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had patella repair surgery patella now sits higher my knee is deformed when sitting. I hear a rubbing noise during extension Do I need surgery again?

10 weeks post op from patella femoral replacement. I'm experiencing burning medial of the patella and crutching at the top of patella. Call surgeon?

17 yrd old athlete had ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair 1 yr ago, now I have sharp pain in bones, knee is now twisted, pain in every activity. ?

2 knee surgeries L knee, meniscus removal,tendon release,13 and 7yrs ago.Feels like bone on bone,severe arthritis,floating kneecap.Treatment options?

2 weeks post knee replacement surgery...have pain that feels like a shin splint...knee doesn't hurt..

3 months after ACL reconstruction, I have still sharp pain where the hamstring tissue taken while bending above 120degree.Is it normal?

3 months p/o hip arthroscopy for labral repair. Hip locked up getting up from bed, painful. Resolved. Concern?

3 weeks post acl/meniscus/knee cartillage repair i still hav calf /back of knee pain & swells.Beyond 85 deg of knee fold is painful. Is this normal?

3.5 weeks post op for menisectomy and debridement for OA. Still have snapping and fluid inside joint with some pain at times. Is this typical?

30 yr old man, had knee surgery 14 months ago for meniscus, what would cause poping and pain to continue?

46 yr old needs reconstructive knee surgery. His dr says wait until he's 50. Why?

5 months post ACL reconstructive surgury, pain in knee whilst jogging what should I do?

5 years ago i tore my meniscus and had surgery to repair. If i bend it too far it pops as is very painful. Is this normal?

6 month after ACL reconstruction, and have pain on the tibia.What can be the reason? Thanks

6 weeks post op for meniscectomy and OA. Started squats at advice of PT. Had grabbing in back of knee after when extending. Could this be a re-tear?

9 weeks after chondrsplasty of the patella should I still be having pain and swelling ?

About to have 3rd knee arthroplasty, previous partial meniscectomy, & have mild chondromalacia patella. How many scopes before replacement?

Acl and mcl tear 9/2014, no surgery. Now having some mild knee pain, fullness and can't bend all the way. Normal inflammation? Brace help?

Acl reconstruction 2 years ago but still pain and swelling. Any advice or tips?

Acl surgery 12 weeks ago hamstring my knee feels loose did i do something to the graft or anything what does mean when my knee feels loose ?

Acl surgery 12 weeks ago hamstring my knee feels loose did i do something to the graft or anything what does mean when my knee feels loose ?

After a complete knee replacement surgery my knee is bent at 15 degrees, what could be the cause?

After a lateral release and chondroplasty is it normal to have pain from the knee down to almost the ankle?

After a year, i can jog without any pain in my knee. Will i still need surgery?

After ACL surgery a few years ago I started experiencing my knee locking up. Any advice?

After an ACL knee surgery would the knee be the same as before (good) if not.. Why? Thanks

After having revision surgery to brace broken screws in my back with more screws I have terrible pain in left hip and thigh ?

After hip arthroscopy surgey, what kind of recovery should I expect and is there pt involved? I had a cam impingement and labral tears

After lateral release and chondroplasty how do you know if you do to much? Can you hurt it if you are on it to much? What shouldn't you do?

After meniscus surgery should your knee still hurt when you go back to work?

An osteotomy to correct so of the deformity on my right knee thats off 21 degrees then ACL reconstruction to perform partial knee replacement thoughts

Ankle pain from arthroscopy procedure. What to do?

Are knee imoblizers really needed after microfracture knee surgery. Why?

Are standing leg extensions okay to get after ACL surgery?

Are there benefits in having knee arthroscopic surgery for arthritis?

Arthroscopy of the knee and had some plica removed over 9 weeks ago now and I have more pain now then before surgery, could I have caused more damage?

At 14 i was diagnosed with chondromalacia and had microarthroscopic surgery. 15 years later my knees still lock often (can't hyperextend) and hurt. ?

At 6 months post op total knee replacement, is it normal to still have tightness & swelling of knee and when i press on the leg to have indentations?

Athlete with Bilateral Plica excision a year ago; knee pain is acting up again. Could this be plica related or is it just simple Patellofemoral pain?

Aug '12 i tore my meniscus had surgery.My knee is now locking swelling etc. Advice?

Can arthroplasty surgery really be done for a jaw joint?

Can a knee manipulation, be done twice?

Can a orthopedic surgery see if the meniscus is displaced during surgery? I had plica removed then had MRI and it showed displacement. Please explain

Can a orthopedic tell if you have arthritis during knee surgery? I had plica removal and chondroplasty

Can a surgeon miss something after having arthroscopic knee still having popping and locking pain even after surgery. I had it before also? Help

Can acupuncture be done on the knees?

