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2 cigrates in a day is good or bad ?

3 1/2 weeks ago I naturally miscarried and for two weeks now I've had some pretty bad cramps, Is this bad?

About once a month, I get shakes. Is that ok or bad?

All day my But has been itching really bad ever since I woke up. It's now 2 AM and still is. What do I do?

Bad allergies if i don't tke anything get very bad vision probs can't focus on anything looks like im always moving but i sitting still this normal?

Bad bad bad sunburn super hot and hurts super bad. help! what can I do?

Bad case of very strong hiccups every few seconds for many hours straight already. Causing me headache & bad indigestion cuz of intensity. What to do?

Bad dreams everytime, what is the reason?

Bad earache, what shuld i do?

Bad throte for a week?

Can bad antibodies go away for good?

Can hiccups ever mean something bad? Been getting them on and off again for two days..

Can it be bad to go one month without sunshine?

Can you answer, is a black and mild once a month a bad thing ?

Can you cause your apendix to go bad?

Can you tell me if it's dangerous when your asthma gets so bad that your chest hurts really bad?

Can you tell me is it bad that my boobs hurt really bad with the pill?

Could it be bad to be getting diarrhea on arithromicen?

Could it be right that too much salt is really bad for you, if yes , then why?

Could it be something bad if I have passed out?

Daughter has really bad butt sweat. Is this serious?

Doc, for the past 3 weeks I am farting in a very bad way. what can be the course?

Doc, I feel bad, when I just week ?

Does amoxicillin go bad?

Does famotidine go bad if 4 years old?

Does pvk 500 ever expire or go bad?

Does working out right after eating a bad thing?

Every day late night around midnight or later I have really bad heartburn to where i can't breathe. Is this bad?

Everyday i shake really bad and i've already eaten and had something to drink but i've notice i shake really bad wen i'm at college and i can't stop?

Farting every 5 minutes good or bad?

Had an horrible cold for a couple days. Couldn't even breath well. Today much better but i can't smell a thing! Please tell me it's not permanent!

Had bad indigestion for 4 days should I be worried?

Hai doctor after every time i masturbate my butt hurts soo bad and you tell me why this happens and how to cure it??

Help docs! i had my tounge pierced and bad bad bad pain help?

Hey I have a big deodorant under my arm I cant left it up that much it has a bad smell to what can I use to make it go away?

Hey I have a really bad tan. I want to know if i can fix it?

Hey im 17 and I have a billion molds on my chest what's the problem its really making me look bad

Hi i'm a teenage girl i'm sixteen and I have a really bad stomach ache. It's gotten worse and worse, starting to hurt really bad. What's wrong with m?

Hi, I have a really bad cold sore, its the swelling is bad I've tried putting ice on it its only getting worse, ?

Hi. If you overeat sometimes, is it bad for you? It happens once in awhile. Just wondering.

Hi. the last three weeks I've been feeling a bad taste in my mouth constantly. My doctor gave me controloc and perofen but nothing changed?

Hi.I had a bad headache a bout one month ago and now im better but now i don't have any smell nose any thing.Blease help me .Tnx?

How bad does it hurt when you get a tonsillectomy?

How bad is bad posture and back problems?

How bad is lupus?& how bad does it get?

How can I treat a really bad back?

How come I have bad breath in the morning, even though i brushed before going to bed?

How come I used to have more serious bad dreams when I was 5?

How come my mouth hurt so bad?

How come salt is bad for you?

How come sometimes when you wake up your throat hurts really bad?

How do I stop feeling bad about something bad I did in the past?

How do you get bad feelings about your asthma to go away?

How does apendix go bad?

How is to much salt bad for you? I crave it really bad and have since I can remembe. Like sit and eat it out of hand. 30yr F. Never had issues.

How to treat bad mouth smell, it comes bad the stomach?

I always deal with a diarrhea only at the mornings aka after i wake up, is it okay or could it be a bad thing? Thanks.

I am 24 and every month I get my period and get bad bad cramps that's makes me sweat really bad is it normal to have a lot of blood clots every month?

I am having the problem of Bad breath. Whenever I sneeze in normal days also very bad odor comes with it which very irritating and embarrassing also?

I am having this problem, but mine is a little worse.i sweat really bad and my chest hurts extremely bad like a ton of bricks sitting on it making it ?

I am suffering with headache since 4 I'm getting bad smell blood come out from my nose.. Please can you please suggest me..?

I am very cold all the time could it be I'm anemic is that a bad thing?

I can see my heartbeat, is this bad ?

I currently have a fever, with a really bad cough, also i cant keep any food down and have really bad diarrhea, my whole body is in agony?

I don't care about my appearance anymore, is that bad?

I get bad headaches bad dizziness almost like I'm stoned feeling have bad upper wisdom and some bad teeth. Been weeks now off and on what could it be?

I got been masturbating like 4 times each day atleast, is this bad?

I had a bad toothache for one day then it went away. What could this be?

I hav been having bad problem with balance. Almost like a drunk feeling?

I have 1 gallstone that they found during an mri. I wanted to have a few mixed drinks is that ok? Idont have really bad pain or really bad symptoms

I have a bad bad cut it's like an abscess or something worse . ?

I have a bad cough and now bad kidney pain what should I do?

I have a bad icough ? not.very bad

I have a bad problem with staph in my house and need to know why we have it about once every couple of months?

I have a bad sting when i pee but no other symptoms i don't know what it is or what to do to fix it?

I have a bad tan that is not going away? Please help.

I have a bad tooth ache and nothing is helping. How can I make it stop? I'm on the verge of tears....

I have a bad toothache due to cavities, my head hurts bad and i feel dizzy sometime should I go to the hospital?

I have a really bad cold on top of horrible allergies is there anything that I can take that will help both?

I have a really bad morning headache but need to work today! how do I cure it quickly and naturally!?

I have a really bad stinging feeling when i go wee. It's so bad i can't even go anymore.

I have a servere cold and my chest hurts bad like it gets hard to i have bad diarhera?

I have a sunburn. It hurts pretty bad. One how long will it take the pain to go away? Second how do I know how bad it is?

I have arthritis for 4 years. Every years is getting bad. What can I do?

I have bad breath and have tried a couple things. What do docs recommend?

I have bad discomfort after going gluten-free?

I have bad feelings 'bad mood ' i beleive that iam very ugly ' bad and have a bad ough face and there is no girl will love me.What can I do to get rid?

I have bad headaches they not stop it hurt so bad that i can cry but i am on 16 in high school please help me with this thank you?

I have bad heartburn it doesn't go away, is it serious, this is on going 4 about 5 yrs?

I have bad leg pain had a doctor look and said I have some kind of bad circulation and gave me sprescription of trazodone?

I have bad pain in my anus anyway i could reduce it?

I have been coughing real bad since last nite and now it hurts real bad when i cough it feels like somebody is sitting on my chest?

I have been diagnosed with the major 14 bad stands... Is it as bad as it sounds?

I have been having bad pain just below my knee it has been going on now 7 months everything the doctor gives me has not help they took crags nothing shows up?

I have been having really bad cramps. I am on my peroid so it makes sense. But is there anyway to relieve these terrible things?

I have been suffering from acne for years now. I am having a bad flare up, and my face is in pain! It hurts so bad! I need some relief! What do I do?

I have gas and bad stomach.My gums are bleedy and bad breeth.Mucusing as gelly .Is it a bacterial infection.I felt something wrong in me.Whats this?

I have GERD and am thinking about having surgery ... What happens if I don't ? I have been told that it is pretty bad ..

I have got a bad crook in my neck. What should I do?

I have got the worst acid, and nothing works!!! ?