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I am suffering shoulder blade pain and can hear the bones sound when I move my arms.

hurt shoulder bout a week ago. Pain only decreased a little. would I know if my shoulder is dislocated? could it just be a bruise bc I can move it?

I have popping, crunching and cracking, tingling that starts at my shoulder and goes down my arm, I now have a lump on the top of it.

~2 wks mild pain in R shoulder. pain got much worse when arms above head pulling shirt off, now sharp pain in shoulder lift arm some ways. Ideas?

1/13 did LIGHT benchpress.after,under right shoulder blade pain.right tricep feels like on border of cramp/painlike inner/longhead.flexed less hard?

2 days ago i was streching when i felt and heard a pop in my shoulder area on my back. I have put heat on it but i still have pain. Can i do?

2-3 inches below my shoulder hurts when I move it i have a sharp pain that takes my breath away. I cant put any weight on that arm. There was no injur?

24 year old male, just started working out again. I went to hold my cellphone to my shoulder and i could not control my shoulder ? Like a spasm ?

26 yr old. I was playing sport when I started to get a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. It hurts when I take a deep breath or stretch forward?

3 days after 5th shoulder dislocation, took off brace to work on computer now have a dull pain under armpit. can barely move without pain?

3 months back while arm wrestling i heard a popping sound from my wrists followed by pain.Its been a long time and i still cant arm wrestlewithoutpain?

4 years ago my rt arm would get tired and ache when i would push a sshopping cart.Then 2 yr ago up right shoulder back pain chronic daily.Any ideas?

6 days after shoulder injury. Feel pain at shoulder when i write, walk or lift arm up. Should i ice or heat the affected area?

A 60 year old man suffers from severe pain in his left shoulder. He's unable to lift it up or raise his hand due to pains between the elbow&shoulder?

A box fell on my shoulder pretty harshly it was over 100 pounds. Should i see a doctor? The bone right before joint is in pain.

A few years ago I had fallen a couple of times over a month and landed on my arm /shoulder. Now I am finding it difficult to move my arm without pain?

About 3 times a week my head and shoulders shake for about 3 seconds and it causes my right knee to bend. I can't control it?

Accident 8 yrs. Ago . I had whip lash, a crack sternum, and a numb back below my shoulder blades. Now I have a burn pain level 7. What could cause?

After a hard fall on my left shoulder 2 weeks ago, I have pain in my pectoral and shoulder. Also when raising my arm, tying shoes, and steering overhand?

After an accident my left shoulder has this clicking and problem where it gives way. Weights are an issue as i can't lift thing beyond my head. I'm 17?

After falling on the steps, upper back is stinging pain when i pull elbows back and squeeze shoulder blades togather. Is this normal?

After i ran my shoulder was hurting. It hurts on top near the joint. I have a history of shoulder neck and pectoral tension. Wat is goin on?

After lifting I have pain in the in side of my elbow what could be a reason dor this ?

After tendon repair 1st day remove splint.Doc stretched my arm,now it's pain even if I don't move it. Even when I walk I feel the pain.Is this normal?

Aftersleeping on arm.severe upper arm pain near shoulder.range of motion of arm is very limited.could it hv been broken from sleeping on it?wuts wrong

All the muscles in my left arm hurt from the armpit to the wrist. Most of the time it only hurts in the tricep and or bicep i've had pt for the past 8 weeks twice a week. I only get relief for a couple of hours. Most of the time it's very painful when i l

Any ideas on why my shoulder is hurting? Its the one I carry backpack on.

Area in spine between shoulder blades hurts until I "pop" it, it will wake me up at night because both of my arms will go to sleep?

Arm pain halfway between shoulder and elbow+pulled muscle. How long will rehab take?

Around and under my left shoulder blade is grinding and it hurts, what exactly is grinding?

Back and shoulder pain for a month! please help, any tips or advice greatly appreciated?

