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would viscosupplementation be beneficiary for my knee osteoarthritis age 57 female, i can forward u digital copy my knees xray?

.5cm subchondral cyst in wrist, mild degen changes 1st carpalmetacarpal joint, treatment and questions for surgeon?

25f, diag.Aosd, fai synd(hips), gibro, polymyositis, baker's cystsnsynovial.Ortho recommends hip replacement, i'm afraid bcuz of fibro, will i heal slower?

28yr f, knee pain, MRI says joint effusion & chondromalacia. I swim for exercise. 0 injuries. What could cause this? Treatment possibilities? Thanks

2weeks ago, i(f/31)was diagnosed as bilateral avascular necrosis on femoral head( grade i). How can I do excercise to strength the muscle around hip?

3 mm interstitial tear at mid-point of scapularis, Type II subacromion w/spurring, capsular thickening and edema. Should i see an orthopedic doctor?

4 month old hips are clicking. Never showed signs of hip dysplasia before. Is schedule for ultrasound in 2 wks. Does this mean he has hip dysplasia?

4 months over but still see mild swelling and uneasiness in right foot.MRI report - Mild synovitis;no liga/tendon tear.Bmarrow edema; soft tisue edma?

42yr old w/patellafemoral replacement in 2015, still pain. Now MRI grade 3 lat tibiafemoral and grade 2 med tibiafemoral chondromalacia. Now what?

44 f MS 12 yrs.. Ddd facet joint pain mgt 9 weeks severe bi lateral knee pain upon standing & sitting. No injury or ra. Va says no mri. What now?

6 months ago injured my right l5/s1 facet joint from repetitive injury. Ct shows a bone spur as well. Will i still be able to join the military?

8 months after 2nd grade ankle sprain. Chronic ptt pain.Seen foot n ankle specialist. Mri shows ptt inflammation only. Physio, insole don't help. So?

9 yr injury 2 knee w/medial & lateral jointline tenderness spurs bursitis. Mri neg ors will not prescription pt just ex knees sore w/ex. Possible tear not seen?

Above my patella is swollen... What does that mean?

Advice 39 women, MRI on left knee osteochondritis dissecans, 2 bakers, cartiligious defect4.0 mm?O.S., did p/t, cortizone, (hydrocortisone) he sending me to neurlogist?Why

After having hip pain due to injury, MRI showed "avascular necrosis of the hips bilaterally, right greater than left". Is this curable or permanent ?

Am i right to say that synovitis and plica syndrome are the same thing?

An MRI has diagnosed an ununited styloid fracture with associated degenerative arthrosis and tenosynovitis. I need a clear answer and course of action?

Are PRP and stem cell therapy txmt options for rapidly occurring Gr. 4 hip OA: superior joint impaction, subchondral sclerosis, joint fragments?

At what point is surgery necessary with hip protrusio? Is hip protrusio always associated with rheumatoid arthritis ?

Below Ankle MRI Report: what does it mean? Minimal intro articular joint effusion is depicted. Minimal ankle joint effusion, otherwise normal study

Bilateral bony hyperplasia by bottom molars, chronic inflamation sinuses, recently breathing 60% of normal, lichen sclerosis, osteoarthritis. Causes?

Can " minimal cystic changes in the lunate" as described by an MRI be causing lingering pain 5 months after a wrist injury when hyper extending wrist?

Can a history of back injury, vertebral fx's, cause problems with the knees, hips? Secondary degenerative changes? If yes, how?

Can a MRI tell how old a loose body are bone spur is in the ankle. Thanks cjckaon?

Can adrenal insufficiency cause joint and bone pain?

Can an untreated shoulder tendinitis cause symptomatic changes in cervical osteoarthritis?

Can avascular necrosis of the shoulders be caused by a work-related strain or joint pressure?

Can bilateral patellar enthesophytes be a factor in my severe chronic knee pain? If so what can be done? Fortunately the x-rays didn't show any arthri

Can inflammation of the iliopsoas tendon be seen in a regular enlarged mri?

Can rheumatoid arthritis be diagnosed through MRI. I have bilateral knee effusion and loss of cartilage in 3TMRI. rest is normal. What arthritis is it?

