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ACL-deficient knee does a hypermobile lax acl exist without rupture? Can a lax hypermobile knee cause damage to the articular cartilage?

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Can someone explain the function of the sc joint in relation to a first rib ligament/cartilage tear and subluxation of the first rib? Thanks! :)

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Grinding in joint a year after meniscus removal.

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I a 81 yrs old and have knee cartilage damage . I am a diabetic and because of this and my age, my doctor does not recommend surgery. ?

I believe I have suffered a costachondral separation (rib 8, 9, 10), moving around irt causes discomfort. Will the cartilage regeneration during healing?

I broke the underside of my kneecap due to my cartiledge completely deteriorating. What are my options?

I dislocated my patella twice in 4 months. Do I need surgery or is rehab an option again? I also might have chipped a piece of cartilage.

I had microfracturing for cartilage regrowth in the hip. Will testosterone help to regrow cartilage in any way? I am about to be put onto TRT for lowT

I have 40% full cartilage loss (seen during scope surgery) in my hip. I am too young for replacement. Is there a way to regrow cartilage?

I have articular cartilage damage in both knees. Could this be caused by inflammatory arthritis? Or is it always wear and tear?

I have cartilage damage in my hip, is it possible to build back and repair on my own? If so how?

I have delaminated cartilage in my hip. Can injecting stem cells help re-attach cartilage to the bone?

I have had all of my main joints replaced or revision. In the last 4 years. Now have popping, clicking and grinding in my replaced knee. Thoughts?

i have moderate chondromalacia of the patellar articular cartilage would this cause a loud grinding and popping sound?

I have no meniscus and no cartilage in my left knee. Will stem cell therapy help me?

I have no meniscus cartilage in my knee - is there an implant available?

I have osteochondritis dessicans. Can you tell me about it?

I'm a first time traumatic patellar dislocator with severe cartilage damage under the patellar. Am i eligible for partial knee replacement at 21?

Is HGH ever used to repair knee cartilage?

Is it possible that cartilage regeneration could happen by itself? I have Post-Traumatic Arthritis because of TB Arthritis. My cartilage is thinner.

Is it possible that shark cartilage help joints?

Is it possible to have damaged (knee) cartilage that leads to arthritis later?

Is it possible to to treat old scar tissue in knee cartilage? Can it be broken up? It was formed apparently from a kneecap dislocation.

Is regeneration of bones and cartilage of knees possible?

Is shark cartilage good for anything really?

Is stem cell a procedure for me? I am 33 and have a damaged meniscus from a previous injury. I had a doctor tell me that i need a meniscal allograft.

Is there a way to regrow bone cartilage. If so how?

Is there a way to reverse calcification of rib cartilage?

Is there anything I can do about cartilage problems?

Is there cartilage in the walls of your trachea?

Is there such thing as artificial cartilage to replace the cartilage in my knee?

Joints such as the elbow, shoulder, and knee contains considerable amount of cartilage and dense connective tissue. Explain how joint injuries heal.

Knee effusion in 2 year old no ligament damage, possible causes?

Meniscus tear op removal of torn cartilage, will this not cause bone on bone grinding or osteoarthritis long term. Not sure if i should go ahead?

My costal rhinoplasty deformed overtly in 1yr.Went for a revision.The doc found the cartilage fractured & did fixes(sewed it).Will the cartilage heal?

My kneecaps are unstable and I have cartilage damage under my kneecaps. I had surgery only for the kneecap alignment, no improvement. Any suggestions?

One jaw joint slips out/unhinges at times. Does this mean the joint itself has lost bone or worn down? Can a joint slip out but not be damaged itself?

Please help! what is the triangular fibro cartilage?