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In MRI report, they told me lateral and medial meniscus tear. Can i get it corrected by excercise/medicine etc? How to confirm if i need surgery?

In my previous question i stated had MRI which showed patella tendonosis and bursitis ongoing 14yrs what treatment options do I have ?

In PT for sprained ankle. Reinjured first day back at cheer. If PT doesn't help, what's next? No MRI yet, X-ray showed no break. Injured 5+ months

Injured wrist in july landed with hand upward and still in pain friends say ligament torn what needs to be done? Xrays are done(normal) waiting mri

Is a displaced meniscus root a diagnosis on a mri?

Is a finding of an annular tear on a MRI indicative of trauma?

Is a MRI 100 percent accurate? I had a knee MRI that showed nothing wrong. But I am having locking of the knee joint and shifting, giving way pain

Is a physical examination of the knee a accurate diagnosis of a medial tear? Please help

Is an ultrasound exam as accurate as an MRI scan for identifying tendon tears or injuries at the front of an ankle? Can ultrasound miss tendon damage?

Is hla b27 testing a very common procedure?

Is it possible to have both a torn meniscus and a torn acl? Have symptoms that match both. Is there a way to know w/o mri? No money for mri.

Is it still possible to have a meniscus tear and ligament tear even when the MRI scans show nothing?

Is MR arthrography of the hip joint a fancy way of saying MRI of the hip with contrast media (Gadalinium)?

Is MRI of the knee usually done with or without contrast?

Is there a time where ultrasound might be better to diagnose an injury of the Achilles or Soleus rather than MRI?

Is there a way to diagnose a meniscal tear without a mri?

Is there a way to tell if you tore your meniscus on your own without seeing a doctor? What certain test can you do on your own to rule out a tear?

It says in my operative notes that there is no evidence of meniscal tears. Then I have an MRI and it shows that I have a diplacement of mensical root?

Just had 4 X-rays, each knee, knees together and full pelvis. What could it potentially show?

Knee injury 11/13, told on 11/25 possible fracture, orthopedic Dr said needs mri, possible torn meniscus.How should we treat it till we know the facts?

Knee injury, MRI results on lateral meniscus. Can you interpret them?

Knee MRI found apparent tear in the medial portion of anterior horn. Injured month ago, trying to find out what type of treatment should be done, army dr. Doing nothing and it's getting worse daily?

Left shoulder MRI arthrogram- report states that sgh ligament is not seen. Does this mean it is completely torn? Will surgery be necessary?

Looking for meniscectomy docs?

M having knee pain .Twice got MRI done .Once the report revealed interstial ACL tear and the other time mild synovial effusion .

May i breast feed after an arthrogram and mri? I will have an injection of iodine into my hip joint not iv

Mr Harvey I had an soccer injury about 4.5 weeks ago Got MRI results and it says partial medial CL ( MCL) tear I can walk fine but I can't bend my k?

MRA w/ contrast or MRI without for a 14 yr old tennis player with moderate to severe shoulder pain? Had pt 4 mo, but worse. Labral tear mentioned.

Mri and knee injury--is that best test?

Mri ankle result: subcondral edematous contusion? Should i rest it 1 year?

Mri for suspicious torn lat meniscus and/or ligament. Had to stop before last 5 min seg. Will i get accurate results?

MRI is not showing the tear in my peroneal brevis so my specialist wants to do an exploratory surgery to find the problem. Is this a good idea?

MRI leg/ankle/foot-Tech screwed up images for series 7 & 8 and has scans of my 2 legs overlaying each other. Can radiologist fix or are scans static?

MRI neg 4 tendon tears or abnormalities yet exam shows ant tibialis and post tibial tendons r inflammed. Ankle Ortho does not know how 2 treat why?

MRI of R hip says osteomalacia, fraying and tearing of a ligament and FAI. Does that mean I need hip surgery? Seeing Ortho doc soon. Normal weight.

