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1 weeks post op, is it possible to re-tear meniscus after meniscus repair. If so what signs and symptoms would appear? Pain behind knee and hamstring

13 yr old girl tore three of the four ligaments in her ankle. Surgically repair but ankle gives way constantly. Apparently she's got loose ligaments?

16 yo had prtl meniscectomy 8 weeks ago. Fell on knee in game & trainer said menisc aggravated, it band sore, bursae bruised, ACL looser. Advice?

18 yr old girl. Could I have a non sports related meniscus tear?Knee locks and have to pop it. No swelling. Pain for over 2 yrs.

18 yr old girl. Have knee pain for alil over 2 yrs. It catches and I have to pop it. Could I have a meniscus tear if there's no swelling? What to do?

2 months ago I injured my meniscus.Doc told me that I strained my meniscus Feeling pain but now no more What should I do to heal it Can I workout?

25 days after ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair,I hear my knee pop and crack when I bend my knee . Is this normal ?

2nd meniscus surgery in jul'12, 1st in jun'10. Partial ACL tear untreated. Knee & quad irritated. Slight knee pain if tense or being pivot foot. ?

3 days ago got new acl and bucket handle meniscus repaired. masturbated and leg buckled and stretched. Could that retore meniscus and stitches?

5 years ago I "tore muscle fibers" in my knee from a sports injury. The pain subsided in 2 weeks, but, ever since then, my medial knee is numb.

Acl is torn. My doctor says my kneecap also moves up a lot. He says to do therapy but it isn't helping what should I do for my knee?

ACL operated + meniscus repaired knee in 2011 still feels unstable and sometimes makes noise.

ACL reconstructed with HS autograft 6 months ago. Last week it swelled up, i didnt feel any pain. Is it ACL failure or a meniscus tear ?

Acl surgery about 15 months back, again 3 months meniscus tear on interior took MRI and doctor saidĀ its ok to continue soccer, but pain n swelling?

Acl tear problem around 2 year back ?

Acl tear, p.Horn of m.Meniscus tear, early chondromalacia.Nopain during passive extension but pain extending knee for last 15 degrees against gravity?

After a fall, grade 2/3 MCL sprains in both knees i feel pain "inside" under kneecap. What a chances i need surgery?

After a torn meniscus, how quickly are you back to normal?

Am I able to walk. With a injured mcl? The dr. Said that he didn't think it was torn just bruised

Ankle popping a year and a half after ligament tear. Should i be worried?

Ankle sprain 9 months back.Pain on weight bearing aftr 10 minutes despite continuous physiotherapy & bracing.Mri says a torn lig with a partial torn lig?

Any tips on pain management for bad knees had slip and fall accident in 2006 had MRI torn ligament grinding of knee bones little to no cartlidge?

Are meniscus tears and patella tendonitis repairable? Dr scheduled me for an MRI to see the severity of the knee problem.

Bad knee issues torn cartilage, what do you recommend?

Bout 3M ago torn my mcl/acl . Bending about 3/4 the way but pops when straighten .. Most time no pain pop.. Will it heal without surgery?

Can a baker cyst untreated cause a meniscus tear knee injury twisted and stumbled

Can a displaced meniscus root get worse if not operated on? My knee feels so full is can the meniscus tear in the back of the knee?

Can a ligament tear cause lancing pain in the knee?

Can a ligament tear in the knee cause pain when straightening the leg? Can a ligament tear be seen on a MRI ? Please explain thank you for everything

Can a pulled ligament in hip lead to a tear?

Can a tore meniscal lead to cellulits?

Can a torn meniscus keep tearing farther if you walk on it?

Can a torn tindon in the sholder heal on it's on?

Can i still walk if I have a bad ACL tear?

Can i walk around with a torn hamstring also was cartridge in my joint in a torn ligament all in the same right knee?

Can mucoid degeneration cause an MCL sprain just from walking up stairs? No twisting, just stepped up and felt knee lock. Diagnosed with grade 01-02 MCL sprain with some mucoid degeneration.

Can popping in back of the knee irritate the meniscus? Or is is a possible tear of the meniscus? I have been evaluated

Can scar tissue in the knee cause your kneecap to shift? It is very painful. I have a displaced meniscus root I am wondering if this could be the cau?

Can somebody with a meniscus tear still ride horses?

Can squatting make a meniscus tear worse?

Can thickening of the MCL or scar tissue cause instability of the knee to include buckling, stiffness, locking, and catching?

Can walking make a meniscus tear worse?

Can you explain if it's possible to walk with a torn acl?

Can you tear acl/ MCL if a knee cap dislocation, x3weeks later still can't bend knee past 45* I've dislocated b4 and can't remember recovery last4ever.?

Can you tear your MCL during a squat lift accident?

Can you tear your meniscus by stepping off of a stool? Did this two weeks ago with pain back of my knee, told could be meniscus or quad tear. MRI 3/18

Can you tell buy an X-ray alone if you have a torn meniscus in your knee?

Can you tell me how a completely torn ACL feels?

Can you tell me if I have a tear in any part of the knee, would it hurt all the time or just when doing certain activities?

