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34yrs, had an ACL surgery on right knee 2 yrs ago. part of damaged meniscus was also removed. What precautions should I take to avoid Osteoarthritis?

Why is rest so important while treating a torn Meniscus?

. I tore my acl, pcl, lcl and bicep formourace. With this surgery the doctor use muscle from my hammies does that come back?

'm three months out of ACL reconstruction surgery and bi menisci repair , I have only 100 degree of flexion and I haven't got the full extension yet?

11 weeks since from mcl tear surgery and acl reconstruction started work again and am very having mild swelling with a tired feeling. is that normal?

14 weeks post acl surgery my doc said my knee feels loose but it nothing to worry about it is he right can i return to sport with a loose knee ?

17 yo .female soccer player , hs senior . Higrade mil tear on MRI , yet has stable knee, will use brace ,pt, and rehab . ? Let rtn to play or reconstr

18 yr old female with a possible meniscus tear. Do you recommend surgery? Will i be in an knee brave immobilizer? How long until i can drive after?

1st degree acl, pcl...3rd degree MCL ... How many days it will take to heal and what I have to do?

22 yr, badminton coach. 3months post ACL reconstruction, hamstring autograft. Can i split my daily daily exercises into parts? Or do it in one stroke.?

4 months post ACL reconstruction, started slow running, now have tibial plateau pain?

5 wks into recovery of acl/meniscus tear surgery, I am still taking pain medicine. Is this normal?

6 mo out acl reconstruction and surgeon said I shouldn't play because my scar is still purple. Is this true? why does the color matter?

6 months after an ACL surgery and meniscus repair and knee is still unstable ? What could be the reason ? Thanks

6months post ACL reconstruction, was doing light training and my knee buckled i heard a similar crunch to when i first tore my acl, but no swelling.

A relapse of your ACL injury, should I be concerned?

About how long is recovery for an elbow reconstruction surgery? Will i need a cast?

About to have 2nd torn meniscus surgery... Is a repair or removal better and why does this keep happening. Only 24 and never had accident or injury?

Acl and meniscus reconstruction surgery done. What is the rehabilitation period for recovery?

Acl and meniscus tear reconstruction cost?

Acl deficient knee (injury 1999) current age- 30 yrs rare buckling once/year not active lifestyle gym injury-medial meniscus (2012) advise ACL surg?

Acl failed several times, do Physio and exercise, tibia moves out from femur, surgeon at a lost, how can stabilise knee better when else all failed?

Acl graft lose 10 weeks need help ?

Acl is badly damaged, have had surgery. Any strengthening tips it stretches please!

Acl reconstructed leg not feeling good for a while now. Should i consult a specialist again?

Acl reconstruction so I can go back out on the field. Smart?

Acl reconstruction. When will I be able to reach full extension?

Acl ruptured & attached to the pcl. I play lots of football. Should i definitely push for ACL reconstruction? Surgeon said i may be ok without?

Acl surgery (hamstring autograft) in 3days..Age22, m, badminton coach.When will i be able to atleast walk.Dat too without any external bulky aid?

Acl surgery 12 weeks ago my knee feels loose did i do something to the graft or anything what does mean when my knee feels lose or graft loose?

ACL tear, been in PT had set back now am at beginning again! When should one think about a surgical repair of the ACL in a non-athlete no sports?

Afraid about ACL resonstruction?

After a acl reconstruction, do they normally put the patient on a brace? Or do they start full weight bearing immediately?

After Achilles tendon repair operation is swelling to be expected?

After ACL reconstruction how much time it get back to walk properly?

After ACL reconstruction, how long should I wait before returning to rugby? I'm not suffering any symptoms after the surgery!

After ACL surgery, when will i be able to walk again?

After an ACL surgery, is it out of the question to go to a concert 4 days later?

After having acl/mcl surgery how long should I continue to wear a knee brace while engaging in physical activity?

After I get a knee surgery(ACL tear), will I still grow? Or will it stunt my growth?

After I had torn meniscus surgery my leg became a little longer, yoga helps but what else can I do?

After knee microfracture surgery, when will it be ok to resume sex?

After left knee arthroscopic surgery can I drive myself home 3 hours?

After MCL surgery , can I sprain my lcl by putting a lot of weight after i can start walking?

After MCL surgery (4 weeks past my surgery), i still feel instability in my mcl, and also lcl, what can it be, and can it be cured with therapy?

