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24mm+ stones in both kidneys. Can they cause pain in both flanks and in abdominal area when still in kidneys? Also passed 20 stones in 4 days.

4mm kidney stone xray showed it at L4. I've had a lot more pain & haematuria & now buttock/hip pain. Does that indicate the stone has moved to bladder?

5mm kidney stones that hasn't passed and is causing tremendous pain what do I do?

Achy dull pain on right side/lower back. Gallbladder? Kidney stones? I've had kidney stones once but with no pain.

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After passing a kidney stone can you still have pain?

Any home remedies for the pain from kidney stones?

Been having acute kidney pain for over 2 weeks, was on antibiotics for 7 days, still having kidney pain on and off, comes on strong and radiates to ab?

Been having on and off pains in my back kidney area,i know i have a kidney stone but my stomach hurts to,is that normal with a kidney stone?

Been having pains in my kidneys for about a week now. What do you recommend?

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Can dehydration cause kidney pain?

Can drinking a lot of alcohol cause kidney pain or uti/kidney infection? Drank a lot last night and now my kidneys really hurting.. Is it related?

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Can kidney cysts cause rather bad flank pain?

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Can kidney stone removal and stent placement cause abdominal bloat? Lots of pain also and more stones. Lots of pain and bloody urine. is this normal?

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Can kidney stones cause flank pain?

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Can vicodin help with the pain associated with kidney stones?

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Complications from kidney stones besides pain?

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Cramping in pelvic area after kidney stone removel is it normal?

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Have severe abdominal pain and bloody urine. Not an infection or kidney stone so any ideas?

Having bad kidney pain. What do I do?

Having constant flank pain with msk in both kidneys and renal colic almost every day where it has stopped me from working.

Having kidney and bladder spasm with a lot of pain. What can it be?

Having severe flank and back pain. 1cm non obstructing stone fnd in rt kidney. Also have mild infection. Can this stone be causing the pain?

Having unexplained abdominal pain. History of kidney stones. Checked by colonoscopy and pelvic ultrasound, normal. Kidney stones, bowel disorder, or??

Help please! could chiropractics cause kidney stone to move?

HI, I have a 1CM Kidney Stone that's in my ureter. It's on my right side but I've not had any pain at all. How dangerous is this?

History of kidney stones, had the surgery and for 2 days burning before and after urinating. What could this be?

History of kidney stones, heavy pain in right flank, really bad diarrhea. Kidney stones again? Doctor?

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How do you know if you have a kidney stone? There's pain in the area and fever

How do you know the difference between backpain and kidney pain?