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Infection in toe, whole toe throbbing, doc appt monday, do I need to be seen immediately or can this wait? Worried about bone infection...

Intertrigo groin crease, completed 3 wks econazole nitrate 6 days ago. Drove 100 miles and long walk today. Area is tender. Still healing?

Is gangrene contagious? Someone keeps coming to these meetings with it and wont go for intravenous antibiotics and has her feet exposed and it smells

Is it all right to wait a weekend to see my physician regarding an infected pimple on my chin?

Is it normal to only prescribe antibiotics for a very painful perianal abscess? Husband saw gastro who did and told husband to go to ER for pain.

Is it safe to have ganglion cyst removed from bottom of foot while taking antibiotics for sinus/cold infection?Thank you

Is it severe if I have a genital furuncle and the ganglion next to it got swollen?

Is keflex strong enough for staph infection n arm that is moving quickly. See line going from elbow up arm after only 12 hours of first symtoms?

Is swelling normal in thumb after having 6 stitches 4 days ago? Some tingling too. Urgent care dr said not infected yesterday's appt.

Its been 20 days since I was bitten by my cat. I had a tetanus about 2 weeks later plus a round of doxycycline. No infection at the site but I kinda have a few leg spasms and a low grade fever. Do u think I have the tetanus bacteria?

Its been a year since my eye infection and the eye which was infected is still small and hasnt returned to its normal size?

Iv had a painful lump on bikni line for two years and haven't got it checked out, it lately has looked very infected b/c it pusses

Iv'e been going through the same thing since i was 19 almost 56 is that normal?

Ive got an infected sebaceous cyst on stomach. Taking antib's 5 days. It is packed with gauze. still in pain and woozy. Back at docs tom night.

Ive recently had a tattoo that made my ankle swell massivly and reddness the swelling had gone but there id a lot of puss and the area is a very red ?

Just finished keflex for cellulitis infection and responded well. Skin no longer hot or red but still a little swollen. Been 11 days, should I worry?

Just got out of hospital they said I have a cyst above my lip and its so swollen i can't talk. They didn't do much for it.. Its the worst pain ever?

Left forearm bone near elbow swollen due 2 infect.. Antibiotic week course by gp finished but lump still there. How long to get better? Shud i worry

Lside nose swollen and painful but NO redness bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) and cephalexin 5 days now pain is worse and swelling spread to Rside and under eyes. Help?

Lump on my head. 1st showed up~aug2011. Given antibiotics b/c i was deploying. Went away until now, is painful 2 touch&causing headaches. Suggestions?

Lump remained after serval course of antibiotics. They thought it was lymphoma. Turned out after my op it was an absess relating to my acne.

Missed IV shot meth. 32h out. Swelling down some, but pain worse (but mild), and dark discolor. Taking bactrim/keflex. Slight numb. Bruise or hypoxia?

Missed some of an IV meth shot about 2 days ago and area about 3 inches in diameter is bruised, slightly swollen, and kinda tender, but not in pain. cause for concern? wait it out you think?

Mom fell over a month ago. wound was an abrasion. developed cellulitis which she rec'd tx for. still in pain & can't walk. Says it hurts to. Ideas?

Mu son who is 10 was seen yesterday by our family doc. for what appeared to be spider bite on his left lower calf (outer side). It was swollen and red. He was put on sulfamethoxasole. The area had to be lanced and drained. It is being tested for MSRA.

My finger tip is very swollen and painful for 6 days. My doctor gave me an antibiotic (2 x day for 10 days) and i'm on day 5 and its the same. Should i go to the doc again or wait for the 10 days?

My mom had her the fistula taken down 1 wk ago. Her arm is swollen around fistula and is very painful. It is also very hard. Is this normal?

My 10 month son has been getting staph infections on the diaper/groin area since birth. Any way to irradiate it?

My 16 yr daughter has a painful vein up side of ankle gp checked it + said its ok but now it's gone further up her leg? Gp gave her some cream

My 2yo son went to hospital start of may with cellulitis, he has more lumps on his legs and we are able to get pus from them. Do we need antibiotics ?

My 3 yr old son has an infection on his toe. It was doing well for 2 days as we lanced it today it looks wise. Should we see a doc or not?

My 4 year old has a puss filled ulcer on his gums that wont go away. Hes had it for almost a year, he had antibiotics a few weeks ago that alnost clearred it up. But NT fully. Now its back, what can we do

My 4 year old is complaining that her privates are sore. I looked but don't see anything wrong. How can one tell its infected or something else?

