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am.not.sure why but I have constipation first time in my I have been put on co codomal due to back problems, I can't go for a . Poo ?

2 yo is never thirsty. I manage to get him to drink but he never initiates it. Could this be a medical issue, metabolic prob? Had bad reflux as baby.

25 years age I have been a problem of wet dream its ejaculated twice a week, jut want to get rid of this problem. Plz prescribe any medicine.

34-years old with a terrible memory and have severe tip of the tongue issues on things I should know. Could this be serious?

45 years old.. Have migrane problem... But the main problem is tongue ulcers present all the tym?

7 yo son urinating too frequently and doesn't relieve much at a time with low pressure, possible problems?

8.5 month old baby has had problems breathing through her nose every day since day 1.. It never goes away... What does this mean? Is it serious?

After having some spicy pickle ,I had problem breathing . What could be the reason behind it ?

All my allergies seem to cause problems. Is my allergies causing it or is there a more deeper problem? Meds aren't working to help. Fiance is worried.

Allergies or atopic dermatitis happen due to stress? Or is it just health problem?Just trying to figure out if most of health issues come from stress

Ankle swelled scared its kidney issues since I have constant fear of health issues if I raise it overnight it goes down is that a sign of kidney issue?

Any advice on taking care of an aggravating back problem?

Anyone experienced visual problems due to their anxiety? Can you get distortions, etc , from bad anxiety?

Anyone know anything about effects of abdominal trauma problems?

Are pcp's only trained to treat really old serious sick people or can they treat young people who are functioning suboptimally due to health reasons?

Are the symptoms of a pinguecula bad? Any permanent problems?

Are there any possible side effects or medical problems related with not wearing an underwear in daily life?

Around 3 months ago my mother was diagnosed with heart problem,from some days she is feeling heavy head and sometimes breathing problem at night.why?

As a smoker giving up I have noticed errection problems. What is there i can do to stop this problem?

At what age does alzheimer's normally begin causing problems?

Being a person with chronic sinus problems, is la a bad place to move?

Bladder spasm problems on a road trip. Impossible to suppress?

Can 2 months of serious anxiety can become the cause of health issues such as , digestive problems and oral cankers or it is sign of colon anal cancers?

Can a over active galbladder cause serious problems if not removed? My doctor tell me to get it out to stop the pain

Can a previous chlamydia infection cause future health problems? Serious problems, such as heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. Not referring to small problems

Can any type of ear problem cause an off-balanced feeling?

Can heart problems lead to speech problems and others problems. Started having problems in may and it's getting worse they are trying to figure it out

Can i expect to get orthognathic surgery first within reason to help alleviate serious sleep apnea issues, then address longer term dental issues. ?

Can i get a seizure due to tonsil issues?

Can it be possible to relax about hpv? I have this and am so worried about it. Can is it create a problem in my life?

Can losartan cause reflux?Would stoppage get rid of the problem? Never had reflux problems before starting hbp meds. Was on lisinopril b4 same problem

Can menstruation during an MRI have any effects or problems with the body being able to get rid of the contrast?

Can never taking a ring off create problems?

Can over-salivation be the result of any GI problems? It seems to happen every two to three weeks for a couple of days. Thank you.

Can serious urinating issues become cancer, or kidney problems? I have wet the bed for a long time, since i was young. I am almost 13. I have also had trouble urinating and bowel movement problems during the day. Sometimes i used to urinate during the day

Can the occasional missed night of sleep cause future problems like diabetes? I'm in high school and occasionally go without a night.Is this permanent

Can you advise me on going limp after long foreplay, medical problem or situational?

Can you explain if it's possible to have an eye problem, yet not come into affect till later on in life?

Can you get diabetic nerve problems without having symptoms?

Can you please discuss the possible diseases/health problems with excess belly fat as a symptom?

Can you please talk about of the easiest to stop symptoms of an electrolyte imbalance?

Can you tell me if I have a serious body odour problem. Need help!?

Can you tell me the typical health problems that are brought on by not exercising?

Catapress .3 mg 3 times a day for blood pressure, over a year could it cause problems for a36 yr old male as far as urinating problems and feeling sik?

Chronic sinus problems. Nothing seems to work, not even the 'good stuff.' any suggestions?

Conjunctivitis for half a year and other problems! who can I talk to!?

Could it be bad for someone with a cardiac problems to get angry a lot?

Could Mirtazipine be causing my congestion problem. I have had problems in the past and just recently but this only worsened in the last few days.

Could on long day of yardwork be causing what is going on six days of orthostatic (intolerance) hypertension? How is that fixed? No prior issue

Could pulmonary hypertension be a problem I could have during pregnancy and go away afterwards?

Could pulmonary hypertension be a problem I only have during pregnancy and go away afterwards?

Depression, anxiety and etc. Caused my school and family problem. I got over it but now it's creeping back. What can I do for this?

Diabetes is it relwted to lymph problems?

