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I have a 5mm stone that is stuck in the ureter, just outside the bladder. It needs to be removed. I wanted to avoid the invasiveness of a cytoscope. Is lithotripsy a good alternative? Is it better to have lithotripsy or a cytoscope to remove the stone. Li

I have a nonobstructing kidney stone. My urologist wants to use eswl. Is this necessary?

I have a stone of 5.6 mm at vuj, what should I do.

I have biliary calculees (stones). Is there any medicine that could disolve and eliminate these stones?

I have had pyeloplasty treatment for narrowing of the tube. Could I have a kidney stone?

I have incontinence to urine how common is it after uretroscopic removal of stones?

I have kidney stones but they are non-obstructive. What should I do to avoid any operation?

I have kidney stones. Should i get a stent in the kidney or shock wave therapy?

I just had lithotripsy for an 8 mm stone. Another stone at 5 mm remains. Should it be removed? If so, what is the wait time between lithotripsies?

I will undergo surgery for kidney stone stent removal tomorrow. Please let me know, if it pains after the removal of this stent.

I'm having a urteroscope surgey to remove kidney stones in 5 days and I just got a tattoo. Is that ok?

I've always wanted surgery and I have a kidney stone. What were the risks of a self kidney stone removal surgery?

If a recent ESWL (month ago)didn't work for a large stone and all the fragments still remain in the kidney, is it acceptable to just leave them there?

If i had a kidney stone opperation and there was no stone in me, can they still do the procedure and put a stent in me?

In what circumstances would a doctor choose a ureteroscopy over shockwaves for a kidney stones?

Is lithotripsy better or percutaneous nephrolithotomy better?

Is 6mm kidney stone removed by water?

Is alcohol consumption ok after kidney stone removal with a stent in place?

Is it abnormal for my kidney to hurt after \stone removal?

Is it better to have extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (eswl) or percutaneous nephrolithotomy (pcnl)?

Is it normal to have 3 repeted lithotripsies in 12 days?

Is it normal to have a ureteral stent?

Is it possible for you to have sex after a kidney stone procedure?

Is it really the case that tomotoes cause kidney stones?

Is kidney stone recurring in nature since I have had uteroscopic lithotripsy once?

Is lithotripsy effective to pulverize small stone of 3 mm in kidney?

Is non-surgical kidney stone removal a lot cheaper than doing the surgery?

Is Renavive able to remove kidney stones?

Is there a good homeopathic treatment for kidney and gallbladder stones?

Is there a non surgical procedure to remove large kidney stones from the body?

Is there a safe non-surgical technique to dissolve a gall bladder stone?

Is there a way to help pass kidney stones, without lithotripsy or surgery?

Is there any medicine for dissolving kidney and gall bladder stones. If what are the methods to be followed to remove it.

Is there any non-surgical way to dislodge a kidney stone stuck in urreter?

Is there any operation require for kidney stones in kidney and uretera of size9.8mm?

Is there anything i can do to dissolve a staghorn carbon appetite stone so shock waves can be considered. ..Pnl is my only option at this time.

Just has kidney stone removed with stent, niw I want steak and vodka. Why not?

Kidney and bladder stent removal painful?

Kidney stone of10 mm can it be treated without any operation or even lethotripsy?

Kidney stone removal - what are my options?

Kidney stone removal surgery. The cxr after the surgery showed pleural effusion. How does someone get this after surgery on their kidney?

Kidney stone sir I have gone through laproscopic removal of kidney stones 11mm 2 yrs ago now how can I prevent reproduction of stones?

Large kidney stone in kidney. Deciding between a laser lithotrypsy or arthroscopic direct removal. Ureter stents very uncomfortable for me. Thoughts?

Lava stone what is it good for.?

M south indian.Will it be painful to remove the tube attached to my kidney during kidney stone surgery done through my urethra?How do they remove it?

Male/42 chronic renal stones.Recent stent removal complicated by deposits on stent. How can I tell if damage was done , still have pain 3 weeks later?

My fiancee had kidney stone removal surgery 3 days ago, and still is in a lot of pain. Is there a complication?

My friend has kidney stones and may have to have them surgically removed. Is it possible that the surgery could cause infertility?

My husband has to have his kidney stones removed this thursday. What would be the best way to recovery from this procedure?

My husband was told he had a kidney stone the doctor did surgery and said their was no kidney stone, but put a stent in why? My husband was told he had a kidney stone the doctor did surgery and said their was no kidney stone, but decided on his own my hus

Necessary to immeditely remove kidney stone?

Nephrostomy tube currently placed in my kidney after kidney stone removal, can I still masturbate?

Nonobstructing kidney stone measuring 0.7 cm. Is that too big to pass or will I need surgery?

Pain after stint removal for kidney stone surgery?

Pain in the kidney area two weeks after stent removal for kidney stone. What should I do?

Please help! what is the medical term for reimplanting the ureter in the bladder?

Risks of having vur/renal scarring and getting pregnant before having ureteral reimplantation surgery?

Sex after surgery to remove kidney stone?

Shockwave lithotripsy for kidney stones - what kind of criteria does the patient have to meet?

Should a non obst. 11 mm kidney stone be removed?

Sir a 5.1mm stone in my right kidney which methods to remove it. Please tell?

Sir I have a small stone in my hydrocele, what I have to do....?

There is a 4 mm intra calyceal nonobstructing calculus of a mid calyx. Doctor told me that. Is that a kidney stone?

Treatment for ureter calculi other than surgery?

Ureteroscopic stone removal - is there a stone size range limit?

What would be the best treatment for kidney stones aside from surgery?

What are normal complications from kidney stone operation and stent?

What are the dangers of a spleen removal and kidney biopsy?

What are the dangers of spleen removal and kidney biopsy?

What are the general treatments to remove gall stones or kidney stones? Thanks.

What can be done to help kidney stones from forming?

What can cause bladder spasms after lipotripsy or eswl?

What can happen if i don't have a kidney stone removed from ureter?

What can I do to avoid an unnecessary kidney stone removal?

What can you tell me about staghorn calculi? Would i see a nephrologist or a urologist.?

What causes kidney stones and what is procedure for dissolving called?

What causes the need for a kidney removal?

What happens if I have had two kidney stones surgeries could I still join?

What is a good treatment for ureter calculi exept sugery?

What is a staghorn calculi?

What is a ureterolithotomy?

What is a ureteroscopy? Can this be used for removing stones from ureter?

What is best treatment for renal colic or uretric colic?

What is done for a stone in the intestine?

What is good food for removing 2 mm kidney stone at mid calyx of lift kidney?

What is home way to remove kidney stones?

What is pcnl (percutaneous nephrolithotomy)?

What is pcnl?

What is percutaneous nephrolithotomy or nephrolithotripsy like? I might need it.

What is pulp stone?

What is the best thing to do if I have a 0.7 CM kidney stone? An operation or lithotripsy?

What is the best treatment for complications from kidney stone?

What is the best way to remove a stint after kidney stone surgery?

What is the definition or description of: kidney stone removal?

What is the definition or description of: shockwave lithotripsy for kidney stones?

What is the difference between gallstone and kidneystone?

What is the fastest way to dissolve a small kidney stone?

What is the follow up care of kidney stone who is undergone eswl?

What is the least painful treatment for kidney stone removal?

What is the medical term for the reimplantation of the ureter in the bladder?