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I have a staph infection (my fourth in same leg) and the doctor didn't feel it should be incised yet. It is the size of a lemon inside my skin and the skin is taking on a blackish tint. Although I have had to be hospitalized for one of the prior infection

I have a staph infection, dr gave me sum antibiotics that i'm still taking, I have the red big bump still and wondering if I should get it checked?

I have a very large lump (abcess) under rt armpit went to md on wed given bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds to start. Today lump larger redder, hotter, harder, very painful?

I have an abcess on my arm, been given antibiotics today but it has started leaking, is there anything I should do?

I have an abcess on my lower left leg is it MRSA since the last abcess on my leg tested positive and should I be concerned i also have hidradenitis?

I have an appointment tomorrow morning; I'm pretty sure I have herpes. I'm female. Can I sleep with a tissue there and help it from spreading?

I have an assessed tooth I started meds this morning but it seems to be getting bigger and in my nose and swelling on the bottom of my eye. Do I need to go to the ER?

I have an infected cut on leg, started antibiotics last night. Stood all day leg redness has spread. No fever. Should I seek further evaluation?

I have an infection in my arm pit which I am getting very often atleast once in 2 months which goes away itself or sometimes it breaks out with pus discharge and had to take anti biotic.Now I am having it my right arm pit.snap attached.Can u pls Adv?

I have an infection in my cheek it's read and swelled i've been on antibiotics for 2 full days now but sign of improvement?

I have an infection in my toe. I'm on two antibiotics. I've been on them for four days and no visible sign of healing. Should i go back to the doctor?

I have an infection that is near my eye. Can i go on minocycline or do I need a stronger antibiotic? I had a zit on my upper cheek, near my eye that i picked at and it got infected. It has been swollen off and on for 2 days and now has redness around it

I have an itchy tender ear for over 1 week. Should i go to urgent care?

I have been diagnosed and treated for cellulitis.Now I am sitting with weeping legs and painful open wounds.What medication can be prescribed for this?

I have been on antibioyics 4 4 weeks and it doesnt seem to be touching the staph aurous i have got had cellulitis twice in 4 weeks now why?

I have been seen twice by a FNP and she said my bikini line /pubic red bumps were folliculitis. They have not itched at all and only a little pain to pressure on couple larger ones. I could not tolerate an "cyclivor" med and took keflex. The bumps have la

I have came home from the hosptial with Ciratisis. And it is still hot tender painful swollen?

I have cellulitis and Iam currently on antibiotics and spend 5 days in hospital on iv antibiotics. when will swelling go down in my belly?

I have cellulitis from an abcess is it a good sign the pain isn't as bad even though the infection is still bad i haven't gotten treatment yet?

I have cellulitis infection on tip of left buttocks. I have been on meds for 2 days now and it wont stop bleeding. How serious is this?

I have cellulitus on my vaginal area I am treating with ceph. Now I have blisters.Is this normalk? When will the pain go away. Im dying no money

I have developed a boil on my leg and it is increasing every day with full of pus, kindly advice an. Ntibiotic and painkiller?

I have had a Laparoscopy and a labia repair. I am on antibiotics as I had an infection. How long will it feel sore&swollen for?

I have had an abscess on the corner of my lip for 2 days now. The pain is insane and the humiliation is unbearable. Help?

I have had an infection of some sort under both my right and left armpits for at least a year now i have had serveal ut open and drained threw surgery and have been on antibiotics constantly they don't seem to go away what should I do the doctors have to

I have had an infection of the finger under cuticle, red swollen for a month, it drained pus 3 days ago but now swelling is worse, what's best treatment?

I have had Chik-v over two weeks ago and I still feel joint pains and have an inside fever. Can colloidal silver can help to treat/remove the virus?

I have had my abcess drained yesterday this is the second day on tablets when will my top lip swelling go down?

I have had stitches on my forehead since yesterday but the area around it has swollen, is this normal or should I seek medical attention?

I have infected armpit cyst took all my meds but still have upper chest and brest pain is it possible the meds did not get rid of the infected?

I have lumps on my scalp that went away with antibiotics and now they are returning and they are very painful?

I have MRSA and the bacterium isn't working and the redness is moving down it's on my breast what should I do since nothing seems to be working?

I have MRSA pain under armpit. What can I take for this?

