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15wks postop revision rotator cuff surg w/fullthickness infra tear 1.5cm retracted superior to humeral head & .5cm partial supraspin tear, can fix it?

After a repair in AC rupture, would it results in under pronation?

Bilateral torn rotator cuffs full thickness small tears 10 CM by 11 CM what is recovery time after surgery?

Bursitis in shoulder after complete pec tendon tear repair 3mnths on very painful and slowing recovery what are the best treatment options ?

Can a 11 month insubstance tear in central insertional fibres of the distal Archilles tendon heal without surgery?

Can a damaged / torn iris be repaired yet? Build new or anything?

Can a gluteus miminus tear be fixed?

Can a labral tear that is several years old still be successfully repaired ?

Can a ligament tear in my hand heal by itself. I have a broken bone a partial tear of one ligament and a complete tear of another ?

Can a MRI detect if a muscle tears away from the tendon?

Can a partially torn infraspinatus tendon, 2 bone spurs, and an inflamed subdeltoid bursa be causing my daily headaches?

Can a small anular disc tear heal?

Can a small disc anular tear heal itself? Are they very painful even if very small?

Can a tfcc tear fully heal on its own or does the pain eventually subside while the tear remains?

Can a torn pupil sphincter be repaired?

Can an undersurface tear of the supraspinatus tendon be seen visually using arthroscopy and if so can it also be repaired arthroscopicaly?

Can ankle superior extensor retinaculum be replaced/reconstructed? 1 year ago after fasciotomy remaining retinaculum completely tore away/bowstringing

Can anyone translate my diagnosis and possible and treatment options complete tear of the anterior talofibular ligament partial tear of calcaneofibula?

Can gulteus miminus tears be repaired?

Can I play O lineman with a complete tear of UCL and common flexor origin in elbow? And have surgery after season?

Can someone give me a link for a good resistance band workout for partial thickness rotator cuff tear including the labrum? A bunch of exercises

Can topaz treatment heal an intrasubstance tear within the Achilles tendon?

Can weakness in external rotation and supraspinatus at 15 wks post-op revision rotator cuff repair mean a retear? Will get an MRI to check for retear

Can you fix a partially torn patellar tendon with surgery?

Can you live with a partial ligament tear, without any surgery?

Can you provide some advice for someone who's had a torn earlobe repaired?

Can you tear a tendon in your foreman?

Can you tell me about ganglion removal and minor tendon repair?

Can you walk on a partial Achilles tear? And what would the treatment be.

Complete full-thickness retear of infraspinatus 1.5 cm retracted after revision rotatr cuff repair. Other rotatr cuff tendons intact.Fixable and how?

Complete full-thickness retear of infraspinatus 1.5cm retract @15wks post-op revision rotator cuff repair. Can use bioinductive implant in re-repair?

Contrast material in the gelenohumeral joint, w/o abnormal comm. w/ the subacromial sub deltoid bursa to suggest full thick RC tear. Tear or no tear??

Could a ankle tendon tear be misdiagnosed as a partial tear in mri?

Could you advise on an operation for a fully torn supraspinatus tendon of the shoulder as I am now 75?

Dislocated my shoulder twice , now I have a lebral tear.. Doctors told me its a small tear and you need physical theropy .. Can i play overhead sports?

Dislocation with possible tendon tears what's next?

Do anchors for labral repair dissolve?

Do I need surgery for fluid in the subcromial/subdeltoid bursa and a high grade partial thickness articulare sided tear supraspinatus tendon?

Do minor tendon tears recover and repair?

Do partial rotator cuff tears heal on there own?or surgery is needed? What is mini-open spectral tendenosis?

Do you know the typical recovery time for a partial pattella tear?

Do you recover to full strength after a slap tear?

Do you think I have a partial tear instead of a complete tear if my knee is only weak on one side?

Docs, could a near complete tear of the anterior talofibular heal back together? What's the timeframe?

Doctor, can stem cells therapy be used for treatment of medial meniscus tear?

Does labrum tear from postersuperior 10 o'clock position through superior and anterior labrum down to the anteroinferior 5 o'clock require surgery?

Does a full-thickness tear of the Achilles Tendon mean a complete rupture? Or does it mean that there is a tear going though the entire tendon depth?

Does a high grade partial tear of the medial retinaculum require surgery?

Does a labrum tear always mean automatic surgery?

Does a partial Achilles tear mend?

Does a partial labral tear (posterior hip) require surgery?

Does a tear in shoulder always require surgery. Have chronic tendenitis of supraspinatus, acromioclavicular ostheoarthritis, tear of proximal supra?

