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12 weeks post op knee chondriplasty knee swelling and pain . Normal lab values. What's causing swelling and pain?

2 months of clicking/friction feeling in both knees and occasional pain in l hip & knee. No injury. Dr. Says need better shoes. Trust this diagnosis?

22 years and i've knock knees and i suffer from back pain for a year and recently i start feel the pain in hips also is that because of knock knee?

31 year old Knee pain in both legs doctor said I have early arthritis what does that mean ?

Advised not to exercise when there's pain at a joint/ tendon -ankle, knee, shoulder.For chronic pain that lasts for months, when should I start?

After having a lateral release & OrthoVisc injections with no relief from severe knee pain, popping, clicking, & catching, what's left to be done?

After injections and pt for patellofermoral doesn't work what is left to relieve pain and problems with knee and leg?

Am 43 with knee arthritis. Am always having stiffness and pain on moving knee joint after tennis. Pain disappears when I play tennis. Should I play?

Ankle problems causing knee pain, is that possible?

Anterior knee pain best treatment?

Any idea to why my knees and hips ache already been to the doctor for it found no arthritis but still in a lot of pain.?

Are there any effective home treatments for knee pain?

Arthitis in my lower back which shot down to my knee. My other knee has the same problem. What should I do?

Arthritis on the knee painful. What can ease the pain?

Been having knee pain and not sure what's wrong. Who do I talk to?

Bilateral knee pain, arthritis?

Can a dependence on knee braces lead to pain/stiffness in the quadriceps?

Can a meniscal tear cause achy pain in your entire leg including ankle?

Can a thigh problem be the cause of constant knee pain and around knee, for more than 1 year , and if so , what tests to be made or radiology to do ?

Can being overweight cause bad knee pain?

Can cold weather cause knee pain post tkr?

Can daily swimming help reduce my knee pain?

Can growing pains occur in your knees/kneecaps?

Can knee pain lead to shin pain?

Can knee problems cause calf pain?

Can obesity cause numbness above your knee?

Can pain behind the knee cause medial meniscus pain? What is thessaly exam for the knee ? How is that preformed?

Can pain radiating down the leg behind knee be related to meniscus tear?

Can somebody give me advice i haveknee pain, popping and locking?

Can somebody give me advice I have knee pain(locking) for 5 months now?

Can somebody give me advice knee contusion pain help please?

Can thermomedic therapy knee supports help knee pain?

Children knee and leg pain?

Chondraplast of the patella pain and heat?

Chronic knee pain and leg pain. Knees makes a cracking sound and hurts a lot. What can I do to prevent my knees for cracking and to realive the pain?

Chronic knee pain what can be done to my knee? How accurate is a MRI ? I had surgery one year ago and still having pain in the knee on the medial side

Chronic knee pain without a cause. How can I gifure out what is wrong?

Chronic knee pain without a cause. What do I do?

Chronic knee pain: I am 21 years old and i've had chronic knee pain since i can remember. My knees pop all the time. Crouching proves very difficult. ?

Constant hip ache/pain worse when resting, can't get comfortable. Had knee arthroscopy 4 weeks ago for torn meniscus but had hip pain prior to op?

Could severe hip pain locking sensation be caused by old hamstring injury?

Could shoe sole replacements cause hip joint pain?

Could the aches in my knee calf and foot be related to me being born with a dislocated hip?

Could use expert help with why I have continuous knee pain?

Could you please tell me if weak muscles can cause knee pain 18 months after tkr.

Could you tell me what's the cause/treatment of my knee pain?

Cure for knee pain?

Curious as to why are my knee and ankle joints always in pain?

Did you experience knee pain after arthroscopy?

Dislocated knee2 weeks ago is still in pain, what should I do? Can I ice it?

Dmso safety for knee pain?

Do you know what could be wrong with me? I have been having joint pains in my knee for about a year now.. It started with just pains in the knee, and now it has speard to all my joints.... I also have been having a discharge

Does acupuncture help knee pain?

Does anyone know what i can do for my chronic knee pain i go see the ortho in 7 days. I have been having a lot of popping and clicking of the knee?

Does arthritis of the knee cause sudden excruciating pain and can't bear any weight on it?

Does having severe knee pain equate to having knock knees?

Does knee pain following rest indicate arthritis in a 20 year old?

Does liquid in the knee hurt? I have extreme swelling in the knee along with popping and slipping of the kneecap. I also I have pain along the acl?

Does putting a cold pack on knee braces for knee arthritis alleviate pain?

Does the spasm of femoral muscles cause a pain around the knee joint ...Specially during walking and during knee flexion ? And to deal with this pain

During arthroscopic knee surgery doctor found nothing so what could be causing constant knee pain?

Elderly knee pain?

Exercise for knee joint pain?

First r knee OA. Then r hip OA. Now left thigh pain, occasionally. Any correlation?

Had a cortizon shot in my knee. Now i have constant pain in my whole knee. Is that normal?

Had a pain on left knee joint while drivig nd riding its a pain inside knee joint?

Had what believed patella tendonitis..Cause of pain under knee...Now it feels better but get occasional pain on side of knee...What is this?

Have a hip labral tear & runners knee. Pain in hip got worse this week & affected my knee. Should I see ortho for pain or was it just a flare?

Have a severe knee pain that goes down to my ankle for about a month and becomes worse at night , or when i do some squatting Thank you ?

Have a very painful 2 CM synovial cyst in the tibiofibular joint of knee. Causing shin, ankle, and severe hip pain as well. Is surgery probable?

Have neck and knee arthritus which doctor should I see?

Have pain in my calf i believe i hyperextended my knee but i dont feel pain in the knee have lots of pain in the calf muscle?

Have really sore knee pains and it clicks a lot think it is my cartridge ?

Having for the first time right knee pain it is also swollen at knee area female age 50 never had joint or bone pain before.

Headache, ankle, wrist, shoulder, knee ackyness and muscle achyness. What is the cause?

Hello I am having real bad knee pains my knee also locks up on me where i can't straight it out the pain has travel up my hip and cause hip pain .

Help please! i'm having knee pain without knowing what i did to cause it, what could it be?

Hi docs, do you think it's bad if I exercise with a knee effusion and knee pain?

Hi I have shooting pain in my knee what could it be sprain torn muscle ligament ect and what should I do I also. Sometimes can't walk on it Thank you.

Hi, I have itbs cycling knee pain, what do I do. Thanks?

Hi..its normal for my son 3yrs old knee pain in one knee?

Hip popping, pain, stiffness, limping, radiating to knee, burning & difficulty walking.Could this be a torn labrum? What should I do until i see ortho

Hip stiffness and pain from prolonged bedrest?

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How can I relieve knee stiffness?

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How can I tell if my knee pain is the result of bone on bone or if it is just tendinitis? I have the clicking sensation when I bend my knee.

How can I treat the pain from a locked knee?

How can knee pain occur in one knee and not the other?

How can you help someone struggling with knee joint pain?