I have my 5th abscess in 3 months in my groin area. Its only about dime size, but painful. Should I go get it lanced yet again? Im so sick of being shot with local anesthetic in the groin... But antibiotics arent helping and the pain is getting worse....

I have my chest tube wound its been three weeks it's still painfull around the area it's oozy but not smelly should it be started to heal abit better?

I have one week to go before kwires are removed from my toes. I think I have an infection, can they come out now or do I need antibiotics?

I have psoriasis, it's very red and swollen with blisters . I don't hane insurance, shuould i go to the urgent care?

I have ringworm on the right side of my vagina. Been treating it for 3 weeks with cream and antibiotics. The last 2 days it got really hard and painful. It hurts to walk or have anything touch it. Does this mean its infected and if so what kind or procedu

I have started getting itchy after having a loop biopsy 2 weeks ago, I have been treated for an infection to. Please advise?

I have swelling around my toe an it's really soar I had antibiotics it healed an then it came back . I can't get ahold of my doctor .

I have this large furuncle/boil that doesn't look like it has abscess or at least not yet is it possible to feel sick from it like weakness and chills?

I have three spider bites on my leg, and two swollen inguinal nodes. How long should I wait before seeing a doctor? It's been a couple days already.

I have two small wounds on my hand and culture came back strep a. I am on an antibiotic. Is there reason to worry and how did i get this?

I have viganel tearing how to I go along to get it healed ?

I hv a hematoma on my shin but rarely hurts ! do I require drainage? When does one need a drainage? Will it hurt? Thanks

I just got stitches and the wound is not infected. I am taking pain killers... But there is an small area that i feel numb, is that normal?

I just shot up and ruptured/busted the vein went to doctor said it looksinfected and giveme some antibiotics. Its swollen n hurts what could happen?

I just went to an urgent care due to a red circular rash just in left armpit. They said its cellulitis. I don't have it anywhere else.prescribed meds ?

I keep getting these boils in my groin area.I have to have them lanced. A er.Dr. Told me also I needed a antibiotic for my nose too. So he gave me.

I missed a injection and it gets red and swollen then heals why does it not get infected and will taking antibiotics help?

I now have MRSA and i've finished my antibiotics. How will i know if its gone or not? Will I have tto worry about every little bump that occurs now?

I packed a hand wound with paper and now it's gone. Hand is swollen (size of an egg) lots of pain, red, and tender. Should i go to urgent care or er?

I recently had a perianal haematoma drained. However every time I go to the toilet I am in a lot of pain and there is swelling in my bum crack. Why?

I spoke with Dr Willson a few days ago in regards to a cyst. I didn't need to do the I&D as it ruptured and drained on it's own later that day. Still taking Bactrim but the area is still slightly raised. Is there anything I can apply ?

I think I got bit by a spider or some hard core staff infection. My left leg. What do I do? I don't have medical

I think I have MRSA. My cut is red, warm to touch, bumped up, and painful. I can't make a Appiontment for atleast three weeks. Should I go to ER?

I think I have strep i get it 2-3 x a yr. I took amoxicillin i had left over from last time, i noticed blisters around my vagina area. Help?

I think ihave Cellulitis. Can cellulitus come and go on the legforexample my feet will go red everyday then disappear after a few hours?

I took 7 days of antibiotic for cellulitis in my finger 2 weeks ago. It is still swollen, purple and puss is now coming out. What now?

I was bit by a brown recluse 8 days ago. A hard knot has formed around the bite , is this normal? Treated at er, received antibiotic for any infection and now treating wound at home.

I was bit by a spider on the inside of my right thigh, prescribed bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) for a week, it is healing but still has a yellowish spot, will it open again?

I was bitten by a dog(i can see a pin hole sized puncture,got healed within a day),two days after that i feel pain surrounding it.Is antibiotic enough?

I was diagnosed with cellulitis 4 days ago and have taken the antibiotics but the pain is getting worse where I can't move or touch it. Is that normal?

I was diagnosed with shingles on may 18th, and now they are gone. I'm having some big problems now. ?

I was diagnosed with staph infection on bottom left lip Ive been using the ointment for three days but it looks worst then what it did before meds?

I was in a car accident on 8/11/16 and diagnosed with a subcutaneous abdominal hematoma. Now I have a sinus infection and received antibiotics yesterday. Could the coughing reinjure the hematoma or infect it? I'm so scared it'll bleed or go septic.

