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30 plus now sex all good and plenty of it , morning erections not there all time but if I wake up during night , always there, not as solid normal ?

i leak after weeing sometimes sticky stuff releases also this has been happening since the age of 14 also i leak after ejaculation i have tried to exercise my pelvic muscles for about a week or two

i might have been roofied last night as i cant recall the events. Im a guy no alcohol Also is it still possible to get an erection forced,stimulated?

14 weeks pregnant and can't stop pushing my supportive partner away. Everything he does irritates me. I just want to nest, alone. Could this be pregnancy hormones at play?

18 yrwhen i'm with my girlfriend and we are making out, i seem to release semen. This is my first girlfriend. Will i get use to this and it will stop?

21yr old male masturbate 2times . yesterday i was pleasuring myself for a few hours . however i saw tinge of blood when i clamaxed . why??

24 y/o bf has had a cold for about a week, and his erections aren't as hard as they usually are. How can I help? I haven't mentioned it, but I feel like I'm somehow at fault—even though I know I'm not

24 y/o male 3 weeks ago was sick for 2 weeks took a lot of 88cent meds from Walmart. Can get an erection but it is hard to ejaculate now. whats wrong?

28 year old female This isn't the first time this has happened, and I would like to know what I can do to avoid it in the future. I wake up with inten?

65. Are there any tips for a guy who has bad memory?

A clear sticky fluid emits from penis when i watch porn movies or talk about sex with any gender. I get prompt arousal with pain in testicles & penis.

A female coworker of mine has a bladder control problem. She must have wet her pants around me. How can I help her?

After controlling myself on masturbation when I got a little excited there was a transparent fluid flow from my penal area within 2 mins wasn't it PE?

After ejaculation what to eat to get back the energy? Because am a upcoming boxer!

After having sex I don't feel like to have it again for month and so, and don't last longer in bed. Is masturbation a reason? Solution? Thank you

After I have an orgasm, immediately after I stay so sensitive that I literally have to quit right then. Normal?

After i sleep all night my wife wakes me up to have sex how come i can go forever and never have an orgasism ? But during the day quick orgasims ?

After i work out, especially very intensely, i get a strong sexual urge afterward, is this normal?

After intercourse do you remain lying down in bed or get up immediately if you want to have a boy? What is this thing with gravity and sperm speed?

After masturbating a lot dose it make it easy for you to leak on your period. Especially if i'm young and use a dildo?

After not orgasming for awhile, and then after you do is it normal for his semen to be very thick? To the point it won't run out of me like it usual?

After reaching orgasm by manual stimulation my vagina starts paining and after some time my whole body starts to pain. Wat shall I do?

After sexual contacts my bed is fully wet..I also feel very much pleasure while something flows out from i urinating while please?

Always feel like i'm sexually excited even when i'm not.Doctors said its anxiety. No utis, clear in ultrasound and gynocoloigachecks. What's wrong?!

Am 25 years old , I can't satisfy my girlfriend on bed , I can't last more than a minute unless am drunk . How can I over come this ?

Am 31 and always I have dreams of urinating but before I could realised I have bed wet on me. Please I need a solution to this problem since its so embarrassing. Thanks?

Am i impotent? I have been masturbating a lot since i was 12, and I am 26. I should add, i've never used lotion during masturbation. Within the last year, so all of 2011, every time I have brought a girl home i haven't been able to get hard enough to pene

Am I over sexed? I masterbate 6-9 times a day and it feels like its never enough. Do I have a mental disorder?

Are marketers going to start pushing incontinence products on the baby boomers now? I even saw pants for men.

As i remember for long time, I have had vein in middle of my forehead while I am excited or angry or laughing . It is not clear in normal .What is ?

At around 6 am every morning i find that my penis is in a high mode. I go to pee and find myself relieved.Is it normal or not?

Bf has wet bed a few times in the last months, usually after night out drinking. Also, has very thick sperm and trouble maintaining erection. Related?

Bf worries he's producing less semen post-vas on Sep24.Seems true.Can that happen&if so will it go back to normal?he's upset&embarrassed about it.