Can an 18 year old get aci knee surgery?

Can anyone tell me what could be causing the pain in my knee after ACL reconstruction?

Can anything be done for bone spurs on the knee cap? I have a large one on my L knee where I had a tendon release surgery done 7 yrs ago.

Can arthroscopic knee surgery correct fracture of femoral condyle?

Can arthroscopic surgery be done to remove a bone spur in my knee?

Can having a displaced meniscus cause knee pain? I have been having popping in the knee? Could it be from plica removal or scar tissue ? Please help

Can having plica removed from the knee cause scar tissue to form? My knee is very painful and stiff and swollen i also have a displaced meniscus?

Can I have knee surgery & or colonoscopy when on tomaxefin?

Can I post my Knee RMI?

Can I safely flex my ankle one week post ankle surgery?

Can i sleep side ways while bending my knee after the 3rd week of post ACL and meniscus surgery ?

Can i still have outpatient knee orthoscopy if I have a cold?

Can I treat a meniscus/knee injury without surgery?

Can I walk after having a synovectomy?

Can my doctor do the knee arthroscopy in his clinic?

Can plica come back after having plica resection 1 year ago? I am still having a lot of pain where the plica was removed?

Can scar tissue in the knee cause throbbing pain ? I had plica removed and I am having a lot of pain medially ? Please help what can I do? Thanks

Can somebody give me advice my knee is catching and popping after knee surgery?

Can someone explain what a knee blocker is? Had one done before knee surgery

Can someone have scar tissue in the fat pad of the knee? I had a lot of plica removed from the knee now I have more pain a year later after the surger

Can someone tell me how long will i be on crutches after arthroscopic knee surgery?

Can someone with a double below the knee amputation walk again?

Can the pain in your knee after a ligament reconstruction ever go away?

Can weighted leg curls be done 4 weeks post op knee microfracture surgey?

Can wrist arthroscopy surgery hurt?

Can you have scar tissue under your kneecap? When someone arthroscopic surger can the doc view the back of the knee during the scope? Please explain

Can you let me know how many times can a knee ligament be repaired before you consider knee replacement?

Can you tell me about lateral release surgery on knee?

Can you tell me how to shower after knee surgery?

Can you tell me if I am likely to need a wheelchair following double knee arthroscopy?

Can you tell me what to expect with someone who has had septic arthritis after having knee surgery?

Can your tibia bone feel unstable? What are the symptoms ? I had knee surgery for ACL trim and mensicus trim and scar tissue under the patella. Help

Can't bend knee past 90 degrees after Osteochondral Allograft knee surgery (4 weeks post op) should I be concerned?

Causes/severity of post-op swelling of the knee after removal of the stitches and some standing/walking? Torn ACL&meniscus & a fracture were repaired.

Could having one knee surgery always lead to more knee surgeries due to the weakening joints?

Could I have surgery for knock knees to make them normal?

Could I still be a massage therapist after acl knee surgery? In school for and injured my knee

Could knees popping out of joint, post bilateral partial knee replacements for grade 4 patella chondromalacia in feb, cause a torn meniscus?

Could my left knee meniscus surgery have anything to do with a grinding noise in my left hip now?

Could you give me tips for preparing for reconstructive knee surgery?

Could you offer specific rehab advice for a hip labrum tear? No surgery has or will be done :)

Cystoscopy on july 11 and knee surgery on july 13 is it wise or not to do that test before knee surgery , is there or can there be any complications ?

Didnt rest after arthroscopy of the knee for plica removal, could i have injured my knee by doing this? have pain and discomfort 9 weeks post op.

Do hospitals give epidurals for knee surgery?

Do nerves grow back after surgery? I had mpfl reconstruction and my knee is numb between the incisions.

Do you need to take narcotics after having a knee joint reconstruction?

Do you think I'll need surgery to fix my knock knees?

Does a displaced meniscal root cause locking of the knee when you try to straighten the leg? Is surgery the only option to fix a displacement?

Does a superior medial meniscus displacement need arthroscopic surgery to fix the problem? Please help and explain.

Does arthrofibrosis go away on its own without having to have surgery? I had knee surgery about 1 year ago and I am still in a knee brace.

Does arthroscopic knee surgery ever not work?

Does having a cortisone shot help a meniscus tear or is surgery the only option?

Does having a displacement of a meniscal root cause you to have pain behind the knee?

Does it hurt to get a knee arthroscopy done?