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I was injured at work, xrays the next day showed nothing. MRI one month later showed tear of hamstring and possible fractures of the pubic bone?

Im a 39 year old construction worker. My mri's show I have full thickness tears of the Anterior Supraspinatus in both shoulders what's the next step?

10 mths ago MRI showed grade 2 degen meniscus tear. New MRI results state no tear. Could it have healed? Knee was locking weekly up until 1 month ago.

15 year old healthy female, right knee buckles full time for 2 months, MRI is clean, doctors says nothing wrong with her. Mri ordered of lumbar spine.?

2 weeks after outpatient orthoscopic surgery for medial meniscus tear should I still be concerned about blood clots? Can CT scan show clot?

3 months ago, i twisted my knee 2 times.Now after 3 months, my MRI show mild joint effusion.I want to know how much time it will take to heal?

3 week post arthroscopy MRI demonstrates full thickness cartilage defects. How does this happen?

3MRIs in 3yrs =early AVN of joint/wornout cartlidge/torn labrum. Bc of worsening symptoms, had new MRI =normal except ligament tear. Mixup or healed??

90% sure I have subluxed peroneal. 6 months since injury and pops with every movement. Original MRI didn't show issues with it. Will new MRI show it?

A simple MRI of rib would be my answer! my chiropractor found the dislocation and gp confirmed with exam. No ortho touched the area and no mri! ?

According to MRI, I have a medial meniscus tear with cysts under or on my kneecap. I have scheduled appt with ortho, until I'm seen, which activities should I avoid?

After 4 weeks of arthoscopic surgery for reconstruction of my knee the CT scan shows non united avulsion. Is something wrong?

An MRI revealed "suspected left acetabular labral tear." is mra the next step or can diagnosis be confirmed by orthopedic exam?

An MRI showed that my daughter has slight year in rotator cuff small nodule. Is surgery necessary?

Ankle scan, how does it tell if something is wrong?

Are knee injures commonly sprains and torn ligaments, or are breaks more common? What is usually ordered for diagnostic info- MRI or x-ray?

Are there calf/soleus/achilles injuries that cannot be picked up on MRI/CT without contrast?

Arthroscopic ac decompression/resection in Nov2015. 2ndMRI still shows severe arthrosis & impingement. Nothing torn. What are my next options?

Been in pain for 6 months.Much squatting and lifting.Tripped twice at work then dr said I had a labrum tear and need surgery based on MRI. Details?

Been told I have chrondromalacia & crepitus. But, no arthritis in my right knee. Knee won't heal. X-ray, MRI show nothing injury occurred 8-28-10?

Before having arthroscopy should I have radiiologist interpreting knee mri?

Bucket handle meniscus tear never showed on MRI, just had surgery and my Doctor was SHOCKED...this was after 6 months of treatment...why??? Pain!

Can a damaged cartilage and a tendonitis can be seen on mri?

Can a knee MRI pick up nerve pain ?

Can a ligament tear be noticed in an x-ray, or is an MRI scan necessary?

Can a ligament tear be noticed on an X-ray or an mri?

Can a MRI arthrogram on your shoulder hurt?

Can a MRI scan determine if I have rotator cuff syndrome?

Can a MRI scan determine wether a snapped ACL happened five weeks before the scan or two years before?

Can an indication of a torn ankle ligament be seen on an xray ?

Can an md/np say you have a torn miniscus without mri. X-ray was normal.

Can an MRI be done on both shoulders at the same time?

Can an X-ray reveal arthritis in the knees?

Can an X-ray show more than a sprained ligament in the knee.

Can ankle MRI show damage from sprain injury couple years prior?If so, what issues would still be visible to ortho that could be cause pain/instability

Can anyone read my MRI on lateral meniscus on this site?

Can i have a torn SL ligament even if mt MRI is normal?

Can i have smal tears in wrist ligaments that do not show up on an MRI? Sprained wrist 8 mon ago. Hand surgeon said that MRI is normal.

Can I take xarelto with shoulder surgery and my MRI reports says I have type lll slap lesion what does that means?

Can knee injury w/o swelling cause pain/discomfort in the calf or achilles? Does a MRI detect every possible knee injury or is more imaging required?

Can labrum tear (fray) be seen conclusively on MRI without contrast? How about during an arthroscopic surgery of shoulder? MRI with contrast needed?

Can meniscus tear be seen on xray? How is it confirmed?

Can MRI detect if there was an achilles rupture that healed many years ago, or would the MRI look normal?

Can MRI or ultrasound detect improper healing of the Achilles tendon and surrounding paratenon?

Can MRI show old ligament injuries in ankle?

Can other tendinopathies besides the Achilles seen on an Achilles MRI or does it require a different view (zoom, angle) of the extremity?

