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have had lower- mid back pain month+, pain is from tight muscles. would skating injure my back more/ increase pain? wait 2 skate until healed?

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Back pain L4/5 bulging discs, physical therapy doesn't help, but sitting on large excercise ball helps. Can i strengthen back/core muscles this way?

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Can too much ab exercise lead to lower back pain?

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Did deadlifts 2 months ago & had severe back pain 2 wk. Now mild chronic pain. Get sharp pain from spine across back if do deadlift, no leg pain. Other weight exercise ok.Can pulled muscle take +8 weeks to heal?

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Doctor told me to loosen lower back how would I do this any specific exercises or stretches please help! he didn't tell me how to do it ?

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Electric shock running down my lower back?

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I did 30 minutes of cardio and now have pain radiating in my upper back on the right side. I don't regularly exercise. Is this normal? I'm 30.

I have a dull pain in my back above my hip. I first noticed it after taking a zumba class 5 days ago. Should i still exercise?

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I have an old back injury, 2 herniated discs in my lower back. Would i benefit from using a rowing machine, or would it aggravate my back?

I have bad lower back pain I want to get a bigger butt but squats are not good for back pain what else would be a good exercise ?

I have had back surgery, and still have chronic pain in lower back and left leg. I need to lose weight (alot) but walking and exercise hurts. What do?

I have had pain around my trapezius(lower). Do I stop exercising or see someone?

I have lordosis and i suffer from lower back pain every night. I also gained weight few years ago.

I have low back pain and from last two days it's paining very much please help.Please tell me any exercises or something to get relief. I am male, my ?

I have low back pain, can I do running as my exercise?

I have lower back&butt pain esp when lying down. Will low impact exercise (bike machine) reduce my symptoms or exacerbate the pain?

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I have severe neck and back pain i stretched and lost weight what more can i do?

I have upper back pain after dropping barbell during barbell squats? What are some ways to relieve the pain?

I often have lower back pain, what kind of exercises can I do?

I strained my lower back while doing light dumbell deadlifts. How can I treat it?

I'm 25, been having constant lower back pain for long time. Not over weight. Do exercise from time to time.Lumbar support to give support. What to do?

I'm having a back ache after exercise is it normal?

I'm looking for good abs workout with no back and neck pain?

I've had a breast reduction now i.Would like to strengthen up my upper back is there a exercise that i can do on my own?

If your lower back hurts, how do you know when to rest it, and when it is better to stretch it?

Im fit and healthy with a good diet and regular exercise. Had constant excrutiating pain in my lower back/coccyx for past year. What could be cause?

In have pain in back after doing squats should I stop doing squats

Is exercise or rest the best way to relieve a lower back strain?

Is it ok to walk with mid to low back pulled muscle spasm pain. The week out. How long to last. Any advise. on exercising?

Is it possible to benefit from running or other cardio while having lower back pain?