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2/2and my lips wont stop itching even when i take my meds or don't it still itch really bad and itch cream wont work all around my lip itch as well ?

After my boyfriend rubs my vagina the lip starts to burn really bad why? And how can I make it stop. It always stops over night.

After starting the jock-itch cream when is the itching and discomfort going to go away?

Anytime I sweat down there I start to chafe! what can I use to stop chaffing?

Bad itching from hives how do I get it to stop?

Can there be a way i can make my boob stop itching?

Can there be any way to make your vag stop itching without going out and buying something?

Can you please help to make my beard stop itching?

Can you tell me if there is something besides ice to help my leg burn stop stinging?

Can you tell me in my privates! how can I get this inferior itching to stop?

Does anyone know if there's an acupressure point to stop itching?

Everytime i exercise or walk my hair starts itching unbearably, and then gets flaky and greasy. I tried different products. It's embarrassing. Help !

Heat allergy on my feet super itchy get loads of little bumps. Can't stop itching. What can I put on it to stop or avoid altogether? Thanks

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes my skin to feel as if its burning?

Hi doc I would like to ask if you have shingles but the wounds are gone what must I do to stop the pain. I'm not sleeping it's paining a lot.

Horrible itching with no rash. Prednisone makes it stop not antihistamine. Blood work shows nothing. 5 weeks now. What is it and how stop itching?

How can I make sunburn go away fast and stop from hurting, with over-the-counter creams?

How can I prevent myself from getting yeast infections. My dr. Says me working out and sweating has a lot to do with it but i can't stop exercising so what should I do, please help.?

How can I relieve my itch fast?

How can I relieve the rash on my face and make it stop burning?

How can I stop burning from an airbag?

How can i stop legs itching that cause me to scratch till i have some small sores that are watering?

How can you stop a burn getting infected?

How can you stop a friend from burning themselves?

How could i make my eyes stop itching?

How do I get my feet to stop burning from blisters?

How do I get my hands to stop itching?

How do I get my penis to stop stinking?

How do I make my hands stop burning from peppers?

How do you get your eyes to stop burning from clorine ?

How do you stop the itch i tried everything. The hives are mostly gone it's dry how do I get it to stop?

How do you stop the little itch that makes you cough sometimes?

How long does it take for my pee to stop burning in herpes?

How long is it supposed to it take for shaved pubes to stop itching?

How to control the itching, everytime i scratch gets worst?

How to get rest of Itching?

How to make sunburn stop stinging--vinegar?

How to make this itching stop?

How to stop eye infections comming back after steroids?

How to stop my leg weep in evening its fine in the morning and at night it scabs over?

How to stop vaginal itching? It comes and goes periodically... And I'm abstinent.

Hpv cream is burning a lot. Is this normal? How do I get the burning to stop?

I am getting over shingle o the scalp is there anything i can do/use/take to stop the constant itching and how long will this last.?

I am itchy and i can't get to a doctor immediately. Can i stop the itching somehow until i can, remedy?

I am on colchicine on off but whenever i take it my body start this normal or i should stop?

I am presently having this itching sensation just underneath my diaphragm. Please what can this be and what can I use to stop it?

I can't stop picking my gums it's almost like they itch and I can't stop, I've been go the dentist they send me to the doctors and then the doctors se?

I cant stop scratching down there? What can I use to help that?

I got a sunburn over the weekend. What can I do to stop the burning?

I have a cold, how to stop the itching in my throat at bedtime?

I have a dandruf problem and now everytime i scratch it..It bleeds..Tell me qhat shld I do to get rid of the d and stop this?

I have a either a cyst or boil on my vagina and it just started to swell have could i slow it down stop and make it go down and stop the itch or pain?

I have a finger infection how do I make the pain stop?

I have a horrible cough that will randomly start up and I can't stop it. Any ideas on what it could be? I'm not allergic to anything some lotions...

I have a rash on my bottom in it seems to be spreading what can I use to stop it?

I have a terrible itch on my fingers at my left foot and it is red so i cant sleep at night can you tell me what to use to stop this ?

