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Diffuse grade 2-3 chondromalacia in lateral compartment w/lg area of full thickness cartilage loss & fissuring f/weightbearing lat. femoral condyle?

I have a kissing contusion in the inferolateral patella and antherolateral trochlea with overlying articular cartilage defects. What is the treatment?

MRI shows complex tear posterior horn medial meniscus dem.both radial, horizontal components. Moderate size effusion Low grade tear poplitues muscle?

MRI for my knee. The results: - ACL sprain with full thickness disruption, chronic proximal mcl sprain, patella alta w/o pf malaligment. English?

"grade 1 intrasubstance degeneration in posterior horn meniscus" this is the MRI report. Is surgery required for this?

"grade II signal within posterior horn of the medial meniscus, which may represent mucinous degeneration or meniscal bruise" is surgery needed?! help!

2 failed lateral release patella dislocations. Now rt tkr in may. Nov and patella dislocated again. Medial pain . Shallow trochlear groove. What next?

2 failed lateral releases in 8 months/dislocations .& tears. Shallow trochler groove. Total knee or patellar realignment? Medial pain full thicartil

27 year old female..Had lateral patellar dislocation in feb.My MRI shows bone bruise on lateral condyle of femur and minimal joint effusion.Treatment?

3mm low grade partial tear at the femoral attachment ACL with mucoid cystic degenertion of the remainder of ligament. Can i wear knee brace?

A horizontal line of high signal intensity seen not extending to superior or inferior articular surface of posterior horn of medial meniscus but extend to meniscocapsular this described as tear?

A medial extrusion shown on a MRI would mean a tear of the meniscus? I have a lot of pain and discomfort on the medial side of the knee please help

A moderate sized tear present within the body and posterior horn of the medial meniscus with disruption of the superior and inferior articular surface?

Advanced articular cartilage loss in medial compartment of tibio-femoral and patella-femoral joints. Would partial (unicondylar) knee replacement work?

After a MRI I was told that I have a complex tear in my medial meniscus I've been limping and in a brace for 4 months!! Is surgery my only option?

After debridment of torn lateral meniscus, large ulcer defect at lateral femoral condyl (grade 2) is discovere, is't treatable? What are my options?

After kneecap dislocation prev lateral release have meniscus extruded medial and partial tear. Large effusion sl pain wt bearing . Surgery? Edema both reticulum

Anterior Horn Meniscus Tear and Displacement (MRI READ) 12 year old boy?

Anterior ligmanet fibers attenuated mean? What is abnormal focal region of the articular surface of the medial tibial? Displacement mean tear?

Are the infrapatellar plica, suprapatellar plica and medial plica all the same thing/belong to same structure with folds at different places?

Athroscopic debridement & menisectomy, partial medial & lateral. Grd1 oa changes lt medial femoral condyle, large posterior horn tear lateral meniscus?

Bone bruising involving the medial aspect of the medial femoral condyle. Partial thickness tear of the medial collateral ligament adjacent to the fem.

Can a MRI show a bakers cyst? I have a lot of painful grinding in the knee with catching at the medial knee joint line. Could that be a meniscus tear?

Can a physical examination tell if I have a displacement of the medial menisicus?

Can I have chronic lateral meniscus tear or lateral meniscocapsular separation even if the MRI was normal?

Can post medial meniscectomy pain give pain only to lateral side of knee after 6yrs meniscectomy?Fresh MRI shows medial meniscus retear in remnant?

Can some please explain the following "mild fissuring in the lateral compartment of the femur in the knee. What is fissuring?

Can someone explain this.. Moderate patellar chondromalacia w/ prominent cartilage fissuring in the lateral patellar facet?

Can you explain what patellar choridropathy grade 111 1v and osteochondritis moderate degenerative changes in posterior horn of medial menisus grade 1?

Can you tell me about surgery for tears involving both medial and lateral meniscus and a baker's cyst?

