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10 weeks out from total knee replacement. I was told that the healing process could take up to a year. I'm concerned about fatigue and lack of energy?

14 yrs after total hip replacement and bone grafting of the pelvis still in low/high levels of discomfort every day .Exercise is not helping , ?

37 years old am i too young for a total knee replacement?

4 months ago I had total knee replacements(both) and I still have swelling, burning, sharp needle like pains is this normal? What are the signs if one is allergic to the metal in the knee replacement (both)

44 years old with knee problems. Knee cartridge is gone and the joints bones are starting to wear. What are my options at this age.

55 year-old woman had bilateral hip replacements, and had bilateral knee releases over 3 years ago, but had trouble recovering from knee surgery.....?

60 yo woman, recent hip replacements, now increasing low back stiffness. How to help?

A 57y/o friend is going for a knee replacement surgery. Any advice before going forward?

After a hip replacement are you required to go into rehab; for how long?

After a hip replacement does everyone go into rehab?

After a hip replacement, how long will i be in the hospital? How long of a stay in the hospital is usually needed after a hip replacement? .

After a total knee replacement is it normal to have grinding noise when the knee is moved.

After a total knee replacement on one knee will there be a weight restiction on how much you can lift?

After a total knee replacement, how long before I can ride my harley ?

After having Key hole Knee arthroscopy Mum was told she had a Blod Clot,Normal? Total Knee replacements Op surgery soon change this same Surgeon?

After having my second hip replacement, the pain is gone but there is very limmited mobility. Is this normal and will the mobility return.?

After hip replacement, do you have to take antibiotics every time you have even a minor cut?

After knee replacement is it possible to walk or be active in the same way?

After knee replacment how many days take rest to start normal activities?

After total hip replacement 4 mos ago I have numbness/pain in incision area and down to the knee, what should I do?

After total hip replacement surgery, is it normal for the operated leg to be a little bit longer than the good one?

After total knee replacement, how long would i be on pain relievers like oxycodone?

Age 58, female, turned knee issue (both) since last 1.5 years , can it be cured with out knee replacement?

Age 77. Atrial fibrillation on warfarin etc. 2 hip replacements. Walking badly with arthritic knee. ? Continue or knee replacement.

Alignment in total knee arthroplasty: where have we come from and where are we going?

Am i to young for a total knee replacement at 42?

Anyone had a partial knee replacement - not total replacement - and get better results?

Anyone have a relative that got hip replacement that failed and was removed? What did they do then?

Are there any risks associated with the use of long range infrared saunas and prosthetic hip replacements? Could the sauna cause loosening? Thanks.

Are there options for total knee replacement surgeries or they all the same?

Are zip lines safe for hip replacements?

Been told i need a total knee replacement, are there any alternatives? Psoriatic arthritis

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Best pain management for pre and post total hip replacement?

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Can i kick bx after knee replacement sugery?

Can i take Omeprazole DR 20mg up to day of knee replacement surgery?

Can knee replacement be done on both knees at once? Both my knees cause me a huge amount of pain. Can I have knee replacement in both at the same time? .

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Can lateral release help prevent future need for knee replacement?

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Can x-stop work instead of an artificial disc replacement?

Can you describe the pathophysiology of a total knee replacement, please?

Can you get a toe replacement?

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Cyst in knee when will it be necessary to havepartial or whole knee replacement?

Do people have to get their hip replacements replaced?

Do they use lasers in u.S. To get rid of scar tissue I have artho fibrosis of the knee after a total knee replacement

Doctor has recommended me knee replacement for both my knees is there any other waty ?

Doctors can now put a full and total artificial hip in, easily?

Does a hip replacement temporarily disable you and for how long?

Does continued use of prednisone cause you to need a hip replacement?

Does daily exercise postpone the need for knee replacement?

Does having osteopenia only on the hip the same side as a five year old knee replacement make sense?

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Does wearing shorts lead to knee replacement?

Fat necrosis , i got this after surgery of right knee replacement . What can I do?

For someone who's been refused a hip replacement on medical grounds and what treatment woukd they get?

For what length of time do I have to wait to drive a car after a total knee replacement surgery?

Full knee replacement 11 months ago. Antibiotics needed prior to any dental care for the rest of my life?

Generally, is a knee replacement an easier procedure to tolerate after you've had one already? Had the right knee done, now waiting for the left.

Geriatric knee replacement surgery for an 86 year old woman in good health and bad arthritis; good or bad idea?

Had hip replacement 3 yes ago. Can i start jogging now?

Had knee replacement 4 weeks ago and my body is itching uncontrollably. Does it have anything to do with surgery?

Had knee replacement need to know how to sleep?

Had tkr 2 years ago has not been right from beginning. This past year i was lose. Is there any options other than another total knee?

Had total knee replacement 5 months ago knees tingle and hurt had symptoms before surgery also?

Had two accidents and have a nail in my femur. Have undergone knee replacement. Sweat during the day and fever at night. Bloodtests all ok?

Has anyone ever experienced joint pain whe using nicotine replacement therapy patches?

Has anyone gotten pregnant after a total hip replacement?

Have metal on metal magnum hip replace my - 8 years ago. Now getting pain in hip and groin. How long can I wait?

Have u ever heard of macoplasty in place of a total knee replacement? If so, is it good? I hate to do invasive total knee replacement if this could help.

Have you done an elbow joint replacement? How long?

Having a knee arthroscopy with query total release, what is total release?

Having total knee replacement .Job requires in and out of truck 200 plus times and walk 6-8 miles delivering pkgs over 100 lbs. Can I still do this?

Hip replacement lasted 24 years, now loose how long does a revison last? How many revisons can you have as I am 48.

How are total and partial hip replacement different?