Mri results show a tear in the tendon on my sister's shoulder. Will be going under surgery. How long will the healing take?

Mri results show three torn ligaments in wrist with possible hamate fracture. Injury was 5 weeks ago, what is the treatment ?

Mri revealed tear in medial meniscus in right knee. Doctor says that clinically there is nothing all pain is due to pfs. Is that possible?

MRI said I have tendinitis but still in pain after three months of being on crutches and boot. Will i need surgery or mri read wrong?

Mri showed 3 lobules (?) in my leg below knee.bone scan was negative for abnormalities. Still with pain. Should I ask for retest?

Mri showed atfl tear. Have pain on upper lateral malleolous. Possible to miss a tendon or tibiofibular lig. Tear? App.At ankle os next week. Tests?

Mri shows loose body in ankle what can it be?

Mri shows tfcc tear ulnocarpal impaction 2mm of negative ulnar variance. Not a lot of pain should I go for the surgery?

Mri suggested sl ligament injury, gap widening, perilunate subluxion but then a hand surgeon took x-rays and they were normal. I'm confused will pt work?

Mri w/contrast: supraspinatus undersurface fraying. Surgery or heal on it's own? No pain, just loud popping with certain movements.

Mri with contrast. How long will procedure take? Both shoulders need mri. A. Slap tear. B. Rotator cuff. Can they be done at same time?

MRI(March) shws grade 1,2,3 meniscal dmge, partial pcl, complete ACL tear (soccer injury in jan) Srgn says MRI inaccurate(sept),askd me 2 play. Shd i?

My Arthogram MRI showed no evidence of labral tearing, but moderate supraspinatus tendinopathy. I was injured at work almost 6 years ago and it's neve?

My doctor said my knee is good after a x ray and MRI but it still feels unstable , I think it might be patella tracking or weak quad muscles?

My foot and ankle specialist has told me I have a torn peroneal brevis but the MRI that I recently had doesn't show it. Lots of pain. What can I do?

My knee been locking, and clicking last 7 weeks had MRI scan and xrays done and the orthopaedic says nothing wrong but my knee still locking and red.

My MRI of the shoulder shows tendonosis with overlying bursitis and possible capsulitis.

My MRI said I have a "intrtasubstance tear of the glenoid labrum". Celebrex (celecoxib) did nothing for me. Do i need surgery?

My MRI showed a tfcc tear. I've had cortisone and used a splint for 2 months. The pain has decreased. Is the tfcchealed or is surgery still needed?

My patella subluxated 4th time in nov; X-ray shows loose body. While i still have pain and clicking while running, can I play sport while awaiting mri?

My rheumatologist is 99% sure I have a labrum tear in my hip. Waiting for a MRI to confirm. If I do what would that entail for me?

Now that the MRI picked up a meniscus root displacement on a MRI after surgery does that ean i need surgery again to repair the displacement?

On Xeralto since 9/18/15, MRI shows 95% osteoarthritis so Ortho recommend knee replacement.also meniscus partial tear.Do I have surgery?Painw/shots!

Orthopedic question. My recent MRI says normal knee. How can that be I have had 2 knee surgeries. How accurate is a knee MRI?

Pain during full extention of elbow. localized to posterior of elbow near olecranon. X-ray and CT no fractures . MRI no injuries. 3 docs, dfrnt ideas?

Possible do a diagnosis and surgery plan for Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI) Hip without a CT scan? I concerned about radiation buildup over time

Possible meniscus injury? How to confirm.

Possible torn Gluteus Medius/Minimus or Piriformis. MRI or Xray do I need to confirm this? If so, what is the rehab to fix this as I have been unable

Radiologist reports MRI of hand shows partial tendon tear with evidence of injury. I see orthopedist in a week. What typically is done for this injury?

Should a person who has had cardiac ablation avoid having mris done on a knee or elbow?

Should I get a second opinion if the doctor says that there is nothing wrong with my knee when the MRI says that I have a displacement of the root?

