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i got 2 really deep blind pimples. One. Of them doesnt hurt anymore but it doesnt go away for like 2 months. how can i get rid of both of them? asap!

Anyone read my last question & tell me could that possibly be an ear infection ! thats what my doctor told me when I went to get checked out?

Are there sure ways to get rid of this body rash i got somehow today?

At 40 years old, which test should I get gone even if i feel i'm in good health?

Awhile back i found out i had caught chylmidia, and got treated right away. Come to find out i had it for about a year. Could i get still get pregnant?

Been getting a lot of ear infections for the last 2 years and i really don't have money to be going everytime i get them.What can I do to prevent them?

Been with same lady for 16 years I'm having problems getting hard last couple weeks she gone of pill now so got use condom so need to get hard?

Can anyone tell me what this patch is on my back? Not having any luck getting a doctors appointment and slightly concerned.

Can i get advice? I've got a mini belly an a bit of flubber around my hips. Would duromine get rid of this ?

Can i get anything that can get my penis hard less than 24 hours?

Can i get meds over-the-counter to get my penis hard?

Can i get novicane to get surgery on my lip while pregnant?

Can i get peritol over the corner?

Can it hurt to get a vasectomy?

Can it hurt to get your cholesterol checked?

Can it hurt when you get your cholesterol checked?

Can my new doctors get my information from my old doctors if i don't want them to?

Can you get anything from someone's urine? Like if they're infected with anything and you come into contact with it?

Can you get bumps on the the back of your tongue if you're getting sick?

Can you get hsv1 from sharing popcorn with someone who has it like they put some in their mouth then put their hand back in to get more can I get it

Can you get sircomsized at the age of 18?

Can you get toe implants if it gets cut off?

Can you tell me how to get some kind of painrelief till the infection gets better?

Can you tell me how to tell my dad to get pads for me?

Can you tell me if I have warts and i get rid of them, what's the chance if it coming back?

Can you tell me if something got stuck up your nose and you couldn't get it out?

Can you tell me is my filling supposed to get this dark right away?

Condition & get well.Not sit & wait for The doctors & get more diagnoses, new symtoms & pills.Get ridh of so many pills possible. what can i do myself

Contacts are really hard to get out. Any tips?

Could a 16 year old get cervical couldcer?

Cyst: I get them continually I will get one out of the blue and I will get it away by a warm cloth and it will pop eventually why do they come back?

Do I need to get a check up if my vagina feels like it needs to be rubbed all the time? If so how would I tell my mom?

Doc how do I get rid of hemorrhoids they live one week comes back?

Doctors, help! tampon seems to be getting stuck. How can I get it out?

Does it hurt when the scabs come off when u get ur tonsils out?

Does it hurt when you get your eyes get dialated?

Does one get sunburnt more easily today than 20 years ago?

Ever since i got pregnant ( im 13 weeks) I've had this horrible breath. Is this normal and how do I get rid of it?

Every month i get unbearable to be around and it gets worse each month i'm 36 yrs old. I had my tubes tied 9 years ago.

Every time i come i'm still soft, i can't ever get fully erect, and the sad thing is i'm 18. What kinda girl is wanna get with me!? I'm small too

Everytime i get my period on the day of my eyes get swollen and puffy. Just started in november. What is the cause and how can I prevent it? Or reduce

Everytime my daughter goes swimming she gets water in her ears. We try everything to get it out but it won't come out. What should I do?

Eyes? Every morning almost when I get up and go to the bathroom I see lots of purple dots and get dizzy for a second then it stops

Few moles around vagina, I have had them for at least six years with maybe one or two popped up since then. Should i get it checked or is this normal?

Getting my eyes checked tomorrow. What can I expect? Is it painful?

Give me suggestion to get rid from stretch marks am juzt 22 years old now am gonna get marry soon please suggest some tips to get rid?

Got stabed with a penicle theirs a little lead that I can't get out. What should I do?

