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I have in gallbleder stone multi pul so how does remov stonere?

12mm kidney stone can it be removed without surgery?

22days post ureteroscopic kidney stone removal&stent placement still passing stones not on CT ? Scans show nonobstructing stones how can this be?

22mm by 19mm stone in bladder (urinary) can it be broken by laser or have to have an invasive procedure, will that lave scar tissues?

4 days after lithotripsy for 1 8 mm stone (still have another) and haven't passed any fragments. Possible or could the stone been blasted so finely?

After how many days can a kidney removal patient have sex?

After how many days we will do sex after kidney stone operation?

After kidney stone procedure, can you have sex?

After kidney stones are removed by lithotripsy --how long will your kidney hurt afterwards?

Am having kidny stone on my right kidney size of 3 mm what is the remedy for removel of that?

Are staghorn calculis dangerous to have?

Are there any successful remedies for the gallbladder stones?

Are there methods of kidney stone removal, other than eswl, that do not require stents? I don't want eswl due to risks for diabetes, htn, renal harm.

Are you asleep for ureteroscopic stone removal?

Bladder stone. Can it be seen and removed by cystoscopy?

Can kidney stone with 8mmx4mm in urethral (between bladder and kidney) dissolve with medicines.? Or any procedure is required. I don't have much pa

Can a 4 mm kidney stone pass without surgery?

Can doctors remove a stone through urethroscopy?

Can I have a kidney stone removed when i'm on my period?

Can I have eswl done on a 4mm kidney stone?

Can I have eswl done on a 4mm kidney stone? I do not want to pass it myself.Can i request to have eswl?

Can I masturbate with a nephrostomy tube currently placed in my kidney (after a kidney stone removal)?

Can i masturbate with a stint in my ureter from having kidney stones removed?

Can i masturbate with a stint in my ureter from having kidney stones removed?

Can I pass a 4 mm kidney stone without a procedure?

Can kidney stone surgery prolong your period?

Can rowatinex help in dissolving a renal stone of 1.9 cm?

Can someone tell me if shockwave therapy for kidney stones is painful?

Can ureteroscopy be done to remove kidney stones during pregnancy?

Can you have a stone removed from your urethera without being stented? It's so painful. Ugh. Help

Can you have lithotripsy while you are menopausal?

Can you have ureterscopy with laser Lithotripsy when you have your period?

Can you please tell me about a stent put in because of kidney stones?

Can you tell me about (renal) stone surgeries having details of pcnl (percutaneous nephrolithotomy)?

Can you tell me about having percutaneous nephrolithotomy surgery for kidney stone?

Can you tell me how uncomforable is it to have a stent removed from after you have a kidney stone removed?

Can you tell me is kidney stone removal hurtful?

Complications from kidney stone operation stent?

Complications of multiple kidney stones and stents?

Could a 10 mm kidney stone be removed without any treatment from a doctor?

Could you still be conscious while there kidney's are being remove?

Could you tell me what is the permanent solution if someone has stone in kidney?

Describe an ultrasound procedure for kidney stones?

Do kidney stone operations make the breast smaller?

Do oxalates provoque calcified stones in the gallbladder?

Do women have to have a catheter after kidney stone removal?

Do you have a ureteroscopy done to remove a kidney stone?

Does a stone located in the calyceal diverticulum require intervention or can it be watched? Does it depend if it is symptomatic and is this common?

Does lithotripsy damage/destroy kidney cells? May need another lithotripsy.

Does traditional kidney stone surgery leave a scar?

Drainage after percutaneous nephrolithotripsy, what to do?

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (eswl) - how long for recovery?

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy--is that for kidney stones?

For the left urethra at the bladder with blockage from kidney stone or scare tissue from past ureteroscopies have a stent or resection as a choise ?

Had a utereroscopy 2 days ago,no stones (2) were removed as 1 is embedded in the meat of the kidney&the other might be a calcification. Please explain?

Had eswl 7 days ago and not seeing stone fragments?

Had kidney stone removed week ago. Stent for 3 days. After removal extreme bladder spasms at night. Should i be worried, can it be another stone?

Has kidney stones , how can he destroy it without surgery?

How can I avoid a kidney stone removal?

How can I cure my kidney's stone without operation ? I have 2.5 mm stone in both kidney.

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How do you get a urethral stent surgically implanted to fix kidney stones?

How i remove my kidney stone 7mm with out surgury?

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How is permanently removal of kidney stone done? What is the precaution?

How large a kidney stone can be removed by cystoscopy?

How long after an external shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) can one have sex?

How long can a kidney stone be stuck in my ureter before any damage is done?

How long should a patient obstain from sex after a lithotripsy kidney stone removal?

How much is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for gall stones?

How much time does it usually take stone fragments to pass after lithotripsy?

How much time does kidney stone removal surgery take?

How much time is the recovery after kidney stone surgery?

How painful is it to have a stent removed from after you have a kidney stone removed?

How safe is embolization for angiomyolipoma on kidney?

How successfully can doctors do a kidney stone removal surgery?

How to destroy kidney stones naturally without waves and surgery?

How to minimize the kidney stone if it is 4mm large?

How to remove gall stone 13mm without operation?

How to remove kidney stone by naturally. I have two small stone in my kidney rt 4 mm and lt 6 mm?

How to remove kidney stone located mid calyx of lift kidney?

How to remove urinary track small stones without surgery?

I had Kidney stone surgery a month ago and had the stent out 7 days. I now have bilateral stones although all stones were removed. Is this possible?

I am having a stone in my kidney of 15mm size. What should I do? Is operation is necessary?

I had a kidney stone & recv shockwave treatment 2x, it reformed 1yr later, I have 5stones, 1-6mm & 4-1mm should I do laser treatment and stent?

I had a radical cystectomy a year ago and I have kidney stones. Related?

I had larascopic pyeloplasty right kidney march 2014 for puj obstruction.. It was a success but within 6 months I have hydronephrosis again. Why?

I had my kidney stone removed by scope and stent removed 6 days after. Is it normal to still feel pain?

I had pyeloplasty treatment for narrowing of the tube. could I have a kidney stone?

I had surgery to remove 2 stones in ureter after surgery developed urinoma from ruptured ureter, stent in place for 19 days will rupture heal itself?

I had ureteroscopy laser lithotripsy 4 weeks ago and 4 the last 5 days have been passing large pieces of tissue, over 70. Is this normal after surgery?

I have 2 kidney stones (7 & 4 mm) in the upper right kidney. Should i watch or remove? Which is the most effective method to remove all of the stones?

I have 5.5mm stone in urinary bladder. can it be cured without surgery?

I have 6 mm kidney stone. Should it will removed without operation. Its pain killing from last 3 days. What should i do?

I have a 1cm kidney stone and am scheduled for eswl surgery should I also have a stent the dr is leaving the decision up to me ?

I have a 1cm kidney stone and am scheduled for eswl surgery should I also have a stent? The dr is leaving the decision up to me.

I have a 4 CM stag horn stone in right kidney. Is there any choice of treatment other than surgery.