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31, knee 21 degrees of angle, dr states to young for replacement, angle to fargone for osteotomy, no acl, what can I do..

36 yrs old & have hip osteoarthritis from injury long ago. 2nd surgery last year, pt & injection. Still pain. When is it ok to have hip replacement?

After having hip replacement is it feasible to have knee replacement and what are duration procedure involved?

After shoulder replacement surgery how many days do you have to stay in the hospital?

After surgery to repair FAI or avascular necrosis of hip. What is the shortest time before the patient could do 9 hour international fly after surgery?

After total hip replacement, what should be the exercises to do to rehabilitate? Would you recommend water exercises? How much time after surgery?

Am i option less if i want a disc replacement to return to sport but no dr will approve it due to my age(23)?

Any reconstructive surgeons out there do hip replacement after first failed?

Are artificial limbs a hot topic for reconstructive surgery?

Are calaxo screws are used for total knee replacement surgery?

Are calaxo screws used in total knee replacement surgery?

Are there any other total knee replacement options, other than traditional artificial joint replacement surgery?

Are there any post treatments recommended after a hip replacement surgery to lower the risks of dislocation?

Are there total knee replacement options, besides traditional artificial joint replacement surgery?

Before joint replacement do you explore other options?

Best treatment option for s. Ludunensis in my knee after total knee removal?

Can joint replacement be done on fingers?

Can a person b alone after having knee surgery for replacement if someone is with her for the first 2 weeks after surgrry?

Can hip replacement be done on medicare?

Can hip surgery be dangerous?

Can knee replacement be done more cheaply overseas? Is knee replacement a procedure that can be done inexpensively in other countries through medical tourism? .

Can listeriosis infection affect a total knee replacement after 3 months of the surgery?

Can part of calf muscle be suitable for ACL replacement? When all other ACL surgeries failed

Can patient travel to overseas after 2 months of undergoing hip joint replacement surgery?

Can platelet rich plasma injection eventually replace knee replacement surgery?

Can someone who has had hip replacement surgery so has metal implant in hip get a brain mri?

Can you have an ankle replacement done after you have an ankle fusion?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had disc replacement surgery?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had disc replacement?

Can you tell me about delta motion hip replacement surgery?

Can you tell me in the us, a hip replacement costs about $40,364. in spain, the exact same operation around $7371, why is this?

Can you tell me is having a leg length discrepancy of 2 1/2 inches requires having a hip replacement surgery?

Could successful joint replacement be done on the small finger?

Could there have been any recalls on hip replacement products from 'ortho development' the surgery was 6-612.?

Could you tell me what are some complications of total hip replacement pertaining to recovery?

Do patients with knee replacements. Need to premedicate?

Does a hip replacement permanently disable you from any sports?

Does ankle replacement operation work? How much is replaced?

Does being double jointed affect the sucess of hip replacement surgery?

Does elderly person recover after hip replacement?

Does knee joint replacement qualify for workmans comp?

Does medicaid cover joint replacement surgery?

Does reclast (zoledronic acid) interfere with knee replacement surgery?

Exercises to eliminate limp after hip replacement surgery?

Had both knees replaced, then a revision on one. Three surgeries 12 months. I have no strength or stability in my knees. What exercises are best?

Has any one done a toe joint replacement?

Has anyone ever had a partial knee replacement in singapore?

Has anyone had problems after having a total hip replacement, just from the device?

Have scientists found total knee replacement options, other than traditional artificial joint replacement surgery?

Having a custom knee for total knee joint replacement because of bone cement and nickel allergies. Customary to pay hospital in advance for prosthe?

Having a knee/partial femur replacement to remove cancer in 20 days, what can I do to prepare?

Having a total in knee replacement and have to get rod removed can they both be done in same surgery?

Having my aortic valve replacement surgery next month.I need to relocate to a different country. How long before i can do that. Any supervision needed?

Help! Is it possible to have hip replacement surgery with kidney disease?

Hi, is it safe to have eecp after hip surgery.?

Hip fracture and failed initial implant. Should I have reconstructive surgery?

Hip replacement ever done for anyone in their forties?

How can I control pain after total hip replacement surgery?

How can I prevent scar tissue after hip replacement surgery?

How can I resume golf after hip replacement surgery?

How can total artificial disc prosthesis help?

How can you treat minimally invasive total hip replacement ?

How commonly does a hip replacement implant fail?

How complicated is shoulder replacement?

How complicated is the recovery for double hip replacement surgery?

How dangerous is a hip replacement surgery?

How do I know if shoulder replacement surgery is the best thing for me?

How do the various hip replacement procedures compare with one another?

How does arthroscopy affect the health of a problem knee? I have searched and all I have so far is what arthroscopy surgery is.

How does hip replacement surgery usually work?

How expensive is a hip replacement surgery?

How important is therapy after a complete knee joint replacement surgery ?

How important is physio therapy after a complete knee joint replacement surgery?

How is cartilage replaced during hip reconstructive surgery?

How long does fatigue last after hip replacement surgery?

How long does pain last after knee replacement surgery?

How long should I wear ted hose after knee replacement surgery? Surgery was dec.12

How long should I wear ted hose after knee replacement surgery? Surgery was dec.12

How long will rehabilitation after shoulder replacement surgery be?

How long would she be on the mobilizer after knee replacement surgery?

How many times surgery is needed if a person has his first hip joint replacement infected?

How much costs above knee amputation surgery nowadays?

How much does synvisc (hylan g-f 20) cost?

How much is cost of surgery for hip replacement in india?

How much it will cost me if I will undergo bow leg surgery ?

How safe is a fusion after artificial disc replacement and does it work?

How safe is fusion after artificial disc replacement and is it effective?

How serious is a knee replacement surgery?

How successful is a hintegra ankle replacement procedure?

How successful is a patellofemoral replacement?

How to reduce swellig after knee replacement surgery?

I am 68 years old facing knee replacement surgery am i too old for this to be beneficial.

I am considering knee replacements. What are some less invasive options?

I am having total shoulder replacement surgery next week. How much pain will I be in?

I am scheduled to have a tkr (total knee replacement).Is there anybody who has experience with the uni-spacer ?

I had partial knee replacement surgery on friday, could this cause me to not be interested in sex?

I had teflon implants in the 80's. Now arthritis. Want me to have TMJ joint replacement. Can i get buy without having surgery?

I have a plyca injury to my left knee. I was wondering how much it typically costs to have it fixed with arthroscopic surgery? Total cost?

I have atrial fibrillation, my knees require replacement surgery.. Is there any alternative procedure to surger?

I have avn both hips, had 5 surgies, replacements and core decompress with bone grafts, why do I still have so much pain?