Can you walk normally with an MCL tear?

Clicking in my knee. Does this always signify a torn meniscus or only in some cases?

Complex entire horizontal lateral meniscus tear no swollen locking catching knee can stairs climb up down+bend now pain on off can i wait arthoscopy?

Concerning knee ligament tears, how to treat?

Constant sublux/dislocating peroneal tendons. Dr. is casting orthotics-cavus. If tendons tear on wkend /after hours, can wait to see Dr. or go to ER?

Could urates be associated with a sprained or torn meniscus in the knee?

Could a knee brace help relieve the pain from a torn meniscus?

Could I have a meniscus tear even though there is no swelling? My knee locks up and I have to pop it. Have had problem for over 2 yrs.

Could I have partial ACL tear if my knee tries to buckle to one side?

Could i still go swimming if I have a torn meniscus?

Could it be healthy for my torn meniscus to feel almost normal?

Could tearing your meniscus make it easier for your knee to dislocate?

Could you possibly pull your hamstring if you hyperextend your knee?

Could you tell me what happens if i don't get knee surgery for a torn meniscus?

Could you tell me why my knee feels stuck after meniscus tear? Help?

Could you walk normally after a meniscus tear?

Diagnosed with peroneal tendon subluxation now experiencing so much pain & popping from playing basketball do you think I tore it? Surgery is Tuesday

Do i need to see the dr for a quadricep tear during sprinting?

Do meniscus tear cause pain when going up or down the stairs?

Doc said if there's ligament/ tendon tear or rupture at ankle after sprain, i can't walk at all. Since i can walk, it means strain. No need mri. True?

Doctor diagnosed me with runners knee (chondromalacia) and said my ACL is tight. In this case is a tight ACL bad?

Doctor told me today that he thinks that I have a severe meniscus tear. Could I have had this for over a year and not know it?

Does a meniscal root displacement cause painful popping and clicking of the knee joint? I really don't know what to do til i go see the ortho in 7 day

Does a torn ACL always have swelling? Can a torn ACL hurt to twist you knee right to left when standing? I have a lot of instability in the knee.

Does capsule injury last for up to 4 weeks? I feel pain when extending my knee horizontally and my orthopedic doctor told me capsule knee injury.

Does displacement meniscus cause painful clicking , grinding and clicking of the knee joint mostly medial? Can a tear happen in the back of the knee?

Does footballer usually get ligament sprain or a meniscus tear?

Does having a ACL problem cause you to have slipping in the knee and instability?

Does medial meniscus tear get worser at night? And does it cause a "pulsation" feeling just behind the knee? I have knee MRI also. Thanks.

Does swimming exacerbate meniscus tear pain in the knee?

Does tearing your lateral meniscus make a noise?

Does the fibrillation on the surface of the ACL joint cause your knee to slip and be instable?

During PT after torn ACL recon I felt pulling (same feeling as when my hamstring graft was taken) behind knee during flexion exercises.What can it be?

Feeling a pop or crackle in back of knee after ACL surgery normal? Really worried about tearing or damaging graft

Five year old case of dislocation of knee and hip joint with foot drop(rt). Now, foot drop and patella dislocation with ligament tears.

For how long will my leg still hurt after a third degree hamstring tear?

Full thickness tear on medial patellar retinacullum 2mon ago. Knee has stopped slipping during activities. I can still move it by flexing and bending.

Had 1st degree MCL knee tear/sprain 2.5 weeks ago from ski. Can walk with 1 crutch but have pain while bending knee. Should i be alarmed? Meniscus?

Had a knee injury 4 weeks ag skiing (dr. Informed a possible acl/mcl rupture). The MRI confirmed it. I am unable to bend my knees. It hurts. Why ?

Had an ACL recon a year ago. Can a slight laxity in the caused by any other reason than a midly laxed acl? P.s have weak quads and knee strength

Had an ACL recon a year ago. Can a slight laxity in the caused by any other reason than a midly laxed acl? P.s have weak quads and knee strength

Had hip labral repair last year. Lateral groin pain now. Feels like another tear. Possible to tear in same hip 2nd time? Can they scope hip twice?

Had medial tear of ligament in ankle. Boot 3 months got rom back in pt. Still hurts. Not stopping me but there all the time. Suggestions?

Had MRI, 2 doctors said sprain/strain. No huge tears. 3 weeks later still can't bend knee much (backwards). Could it have been a bad MRI?

Have a torn acl and diagnosed with osteoarthritis what can i do as far as work?

Have Medial Meniscus tear w/ cyst wearing hinged knee brace but calf is very painful What should I do?

Have you heard of repairing a ligament knee tear while being awake?

Having problems with knee pain from a collateral ligament repair. What to do?

Hi approximately 3 yrs ago I injured my maniscus and it was torn. Wore a brace and did physio until it healed. Today I simply knelt down into a carp?

Hi had surgery for torn tendon in March this year have gone over on my ankle cant weight bear could I have retorn it?

Hi there, I have ruptured my ACL and have a tear in my meniscus. I was wondering should my leg stiffen right up between rehab exercises? Thanks