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a history of frequent kidney infections as well as stones I barely go two months without a kidney infection. Ultrasound showed fluid around Kidney.

**SECOND OPINION** I hav Kidney stone in R Kidney. ER DR said It should hurt its n kidney not tubes or bladder. Can kidney stone hurt in the Kidney?

12 mm kidney stone lipotripsy didn't work want to do a pcnl anyway of passing the stone when is it to big for my kidney. Grew from a 8 mm two years ago?

4mm kidney stone in bladder severe pain when flow of urine slows down. drinkin lots of water. when should stone pass on its own?

A lot of pressue in my vagina kidney stones and bleeding. What is wrong?

After passing a kidney stone can your testicals still be sore?

After passing kidney stone is there residual burning when u urinate for several days?

Any home remedies for kidney stone?

Any other reason kidney would hurt other than UTI or stones?

Any reason why I would get kidney stones at about the same time every year?

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Are kidney stones about as painful as labor?

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Are there any correlations between kidney stone formation and menstruation?

Are there any good home remedies for kidney stones?

Are there any symptoms a person develops after passing a kidney stone? I passed my first kidney stone 3 days ago but still have discomfort in my kidne

Are you supposed to still have pain after a kidney stone drops into your bladder?

Been having pains in my left kidney over a week. Saw a dr. and was told it was a kidney stone. Have been hydrating the stone has still not passed. ?

Blood in urine, pain in flank. No burning, frequency. Bladder polyps or kidney stones?

Burning in penis from kidney stones means what?

Can 6mm kidney stone pass out through urination?

Can 6mm size kidney stone pass through urine?

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Can a kidney stone stay in the kidney for three years? Without symptoms other than utis. (Question about a 4 year old)

Can a kidney stone turn to sludge on its own when being passed?

Can a UTI or kidney stone cause vaginal bleeding?

Can daily passing of sand-like kidney stones be a cause of chronic lower abdominal pain? If so, how? They are calcium oxalate and phosphate stones.

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Can i jack off even though I have kidney stones?

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Can kidney stone kill a person ? and can an four year old get kidney stone and gallbladder stones ?

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Can kidney stones cause a missed period?

Can kidney stones cause a missed period?

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Can you pass a kidney stone without knowing it?

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