Burns to pee sometimes. Pain varies. Bearable. Sexual intercourse with 1 girl who wasn't a virgin. Bad liquid diet, rarely drink water. Help?

Can a shower head orgasm hurt your body in anyway?

Can an orgasm or multiple orgasms cause the mucous plug to fall? Also, can the orgasms cause my water to break sooner?

Can going from masturbating 5x a day to none at all cause ED? We have sex (try to) a lot though, but it seems like his ED is getting worse.

Can it be dangerous to regularly try to hold in your semen when orgasm? (eg "dry orgasm")

Can using a numb\delaycream on penis make the nerves weak? And can it eventually cause excessive wet dreams??

Can you explain if it's unhealthy to keep rubbing/tickling my penis for a long period (maximum 1hour)?

Can you get a random rash from masturbating with a dirty pleasure toy?

Can you tell me how I could stop vagina from getting too wide/loose when aroused?

Can you tell me why when i masturbate i can only go for a few seconds then my penis gets realy sensitive and I have to stop?

Could you tell me what happens when a man takes a blow to his testicles?

Currently I am having erections during the day, but not at night? There is also an occasional cold feeling in penis What is your opinion?

Dear Doc, I'm going to ask one more time (Lol); If I stop masturbating, how does not ejaculating affect my health? Does semen get reabsorbed? Thanks

Dear doc, my penis is going soft in 5min time and therefore I am haveing trouble penetrating, it is frustrating for my partner as well. ?

Dear I have some problem with timing of ejaculation and If I watch blue movies after 2 minutes the white water have leak. Please help me. ?

Do regular orgasms keep vagina young and in better shape?

Do you think I should try to ease off masturbating?

Doctors there must be a cure for premature ejaculation i can't live like this nomore my relationship is over just like ED got solutions please tell me?

Does a 20yr girl masturbating daily cause vaginal dryness, headache n sometimes i cant get sleep too..nothing is it excessive doing daily?

Does full body massage including my penis from a girl really help me to destress?I looked at the reviews and i want to try it? Will it be fun?

Does having sex everyday make you shoot blanks?

Does precum look the same as regular ejaculation? Not sure if he pulled out fast enough. And I'm increasingly worried about having HIV? Dumb decision!

Does the more you masturbate have anything to do with wetness, like if I masturbate more will i start getting wetter?

Dou mean to say no matter what the frequency is its normal?I have it 3 times a week mostly,even when I masterbate.I don't wanna get weak

Drink s red bull last night and could not have sex wiith my new girl friend. I am having erection problems?

Drinking excessive amount of water during day reduce nocturnal emission? (by the way none of my dreams are related to sex when I get to remember them)

During foreplay my body starts to shake like convulsions and I think it's an orgasm but I have to make my partner stop because it's too much why?

During missionary my penis feels it's stopped half way through though it's in all the way , nice feeling , is it just different nerves doing there job?

During play with my wife before i get orgasm i have some drop of viscus clear liquid getting out of my penis ,it is normal ?

During sex my vagina gets overly wet, wet to the point that he is actually getting more pleasure then I am.. How can I stop this?

During sleeping, any possible ways to prevent the penis from erecting? Its interrupting my sleeping when tis happen.

Embarasing.. But I used to wake up with an erection in the mornings im only 23yrs old.Now its super rare I get one.This normal?

Every time I have gone to a doctor and had to take my underpants off, I can't avoid getting an erection, so embarrassing. I don't know what to do

Every time I masterbate, I get a fever usually between 37.5 and 38.0. It goes very quickly once stopp masterbating. What could be ?

Everyday semen leakage problem. And also the scrotum. Is too lose and hanging. Feeling weak. And little short breath. Please give the solution?

Everytime i reach ejaculation, i find myself holding my breath. Is this considered normal?

Fed up of hard erexns all the time asleep or in ofc erection occur n tease me and clear viscous drops with mild erexns after urine. single, nvr had se?