Should I have knee surgery? Pros and cons? Have had xrays. Nothing found.

So I got the results from my MRI & its a meniscus tear the doctor going to shave it off hope it helps?

So tired of knee pain. Mcl & meniscus repaired in august but pain still intense. 1-2mm tear showed in most recent mri. Would surgery help?

Sprained ankle 4/11/15, original MRI: minor tears in post tib and deltoid lig; 5 mo. of PT new MRI shows bone bruise of talus. what else can I do?

Sx needed? Mri states talofibular lig torn with no normal visual fibers seen and calcaneofibular lig thickening. Feels unstable and cannot wb.

Thanks for advice on here, I had mri shown lateral meniscus tear heading to ortho in a week. What should I expect, same leg as previous TTT?

The orthopedic md found a labral tear on my mri. Why did he ask me if i wore baby shoes with a metal bar when i was an infant, (which i did)?

There is annular tear in my l4-l5 disc when i had a fall 2months ago and only got MRI done is the tear from the fall ?

Three months before while playing kabbadi i got injured in the left wrist. Before ten days i took MRI showed central tfcc tear.

Tkr. Patella dislocated . Ortho wanted complete knee ultrasound radiologist refused do. Said MRI knee . Ortho originally said MRI show not much what?

TMJ MRI showed bilateral adhesed disks with no evidence of disk displacement. TMJ specialist recommended arthroscopy and PT, is it worth the risk?

Told i have a meniscus tear. was 2 month before physio, minimal improvement after 4 wks of physio.should i have a mri just in case?

Took an MRI last week because I injured my knee. I have grade 3 Chrondramalacia. MRI, did not show nothing of the sort. How could that be. I had 4 MRI?

Torn biceps tendon 7 weeks ago playing softball. Had ultrasound, awaiting MRI sept 15. Should i exercise to strengthen or wait for MRI & specialist.

Torn meniscus x 2 lateral and cyst found after 15 mths swelling on and off mri last week dr wants operate 6 th october any alternative i can walk?

Torn rotator cuff tendon shows on ultrasound but not mri. What does this mean?

Treatment for a syst in knee diagnosed by MRI scan?

Twisted right knee had MRI done he says i fractured my tibia the top part and sprained my ACL i think i did more need someone to read my MRI second?

Using a Tesla 3 MRI s it possible to have a normal MRI of hip and then in the same session have a MR-guided MR arthrography of the hip joint?

Very painful hip 2nd MRI shows tear teres ligament. Source of pain? Advice?

Very Painful very loud snapping scapula for 1yr. Physio not helping. What is the best imaging for this if MRI is not an option for me?

Was told I have an ACL tear in 04/2009 isn't any better still after pt. In 09 i fell/had an MRI & was told I have an ACL tear. They sent me to pt which didn't help. It isn't any better & hurts all the time. Had repeat MRI the other day which showed modera

Whaat is done exactly by a knee orthoscopy?

What can be done about bursitis ?

What can be done if a knee MRI comes back negative but the patient is still having problems? Can a MRI miss a medial meniscus tear? Please explain

What can I do about a bad knee injury? Will an MRI be likely

What can I do to get better from my knee the MRI says I have a thickened suprapatellar plica?

What do you advise if i had tendonitis in my elbow i got an MRI i didn't tear anything and it was fine i rested 3 months but it still?

What does an extensive labral hip tear mean after mra?

What does an MRI of the ankle show?

What does it mean on ankle MRI when it says incendental note of tear of atfl. I have pain in right ankle.

What does osteochondritis dissecans mean in the knee? What does hypointense mean on an MRI scan of the knee? Can you tibia slip out of place?

What happens during a chondroplasty? A displaced meniscus root showed up 4months after on had surgery how can that be it was shown on a MRI ?

What happens when a MRI says that I have a meniscus displacement and the doctor says i don't who is right? How accurate is the MRI ?