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1st shoulder surgery was 10/03/2012..scheduled to have same surgery, same shoulder on 07/18/2014. Why does it keep tearing?

2 times shoulder dislocation in 3 years. Will shoulder surgery prevent it frm dislocating again? I heard 5% chance afta surgery. Otherwise 80%. 23yo.

3 weeks post op shoulder surgery repair torn labrum & torn rotator cuff. Physical therapy started. Is popping and clicking normal after surgery?

5 mnths post shoulder surgery the clicking has turned to squecking. Is this normal? Have no pain! athroscopic excise collar bone/labral repair 6 ancho

About 20 months ago I had shoulder labrum surgery with anchors, why I am still having so much pain?

About Radial Head surgery. Had surgery over 30 years ago. Had 2 rotary cuff surgeries 2012 & 2013. MRI shows Radial Head in pieces. What are options?

After an arthroscopic shoulder surgery will there be permanent scars on the shoulder skin?

After shoulder surgery when will my energy return?

Any problems with shoulder anthroscopy?

Are there any risks or concerns with having a tooth extracted two days after having slap repair shoulder surgery arthroscopically?

Are you given a muscle relaxer during arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

Can a rotater cuff injury require surgery?

Can an arm surgery such as an elbow arthroscopy be performed under epidural anesthesia?

Can arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder help me play waterpolo as once did if not better, i partially dislocated my shoulder a month ago, i need2 play?

Can bursitis in the shoulder be treated by surgery?

Can I get a should labral tear repaired at the same time I have an arthroscopic capsular release for frozen shoulder?

Can I have a full, normal range of motion after a dislocated shoulder surgery?

Can I snowboard 3 months post-shoulder surgery operation?

Can it cause arthritis if you have surgery on your collarbone?

Can someone have rotator cuff surgery if they have a pacemaker? The surgery would be where the pacemaker in implanted? Please help

Can u please describe in detail what they do when u have arthroscopic labral debridment acromioplasty synovectomy and bursectomy surgery of left shoulder?

Can you please explain me the surgery procedure needed for someone with frequent shoulder dislocation ? Is there an age limit for this ? My fr is 19.

Can you suffer a neck injury as a result of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery in a beach chair?

Can you tell me about AC joint shoulder surgery on the side with lymphedema?

Can you tell me about any surgeries to replace a completely torn acromioclavicular shoulder joint?

Can you tell me about r/t surgery on frozen right shoulder, to include success rates?

Can you tell me how I could exercise after shoulder surgery?

Can you tell me how long to recover after a subacromial decompression on my shoulder?

Close reduction treatment for a dislocated shoulder?

Could my shoulder need surgery?

Do become athoroscopic surgeon how many year is the education? I would like to repair shoulder rotates cuff and ligament?

Do doctors that do hip arthroscopies also do open surgical dislocation, or do they need to be specially trained for that?

Do i need arthroscopy or open surgery? My doctor thinks I have torn my rotator cuff and is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon. Can my injury be repaired with arthroscopy, or will i need an open surgery?

Do I need to have surgery for a dislocsted disc?

Do they use surgical clips in rotator cuff surgery?

Do torn shoulders always require surgery?

Do u have stitches & a dressing on after having keyhole rotator cuff surgery ? I know i will be in a sling 4 a couple of weeks .

Do you always need surgery for a right acromial fracture?

Do you think I'll need surgery for scapular winging?

Does a torn shoulder always require surgery to heal?

Does position of elbow in the shoulder immobilizer after complete rc tear repair surgery always 90 degrees or dependent on what was done in rc repair?

During a shoulder manipulation under anesthesia, can it dislocate? (had prior surgery for severe arthritis, trying to avoid replacement) thank you

Glenohumeral joint debridement,microfracture,anterior labrum repair,subacromial bursectomy decompression.5mos physio Why ROM restricted above shoulder?

Had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder a wk ago.They removed scar tissue.For the past 2 days I have had spasm in my hand.Is it normal after surgery?

Had rotator cuff surgery in nov had a accident shoulder has no strength had mri, how do dr's tell if it is tore again or scar tissue from anchor.

Had shoulder arthroscopic surgery dr didn't take out calcium in rotator cuff says its too small to find and I have to deal with it. Is that true?

Had shoulder surgery, 6 anchors in labrum, surgery went well. Doc said 'Never Again' to return to weight training. Why not if i heal well in 1 yr ???

