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After x-ray, a0.9x1.9 CM osteochondroma arising from the medial aspect of the proximal tibial metaphysics. Knee pain. Do i need MRI and surgery?

Ankle MRI report - ant tib tendon bowing, tendonitis in ant tib, tenosynovitis in posterior tib, mild tendonitis in Achilles'. Best treatment?

Ankle sprain on the outer bump (lateral malleolus), what to do?

Anterior syndesmosis has avulsed cortical fragments from the anterior aspect of the distal fibula as well as the anterior lateral aspect of the distal could you tell me what does that mean?

Are the medial/lateral tarsal, dorsal metatarsal, anterial tibial and arcuate, the only arteries on the front of the leg and foot?

Are there any ankle-derived symptoms that differentiate posterior tibial tendonitis from posterior tibiotalar ligament tear?

Are there any pathologies involving a vein in relation with the Achilles tendon?

Best approach to take for the subluxation of a left peroneal tendon?

Best way to treat posterior tibial tendonitis?

Bilateral tibs, heels, mid feet, tib fibs, and femoral stress fractures after 1 month in army basic. Is this average?

Bony structure under medial malleolus bilaterally, no pain w/ compression, tibial nerve is palpable, mild flat foot.Could it be misaligned calcaneus?

Can a Fulkerson osteotomy help malalignment as well as patellofemoral pain after a failed lateral release?

Can any docs elaborate more about chronic lateral ankle instability?

Can bowstringing of ant tib tendon after fasciotomy be surgically corrected or will I need orthotics or ankle fusion? If can be fixed, how?

Can doctors do arthoscopic for peroneal tendon subluxation? And will I still need a cast? Can this be done if you have plates in ankle?

Can gluteal medius tendonitis result from a hip lateral labral tear?

Can herniation of the fibularis brevis cause the posterior ankle/achilles to look wider than the other leg?

Can injury to the flexor hallucis longus cause pain behind the medial malleolus?

Can peroneal subluxation cause tendon problems in the hamstring directly and/or indirectly?

Can peroneal tendon subluxation cause throbbing in the region?

Can popliteal artery entrapment syndrome cause swelling around the ankle region with a palpable bulge along the lateral aspect of the achilles tendon?

Can posterior rib fractures cause snapping scapula?

Can shin splints occur on the proximal end of tibia, near the tibial tuberosity also has any1 heard of stress avulsion fx I have 1 in opposite knee?

Can someone fracture there patellar? What would be the symptoms? I have medial pain but the swelling is lateral how can that be? Please explain

Can trichorhinophalangeal syndrome be involved with metatarsus adductus?

Can you recommend posterior tibial tendon dysfunction exersizes?

Can you tell me about "tarsal coalition" in their ankle?

Can you tell me about fibular hemimelia?

Can you tell me about post tib tendinitis?

Can you tell me about the surgery for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Can you tell me how I could fix posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Can you tell me if a laceration to the tibialis anterior tendon in my foot. Would this foot affect the tibialis anterior?

Can you tell me more about pttd( posterior tibial tendon dysfunction )?

Can you tell me what a left knee arthroscopy tibial tubercle osteotomy consist of?

Can you tell me what is avulsion fracture of superior anterior spine?

Common peroneal nerve injury and partial posterior tibial nerve injury knee joint. What treatment should I go for? Can simulation help?

Could i still run if I have posterior tibial tendon surgery?

Could trichorhinophalangeal syndrome have anything to do with metatarsus adductus?

Could you suggest any treatment for lateral tibial plateau fracture?

Could you walk on a torn posterior tibial tendon?

Do i need surgery for a mild peroneus brevis split? I, ve been having pain on my left peroneus brevis for 6 months now..

Do you know what tarsal coalition is?

Docs, could a strained ligament near medial malleolus lead to a stress fracture?

Doctors, what is the difference between tibial tuberosity transfer and osteotomy?

Does a fibula/tibia MRI also detect Achilles tendon and paratenon damage?

Externally rotated tibia. Recurring compartment syndromes in leg/foot, gastroc contracture. Could proposed osteotomy help and why?

Fasciotomy for chronical anterior compartment, can you tell me more?

Had knee surgery 5 months ago for tibial plateau fracture, and my lateral ligament is still weak. Any recommendations?

Having osteotomies & peroneal retinaculum/tendon fix to reconstruct cavus foot, if yrs. in future do too much, would it cause pain or pop bones apart?

Help doctors! what're volar plate and dorsal plate with reference to metatarsophalangeal and interphalangeal joints please?

Help me ... I have calcaneus spurr posterior minimal?