Diplpia 90% cured. Doc said it was due to infecetion. Is there any chance of serious problem for panic or i can relax with my daily activity?

Do anorectics or bulimics get more serious problems?

Do hickies cause problems?

Do I have a bad doctor? I have problems with fainting, irregular hr, and similar (connected?) things. When i tell her, she says they are nothing.

Do teenagers ever get severe thyroid problems?

Doctor iam having eyesight problems like little dark blackout i checked my eyesight level its not high wats the problem ?

Doctor what is the symptoms of varicocele?Can it be treated how does it feels like when we have this problem?Plz justify

Doctor, I had a diarrhea problem here. It is accompanied by blood. I would like to know my problem and how it can be cured? Thank you

Does bad gas indicate a medical problem?

Does masturbating too much have any negative effects? I do it like twice a day, everyday. Can i see any problems occuring later on?

Does my double cleft palate have anything to do with the following problems I have always had problems speaking loud enough without getting out of breath. I'm prone to ear aches, and people ask me to repeat myself so much that i seldom talk to anyone outs

Dr. I'm dealing with ED symptoms and I feel that thrombosis Is the root of the issue? Is this possible?

Due to a medical problem My legs go numb and ache. They burn, tingle, and often lose function. Trying to find a way to help ease this. Any suggestion?

Each bout of toddlers chronic constipation is becoming increasingly more difficult to treat. Could there be a bigger problem?

Every morning I have a motion problem, it comes thrice in morning very hardly , please tell me a solution?

Facebook kills my attention I have vision problems but I have little hyperactive problem I have implusive behaviror? Should I tell my dr?

Frequently i repeat same movement over and over again and I am aware that I am doing it.What can the problem be.?

From last 4 days my son having severe cough problem even i took him to many doctors but still having a same problem pls help me?

Gastrointestinal problems. Won't tecta just hide the underlying problem and make problems worse? I take B12 shots for deficiency & also takesynthyriod

Getting fat and other disease like hypertensionand heart problems are common.What should I do to prevent myself from these problems?

Granddaughter is urinating blood very lightly and it hurts a little is this a major problem. I she has never had this problem before and she is 6 years old.

Have a epilepsy probleme i don't know this acject . I will do check up to many doctors but any every doctor says . You have no probleme . Why I have ..?

Have a problem with the menstruation: haven"t it close to 1 year.I"m 24.Feel good, haven't any other complaints?

Have any doctors on here ever dealt with venous malformations of the hard palate? What symptoms n issues would the patient deal with?

Have been dealing with chest/abdomen problems due to health anxiety for months, have had echocardiogram, is that enough to rule out serious problem?

Have changed pads 4 times already what can be the problem?

Have pain in joints in toe. I eat medicine and it fix the problem for short term. But after a week again I have same problem. Plz suggest how to avoid?

Have silent reflux. By time noticed symptoms, things were bad. How to prevent such problems?

Having problems focusing on school work but don't want to ever take adderall( heard bad things) , any other med.Suggestions? Not causing tachy?

Healthy 16 year old boy, no real medical problems, yet i get very painful toe cramps/spasms. Any advice on how to treat and/or prevent? Thanks!

Hello sir For 12 year's I have a acne problem on my chest I got a lot of doctors but my problem is not solve . Plz sir help me?

Hello doctor I am married and suffering from stomach pain frequently and very light bleeding problem from 4 days .Please share me reason and solution ?

Hello doctor I am suffering from stomach pain frequently and very light bleeding from 4 days.Please share me reasons and solution to the problem?

Hello doctor, i m one month pregenant nd I have some problem like laziness, vomiting etc. Is these problems r normal?

Hello doctor. My wife has cough when she laughing. But some one told me this problem may be HIV infection. So I am afraid about this problem please.?

Hello my father is 82years old and he is completely healthy (no blood pressure problem.He had a problem of frequently urinary please advice medicine.

Hello, I'm having a bit of a problem. Can i ask you about it?

Hello,I just wanted to find a solution to an ongoing problem of fecal odor

Hello. I have problems urinating. I have them since i remember myself, i thought it was natural but now i think it is not?

Hemeroids. How important is it to see a doctor if after 3 bleedings the problem seems it resolved itself.

Hey.. Am 33 years old and I have colon problems please help.. Thx?

Hi i have a problem, actually i'm not sure if it is, but i know it's not usuall. I had phymosis for the past 1 year which i did manage to cu?

Hi actually sometime my sparm will out automatically even without do anything its a problem or what please help me..

Hi are you online I have some real concerns about my condition and I don't know what else to do as I feel I may have a serious problem but can't help?

Hi Doc, I have constipation problem when I was young until now. I can't go once every 3 days, some one week.

Hi doctor my problem is unknown for about 7years I have been urinating yellow please tell me what is the physical problem?....Thank u......

Hi doctor My wife facing a problem after inter course she got shivering and no action in the hands is there any serious problem on that please adv ?