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28 african american and i can't remember most basic things and feel like i'm forgetting basic things i know. What can be causing this regression?

Am i ok to ignore my 470 glucose ? Just a couple things wrong

Any idea why someone would get sprains more often then others with simple things like moving a pillow or walking? I seem too. More protein needed?

Are allergies a good thing or a bad thing. Is it harmful in the long run?

Are bad dreams & flashbacks just stress or signs of bad things to come?

Are people in a psychosis blind to everything around them? Does it take them a while to understand things (even the simplest things?)?

Are sprains and strains the same thing or different?

Are there any easy things at home i can do to help my ibs?

Are there certain things that make getting blocked arteries more likely?

Are there certain things that make getting bulimia nervosa more likely?

Are there certain things that make getting gum disease more likely?

Are there certain things that make getting phlebitis more likely?

Are there certain things that make getting primary ovarian insufficiency more likely?

Are there real things as brain worms? and what exactly would they do if you had one?

Are there such things as aphrodisiacs?

Are there things I can do for anemia at home?

Are there things in my control that make aortic aneurysm more likely?

Are there things in my control that make bronchitis more likely?

Are there things in my control that make chiari malformation more likely?

Are there things in my control that make frostbite more likely?

Are trigger points and injections a medical thing or a homeopathic thing?

Can a lot of worrying over things & over thinking things cause you to be lightheaded a lot during the day,every day?I work at a computer all day also

Can a pregnancy make you allergic to new things?

Can any doc tell me what's the best thing to do if you have aspergers?

Can headaches in different places on your head means different things?

Can neuropathy impact things sexually?

Can scratching yourself ever be a good thing?

Can someone tell me what I should do? My lipoma is stopping me from doing many thing !?

Can there be a such thing as being addicted to pain?

Can there be like any activities or things i could do to get taller?

Can there be such a thing as obsession / fetish with blood?

Can you develop new asthma triggers to things that have never bothered you before, such as things in your home?

Can you develop OCD if you did some things in the past that weren't clean, and those things make you do a 180 on your habits?

Can you explain what are the worst things about braces?

Can you please describe common things to help me sleep better?

Can you please describe the first thing to do if someone is choking?

Can you please discuss the of the things that are good and bad for your heart?

Can you please give me a list of things that gives you " full energy"?

Can you please list different ways someone can get worms?

Can you please list fun things to do when you have the stomach flu?

Can you please tell me about some great things to take for diabetes?

Can you tell me about the best thing to do if you have aspergers?

Can you tell me if i told my mum about my hallucinations (hearing things / seeing things) continued?

Cause I need his help before I go insane about this thing?

Could seeing and hearing things come from a lot of stress?

Could you tell me why i see things/people who aren't there?

Could you tell me why my lipoma is stopping me from doing a lot of things?

Do doctors have a doctor? Or do u self diagnose yourselves.I get if it was emergency things u would have a Specialist but 4 everyday things infection

Do dreams mean significant things sometimes?

Do kleptomaniacs have particular things they like to steal usually?

Do people sometimes test for STDs and other things like that without a parent needed or knowing anything?

Do people with a brain injury see things that arent really there?

Does depression cause comprehending and understanding things? mind stay on so much other things hard to do simple things pay attention to people

Does immediately sharing a drink give you herpes? There are solid sources saying two different things.

Dr., what are the most important things you want your patients to ask you at the first visit?

During pregnancy too much walking is actually a bad thing?

Fails to remember things like names some events and all. I would like to know that what might be the problem and what can be done for that to sort out

Hello docs, is acute schizophrenia a really bad thing to have?

Help please! is being addicted to pain a real thing?

Help please! is depression a serious thing?

Help please. Could depression cause fear for things like roller coasters or similar things?

Hi , i want to ask about the lazy , what it causes and how to eliminate it , cause its make a big truble to me i can't do my work or any thing in life ?

Hi doc, what's the best thing to do to cut pregnancy?

Hi doctor i don't feel good , no freshness to do things what should I do?

Hi doctor I have a question for you basically I have a problem like fear of doing things when ever I want to do something will think what happens next before doing it and most part negative things come first how to get rid of this ?

How can I avoid making things worse after a nearby explosion?

How can I deal with all the things I need to get done?

How come i see things that aren't there/am i crazy?

How do I know i i'm doing the right thing kegel?

How to deal with discomfort of having on a cast..The worst thing is just knowing is there?

How to get heterochromia? I'm aware of physical things that can do it, but what exactly?

How to get rid of over-possessiveness ? And i make issues of small things.

I am 22 and is having an issue on if I am actually pregnant or not. How would I actually know if things keep changing with me and my symptoms?

I am a hoarder. Is there medication i can take that will help me be able to actually throw things away and care myself and things? Therapy didn't work

I am afraid to get out and meet people and am scared of the future. I hesitate a lot about doing things and i always count on others to do things for me. What should I do?

I am seeing and hearing things. Please help me!?

I am seeing things that aren't there, help me i think i'm going nuts?

I avoid starting new things and if I do I have to undo that particular thing. I also experience severe headache if I don't undo the particular thing.

I don't know what all of these things add up to. Do doctors mind hearing vague complaints?

I don't think it is possible to know what things can cause cancer. But what are some basic things that one should keep in mind to reduce its chances??

I draw things in my sleep in occasion. What is this called?

I feel really annoyed all the time by silly things. Things like if someone doesn't maintain a queue, keep things in order etc. What is the problem?

I feel sleepy most of the day and i cannot do any thing. In other words, I have no motivation to do any thing. My sexual desire is also not good. What should I do?

I forget every thing fast without reason am at 22 and thers no thing wrong with me?

I get angry in such small things, but why? Is there a reason because it has been weeks and it wasn't like this before?

I guess food poisoning is a pretty common thing how do you know when to do something about it how long should it last?

I have 3 autoimmune conditions.Is same thing causing them?

I have been getting acne for over 3 years now I am 32 and I have tried every thing you can think of, I need some thing fast what do you recommend ?

I have been having premonitions of things before they happen, in dreams. These things have been coming true. How is this possible?

I have many problems let's say number 1 is that : when I sleep I see things and it happens exact times and places with all details and I tell people about it before it happens how can I make it stop?

I keep seeing things and hearing things that no one else can. Am i going crazy?

I keep seeing things that aren't really there..What is wrong with me?

I keep seeing things that people don't notice. Am I hallucinating?

I know it's a long list (probably) but what are the main things that an abdominal ultrasound look for/treat?

I know someone who laughs for absolutely no reason. Is there such a thing as laughing disease?

I like to talk things out right away while my boyfriend perfers to shrug things off, how can we figure things out?

I need help figuring out what is going on with my eyes, I have a history to explain about it and have tried many things.

I often forget things that i was just thinking about and then get headaches and nausea. Is this a mental issue?

I see bugs, and now "things". Could i be schizophrenic?

I see things and sometimes i hear things that i think will hurt me. Am i schizophrenic?