My 4yr old has a possible spider/bug bite on the outer corner of her eye and has redness and swelling. Let it run its course, or take to urgent care?

My 88 year old grandma, has a UTI and skin ulcer on her left heal. Came down with sepsis yesterday morning. How long do we have with her?

My baby is 16 months old and has a really bad boil on her bottom. She's had it for several days now and got a fever as well. Why should I do?

My bf was treated for Cellultits in er on friday. He has been taking antibiotics. The swelling has spread to his foot and more pain. Plus a faint blue?

My cellulitis has started to itch but im on antibiotics does that mean its getting worse?

My cellulitis is gone after antibiotics treatment but my leg is still funny i have little bit pain and itchy is this normal and how can i protectmyslf?

My checks where kinda red and burning last might this moring most of the redness is gone can I rule out facial celluits?

My daughter has A bad case of poison ivy..... Can barely open her R eye because due to swelling. DO I need to take her to the ER ?

My daughter was given antibiotics for cellulitis in eye, tomorrow is her last of 14 days, swelling is gone but still a little red, is this normal?

My dtr is on her second round of antibiotics for staph on her legs and groin. She is 17. What can I do and will this be a life long problem?

My girl friend has CHF , she has an infected finger with puss present, can this infection hurt her if left unchecked? She wont go to er

My grandma has gangrene on toe, doctor gave antibiotic and infection gone but not yet healed bec of poor blood circulation. now its infected again. ?

My hubby has cellulitis of the rt leg x1 week. He has been taking bacterum. Redness has gone but not the painful swelling..Is this normal? Yes? No?

My husband also has a open sore on the leg that had a blood clot. Will this ever heal? He had taken several rounds of antibiotics.

My husband on occasion will get cellulitus (usually from the knee area down to his foot). The infection starts as a blister and will spread. At one ti?

My knee has been sore almost 4 yrs from surgery,was on antibiotics a month ago for a gum infection, now my knee is no longer sore so what happened?

My laparotomy incision is infected. Had surgery 11-25 went to ER friday 12-13 and got antibiotics. Looks worse and belly is numb. Wound is bright red?

My maid got eczema.Her skin attached2nail got swollen with pain&became red even her nails got spoiled and fungal infection also.Is it contagious2baby?

My niece has rash by her mouth & legs & 2 pus filled boils on her foot, went urgent care they said was virus, should she see dr for 2nd opinion?

My period keep going 13 day now first time ever.I got strong pain round my blade and my pu pu line is hurts pain in same time .what I shoud do?

My pinky toe is red and swollen but it's not broken because i had x-rays done. I am currently on antibiotics because my pediatris thinks its infected?

My right eye pains when I close them, it's not very painful but I'm worried, I remember yesterday that an insect was flying and entered my eyes but it was removed quickly... How to remove the pain?i

My sister had a knot on the side of her face dr said it was cellulitis she took antibiotics now her whole lower body is swollen should she go to er?

My sister is diabetic and she has small boils on both her toes, but she has taken antibiotics and they look dried. Should we be worried?

My son 16 started with bellybutton pain than very sensitive to touch day five it pertruded out no puss he is in hospital 5 he's on 3rd antibotoic?

My son got an infected insect bite 2 months ago and the doctor prescribed antibiotics which helped with the oozing of pus but now he has a hard lump?

My son has pain, redness & zit like bump from blood draw from 2 weeks ago. Was diagnosed with MRSA 2 eeeks prior to that. Re-occuring?

My son stiches are infected we have antibiotics but he woke up with fever and the redness appears to be moving up hand is it blood poisoning?

My son was in auto accident one week ago. Hhis knee was scraped badly and now is oozing green pus. He is diabetic. Is this an urgent situation ?

My sons toe is swelling due to injury. There's liquid and blood coming out. I gave him ibuprofen and antibiotics. Is it the Right medication?

My wife woke up with 3 inch soli lump on right side of collar bone on 06/15. Dr prescribed antibiotic to see if it shrinks. Follow up apt for 06/23?

No allergies. Kidney/liver fine. Treated for staph infection. Skin rash, bruised gums. High WBC 16. I feel like my dr. Doesn't care what to do next?

Non painfulhard lumponjawline at 1st noresponse to k-clav/bactrim softened, reddened, and now fluid felt tested for bacteria, none found derm. Or ent?

On 4/29 had that chemical procedure done on my toe and now its infected. It's really painful Can't see my doc in a while should I go to the er?

