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I normally get a pretty bad headache right after having sex. Why is this and should i be worried?

I'm not eating not sleeping not wanting to go anywhere or be on my own all due to work feel down all time but can't get seen by a doctor to get help?

it possible to get an air embolism from douching using the shower head? I did it earlier, and now getting paranoid (anxiety), have had wind since.

, what are signs that almost everybody gets one they have appendicitis?

15 yr old daughter urinary problems feels like bursting for a wee but can't go and pain comes & goes what will it be and what will help get rid?

16wks pregnant, bad back, blue hands (not cold or hot) with headaches should I get checked urgently or wait for appointment next week?

18 weeks pregnant.Tried pretty much everything to help reduce nausea but it's just getting worse and more frequent.Any suggestions on what might help?

20 yrs old and I seem to be getting UTI often and what can I do so I don't get them like I do and im not sexual active please help?

20 yrs old and I seem to be getting UTI often why would I be getting UTI so offen and what can I do so I don't get them like I do please help?

25 weeks pregnant and get cramps easily I'll cramp from just walking up the stairs to much etc is this normal or should I be concerned?

30 weeks pregnant and when i walk i get really weak and it is hard to breath.. What could the problem be, is this normal, & what can I do to fix it?!

30min-hours after eating, i sometimes become ill. An uncomfortable visit to the toilet usually helps. Can't see a pattern for possible allergy. Cause?

40 weeks pregnant with no signs, how can I get things moving?

60 yr. Old male, i get pain in my right nipple whenever i get heartburn, on and off for several months. What is this, how to treat?

After i eat any food, i get itchy, this has only been happening since i got my period. I been have GI issues for a while? Maybe hormones, im 28

After i get done smoking my stomach really hurts. Why does this happen?

After I work out/exercise, I get a severe headache. It' s painful and I feel like i' m going to pass out. Why is it happening and is it dangerous?

Age 26 . I have sore throat from two month , its not going. Also change in bowel time i need go bathroom I have done one protected sex before 3 month

Also I have difficulty urinating at times. Got better with antibiotics. And feel i possibly get aroused without ejaculation fairly often.

Am having my periods for past 35 days ,so how can I stop it.Im often getting tired because of it.Tell me some remedy for it?

Am I showing my age? Anytime I eat anything slightly spicy I get severe nausea and heartburn. This is new so could it be from getting older?

Any explanation for why i get cramps in my foot when i masturbate?

Any time i get anxiety my legs cramp up. How can i make them stop doing that?

Anyone know what type of illness I have? I just get bloated an gassy a few times a week.

Anything involving a needle makes me nauseous. How can I get over this?

As of late whenever i yell i get faint. I dont have any known health issues. This has been happening for about a month, and has happened several times?

Baby gets flushed when eating and it then goes away. Is this an allergy sign?

Bad constipation, now i'm getting worried that I have appendicitis. How do I know the difference, what do you recommend?

Bad constipation, now i'm getting worried that I have appendicitis. What is the difference?

Bad cramps every month. Could I get drugs for a bad case of primary dysmenorrhea?

Been diagnosis with pvc' and pac's. A few days before my period i get them so bad it knocks the wind out of me. Ive even come close to passing out. Why?

Blood in poo? Reasons and causes as well as how to get rid of it?

Can a woman be tested for a hormone imbalance... I seem to still get acne I am tried, achy, irritable and other things..

Can constipation lead to bad cramps and nausea ? Also can it be a sign I'm getting my period soon ? I usually get it around the end of month

Can dihorrea and constant body pain me related and caused by abortion about tow weeks ago? I'm also unable to sleep properly. How do I get rid of it

Can having sex worsen my pvc's? Is it ok to have sex if i'm getting frequent pvc's? I'm a bit concerned that doing so will make them worse.

Can i get arthritis at 20 years old. If so what are the symptoms. Could i get it from bathing in a pool late at night?

Can sex make a urine infection worse for a woman? Can it make her feel more sore/uncomfortable?

Can you get a UTI after running? How does that happen?

Can you get bad stomach pain from metformin when u think you are ovulating have pcos will it get better on its own should I sees doctor unable to work?

Can you get more PMS symptoms the older you get?

Can you tell me if i get evlt, and later get pregnant, will my vericose vein symptoms come back?

Can you tell me when does constipation start getting to be a problem?

Can't seem to get rid of this constant yellow phlegm and that's it, seen many doctors and never really directly solve the problem, help?!

Constant digestive problems won't go away and have been getting worse over past 3 years. What could this be?

Constantly getting a uti& yeast infection. I have really pain periods that make it so i cant wear tampons,that make me also very sick with fevers. ?

Continue cramps in my feet have diabetes tried many things and nothing seems to help I it happens at least 5 nights a week it makes me cry please he?

Could I be pregnant after becoming 40 years old .Also I have fibromalgia.Could it be worse.?

Daily I noticet my stomach gets hot and then swells up through out the day any reasons why it could be happening? Anyone?

Do a lot of people get vaginal pain?

Do i need to go to the doc. If I have real bad diarrhea right before i start my period? I used to not have this problem.

Do men go though manupase like women do when they get in the mid 40 and 50 like mood swings and other things pleaz help?