Greetings, I'm 18 about to be 19 and I'm extremely worried about why my penis hasn't grow yet. Is something wrong with me? Should I get it checked?

Have heard that i shouldn't smoke because i could get dry sockets. Will i definitely get them if i do?

Hello I was wondering if you could take a quick look a something I have been worried about?

Hello sir, I am getting married in febuary. I lost my virginity before.How can I get it back? I m 22.If i ll not get it my fiance will leave me.Urgent

Hey docs, I am wondering if i can get some advice on getting a gastro bypass?

Hi doc, i had worms since my little years. Now they still keep coming back it feels like they lay eggs in seasons. Any method to get rid of them?

Hi doctor I get period twice and it's my first time having this I get first April 1-6 then my fiance coming to see me then after I get April 27-1?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is getting the hydrocelectomy like?

Hi I am constipated it just started yesterday what can I do to get rid of it fast so I can go thanks and give me tips how to not get constipated.

Hi i really worried about tapeworm inside me i try everything to get rid of it what else i can do?

Hi there need help with this haven't been on plane for 13 years because I get worried about the doors shutting and can't get of plus worry if get sick?

Hi was just wondering i get heart palpatetions a lot and the doc can't find anything wot could it be?

HI, as soon as i get a smallest cut it gets infected straight away, what could couse this disorder?

Hii I am 19 yrs old and I am getting pimples on my face since 14 they were gone 1yr ago and now back again. How to make them go away forever?

Hold old do you have to be to get tonsillitis?

How badly does a tonsillectomy hurt? Getting one soon and i'm scared.

How can I get rid of a big zit as soon as possible?

How can I get a good looking after the accident?

How can I get a six pack in like two weeks?

How can I get my boyfriend's mom to like me?

How can I get my tummy dat to go away?

How can I get rid of a hicky fast? My bf likes to suck on my neck & i tell him i don't like havin em. But even when he slightly sucks my neck, i get em.

How can I go get another retainer after losing mine a couple months ago?

How can I go to get circumcised. And how painful is it?

How can I make it so i get the marks from cuts on my shoulders to go?

How can I prevent Blue Ball from occuring? it seems like if I go 3 days without ejaculating and get a few erections I get blue ball.

How can you ask someone to get checked politely?

How can you best get a six pack and some pecks?

How can you tell if you broke your nose you have to get x-rays or can the doctor tell by just looking at it! you have to get x-rays or can the doctor ?

How come i get dizzy from a tiny cut?

How come i get hotter at night?

How come my spots get worse when i'm clean?

How come some people get their appendix cut out?

How come when i get up from the bed or couch i go in out and i see black?

How could I go about getting a circumcision?

How do I get my abs to pop out and how do I get cut up?

How do I get rid of a cold " that is going to come soon" (i have allergy pills) any remedies or tips to make it go away before it gets worse?

How do I get rid of the pain on my nose from getting hit while wearing glasses?

How do I go about getting out on Prep.

How do I know exactly what happens when someone gets a snapped neck?

How do people get cuts without remembering when you got it, i have one in my elbow and i have no idea how it got there, any ideas? did i get it sleepi

How do u get cyst on ur pelvis. ? N how do u get them

How do you get a twisted stumach, and can you get it from getting to much and then jumping?

How do you get rid of ringworm and how do you get it? I just started getting it after i moved into a new home.

How does a dr. get a popcorn kernel out of a 4 yr olds ear. First doc. couldn't get it out. Now they have to get on another flight to see another dr.

How does one get the clap?

How long does it take to get rid of fluid in the ear which came about from a bad cold earlier in the year and how do I get rid of the fluid?

How much can it hurt to get circumsized?

How much time it take to get hymen operated to get back sealed again?

How possible am I to get (or maybe already have gotten) pnuemonia right now (please read)?

How to eighty's the pain of a boil till i'm able to get to a dermatologist?

How to get a splinter out as painlessly as possible?

How to get get rid of a head ache its so bad I have cryed 7 times today?