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Mole on arm raised and painful. Hurt it in work. Has only been this way since Monday. Doc said infected and gave meds. Not cut Or oozing. Correct?

1 week ago, I started showing signs of blisters above my penis area. The blisters spread very slow. Today I developed fever within few hours, gone now?

10 yr old bustec lip 3 days ago. Is painful, and swollen. Ehat oral antibiotic if any? I hav access to them if needed

16 days treatment cellulitis right leg. Finished antibiotics 11 days ago. Little change since. Still red/warm. No pain slight swelling. Back 2 hosp?

2 days ago i went to my local ER with cellulitus they gave a shot anitbiotic. My whole leg is so swollen and my foot should I go back or wait? I have a history of cellulitus why?

2 separate times in Aug developed large itchy blister on ankle, thought was spider, urgent care treated. Now yesterday same spot blister on ankle ?

3 days post TMP/SMX for a cyst, has become very painful, can't see my doctor until Monday. No red streaks. Should go to urgentcare/ER? or ok to wait?

3yo daughter's leg been hurting several days; no trauma to it. Has 102.5 fever. Call in to dr. What could we be looking at? Or what should we look 4?

4 months post csection starting to swell again. Tender on one side. Did i pull or tear without knowing? Should i get ultrasound to see? Warm skin there.

58y/o female- sore, warm to the touch, quarter sized lumps below her Achilles' tendon. Will call doc Monday if not gone, but could this be gout?

5yo w/ pimple type spots on hands/feet/back/neck for 2 wks. Clear pus. No other symptoms. 2 gp's unsure. Not healing. Ideas?

7 pp c-section, taking cephalexin, cleaned my house, it leaked little blood. 2day it's red, bit swollen, no pain or fever. Doc appt fri. Infected?

80yr old infcted jaw IV med 2days, 2nd day oral med. Now othr side face swlln too pustules formed in cheek spitting pus. No fver. Go hsptl? Seedoc am?

A boil popped on my face under my jaw, it is really hurting me took an antibiotic but it is still paining, what to do?

A piece of wood is stuck in my heel, a doctor prescribed antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory, the area is swollen and painful, should I go to the er?

About two weeks ago i had an abcess above my left ear. Dr prescribed some antibiotics. Im off them now but still looks red. Is it gone how do I know?

Abscess on shoulder. Went to Er got antibiotics and told to let it drain. We took the bandage off and now there is a whole there is this normal?

After 2 months antibiotics & painkiller, swelling of infected testicle is less. Can do aerobics without pain. More antibiotics to get it back to normal?

After epididymis infection has recovered, even if there is very very little abscess left, is it possible the person does not feel anything?

After hrs doc diagnosed 2yold w double ear infection said ears injected and red but no buldge/puss. Did she diagnose to early? ifec w/out bulge/puss?

After punctured sinus during rt canal, does puncture wound ever heal? 3 mnths since .. Still cough up green phlegm & sore cheek. How to rid infection?

After wrist cat bite, saw two tiny white strings poke out of wound. What was that? Pain/swelling slowly improving on augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) but tendon is sore.

Big toenail removed d/t infection, moderate pain after. Day 4 and still some throbbing, able to tolerate epsom soak first time yesterday. Concerning?

Bit by Brown recluse a week ago &prescribed Keflex 2000 mg/day should i get second opinion? Why is the area now warm With Yellowish gray in the middle

Bitten by many fleas on my ankle, now it's red, swollen and painful since this morning, getting worse. I have 101 fever. Can I wait 15 hours to see GP?

Boil on bottom left butt cheek where they meet/overlap, saw dr, got augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) & have done hot soaks, & just bought Epsom for bath after work. tips?

Broke out painful mouth blister after Bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) po, Now vagina has same kind of pain. Can't tell if blisters.Both PAINFUL! What can help? Dr app in 2day

Burned my ankle 3 weeks ago been on bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) and now keflex burn site swollen and red still leaking fluid, very painful to walk, what should I do?

C shaped, deep red/purple rash to bil armpits. Has "rope burn' appearance-poss staph/strep inf.- extremely painful -how to relieve discomfort?

Cactus spine remvd from hand 3 days ago, tetanus shot & septra (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) ds 2x.Finger is now swollen, painful& ibu not helping w/ pain or swelling. Age 41 female?

Can a c-section incision open up after 3months? Never had any infections just started walking / running and I see it pink sometimes & stings but dry

Can a staff infection that was taken care of recur in the same place years later? Started having soreness in area again but no mass or blister yet

Can bad case of poison ivy get into lymph nodes/and/or bloodstream if all over front of neck is very itchy/oozing open this dangerous?

Can I treat minor puncture wound myself? It has gotten swollen and red. Do not want to see doc cuz I've been there 10 times this year. Please help?