Chondral fissure and flap formation of the medial patellar facet. I had a knee scan and this is the comments from the results.

Chronic pain lateral aspect of right knee. Mri negative for any abnormalities with lateral meniscus, though thickening of MCL and medial meniscus. ?

Complex degenerative type tear of the body and posterior horn of the medial meniscus with small 4 mm flap in the medial tibial gutter and large poster?

Contusions involving lateral tibiyal condyle at anterior aspect, this was in my MRI report of Knee. What would you suggest??

Could I have a torn lateral meniscus and a fractured vertebrae (spondylylosis) at the same time?

Could you please tell me where is the location of posterior horn of the medial meniscus?

Diagnosed with mri. Nondisplaced subarticular fracture of the medial femoral condyle. My knee is throbbing even at rest. Is this normal? Don't

Diagnosis? Grade 2 chondromalacia, mucoid degeneration to acl, subchondral cyst tibial spines,soft tissue swelling in prepatellar- soft tissue lateral

Displacement meniscus root considered a tear? I have that in my knee? Does a MRI show a displacement?

Displacement of the medial meniscus etiology unclear seen on MRI what am i suppose to do I am having pain medial of the knee ? Know that their problem

Do i need surgery for a partial tear of the medial meniscus posterior horn root ?

Do i need surgery for a partial tear of the medial meniscus posterior horn root?

Do you recommend syvn injection after a meniscus repair and lateral release?

Doctor, For Mucoid Degeneration in Posterior Horn of Medial and Lateral Meniscus, any other treatment except Surgery such as medication, exercises?

Doctor, My MRI says "Mucoid Degeneration in the posterior horn of Medial and Lateral Meniscus". Please the treatment for this. ?

Does 'mild extrusion of the medial meniscus" (U/s report) benefit from surgery? I'm 72, female and an active walker.

Does a displacement meniscus root mean arthritis?

Does a displacement of the meniscal root just go away? I had a new MRI but it didn't show that. It showed a medial extrusion what does that mean?

Does a displacement of the meniscus root mean a tear?

Does a displcement of the meniscal root mean that there is a tear? Where is the articular cartilage in the knee? What is the purpose of having that?

Does a grade two signal within the posterior horns of the laterial and medial menisci need surgery?

Does a medial meniscus displacement mean that there is a derangement at that menicus? How is it fixed the displacement?

Does a mensicus root displacement suppose to hurt? What does a meniscus root displacement mean?

Does a partial tear of the medial meniscus posterior horn root need surgery?

Does a slight superior medial meniscus root displacement mean that their is a tear at the meniscus? Please explain.

Does anterior mean the front of the knee?

Does having a displaced meniscus mean that there is a tear in the meniscus even though the MRI only says that it is displaced? Please explain

Does interosseous ligament of knee tear treatable? Thanks

Does pain and clicking at the medial joint line suggest that you have a medial meniscus tear? Where is your tibiofemoral joint line?

During arthoscopy, was diagnosed with chondromalacia patella and medial femoral ostechondrial defect. What are best exercises for rehab?

Explain medial meniscus tear within mid substance of meniscus with myxoid degenerative signal within posterior horn plz. Treating etc?

Female, 69, knee pain, very active, good health, mri-complex medial meniscal tear with small medial femoral condylar marrow contusion.Surgery only? Thx!

Following is the MRI report of my right knee, 1.Partial tear of acl 2.Moderate joint effusion 3.Tear of popliteofibular ligament. Natural cure ?

Gr 2 tear of posterior horn of medial meniscus with focal tear reaching inferior articular surface and gr 2 in femoral attachment of mcl. Pl advise?

grade 1 and grade 2 meniscal injury in anterior and posterior horns- medial meniscus. grade 3 MI in posterior horn lateral meniscus. Knee surgery?

