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I am 19 years old and I have been shaving my private area since I was was 16 and it has left me with ingrown hairs which caused scarring. It definitely makes me insecure about going swimming or even changing clothes . Do you know of any way to get rid of

i have an extra long tailbone. it sticks out and is painful to do sit-ups, lay down etc. the skin around is rough and looks like i had surgery but no?

1/3+ of all my body hair gets ingrown. I even get abscesses! what gives? I've tried so many things! it hurts/is embarrassing! is my skin not normal?

12yrs ago I had scissors go thru my face A dr stitched it up i never had problems out of it but today it was red swollen and had a hard thing under it?

18 mo old has wood splinter in his toe. Leave it be or try to get it out? I don't want it to get infected (obviously!)

2 Inguinal lymph nodes(symmetrical). 2 docs say de can stay forever common for guys my age (16) true? Also if poke them can they get bigger/stay lnger

2 weeks ago stiches removed from face, started to go to fitness and noticed that the skin around the scar is getting red , is it ok to go to gym?

21 female. Every time my nails grow out the starts to get flat and hurt and look like I'm flattening one side ://?Why does this happen!?how2imprpve

30yr old f:i get cysts around my genitals sometimes blood & or puss filled. I get them on my chin 2. What causes this. Good hygene btw!?

4 weeks ago it was surgery for abscess chalazion. Red swelling is getting smaller but consist. how long it would be, what could I make to reduce it?

9 m.O baby gets 3rd pimple on the face about 0, 5 CM in diameter. They get dry brown cover next day. 1 gets healed, but another pops up. Is it serious?

A cut 3 months ago caused a cyst on knuckle. I want to try getting fluid removed. Should I see a special kind of doctor? Any other advice?

A dr has just told me there are viral leukoplakias tht can get bigger and smaller and go and come back daily/weekly, what are these i only know hairy?

A liquid gets discharged from my private area due to which i get rashes in that immediately. Whu this is happening? Please give me solution for this

A sore around butt. Sitting inflames it, causing it to pop. Int.Med and derm have been unable to treat so far.Next idea is cut out. Any suggestions?

Actual eyeball is swollen & looks like jelly. Happened very quickly. Cannot see out of it anymore. Surrounding area is starting to swell too.

After a night of drinks I will tend to get pinpoint like freckles of blood on my legs that last a few days. Any suggestion?

After be expose to dust my throat hurt a lot. My gland are big a king a red color. What medicine can I get to relief this unconform ?

After I had my daughter I was never able to get my six week check up because I dont have insurance. So now.. My vagina is open up to my butt. its not like one big slit , there is some skin. Normal?

All is left is scar tissue. doc couldnt tell. trying to rule out genital hpv so does hpv just get smaller and scab or will it black first and fall?

Amelia's foot is swollen from what may be inflammation from a possible bug bite ... Not sure though. she has been able to walk normally and otherwise is herself in every other way. Wondering when it's time to visit our pediatrician.... And if we should wo

Any tips on getting my 4 month old to nap...He is coli, but growing out of it. Also what should his daily schedule be like?

Anything i can do to get rid of a painful ingrown hair that just formed on my chest? Or do i have to just deal with it and wait it out?

Anytime i make out with my boyfriend, after serious rounds of kissing, my upper lip swells. Why? I only experience this when we make out. Why? Thank

Anyway to easily cure Fordyce spots or stop them from spreading? I only got them for two days and it's spreading fast on upper lip

Are little polyps normal in the ureathra?Should you keep an eye on them to see if they get bigger, if so how often?

Are there any solutions to getting rid of or stop new calcium deposits from forming in back of throat?

As you can see from my pic, my traps are too big.Always tense and sore.Keep getting bigger. What can I do?

At night my vaginal seems to become irritated, and then I scratch to relief, but it then gets swollen. What exactly is going on?

At the opening of my vagina I have two small sores that are very painful and itchy, is there a home remedy as I am too ashamed to go and see my dr.

Blackhead extraction left dark spots in my nose . Anything I can do to remove them ?? I'm scared it'll stay there forever

Can an ant get inside your brain from your ear without noticing?? And if yes .. is there any symptoms ??