Can you develop osteonecrosis /avascular necrosis by being on 40mg prednisone taper over 8 mo period? Sle. Hip/knee pain severe. Off 2mo now worse.

Can you have MRI after total knee due to metal components?

Can you tell me about orthopedics | differential diagnosis of synovial swelling ?

Can you translate my diagnosis and possible treatment options? I sprained my ankle 6 weeks ago and i just got an MRI done and here are the results (i need them translated into english): severe marrow edema/contusions in the medial aspect of talus, medial

Cause of unilateral edema from possible rotator cuff tear.; edema to neck , arm to hand and LLE 2+pitting. CRP always elevated, + ANA normalforedema?

Chondromalicia is non arthritic. Does that mean that it is not arthritis? I have fullness feeling in the knee it be liguid? What is a medium effusion

Clinically diagnosed sac iliac fracture 16mths ago during childbirth non displaced no surgery but still in lot of pain have tro bursitis in hip why?

Complete tear of acl, no surgery no pain , except for bakers cyst, besides arthritis. What other problems might arise?

Could a chronic wound (localized scleroderma) on dorsal aspect of foot lead to tendonitis?

Could a do help me if I have osteitis pubis & si joint dysfunction? I saw a orthopedist specializes n shoulder and knee surgery. He wasn't much help.

Could hyper mobility in my joints be the reason for my baker cyst?

Could it be all right to take osteo bi-flex if I have multiple sclerosis?

Ct scan showed mild facet joint arthropathy and bone spurr of right L5 s/1 from an injury 6 months ago. Is my youth over such as running/working out?

Cyst in my hip, can it be result of car accident? I diagnosed with subchondral cyst in anterior femoral head-neck junction. Also diagnosed with hip fai. Where is cyst come from? Is it result of impact? I never had a back lbp and hip pain before the accid

Degenerative joint disease in right jaw.Spontaneous fracture 10 years ago.What can I do about the continuous swelling that I have had for two + years?

Diagnosed w spontaneous subluxation of sc joint (worse when i sleep on that side). Have hypermobility syndrome. Best type of pt? Ortho didn't say much

Diagnosed with bilat. PFPS, and ended up having both plica removed. Would I still have PFPS or w/o the plica am I "cured"? Am I prone to knee injury?

Difference in osteoarthritis vs lumbar sprain and strain?

Differential diagnosis of painless bilateral knee buckling?

Do I need surgery for advanced tricompartmental degernative joint disease in left knee with small joint effusion and several large ossified loose bodi?

Do people with osteochondritis dissecans have a lot of pain?

Doctor diagnose me with arithis for 3mos. I later found out i had a torn menisus and dis located knee cap. Why?

Does a meniscal displacement cause pain along the joint line? What are some of the symptoms of having a displacement?

Does a bone spur on the top of the first metatarsal always indicate arthiritis? I have full range of motion. previous x-rays show no arthiritis.

Does a stiff knee mean I have bone cancer?

Does a Subarticular enchondroma involving the glenoid cause pain?Shoulder pain over 1yr MRI just shows mild tendinosis and smaller than norm labrum.

Does having a bone spur on a facet joint mean there is arthritis in the joint?Injured 6months ago working out. It's hurt ever since. Ct showed this

Does having raynaud syndrome mean a greater chance of tearing ligaments and cartilage in my knee?

Does hemachromatosis cause avascular narcosis? I was diagnosis with hemachromatosis in 03, surgery for fractured talus in 09, and may have avn in shoulder.

Does patellar dislocation usually cause many symptoms?

Does RA shows on MRI even if there isn't any joint destruction?

Does subluxation of trapezium from myocardial joint in my thumb mean arthritis. If not, what does it mean? How to treat?

Does TMj dislocation means the anterior displacement of the disc also? Thank you

Dr said they found cystic bone lesion on my knee in xray. occasional knee pain. Could this be cancer?

Dr. diagnosis ganglion cyst. It is 4" diam, and 4 inches BELOW knee on tibia. No pain. Correct dx? Ok to run? workout? Thought these were on joints and small

During bone scan what would cause mild radiotracer increase in si joints and mid feet?