I was in an accident 8/11/16 and diagnosed with a subcutaneous abdominal hematoma. The bruise is nearly gone but I can feel a knot in the middle. Is this normal? Also, I have a sinus infection. Could that infect the hematoma? I'm on antibiotics

I was just treated with a breast infection, now I have a painful knot under my arm on the same side. Should i just finish my antibiotics, or call dr?

I was operated for Bartholin's abcess, 1week later i started to feel perianal wetness(not all day)& causes itching.. R they related?

I was perscribed antiobiotics against the urine inflammation, and some hours later i noticed that the redness on my penis is more swollen. Is thi norm?

I was put on antibiotics for an abscess on my tailbone yesterday, a head formed last night, began draining itself this morning for the past 5 hours?

I was recently bitten by my cat about 13 days ago and I didn't think mucj of it, it wasn't a bad bite and it healed up in just a couple of days . No pain or no sign of infection but yesterday I visited my primary dr. On a routine visit and in conversation

I was recently diagnosed with Cellulitis and put on Cephalexin. Sometimes the swelling goes down but it always comes back up. Is it really cellulitis?

I was recently diagnosed with cellulitis in my leg. I just finished a week of antibiotics and there is still some very minor pain. Is this normal?

I was told that I have cellulitis breast infection. Now getting heart racing stomach pain and though the antibotic healed most of it i still get green pus?

I went to the docs 3 days ago to pop an abscess in my groin area. Im now on antibiotics but its swelling up again. With a head this time. Should i wait a bit longer until its ready to pop? Also should I continue with the antibiotics?

I went to the doctor about my Bartholin's cystectomy, but the swelling hasn't went down yet, what should I do?

I went to urgent care 3 days ago for rash in groin area actually on my penis. Didn't explain this in previous question.they gave nystatin without exam?

I'd appreciate Suggestions after incision and drainage of that seems to be getting worse ?

I'm getting my tonsillectomy done on may 1st I'm so scared for the anesthesia and pain. what can I do? also ice cream is out of the pic I'm allergic to milk

I've got a bowel infection and now my hands keep swelling up?

I've got earache. But its so painfull its now difficult to eat! a doctor looked and said it looked slighly inflammed but no infection there?

I've got fungal infection and its burning and my toe fingers are swelling ... Got a bad pain what should I apply? Please suggest

I've gotten cellulitis twice in 3 months, second time with lymphatic involvement. Is this gonna keep recurring?

I've like got two mrsa boils on my right arm-pit that are very red & sore, do yaa think I should get to the ER in a couple of days to be lanced?

If i got an infection from a lumbar puncture how and when would i know.Its the day after and back is a little sore.Thanks for your wisdom and care?

If I was put on antibiotics two days ago for an enlarged appendix, but not infected. And the pain is not getting any better, what should I do?

If my boil has opeded up and I feel fine and no fever is it going to be ok and heal correctly?

If you have a fever then take antibiotics and the fever goes away but you still have a big painful lump could this be inflammatory breast cancer?My

Ihave a lump in cheek bone .Antibiotics are not helping and it hurts?

Im almost done with my antibiotic/prednisone run. Various sm cysts and abcesses began sprouting boils thru my skin, what happens when meds are gone?

Im getting Abscess' in Groin area, Could it be from Inflammatory Bowel Disease??? Tired of getting lanced near my penis/testicles at the ER, thanks!

In 2011 I was diagnosed 2 hv mersa I did not have eruptions for almost a year now I hve puss & swelling on my thigh it is going down where will it go?

In relation to an earlier post about an iv. I now have a painful, red streak extending upward about 4" from the IV site. Should i continue moist heat?

Infected boil on my leg that hurts to walk. I have blood in my urine and a swollen lymph node on my right pelvic. I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday can it wait or should I go to e.r?

Infected elbow bursitis/cellulitus 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks of IV & antibio killed infection. Elbow still purple/red & slightly swollen. How long to heal?

Infected heel blister from running shoes. Was given keflax 2g/day for 5 days. Finished antibiotics, but area still red/warm/painful (size of quarter)?

Infected wound has gotten worse, increased draining yellow pus. Yesterday dr told no need for antibotics, should return? I have pics to show worsening

Infection in belly button (oozing blood, pus and tender, not from piercing) appointment with pcp 4 days out. Should i seek urgent care or wait ?

Infection in knee from getting it drained will be having surgery soon. Skin is peeling off the knee an is bigger than a grapefruit what could this be?