Can u prescribe somthing for abscess under my arm?

Cellulitis of small digit with what looks like a fungal infection. Antibiotics since thursday when will i feel better?

Cellulitis for 19 days. Cloxaciline 14 days and cefirax 5 days. Improving very slowly. When I press the red skin the redness goes away. Good symptom?

Cellulitis for 20 days. Cloxaciline 14 days and cefirax 6. Improving very slowly. Redness not so bright anymore and there's no pain or swelling. good?

Cellulitis in ankle/calf. ER visit had IV antibiotics and pills, swelling went down but redness has worsened and moved completely to top of foot?

Celulitis area is itchy. On Keflex with 3 doses until finished. Area less red & has improved. Worried about new lump under affected area. Abscess?

Chronic osteomyelitis of jaw. Infection started last aug. On clyndamycin 6wks still oozing puss from sores on chin & swollen like apple. How treat?

Could an allergy to the antibiotic Avelox have caused my legs to swell and be painful to touch. I was given them for an infected graze on my leg.

Could doxycycline cause my already allergy to mosquito bites flare up even worse? One seems to have become infected due to the clear boil on top now.

Croupy cough, 99.5 fever, elucidate slightly swollen, fell 2 weeks ago scraped knee , 2 boils where scraped Gave mucinex, (guaifenesin) put bactroban on boils?

Cs delivery 18 days before..clots formed in buttocks 4 5 days blood n pus drainin out from one of it healin or gettin worse?reason

Current tx for MRSA in ear with clindamycin. I keep getting new sores: inside of lips, leg, and-earing holes-while i'm on it-is it not responding?

Cyst on chin. 2 cortisone 2 days ago. Not completly gone. Swollen cheeks around it. Really hurts. Taking antibiotics. How to fix? Why swollen cheeks?

Cyst on my back is infected, I've had three days of antibiotics. It has gotten extremely painful - do I go to my doctors or continue with antiobiorics?

Dad has MRSA inf. Haven't came n2 direct contact but I have a boil around my mouth forming. Face swelling around site. Should I go see Dr and when?

Day 1- blister day 2- red sores on back of leg, oozing yellow fluid. Day 3-painful. Home remedy? Or er? Staph infection? Dermatitis? Or more serious?

Deep cat scratch on the palm from 8 weeks ago. Still bruised, a little pain, no pus, no redness. Took augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) for 10 days. Will the bruise go away?

Diagnose w cellulitis (blister on foot) no worse,but no better after 40hrs on med.Minor swell of lymph node in groin. Go 2 ER, or safe 2 wait?No fever

Diagnosed cellulitis 3days ago.bactrim (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim) since then not resolvd.been like that 5days lump redness n pain bigger n more. Should it be cut. No white head?

Diagnosed with cellulitis one week ago put on KEflex not getting better and super painful wed put me on Cipro (ciprofloxacin) and UNNA boot cannot bear weight worried?

Diagnosed with mrsa, got antibiotics. Infection is on leg and not spreading doctor marked the area Would the mrsa make my foot on that leg sore too?

Diagnosed with Pilonidal cyst given antibiotics since, it's a lot worse painful hot red/purple and I'm feeling a bit sick/dizzy. What shall I do?

Do you think a staph infection is a possibility if the lobe looks totally healed for a couple of days / week and then it reappears ?

Doc believe i had a nipple infection & almost healed , but ultrasound still shows something is there, is it the pus that hardened? Will it go away ?

Doc toild me I have bacteria pneumoina infection in the bottom of right lung. When can I go back to training? Forgot to ask him.

Doctor can I get infection 16 months after a crushed pelvis ( hgv) , lots of tiatinium , getting abcess near groin leg area on both sides?

Does traumatic epidimitis need antibiotics and how many days does it last?I am on my 14th day and still on pain even though less..No swelling anymore

Dog bite. No rabies issue. On antibiotics for 48 hours, but now seeing redness, swelling and pus. Is this urgent or can I wait to see a Dr. ?

Dx cellulitis top of foot,7 days smz&rx cream completed.Dk purp/grn,puss,very painful&swollen,more sores up leg,worse since tx.Could it be gangrene?

Er for an infection in my toe with red streaks. Iv and oral antibiotics. It hurts but looks better. Can i exercise? I am otherwise healthy. 36 hours.

Erythema nodosum what are the causes of this painful lumps in my legs? Since 2008 taking antibiotics twice! and they always come back, why?

Every month, i get pus filled knots under my arm. I have gone to the doctor and was given antibiotics. The lumps go away, but they keep returning.

Extensions put in hair with needles... Which left me with bald spots n severe open sores scabs n pus now i awaiting from swab taken from dr.Office ... I want to know how serious this could be?