Feeling of orgasm without sex by crossing the legs and applying pressure on genitals creates orgasm within 1 or 2 min and now also happens during slee?

Few days ago, I masturbated and then my heart was about to stop. My vision got dark. I sweated very hard during masturbation. Is it dangerous?

Few hours after making love to my fiance, some fluid start flowing out of her vigina. Its a little flow and it really disturb her. What is this fluid.?

Find it hard to stay and cuddle after sex. What should I do? Force myself or just tell it like it is?

Fluid is coming out of her breast when i squeeze and fondle it while we make love, am not sure she is pregnant cause her menstruation stop 4 days nw?

For 1 week I cant get erections by mental stimulation, i got morning wood and also wet dreams in this week, whats my condition?!

For some odd reason, I remember shoving a small drink straw in my penis when I was a young teen, no problems now at age 28 but should I be worried?

Girlfriend has a habit of shoving random things(remotes, plastic bottles, etc) in her vagina and butthole rather than sex toys. Dangerous or harmless?

Good day kind doctor. I masturbate frequently and sometimes the session can last up to hours while staying erect. Is that unnhealthy in any way?

Had sex the other day with embarrassing queefing. How can I prevent this from happening? Any specific exercises or anything? Thanks.

Hello i m 29 years old male my probkem is fingers shivering even when i m in normal & increase more as i get angry or hyper why is this happening?

Hello i usually manstrubate with my girl friend on phone. We are in long distant relation. When ever we talk i get horny with her voice. Is that fine?

Hello I'm 26 years old for some crazy reason I'm having trouble keeping my penis hard for a longer time period is there anything to help this out?

Hello mam! I would like to sleep in boxers without underwear. But I feel some arousal initially. What should I do? Thank you

Hello sir, i suffer from scabies very frequently (once in 2 months), im an 18 year old male, stays in hostel will masturbating cause this? if yes, wha

Hello, i feel and need to do masturbate to get sleep. If i dint do it, i don't get sleep, just keep mind worrying. Is there any way to stop masturbatin?

Hello, my boyfriend wetted the bed for the second time this year. He isnt drinking but he sometimes smokes. Is it worrying? He is 29

Hello.My problem is when im having love with my husband.Is when im about to come it comes too much water looks like pee,and i dont reach orgasma than?

Hey guys after i ejaculate my penis stays hard instead of being flaccid like it should . I don't take any medication . What could this be, it'stediou.

Hey, actually i take shower after every time i pee, and i dont touch every thing so much. I wash my penis after pee and i afraid to dont do that. I dont handshake with people, becouse people dont wash penis after pee. I dont know what to do. Plz help me a

Hi I am a 23 yr old boy.I love to masturbat a lot and usually 1 yr ago i could do it after a 10 min gap again but now i feel very weak after 1 tim?

Hi , i masterbate daily and whenever I am with my girlfriend i come too early, i always have this pe fear in my mind. Is it due to matsrebation?

Hi doc hope u treat me please im 18 years old man i masturbate a lot and every day i fell tired without doing any thing please help?

Hi doctor, I am 24 years old male. Whenever i watch sex movies, my penis ejaculation happens very shortly. Can any doctor tell me solution to problem?

Hi doctors. I tried everything like deap breathing, stop n start techniques, mind ejaculation kegal excercise, but nothing cure premature ejaculation?

Hi Dr I'm having a huge issue with ejaculation anywhere I go wether it'd be outside or just at home I start ejaculating in for no apparent reason. It gets really annoying especially when I'm with a girl and I already ejaculated in my pants. It just leaks

Hi hope u will be fine I have erection problem and when i touch my girl friend I am gona cum and after that long time i don't like sex?

Hi I am 24 and used to masterbate 10times in a month , the problem is when i see erotic movie some fluid comes out form my penis, is it safe ?

Hi i am a 6ft man and i have been thinking about my body at the moment i am 12 and a half stone and i want to get a six pack what should i eat and do.

Hi I am rohit male 30 single i use to masterbate twice or thrice in a week, some times i feel pain on my eyes balls next day of masterbating and eyes ?