Hi doctors, can you tell me what is retro-pharyngeal calcific tendinitis?

Hi! a friend has hypesthesia on dorsum of left foot w/ pain on posterior calcaneus when walking. He had a fracture of the tibia 15 yrs ago. Pls help.

How can i distinguish between peroneal tendonitis or lateral malleolus stress fracture?

How can the tibialis posterior be damaged in a subtalar lateral subluxation?

How could i cure my posterior tibial tendinitis?

How do I treat symptomatic accessory navicular syndrome and flexible flatfoot?

How do you differentiate between forefoot varus and forefoot supinatus?

How do you treat posterior tibial tendinitis?

How do you typically treat a high grade fluid filled oblique tear of the pronator, common flexor tendon in the elbow with a non-displaced fracture?

How does an anterior ankle sprain cause post tibial tendinitis?

How does dorsiflexion differ from plantarflexion?

How long can medial epicondylitis last?

How long safe to not correct equinus contracture in ankle? Have compartment syndrome, nerve entrapment both sides of ankle and ant tib tendon injury.

How to tell the difference between peroneal tenosynovitis and torn peroneal? Doc said I need to do physcial therapy before an MRI.

How to treat a tear in posterior tibial tendon?

How would an oblique fractured lateral malleolus with extension into the tibiofibular joint minimally displaced be described and most likely treatment?

I had lateral release and chondroplasty seven days ago. Now my foot is bruising. Is this normal? Why does it do that?

I have a micro fracture of the tibial plateau and a lateral meniscus tear, what to do?

I have a pain in the flexor carpi ulnaris, what can it be?

I have a posterior Achilles heel spur. What do you recommend other than surgery?

I have an avulsion/chip fracture involving the anterior lateral aspect of the can I lessen the pain in my ankle an knee An heel of foot?

I have calcangal valgus posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Could someone describe to me the cause, symptoms and treatment options for it?

I have chondomalacia grade 2 of my radius. I had a coronoid fracture and subluxion of the elbow 7 months ago. Would this cause it ?

I have peroneal tertius subluxation (rare injury) in foot. Are there ramifications to not having it repaired?

I need to know what is tibialis anterior tendinitis?

I was diagnoses with acute complete tear of peroneal retinaculum and subluxation of the perneous longus and brevis tendons what's the treatment?

I, m having lateral release on my knee can my ankle giiving out have anything to do with it?

I've an avulsion fx at the attachment of the radial collateral ligament to the radial aspect of the base of the 1st proximal phalanx. prognosis?

In derotational osteotomy tibia, which muscle compartments usually get fasciotomy? Have CS in anterior & deep compartments of leg and medal of foot.

In general, post cavus surgery(calcaneal&dorsiflex osteotomies, cut plantar fascia, transfer longus to brevis), realistic everyday & sporting ability?

In terms of location, what is the difference between distal and proximal Achilles tendinopathy?

Is a tibial tuberosity transfer and tibial tuberosity osteotomy the same procedure?

Is a weber b distal fib fx a fx of the lateral malleolus?

Is it ok to still run if I have posterior tibial tendon surgery?

Is posterior tibial tendonitis the same as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Is posterior tibial tendonitis the same condition as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Is posterior tibial tendonitis the same thing as posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Is prominence of the navicular tubercle at the medial aspect of the navicular bone suppose to be a painful?

Is surgery best for posterior tibial tenosynovitis and tibial neuritis? Also I think I have prolapsed hemorrhoid and it burns..... Help

Is surgery necessary for longitudinal peroneal tendon split?

Is the posterior tibial or peroneal artery a superficial artery? Is there a superficial artery along the lateral aspect of the achilles?

Is there a vein that extends from the lateral ankle to the medial gastrocnemius, posteriorlly?

Is there any documentation of the plantaris muscle/tendon originating behind the medial part of the knee rather than lateral?

Is there any relationship between anterior tibial tendon rupture and plantar fasciitis ?

Is there treatment for a chipped lateral malleolus?

Lateral ankle pain. MRI showed "moderate amount of fluid in flexor hallucis longus tendon sheath consistent with tenosynovitis." What does this mean?

Minimal fluid around the tendon sheath of the peroneus bervis and peroneus longus muscles suggestive for tenosynovitis what is the treatment?

Minimal fluid around the tendon sheath of the peroneus bervis and peroneus longus muscles suggestive for tenosynovitis? Shoul i rest it 1year? Dofisio

Mri done on ankle; anterior talofibular is torn, ankle joint effusion, flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitis. Meaning? Doc handed me off. Help. No ins.