After MCL surgery, is it normal to feel the knee to give out but not as much as it did before surgery?

After MCL surgery, my MCL is healing, after a week if i put weight on it will the MCL tear again or will it only damage it?

After my really torn meniscus surgery, I have been going to pt and i'm in a bledsoe brace bending to 120 degrees. What can I do to heal faster and wal?

After surgery on my torn meniscus how long will i be out of work?

Almost complete tear medial patellar retinaculum need surgery or can heal by it self? takes how long to heal? i feel stiff n painnful

Ankle ligament repair needed what happens during the surgery?

Any advice for someone recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery?

Any knee doctor who performs double-bundle ACL reconstruction in seattle area?

Any suggestions on recovering from foot reconstruction surgery?

Apain in my ankle seems to get more uncomfortable. Surgery has been advised but is it necessary for torn ligament and how long is the recovery?

Are there 2 types of ACL reconstruction surgeries? Open surgery or arthroscopy?

Are there any common complications resulting from arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus?

Are there any good exercises I can do while i'm waiting to have surgery on my acl?

Are there any natural remedies to fix a torn mcl?

Are there any no surgical treatments to fix a torn acl?

Are there any side effects from surgery to repair a torn meniscus?

Are there rehab exercises can I do for a torn acl?

Arthroscopic surgery meniscectomy possible?

Awhile ago I had torn my ACL but I never got it properly fixed or rehabilitated and just recently I have hurt it again. Are there any recommendations?

Badminton coach.Did an mri.Report says full tear of ACL and grade2 injury to mcl.Reconstruction n rehabiltation please explain..Can i be back to my game?

Best ways to stay in shape after knee surgery?

Can a 4 month old tfcc tears heal on its own without surgery?

Can a ACL reconstruction surgery come undone after 2 years or can the screw come undone?

Can a problem with your plica band heal on it's own or will i need surgery. It has already been a few months and my knee still hurts while driving.

Can an ACL cadavar tear without injuring your self?

Can an ACL reconstruction affect my ability to get into the army?

Can an osteotomy and a ACL reconstruction be done at the same time?

Can anyone tell me what can I do if i tore my earlobe?

Can axons be damaged during arthroscopic ankle surgery?

Can bucket handle tear of medial meniscus be cured without surgery by doing physical therapy?

Can complete tear of ACL be cured without an operation. By undergoing physiotherapy and using hinged knee brace?

Can I ride roller coasters 6 weeks after a complete ACL reconstruction surgery?

Can I avoid ACL surgery? I live normal lifestyle. I can not walk on my right leg as had ACL Tear on 11th April. I am ready to go for rehab if surgery

Can I do yoga after ACL surgery?

Can i fly after ankle operation?

Can I fly shortly after an knee reconstruction?

Can I get a second ACL Reconstruction on my knee ?, I'm 28 yearsold and dealing with minor arthritis and was told to do so by a doctor.

Can i heal my rotator cuff injury without surgery? I fell a couple of months ago and tore my rotator cuff muscle. The dr. Says i need surgery, but I am hesitant, because that would mean a long recovery. I am self-employed and i can't make a living witho

Can I masturbate (male) after ACL reconstruction?

Can I recover a arthroscopic knee surgery in 30 days or less?

Can i recover fully as a athlete 4 h2o polo after arthroscopic surg. On my shoulder. Not just recovered 4regular activity, i want 2throw and playagain?

Can i ride roller coasters 3 months after a complete ACL reconstruction surgery?

Can I ride rollercoasters 3 months after an ACL and meniscus repair surgery?

Can I run marathon after ACL reconstruction?

Can I still play soccer with a partially torn ACL? Do I need to have surgery to fix it or are there other ways to fix it without surgery? Thank you!

Can my lcl infect my acl?ASAP!!,

Can my son 13 years old go at six flags in roller coaster after 3 months of torn meniscus and complete reconstruction ACL surgery? Thank you !

Can stem cells repair a torn acl?

Can still play soccer with a partially torn ligament. Is surgery necessary to fix it or are there other ways without surgery? Thank you in advance!

Can surgery fix a torn meniscus?

Can the holes drilled from knee microfracture surgery not fill in? What happens if they don't?

Can the same doctor that does an ACL repair do a PCL repair?

Can we come back to weight training after recovered from ligament torn?

Can you explain the process of an arthroscopic surgery meniscectomy?

Can you get a PCL transplant if you rupture yours?