waist line, just above buttock. Not in thigh or lower. Relieved when laying on side. Sciatic nerve likely?

Had abortion 2mths ago, havin L lower back L hip pain and L pelvic discomfort very achy L leg all the way down front &back. What could this be from?

Had back pain now leg pain I get bad pain in my right leg when I cough had it for three weeks now?

Had lumbar laminectomy years ago. Still having severe leg pain, and lower right side back pain. What could it be?

Hamstring, lower back, inner thigh pain, & and pain right above foot. Compartment Syndrome or Sciatica issue?

Have lower back pain and in my hips butt and tights what can it be sometime I can't even walk what may it be?

Have lower stomach pain and it gos down to my leg?

Have mild scoliosis (11degree thoracic), uneven hips. My right hip is pulled up and back. I get a shooting pain down my left buttocks/leg. What to do?

Have neck pain spreading towards the shoulders. Also lower back pain spreading towards pelvic bone and back of the thigh.What to do to get rid problem?

Have pain running doun the back of both arms..Triceps and pain in middle of my back and the back of my neck after walking a block or so.

Have pain shooting from my lower back, through my hips and down my thighs. Is this due to the cyotic nerve?

Have scs for low back&leg sciatic pain,started having mid/upper back pain ,elbow&lower arm pain&weak hands.could this be another disc pinching a nerve?

Having bad lower back pain when I stand for more than 5 minutes will go into hip and leg could it be sprained lumbosakral?

Having hip pain and lower and mid back pain for 2 months now. Now having cramps in legs and shoulders and loosing weight, any suggestions?

Having numbing of lower back area when laying down why?

Having pains in my lower kidneys . down my legs all the way to my seat?

Having sharp pain in my lower back and buttocks when i am sitting even for a short period of time.What can cause this.