Do people who get sex changes ever get phantom pain, like amputees do?

Doc I always feel tired very much is this due to masturbate and tell me how to get rid of it?

Does anyone else get diarrhea after running? Is there a connection?

Does getting pregnant worsen gull stones?

Does not getting your menstrual cycle have any repercussions? Could I get any sort of illness? Haven't had mine in months but I feel completely fine.

During the week i work at night. I rarely see the sun light for more than 3 hours a day and when i see it i get anxious. Is it a problem?

Each morning whenever i get up, i start sneezing too much and about after 1 or 2 hr. It get ok. Please tell me the reason of this problem ?

Ever since I got really bad bloating and constipation my acne has also gotten worse specially in forehead , what can I do to make it go away?

Every month before my period I get swollen glands and feel quite run down. How can I prevent this?

Every morning, i feel so much pain in my whole body that it becomes impossible for me even to get up. What should I do to get rid of this problem.

Every once and while i get these real bad sweats then i get real weak i sometimes vomit and pass out while i'm passed out i start twitching?

Every time i carry a heavy purse for a ling period of time a get vertigo who should i go to get checked? I think i have a positional vertigo help pls.

Feeling bileous again what can itake to get rid of it?

For past few weeks on and off I have been getting water infections. No pain when going to loo but I'm going more often. Tried cranberry juice. ?

For some reason the more i drink the more bloated i get when I have my period? I also don't have a lot sodium.

For some time, when i'm sitting and i get up, i get a strong dizziness that makes me falta. What can it be? It happens very frequently.

For the past couple months, i get bad sudden nausea randomly throughout the day. I do not vomit though. Also, there is no way i'm pregnant. Help?

For what possible reasons have i started getting bad trips from weed?

Get cramps in the same area of hand at least 10 or more times a day what could this b? Been happening 4 a while now

Get the runs once a day randomly ! not sure what it means ?! maybe allergic to something

Getting utis that come back after couple of weeks on antibiotics got so bad 9/10 times in incontent. I also have to push it out and go very often?

Going to the bathroom a lot could there be a problem with my ds didn't get my period yet , getting full , bloated and gassy can it be asthma related?

Ha has gotten so bad sounds bother me, had every test possible done and they see nothing and wont give me anything for pain, had it 4 months straight

Had IUD placed a month ago. Still having pretty severe cramps. Only last about 5 seconds and it comes and goes. Normal? Dr says yes. Want 2nd opinion

Had to get an IV twice in the same arm but with problems both times. What is going on?

Have 6mm stable gallstone. Doc says do nothing since I feel fine. But what if I get pregnant and get symptoms? Can gallbladder surgery hurt pregnancy?

Have a viral infection everytime i try sleep i sweat even with no fever is this suppose to happen?i cant get any rest

Have been extremely gassy the past week but have not been able to go to the bathroom. Possible reasons?

Having bad pelvic and abdominal pain but getting a physical , is there any particular thing I should ask to get done like a liver test?

Having pots i get a lot ofweird symptoms and it makes it hard to get out of bed due to me not feeling well & i get scared easily what can I do to help is wearing on my hubs and i-i even quit my job :(?

Hello , my problem is that after my period I always get nausea and I'll eventually throw up at least twice a day this has been going on for a while?

Hey Dr I have a breathing problems, when is there any dust I get sick, I already make some analyses. can you help me please??

Hi docs, do you think it's bad to just lay down all day while pregnant? How often should the mom get some exercise?

Hi doctor I have a problem of constipation n my vessel never get clear in a day and i feel heavy whole day what should I do for this. Pls suggest?

Hi dr. My vision got worst significantly over the past 6 month and now i seem to be unable to see fast object which happen resently this week!!

Hi i often get black outs where everything around me goes black for up to 15 seconds with this i also get lightheaded and my nose bleeds. What's up?

Hi i'm 11 weeks pregnant i've just had a water infection but i'm still getting some really bad pain and don't no what to do?

Hi i'm a sufferer of gout but don't get it regularly, recently had a bad attack of but does not seem to shift , it goes and comes back?

HI iVE hAD grEEN mucus in my Throat for 6 weeks. No Other symptoms. How can i make it go away and What's causing it anyway? I'm 20 Hispanic male

Hi lately ive had symptoms of sexual ocd. they are really bothersome and i cannot get over them, any recommendations for getting over this?

Hi, I have just been sterilised 5 hours ago and would like to know he I can help to get rid of the pains the gas is causing. By the way I'm female 38?

Hi, I've been getting acute chest pains it's been going on and off for a long time do you think I should get it checked out? Or what the reason is?

Hi! why is it that almost everytime i miss a meal of the day or my sleeping cycle changes a bit i get a very bad headache? Is there a solution? Thanks

How can I get checked for endometriosis, i was told by my doctor that is what is thought for me to have it. What do I need to do?

How can my mom go ta get feeling better with both her Kindney infection, along with her bad Flu that she has too, or also. ?

How can you get rid of a uti? Does it mean you have waited to long when you start having really bad stomach pains.?

How can you get rid of very odd and confusing stomach pains?

How can you tell if a cut is infected bad enough to warrant being seen? Does it make a difference if you are pregnant?