Can I do exercises like squats with a pilonidal sinus? Does that open the pits and make bacteria easier to get inside?

Can I go to the Emergency Room to get a Monroe( lip ring) Removed. My skin grew over the ring. If not who can I go to.

Can parasites really grow in sinus cavities. If so how in the world do you get rid if them? What do they look like ? Any site I can go to to get info?

Can preperation h get rid of hemroids. If not, what should I do or take to get rid of them/it. I only have one solid bump around my anus and i used the cream and relieved it but i don't just want the swelling and pain to go away for a little bit and come

Can there be anyway you can tell if a patch of skin is dangerous with out going to the doctor?

Can washing labia better, reduce Fordyce spots appearence? I am pretty sure thats what I have since I have no itching, etc and the description fits.

Can you get infection from touching plastic glass filled with urine?

Can you help "ok I have what apears to be an ingrone hair on my penis but when i try to find the hair to get it out it seems like the muscle comes out and there is a rather big hole"

Can you see or feel the hardware under the skin?

Can you tell me how to get rid of my deep set eyes read more inside.?

Can you tell me how to get rid of the bad cholesterol that is starting and a grown blister on my eyelids?

Can you tell me why all of a sudden I have these painful acne bumps on my back? Is it possible that it's the water of my new state that is causing it?

Cleaned ear w/q-tp. had sore spot. pulled out moist fleshy thing. 1/2 long. took picture to see better. looked like worm. possible?

Curious as to why are my gums getting bigger and how to cut them back?

Deep cigarette Burn scars on wrist from November they're dark in color, scaley and like mini pot holes I would like to get rid of them if possible. ?

Do chalazions go away on their own? Do they sometimes stay the same permanent? Mine is quite tiny.

Do people ever get skin cancer on the head that goes away?

Dr. Said I havea hemorrhoid.It's small & looks like a skin tag. Will it ever go away for good? How long till it heals?worried & dn't want to live w/It

Dust in my hair which won't go away. Pinching fingers & dragging through hair gets white stuff stuck on fingers. What is it and how to get rid of it?

Ever time I scratch my skin it gets really red and my stomach for some reason always has gas .. should I see a dermatologist?

Every now and then, I get a painful pimple near my clitoris. I maintain healthy hygiene! What can I do make it hurt less and make it burst?! Thanks!

Every time i talk too much or open my mouth too wide (like when i eat), i get these ugly red lines around my mouth. I try covering them with makeup bu?

Fluid filled bumps on genitals keep popping up in different places(foreskin, shaft, scrotum, etc) as the others go away. Been going on for over a month now. Every time they disappear they leave a scar where they were. What are all possible reasons?

For years I have had a pimple that comes and goes. The volume of white debris that comes out is about equal to a new pencil eraser. Any permanent fix?

Frequently getting wart on face only from last year(4 till now) dr remove it by burning it and again it comes back, should I be worried?

Get lesions on my legs that start out like looking like pimples but take over two weeks to heal up or longer & always pussy with all antibiotics i use?

Going to get a wart removed at the doctor's this month and i'd like to know what to expect. How badly does it hurt?

Got a whiteheads in my cleavage and I try to take it out now it swell and a lttle red.. What can I do ?? Im afraid it get infected.? Remedy?

Got bumps on forehead. Worse with thick cream. Would derm be able to distinguish it from a mere cyst or something?

Got my tongue pierced a week ago. Its slowly improving with swelling but keeps bleeding. Its not alot but enough to get aggravated. Normal? Infected?

Got my tounge pierced 3 days ago I have white buildup on my tounge...Need a quick fix until i can get to the store this morning and get sea salt?

Got this fungus looking thing on both my legs right up at my penis. It gets white when it locks moisture i think. What is it n how to get rid of?

Had a little bump in lower eyelid since one year. i try everything but it don't go itself . i dont want to get it surgically removed. plz help.thanks?

Had scar on arm whole life, looks like two pits, often gets stuff caught in them. Found out today they are actually connected. Should i get it fixed?

Had surgery on the lower lip to fix festering that was caused by a pustule.Now get yellowish or blueish sores from time to time.Related? Serious?

Had surgery over 6 mon ago. Have a couple long purple scars on foot now. That are sensitive to pressure anyway to make them less sensitive/ less purpl?