Can patella tendonitis show up in x-rays or MRI months after it is healed and all activity back to normal?

Can patients with an artificial knee safely undergo an MRI scan?

Can physio work for scaphoid ligament injury over a year old. Nothing showed on X-ray but MRI showed gap widening. Also wrist clunks on movement?

Can radiologist tell the diff between OA and RA on MRI? MRI showed i had arthritis in couple of toes but results didn't specify which kind

Can someone have early stage osteoarthritis for 60 yrs in many joints. Where the oa doesn't show up on mris, CT scans or xrays 4 any of the joints?

Can someone read an MRI & xray report for a knee injury?

Can the age of a damaged ACL in the knee be determined by a MRI scan.

Can the tibia be seen on a knee MRI?

Can untreated bakers cyst cause a torn meniscus please clarify answer. Could torn meniscus, have been in 1st MRI and not have been seen due to bakers cyst, covering it somehow?

Can X-ray show an ankle tendon strain? Doc said i must go for an mri. Is he right?

Can x-rays reveal a ligament tear?

Can you advise for my MRI results for my ankle?

Can you advise for understanding knee MRI results?

Can you get a bakers cyst in both knees? And is rest the only option? I have been told it due to arthritis but no scan or xrays done?

Can you have a mensical tear even though the MRI says you don't? How accurate are MRI'S? Can someone get a frozen knee like a frozen shoulder?

Can you have a MRI with braces?

Can you tell me how I could diagnose a shoulder injury based on symptoms and not an mri?

Can you tell me if you've been told you needed an MRI on your knee would an ultrasound be just as good?

Can you use an X-ray to diagnose a PCL tear to see if you need reconstruction?

Can you x-rat a hyper extended elbow or do you need a mri?

Clear MRI but still have knee pain. Help?

Costochondral separation. Can it be diagnosed without an mri, and by what kind of doctor, an orthopedic?

Could a MRI arthrogram on your shoulder hurt?

Could a traumatic drain & shot of knee by PA tear cartilage? Pain after 3 weeks. I did nothing. MRi next/Surgery? I would have to pay for both!

Could someone explain my right tankle MRI too me ?

Diagnosed at 29 with osteoarthritis from ortho doc. Mri and XR confirmed.Knees have no cartilagand hands and wrists are bad. No sports, injuries.Why?

Diagnosed with elbow tendinitis and have clicking when extending. MRI w/o contrast came back normal. Can a MRI w/o contrast find loose body in elbow?

Do Achilles and soleus injuries always show up on MRI? Is investigational surgery performed when all other options and dd have been exhausted?

Do ACL tears always show up on an mri? What does fibrillation mean on an mri? I was told I have that on the acl.

Does mr arthrogram hurt?

Does a hip arthroscopy require a follow up MRI? Or is that specific to the doctor?

Does a MRI always show a tear? What physical exam test is giving for ACL problems?

Does a MRI show a chondral injury? If it does what are the symptoms of having a chondral injury

Does a MRI show if someone has rsd in their knee?

Does a MRI show the back of knee? Is the meniscus located in the back of the knee? How accurate is a mri?

Does an MRI and/or ultrasound yielding normal results rule out Achilles tendinopathy (tendinosis) as a cause of chronic tendon pain in that area?

Does an MRI show damage to tendons and ligaments?

Does anyone know whether a rotator cuff tear could be missed in imaging?

Does frozen shoulder show up on a mri?

Does having a X-ray show if you have arthristis in your knee?

Does having an MRI of the knee show scar tissue that has be built up? What do they do for arthofibrosis of the knee is surgery required?

Does only a MRI confirm a meniscus tear? Is there any other test to confirm that? Locking knee joint when sitting and raise the knee straight

Does patellar tendonitis show in the MRI or xr?

Does patellar tendonitis show up in mris?

Does scar tissue in your knee show up on a mri? Please help

Does scar tissue show up on a knee mri?

Does the knee cartilage show up in a x-ray?

Dr said I may have torn my ACL or Meniscus had a MRI done but showed everything is fine but the pain continues. Is it possible for tears not to show?

Dr. Told me i need a mri. May need my knee scraped, what does that intale?

During a recent mra, it showed a cam impingement, labral tears and gluteus maximus strain, surgery was recom'd; what can I do for the strain?

Elbow injury questions. Who can read my MRI report)?

Elbow pain/does an MRI show anything?

ER last night, Dr. dx: Right Knee sprain. x-ray, ok, exam and his stretching very painful, does x-ray show torn ligaments, should MRI be done?

Follow up to dr harvey; had mri, shows grade 2&3 tears, joint effusion & chrondomalacia patella & patella tilt. Both knees snapped in when i fell ?