Eye sty 12hrs+ swollen upper lid & half closed. No visible discharge. Concern w/infection since my total hip repl 9 mo ago. Urgent care?

Friend who had a wound on toe now got fever & oozing.He has diabetes too.His Dr gave him Stafcure LZ.Is it worrisome.Pls advise.

Got a boil and it left a hole. How long will it take to close? Dr gave me antibiotics and said it was healing but it's been 3 weeks already.

Got IV infiltration & phlebitis. Arm swollen/painful so starting oral antibiotic bc I take immunosprsnt 4vasculitis. The signs to watch for [email protected]?

Got on antibiotics after going to ER for 4 sores on my vagina. Diagnosed with uti. Sores are healing up but still have fissures or hemmroids. Help?

Got stitches for lip laceration 6 days ago, and woke up today with a fever but no other signs of infection. I got antibiotics 2 days ago before fever ?

Had a boil/blister on shoulder dr said could be viral infection. Been gone for a mth but has a scar & still pains. Is that normal?

Had a canker for over 2 weeks. Doesn't seem to be healing. And hurts! should I be concerned? I'm taking antibiotics, if that has any relevance.

Had a skin lancing done on a cut to my right wrist. Discharged a week ago on two anti biotics. I think that im showing signs of a new infection?

Had a small gum abscess on Fri got antibiotics in sun and it popped. Still on meds. Should I be OK?

Had a zit on chin yesterday.Now at 8:00 pm at night the spot has swollen to the size of a golf ball. If it is staph, do I go to ER now or dr. Tomorrow?

Had an o 2drain pus out of ankle they said it had started spreading 2 bone and had 2 remove bits will i have trouble in the future with it?

Had arthroscopy 2 weeks ago. 2 days ago fluid started draining out, lower leg and foot are swollen. On antibiotics now leaking stopped but still swolle?

Had cellulitis over a week ago was treated but skin is still tender on leg. All else good. Is the infection gone? I can't risk getting ill again

Had laminectomy on L5 s1 on 11/08/12. Incision infected. Had MRI done today. What shld i expct and why do I hurt worse now and why are toes numb?

Had paronychia infection of pinkie finger 2 weeks ago - (it was super painful, red and swollen) was treated by Dr with Keflex took 2 a day for 5 days & pain and swelling were totally gone within a few days. The finger is still slightly pink/red around the

Had pus in belly button, used fungal cream and it went away. Woke up with dried blood around area and pain. Do I just need antibiotics?

Had sore come up on lip continue 2 get bigger radiated pain/itching in chin to rt jaw. Dr said not fever blister gave gen antibiotic what could it b?

Had toenail removed last monday to release infection.Still very painful, reddish purple and uzzing. What to do? Infected? Was already on 2 antibiotics

Hangnail pulled then infection 2 weeks. Got better and now same type pain, slight swelling, pink. Applied Neosporin 2 wks, againn now. Not improving. ?

Have 1/2 dollar size abscess on inner thigh. Red/Painful. On Augmentin (amoxicillin and clavulanate) X 1 week. No change. How long does it take to go away?

Have a cyst on anterior thigh, no streaking, or other signs of sepsis, however has ruptured took Penicillin, should I see MD still ?

Have cellulitis...On IV meds for 4 days..Symptoms improving but have hard painful lump on leg in centre of affected area...Should i get checked again?

Have HCV went thru treatment , not had my 6 month check yet , im starting to have sores pop up on my left arm & hand & black puss blister , my liver ?

Have mouth ulcers,red bumps on hands and feet. Right ear is a little draining and 101.6 fever.My DR appt in two days.Should I go to ER or wait?

Have PID finish meds. Dif pelvic exam and doc said down there inflamed. When open lips of vagina there is line going down and it is red from top. Cau?

Have severe abcess in underarm, taken antibiotics, warm compresses just keeps getting worse..Cant put arm down its so swollen and painful.. Advice?

Have small tender sore inside nose. Do they usually heal on their own? I'm scared of antibiotics due to C Diff history. Do I need to stop Flonase use?

Have what dermatologists calls "small hydrocele." He doesnt reccmd surgery. Normally no pain. Rarely hurts and feels swollen. Safe to apply ice pack?

Hello sir,pls i hv toenail infection on two toenails.and ì see whitish pus coming out frm the toenail base.i went to lab i was diagnosed of proteus ba?

Help docs! my hand got a laceration , tomorrow is my exam. How can I treat this quickly?

Hemmorroidectomy, infection developed, prescribed flagyl. Drainage, smell, pain getting better but now running fever 99.5-100.4. Should i be concerned?

Here is my question I have had a boil in my outer ear canal for three weeks never had any pain it is starting to scab and peel up from the bottom, I plan to go to the er tomorrow for them to look it at it, should I still go to the er oR no?