Does a tear on the trachea require surgery?

Does ATF ligament rupture mean a complete tear and require a surgery?

Does full thickness acl tear require surgery?

Does peroneus brevis split tear alwys require surgery?

Does physiotherapy help in partial supraspinatus tear?

Does torn tendon merge together after it has been sewn?

Dpes meniscocapsular separation lateral meniscus require surgery ?

During a possible tendon tear. Is it possible to walk on a torn posterior tibial tendon without a huge amount of pain or would it be something else?

Fave football player has a partial torn rotator cup, is that something that can tear more?

First surgery on bi-lateral slap tear is not healing, are there any other options?

Flexor pronator tendon origin, severe tendinosos with 17 x 9 mm partial thickness instrasubstance tear. How can this be repaired. Chronic for 2 yrs?

For what reasons has my supraspinatus partially detached from my humus?

Fourth time partially tearing achilles' tendon. What is the most probable treatment?

Full thickness ACL tear --- most common treatment ?

Full thickness labral tear (hip) with separation, and surface tear. Bone on bone. Hip arthroscopy, 2013 fail. Severe pain, no walking. What now?

Full thickness tear of the ACl and "Bucket handell tear of the medial meniscus. is it possible to not go into operation, and only conservative soluti?

Got a posterior labrum tear 10 to 6 o'clock but full range of motion. Should I consider surgery?

Got an MRI today and my report said the following "inflammatory process of the subscapularis tendon and supraspinatus tendon with intrasubstance injury. Subacromial bursa fluid in sub deltoid." What does this mean? Do I have a tear?

Had Achilles' tendon repaired for the second time. I came home with no boot or cast is unusual ? It as for a partial tear.

Had revision rotator cuff surg in 9/2016. Re-tear of infra w/1.5cm retraction at 15 wks postop.If I do not fix it,can I develop cuff tear arthropathy?

Have a complete tear of left flexor hallucis longus tendon. Tear is in front of knot of henry. Is surgery best or is something less invasive possible?

Hello, I have a partial hamstring tear. Can this heal properly?

Hello. I had a major groin tear and hip flexor tear. I had a large hematoma as a result. I had surgery to repair this problem. When is intercourse ok ?

Help please! could cutting wrists cause tfcc tear?

Hi grade undersurface distal supraspinatus tear treatment steroid inject/pt. Not much relief from inject why? Pt says she thinks labrum torn why?

Hi, I have pain in my right shoulder. I had an MRI done. Can you please tell me what the following findings mean? 1. Extensive tendinosis versus full-thickness focal tear of the supraspinatus. Tendinosis of the infraspinatus and subscapularis tendons.

Hi, I have a full thickness bicep tear at the shoulder. Is there usually swelling, discoloration & visually disformaties?

Hi. Was just wondering what the normal thickness in mm of a subdeltoid bursa is?thanks.

High grade partial tear in the ucl and common flexor tendon of the elbow what does this mean and what is the usual treatment?

High grade partial tear of subscapularis w underlying tendonisis w low grade partial tear of supraspinatus w reactive bursitis. Is op only option?

High grade partial tear ucl and common flexor tendon what does this mean?

High grade partial thickness bursal surface tear distal junction supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons?

Hip bursitis caused by a tear in gluteus medius tendon MRI showed tear of 23mm ap and 30 mm retraction fluid distension and tears of acetabular lab

How would you know if and when the tendon has healed to the bone after revision rotator cuff repair surgery for a full thickness tear?

How can I tell the difference between a grade 2 and grade 3 hamstring pull/tear?

How can I treat a minor front deltoid tear?

How can you treat a tear of the scapholunate ligament and central tear of the triangular fibrocartliage?

How common is it for a unsuccessful slap tear repair with suture anchors what are symptoms of a retear?

How common is it for someone to need an AC joint separation repair?

How do I treat a partial tear to the tendon of the gastrocnemius?

How do you know the difference between a full and partial ACL tear?

How do you treat a partial tear to tendons in the ankle?

How do you treat a tear of the triangular fibrocartilage?

How does a TTD Disability rating work? I don't understand the point after partial tear rotator surgery?

How effective is PT to treat labrum tear in hip and quadrus femoris muscle impingement in a patient with Ehler-Danlos?

How effective is the prp therapy in healing an ACL partial tear?

How effective is the prp therapy in healing an ACL partial tear?

How is a full thickness tear in supraspinatus caused by a bone spur treated? Pain,, reduced strength, bursitis, tendonopithy.