Had surgery to remove bone spur from elbow and repaired tricep tendon at insertion point of elbow. What is the recovery timeline?

Has anyone had arthroscopic shoulder surgery that was painfree?

Have a problem shoulder, two surgeries and still in pain..Haven't slept a full night in over a year...Whats my next step? I tore my labrum almost 3/4 of the way off my shoulder bone and had reconstructive surgery with 8 anchors. One year later i'm still i

Having shoulder arthroscope. Anyone out there done this before?

Having shoulder impingement surgery leaves you out of action for how long?

Having surgery for torn rotator cuff, rcr and impingment and cephlad migration of the humeral head. Can the do it arthroscopicly?

Help! need to know if there's any alternative to surgery for a torn rotater cuff?

Hi, I'm getting a micro fracture surgery done on my shoulder in about 2 weeks. I have a bone cyst in my shoulder socket, how will this surgery help?

How can I have surgery on torn muscles in my hip at the hospital if i don't have insurance?

How can I know if I really need to have arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

How can I rehab after first rib resection and scalenectomy?

How can I safely develop my chest more after a shoulder dislocation? (labrum tear, not surgically repaired, 6 months ago)

How can they surgically tighten your shoulder?

How common is infection with shoulder arthroscopy?

How common is it to need surgery after a dislocated shoulder at 51 years old?

How could i repair my shoulder from dislocations without surgery?

How do I know if my injury really warrants a shoulder arthroscopy?

How effective is shoulder manipulation under anesthesia?

How is the shoulder rehabilitated after a joint replacement surgery?

How long does arthroscopic shoulder for labral tear repair take ?

How long does the pain last for after arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

How long does the pain persist receiving arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

How long is the recovery time after an operation on a shoulder. I have an exstensive slap tare to the upper librum?

How long to recover from shoulder impingement surgery?

How much can you move your arm following rotator cuff surgery done?

How much could you move your arm following rotator cuff surgery?

How much does an arthrogram of the shoulder cost?

How much is the cost of an arthroscopy subacromial decompression in right shoulder?

How much pain is normal after shoulder replacement surgery?

How much time to recover after a subacromial decompression on my shoulder?

How painful is the recovery for AC joint surgery?

How safe is pediatric arthroscopic shoulder surgery?

How safe is shoulder resurfacing surgery?

How serious is elbow arthroscopic surgery?

How will recurring ac joint osteoarthrosis and impingiment (after arthroscopic cleaning and/or ac decompression and resection) be treated?

I am about to have arthroscopy on my shoulder in a few weeks. Why should I have to wait?

I had a work related injury last year in my shoulder had surgery to repair a small tear in the cuff and nasty bone spurs. And elbow surgery to clean?

I had a bankart repair 4 months ago, and my shoulder has started dislocating again. Recent xray says bankart deformity, could that be the old injury?

I had hip arthroscopic surgery in february to repair a labral tear. Now all my bursa get inflamed with any activity. What can I do?

I had hip impingment surgery in april, labrum repair as well. I am still having some pain/discomfort during this rehab process., just had a open MRI ?

I had rotator cuff surgery 5 months ago. Dr said it wasn't torn much so he didn't repair just used electrodes? Now it hurts worse than ever. What do ido now? Can't afford surgery again. Any remedies?

I had rotator cuff surgery done five weeks ago. Is inflammation normal and how can I calm it dowm?

I had rotator cuff surgery in 1998.. Now when i lift it just work it cracks all the time. Did i undo the surgery?

I had shoulder arthroscopy a week ago and my incisions itch. Anything i can do?

I had shoulder decompression and debridement. Is it normal to still be in pain even 3 weeks later?

I had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago. Removed bone spur, repaired torn bicep, scraped arthritis. I'm still in a lot of pain. Is this normal?

I had surgery for tendons torn lose in both elbows with no relief ?

I had surgery to repair a torn labrum in my hip 4 months ago. When should my bruising dissapear?

I have tennis elbow and and need to have surgery. What type of surgery would be better open or arthroscopic .

I have a shoulder surgery for labrum tear. What should I expect?

I have a.V.N in both shoulders what can I do to prevent surgery?

I have anchors in my shoulder from slap repair surgery. Woukd there be any symptoms if those anchors came out and how common is it for that to happen?

I have been preparing for my rotator cuff surgery..How long is the rehabilitation for this operation?