Have ,4 abt 5 months, an internal pimple in front of my nose ,same area, that appears makes its cycle n again with pus in majority.any opinions 4this?

Have a little girl 6 years old starting to show bruising around her mouth and starting to get in her gums?

Have a pimple that never goes away. If i pop/drain it, it "refills" over time. Odor is also quite strong. How do I get rid of it for good?

Have a recurring sore on chin,gets bigger when scab comes off to reveal yellow "cores"which just keep growing unless I dig them out...causing more dam?

Have milia near eye. I know I should go to dermatologist but low on funds. It is just puss? Been there for years. I hear you can pop it with needle?

Have shingles - can you get it on the top of your vagina I have a few itchy, painful spots is there a home remedy terrified to undress in doc office?

Have wart like thing that grew in ear. Was told at free clinic was a cyst type thing,and not to worry. May i somehow remove myself?

Hello doctor I get operated for gynaecomastia Im free for past 1 yr But often i get itching inside of left nipple any home remedy and any problem ?

Hello so I break out on my butt area and it makes me very self concious what would you recommend me to use so the bumps can go away and stay away?

Hello, I got a problem with my scrotal sack as it get swell every time when I go to toilet to have a poo. I get a cold reaction to my glans.

Hello, I have some weird skin around my nose. Its sort of dark, and broken almost like broken mud. Can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of t?

Hello, I used to have a pimple on my penis and it turned into a cyst, what is the best way to treat it or make it go down ?

Hello, I'm a young female... And over the months I've been getting weird indented scar like lines all over my face. :( it makes me scared! ?

Hello? My Eyebrows were shaved half off by my sister... and it is so embarrasing at school, i cry when ever i see my self in the mirror, how long will it take to grow them back and where or what can i do/get to speed up that process?

Hello. Today i discover a kind of small cockroach night that is moving in my back skin then Quickly I go to wash my body Soap. is there any Risk ?

Hey I have small firm bumps on my ball sack what are they how do I get rid of them ASAP! Can anyone call or text me! 619-948-9807?

Hey, I have a considerably large and annoying amount of mucus in my throat do you know how i can get rid of it quick?

Hey, so im 16 and I often get random breakouts of spots even though I manage my diet. What is the cause and will I still be like this when im older?

Hi .. Am getting big pimples only on my face.. I treated three times in hospital again it's coming.. Very annoying to go out.. Please help me..

Hi I am 19 year old I have a problem on my nose cuz i tease it on some parts cuz of acnes and it remain as a swollen part please help me cure it?

Hi I am 19 years old and I can't find the courage to see anyone because my testicles have become dry and flaky which is making them itchy.... Please help Thanks?

Hi i dont understand these answers to this problem. there are tiny tannish brownish long skinny bugs tearing at my skelp, what r they and get rid??

Hi I had a tongue biopsy four weeks a go and hav t had results yet how long do they take I have a round piece of skin coming away from where I had it ?

Hi i think I have an ingrown hair on my vaginal lip, is there any fast ways i can heal it from home without going to see a doctor?

Hi my problem is my lips are getting white .i don't know why this is happening. is there any solution? ? plz suggest me .

Hi there I keep getting pimples on my nose, I have seen a dermatologist before and he has told me i have light sensitivity and open blood vessels and require laser. He never answered one thing, are these pimples caused from these conditions, and is there

Hi, i got lymph node, hard things in some places of my body, mainly in my scrotum, i want to get rid of them, please tell me what i do?

Hi, i found a lump by my vagina 3 months ago, i've been keeping an eye on it however it hasn't gone. I've started to get symptoms too?

Hi, I had a spot on my face but now it has turned into a big scab and is really unsightly. I'm due to go out for dinner tomorrow night. Is there anyway I can make it look less unsightly for tomorrow?

Hi, I have a small burn on my hand that's barely noticeable, however, I would like to get surgery to remove it. What type of doctor should I consult?

Hi, I have a tooth infection and my cheek is kindoff swollen I would like to know if there is a way to get rid of this. Thakns for your help?

Hi, I have an embarrassing problem, and I don't really want to go to my doctor in person and have to spread my cheeks and show him. Can you help?