I have a very irritating harsh rash on my right wrist . It was making me go crazy . I couldn't stop myself from it . I put cortisone 10 .

I have been getting ringworm for over a year .Pills or creams wont stop them from coming. What do I do?

I have either a cyst or boil on my vagina it recently just started to swell how could i make it stop slow down or go down and stop the itching an pain?

I have folliculitis on both legs an in growing area been taking meds for about 5 days it looks a lil better but not gone an when will the itching stop?

I have itching deep in both ears everyday for hours. What causes this an how do I stop it?

I have itching for last 24 hours on my left palm below the thumb on the mount only. It stops for sometime & then starts again no rash etc. Pls advice.

I have itchy red scrotum, how do I make it stop, remedy?

I have s bad problem with itching under my scrotum what could i get to stop it?

I have scabies and im going through the first treatment but the itching is unberable and i put alchohol on to stop the itching will this cause problem?

I have soooo much daily discharge i want to make it stop!

I have these red itchy bumps all over my body , i only get them after having sex with my boyfriend when using a condom. no meds make the itch stop :'(?

I just got my belly pierced about a week ago & it itches I just want to know what can I do to make it stop itching ?

I just started shaving down there, is there anything i can do to help the itching and irritation if i get it?

I know I have a yeast infection but I'm not completely sure cus the itch would stop then continue back again and when I whip it hurts and bleeds?

I know not good to stop meds, but if have severe skin rash w/ antibiotics, shouldn't you stop? I had it at week 3 of a 4 wk treatment. Told to stop

I regularly have what i call itching attacks where i itch uncontrollably and it alsi prevents me from working anf sleeping and its all over please help?

I think i have flat warts And they wont stop spreading all over my body. They are tiny And not too noticable but i want them to stop. Please help me?

I think i've had a reaction to something. I am itchy all over, even eyes, no rash, can't stop scratching. It is completely distracting & i'm drawing blood. How can I ease this? Cant see any doctors

I would like to know if there is anthing i can use to stop itchy anckles, and they are also swollen ?

I'm getting psoriasis all over, how can I stop it?

I'm worried about vaginal itch how to make it stop!?

I'm worried because my vag with summers eve everyday. Is there any way to stop the itch, and what is causing it, what do you suggest?

I've got an embarrassing situation where i can't stop itching my anus. What can I do about it?

Iam having a problem of sevear hairfall with itching sensation like something going on my scalp please help me trcing the cause?

Im almost 15 weeks pregnant with my 5th child and for 2 days now im really itchy and can't stop scratching. What could I put on to ease it.?

Im on adderal and am experiencing a painful rash on my whole body. The itching gets worse and night and I can't sleep. How do I make it stop?

Im on my period and it burns and itches when i pee i usually use tampons and I had to stop because when i would have it in it would get worse why ?

Immediately after shaving it started itching. What could be the problem?

In what way can I get my brother to stop itching his eyes?

Is it bad to continue to workout while i have jock itch?

Is there any ointments for eczema that actually get rid of it quickly instead of just getting the itching to stop?

Itchyness won't stop and i can't sleep, what is going on?

Just want some relief here, what are some products that make rashes stop burning?

Keep telling nurse my body itches on increase allergy shots decreased dose doesnt make me itch she says shots only itch at site after decrease works?

My 6 month old baby has eczema, he scratches real bad. What can I do to stop or decrease the itches?

My bottom and vagina have been constantly itchy the last three days, never had sex. What is it? What do I put on it to heal it and stop the itching?

My bottom is itchy what can I do stop it?

My chest and up my neck itches and burns so bad! what can I use to stop this?

My dermatographia is driving me crazy! What can I do for relief and to maybe even stop it?

My dog keeps licking my vagina. What do I do to stop it?

My ears are itching bad. What to do to stop it?

My friend feeling burn when she goes to pee but no itching what she can do to feel relief . What kind of medicine or cream she should apply ?

My left foot itches as soon as i take my trainers off what Will stop it?

My old deep scars on both my thighs from at least 2 years ago and have been itching like crazy. Why and how can I stop the itching?