On antibiotics for 15 days -- kidney/ear infection. Developed >8 lumps on my mons pubis/perineum. They are painful. Groin hurts when walking.

On antibiotics forthree days for cellulitis. pain is a lot better, but still atouch of swelling and the redness hasnot spreadbut hasnot went down much?

Opened healing cut on foot.Area around 1.5" in diameter is red and swollen.Not worse in past several hours, but painful.Wait until morning? Thx

Penis has a ring pierced thru tip. Has been 4 weeks. Had sex. Irritated, swollen, oozing, pain. Two questions: is it possible I have a tear? Also, what antibiotic treatment (already used amoxicillian) should be used

Perianal absess last sept- drained i've had little flare ups -now 10 mnt later severe pain like 1 time! i'm afraid to go under or can they epidural?

Pls I have a sore on my right coner of my right big toe. I have been to a hospital and some antibiotic and injections but no improvement.

Popped ganglion cyst swimming in ocean w/fins (rubbed cyst). Treating with antibiotic&bandaid; looks ok. How long should I wait to go in ocean again?

Possible infection from piercing? blood, large amounts of pus, hot feeling, painful, and red looking. should i see doctor immediately or can it wait?

Possible spider bite culture came back g strep fluid drained have low temp antibiotics. 24 hrs later arm red/swollen hot what is meant by g strep?

Profile pic shows I burned myself last week and it's more painful and red now. Im on antibiotics for infection Should I worry as getting worse?

Recently had cellulitis in my leg treated in hospital with antibotic now I have it on my stomach , no trauma involved . Hard lump under redness ?

Recently I was diagnose with cellulitis, been taking antibiotics for 6 days, 4 more left. However, I'm still concerning because I don't know if it's healing properly. The area isn't swollen, but it has a dark ring/circle around the area...inside is mostly

Recently moved-no PCP. Went to urgent care, given fluconazole. Still have burning, itching, redness, rash on inner thigh. Help!

Recurring staph infections (6 to be exact) in my right middle finger, over the last 5yrs. It goes away with treatment, but always returns. Mrsa?

Road rash on knee is yellow on inside and tender and red around infection? Tetanus shot ? Wat should I do?

S/p lymphangitis tx with IV abx and po abx 2 weeks ago from cat scratch. Still having aches in arm and hand that come and go. Should we be concerned?

Saw the doctor today about pain and bump on bottom of foot she said the dextrose shots cannot cause infection that it is probably soft tissue. Is this true? Needless to say she still put me on antibiotics!

Scrotal skin infection. Huge swollen lump. On keflex and neosporin. Swelling going down very slowly. Been a week. How long till swelling is gone?

Seems like my case of Torticollis may have turned into an abscess.. is this possible??

Seen today for an ingrown hair she said. Groin area, started on keflex 500mg and have had two doses now. Fever now 99.6. Get lanced?

Severe infection in ankle 3 weeks ago antibiotics took infection away but still have pain when I touch my ankle or something hits it, what should i do?

Sharp pain in one side of face, had a tooth removed there, may be infected but no insurance. What is the best way to get checked for infection? Thanks

Should I go to the hospital when I get boils that are as big a golf balls, green puss, can't walk and fever?

Should my ingrown toenail still be sore after being on antibiotics 5 of the10 days. I am getting it removed on 30 after infection clears up.

Since being on the clindamycin (330MG every 8 hrs) the cyst has gotten larger and more painful. Should I go to the ER?

Small lump on right lateral lower breast,once inflamed n healed by antibiotic,now again inflamed n healing with antibiotic,is this treatment suficient?

Small pimple on groin for 4 days...grew and became painful and very red...on bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) now in case it's it rare to spread to blood.scared?

Smashed my finger in a car door. It was treated in the ER, 5dys later it still looks swollen. Why didn't I get antibiotics? Could it get infected?

So I am taking Augmentin for a tiny possible skin infection at that left breast site I spoke of and when the doc saw the bites she also thought it was a kind of bite. I tried to think back and realized that in early September I broke up w/an urgent care e

So I have some redness on my face where my tooth abcess is it's been there since yesterday it feels fever burns a little any clue of what i?

Someone I know was shot with birdshot pellets about 17 years ago and now its swelling up with pus and sores. Is it poisoning? the rest are small still

Son 8, possibly had untreated strep 4 weeks ago. Has no pain or fever but has pink blister on his knee could it be a beginning of a complication?

Son had appendectomy dr said appendix appeared normal but was full of some kind of junk that they spilled...Iv antibiotic, what could it have been?