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24wks preg. Legs swell from knees down, knee area worst. Have pitting edema around knees only not ankles should I get checked?

Ache from knee down to feet, why?

After DVT, with the swell ever go away, in my leg leg and can my orthopedic, tell me, if I still have DVT. I had surgery for torn meniscus.

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Can having a swollen ankle give you knee pain? i had knee surgery 3 yrs ago and my ankle swells up now so i wondered if thats why my knee still hurts.

Can knee surgery cause swollen foot?

Can patellas be asymmetrical?Notice my right patella's more protruding than my left patella after a knee injury.No swelling&rednes.What problem is it?

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Fluid on my right knee two days ago, now major swelling in right ankle & foot....what do I do?

For about a month i have had discoloration to both knees and it is now accompanied by tingling in my legs. I have had a bakers cyst that was never dra?

Good evening. I have cyclic knee effusion; every 10 days, my knee swells up. After 2 days, the swelling resolves itself. Cause? Thanks.

Have had knee pain when i walk for about two weeks. No recent injuries. I think it's arthritis but now one leg and ankle are swelling .

Hi! I am 6 days post left knee arthroscopy for torn meniscus/arth etc. I have pain &swelling in my thigh..Very hard as well as tender to touch.dvt-neg?

Hot red knees, no pain and no injury. What is it?

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How can you ease swelling and pain in knee and ankle?

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I am 3 days post thigh-hip-butt Lipo, and my knees & thighs are extremely swollen. Is this normal & what can I do to reduce the swelling?

I am experiencing knee swelling on side, knee pain and knee stiffness.

I believe i have a torn ACL. I have swelling arty the knee and under the knee. Now I've noticed from my hurt knee all the way down to my ankle my entire leg /chin/ankle is really swollen. This is new. Is this due to the injury?

I had a chondroplasty and lateral release last week. Is it normal for my leg and ankle to be squishy and swollen?

I had a ruptured archille tendoe surgery three months ago. my doc said it is normal for my leg to be is niw swollen behind m knee and thigh?

I had a total knee replacement 11 months ago. I still have lots of pain, swelling and warmth in the knee. I also have crunching under knee cap. ?

I have a pain in my knee that developed on a hike. It hurts when I walk downhill. There is no redness or swelling. ?

I have ankle pains and knee pain on my right leg. I have to use a brace for both my knee and ankle but how does that help?

I have ankles swollen, knees and hips in pain due to soccer, what to do?

I have arthritis in my knee does that cause your legs to swell?

I have arthritis in my knees and wear knee brace but for over a year my knee and leg would stay swollen now my ankle and foot are swollen but no help?

I have been told that I have a baker's cyst behind my left knee. My ankle and leg are very swollen. Is this a part of the baker's cyst. Remedy?

I have bruising on my knees from over a year ago and they won't go away. ?

I have intense pain in achiles tendon, knee, and swollen lymph nodes in groin and leg, what do you recommend?

I have joint pain in one leg, ankle knee and hip. It doesn't hurt when i rest. What could be causing it?

I have knee swelling after 15 days of ligament damage, what can be reason behind it ?

I have medial knee pain but the swelling is on the lateral side please explain?

I have osteoarthritis in both knees. For about 2 months my right foot the bottom and lower ankle is very painful. Is it from my knees?

I have pains in both knees and they swell a lot but i have always been active and never had an injury what could this be?

I have sever osteoarthritis in both my knees. But why do my calfs and shins hurt so bad?

I have some swelling on the side of my knee on the inside of my right knee do u know what causes this my doctor put me on steroids for my knee and leg?

I have soreness and inflamation behind both knees. What could cause this?

I have soreness and swelling of the knee....With the knee stiffing up at times....Wat can I do about this?

I have swelling and bruises on my knees. What does this mean?

I have swelling and stiffness in my knee happened at work jumped out of my work few days later knee swelling and stiffness does it need to be drained?

I have swelling below my knee to my ankle. I had all in 2010 but my knee is sore ? Any ideas ? I press on my shin and get indents

I have swelling from my ankle to my knee after leg surgery. Any way to eliminate it even after 3 years?