Grade 2 strain in medial colateral ligament and contusion in lateral femoral condyle of left knee. Treatment please. Is surgery needed? I am 26year ol

Grade II degenerative (mucoid degeneration) mr signal changes at posterior horn of medial meniscus. Does this imply a tear? Surgery?

Grade II tear of posterior horn of the medial meniscus & grad III a tear of the posterior horn of the lateral, what to do?

H/o medial meniscectomy 6yrs back,now pain on lateral side of knee?Fresh MRI show medial meniscus retear in remnant and PF wear?need Surgery again?

Had a MRI what showed horizontal intrameniscal signal changes in anterior horn of the medial meniscus, will this heal on it own or is surgery nedded?

Had MRI results I have moderate chondromalacia patella.. Any advise please?

Hello Doctor. MRI of right knee shows "Post Horn of Medial Meniscus show horizontal tear with degenerative changes". What u suggest?

Hello sir , im suffering from a knee pain, instability in walking.Its partial ACL tear, with grade 1 signal in posterior horn of medial meniscus?

Hello, few months back i met with an accident, the MRI results says-horizontal tear of anterior, posterior horn and body of lateral meniscus, pleasehelp?

Hello, had mri: grade 4 chondromalacia in medial compartment, base trochlea, and medial ridge. Leaking popliteal cyst . No locking, difficulty bending?

Hi Doctor. My MRI states that 'subacute pivot shift injury with oesteochondral injury to the lateral femoral condyle and likely full -thickness rupture of the proximal ACL'. Does this Mean I have torn my acl? Shouldnt the MRI states a full tear instead?

Hill sach's fracture with accompanying anterior labral tear, what to do?

Horizontal tear of the body and posterior horn of medial meniscus extending to the root level.Three compartment chondromalacia what can I excpect?

Horizontal Tear of the Posterior Horn of the Medial Menistic &Suprapatellar joint Effusion ,Articular Cartilage Loss & 3MM Medial Popliteal Cyst means

How can a medial mensicus root be displaced?

How do I find out the grade of my tear from my MRI its oblique anterior horn of the medial meniscus extending to superior articular surface also mild degeneration of posteror horm of medial meniscus?

How do I treat a grade 2 signal on posterior horn of medial meniscus?

How do they do a full meniscectomy of the lateral or medial side?

How do they fix a slight superior displaced medial menisucs? I have a lot of pain and clicking in the knee.

How do you treat a grade 2 signal on posterior horn of medial meniscus ?

How does a meniscus get displaced in the first place? Does a displacement mean a tear in the root? Please explain

How grade 2 tear of posterior horn of medial meniscus of knee can be curede cured?

How is a displaced meniscus tear from its attachment of the rim of the knee structure fixed? Please explain or can it be fixed?

How long is recovery time for an grade 3a tear, anterior horn, lateral meniscus. And do I need surgery.

How should I treat a grade 2 intrameniscal tear within the posterior horn of the medial meniscus?

How to treat an oblique tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus?

How to treat lateral meniscal cyst?

I am 26 I had a meniscus repair to the posterior horn of my medial meniscus last year almost to the day and I just had MRI because of some knee pain a?

I am 26 I had a meniscus repair to the posterior horn of my medial meniscus last year new MRI showes worse re tear/cyst within, what are some options?

I am 36 with a grade 4 chondral lesion on medial femur/patella s/p microfracture sx. What are other?

I got knee surgeries on both knees got MRI and got grade 2 intrameniscal tear posterior horn of the medial meniscus n mild myxiod will I need surgery?

İ had a ant.Cruciate lig.And medial meniscus surgery 20 days ago.What kind of exercises i can do at home?

I had a MRI before surgery that said the medical meniscus is not displaced but after having surgery it shows that the medial meniscal root displace?

I had a mri of (L) Knee and it shows patella alta and possibility of patellar tendon disruption and 11mm area signal patellar apex. what does it mean.

I had a vertical tear on medial meniscus in posterior horn and a radial tear on lateral meniscus in posterior aspect, do I need to go for surgery?