Early degen. changes 1st MTP joint w/ bunion formation. Considerable soft tissue swelling along dorsum of foot. Means? Told had arthritis, what kind?

Flap tear sx, grd IV medial chondro, no patellofem/lateral arthritis, Day6-8 post sx no pain, Day9 aggressive PT=effusion, in pain on Day32, damage?

Fractured sacro iliac joint 2 1/2 years ago healed caused hip bursitis had steroid injections but haven't worked possible arthritis?? In so much pain!

Friend had hip repl & diag of pigmented villonodular synovitis. Chances of reoccur/prevention or known causes? Is synovectomy usually perf at op?

Had an AC sprain 6mo ago. Mri showed type 2 morphology of the acromion with a small subacromial spur. Ac ligaments/capsules intact. Can i lift w8s?

Had lateral release, severe arthritus abaidment, loss of 75% articular cartilage of kneecap/femur, noe supartz (hyaluronic acid) inj. Whats next 40 yrs old?

Had mild ACL sprain in june'13. Mild effusion followed. After 10 months the ACL is completely healed but swelling remains. No other joint prob found.

Had MRI done and report said i had arthritis in one of my toes but doesn't say if it's inflammatory or osteoarthritis ?

Have a bone contusion involving the antermedial femoral condyle. Been a month since injury. Some swelling, still very stiff. Whats best treatment?

Have had bone joint and soft tissue pain dysfunction intermittent neuropathy raynaud s for the past two years now have suspected acalculous gallbladde?

Have moderate degeneration in left TMJ and severe degenerative changes in the right. My rheumatologist says not ra. What treatment is likely?

Have RA & oa, chronic hip bursitis.Have had several steriod inject over the yrs.Now increased pain, MRI inflammation of ra, partial tears minimus/gluteus?

Hi - I had a knee arthroscopy on 17 April to have an interior meniscal tear repaired where 20% was removed. At this time, it was also identified that I had significant arthritis in the knee joint (it was marked as 3 with 4 being the highest). I am a 46 y

Hi Doc i have minimal knee joint effusion and minimal subcutaneous edema in infra patellar region can u insist me what measures to be taken? i

Hi Doctor, I am diagnosed with 'Moderate synovial effusion extending till suprapatellar bursa'. What does this mean?

Hi I have had knee pain and I'm an avid runner and have just had an mri which results say I have a 5mm chondral ulcer a grade 4 chondral fissuring ?

Hi, can fcu tendonitis cause tfcc pain or the othe way around ?!

Hi, I had a calcaneal fracture 3 months ago. I had an Tac and told me I had severe diffuse osteopenia. What does that mean?

Hi, I just had an MRI done of my Lt knee,and the results are as follow. Patella alta with subluxation,joint effusion,and cartrilage loss over central ?

Hi, I've been diagnosed with Hypermobility, Myofasciitis and Marked ligamentous Laxity. I'd just like more information on what all this means.

Hip MRI shows "chondrolabral separation" what does that mean? One hip has a paralabral cyst also but says soft tissues are in tact

Hip pain/clicking 4 a few years. Dr said maybe PsoriaticArthritis but Humira (adalimumab) didnt work.Xrays/mri was normal.Could be femoral acetabular impingement?

Hla b27 is itcurable or not ?

How can you tell the difference between inflammation from jra and inflammation from a injury on mri? How can you detect jra on mri?

How can you tell the difference between osteoarthritis vs lumbar sprain ?

How do I deal with sudden swelling of the knees? Mri was noraml with the exception of fluid

How do you know when surgery is needed for a widening AC joint, I have had the pain for about 4/5 months now. Thanks ?

How exactly is tendonitis/tendinosis diagnosed? Just by history and palpation?

How is a ruptured bursa sac different from traditional bursitis?

How is arthritis diagnosed? Usually how long does arthritis take to settle in a joint? How accurate is a mri? I had knee surgery

How is sclerotic changes & subchondral cysts with rotator cuff pathology treated? Does this need surgery?

How likely is the fluid in and around my ankle joint, found via a CT scan, an infection like septic joint?

How much does a myo chondroblastoma hurt?