Back cracks when shrugging and shoulder pops when lying on my side. Is this a sign of arthritis?

Bad pain in the inside of both elbows from attempting to do pullups , was told it is tendinitus what can I do to rid of pain?

Baseball injury. Dove back into bag headfirst. Shoulder pain. Trainer pulled down on arm and clicking noise occurs. Any idea if this may be severe?

Been doing hard labor. Standing for long periods of time mopping and cleaning. P.S. I have bad posture. S: shoulder blade pain, shoulder and neck.

Been having shoulder pain. Think i slept on it wrong can't look over opposite should or lift wo pain. Chiro visit or something more?

Below shoulder above tricep, when removing shirt i get a strining pain in this area that brings me to my knees and then can't move my arm for 5 minute?

Bent over to get stuff off floor. Sneezed and lot of pain in neck and shoulder blade area.

Both my arms hurts n the same exact place. Feels like i've been punched, sharp when i rub it. Between my shoulder & elbow mayb more closer to shoulder?

Both of my arms hurt, i feel it in my shoulder blades down into my thumb. Suspected herniated disc of the c5-6 area. Does that go with it?

Both of my shoulders have been very stiff and sore. When i rotate my arms my shoulders sound like they crunch and pop. Ideas?

Can a pulled pectoral muscle cause shoulder/neck/jaw pain also hve bad tennis elbow pain on same side breast towards middle also sore on move repi wor?

Can a rotator cuff injury cause your arm to feel like it is swelling when you try to lift it over your head even though your in extreme pain?

Can a wood door falling on a person upper left shoulder cause cervical trapezius strain?

Can you damage your shoulder from whiplash and not feel it right away?

Can you et carpal tunnel in your shoulder and neck area? Painful ache in shoulder and neck area. No comfortable position.Worse when hanging down, like when walking and pain when pressure applied.

Can you get shoulder tendonitis by throwing side arm?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get stronger of my shoulders and back (and legs)?

Can you pull muscle in upper arm/shoulder/back by sneezing into elbow I have some violent sneezes at times & feel pain in those areas.

Can you see the right shoulder in a t spine mri? When i bend my shoulder a certain way I have a area on top of shoulder that hurts when pressed deeply

Continually separating my shoulder help ?

Cortisone shot yesterday for a shoulder separation and inflammation. Today my shoulder is very sore & hurts to move. Is this normal?

Could having bad posture make my shoulder blades go numb?

Could running cause the pain in my injured shoulder to get worse?(while you run you have to swing ur arms to some extent). should I immobilize it?

Could use your help docs! my elbow has a sharp pain whenever i lean on it?

Could you have a sudden shoulder dislocation that immediately pops back in?

Developed pain in left shoulder joint after playing sports, it persists even after 3 wks. While rotating hand, it hurts in a certain position, please adv?

Diagnosed w/Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Fall from bike on left side of face 6 yrs back. Burning in both hands, right trapezius seizes up. Will PT help?

Dislocated left shoulder two months ago. Did proper therapy. When I overhead press, my left shoulder seems odd as if doesn't exists. What's up?

Dislocated my right shoulder in january of 2013, reduced, slung it with pt. My right collarbone looks different & right side of neck feels tense. Why?

Do I have a dislocated shoulder if I can't throw without a weird loose sensation?

Do people ever get shoulder tendonitis by throwing a softball side arm?

Doctors saying my left arm hurting is a frozen shoulder. I can move it when im sitting up its when i lay down it feels like its gets locked in place?

Does frozen shoulder give a shooting pain down the arm if moved sudden or moved 2 fast? This happens 2 me

Does my shoulder hurt cause I have gonnarhea?

Doing PT for shoulders -ultrasond, etc. When I pulled my shirt off I heard a crack and had a sharp pain.Now tender and spasms. Is PT now compromised?

done w/diclofen for left shoulder still in pain. today something pop in shoulder now simply moving it up or down or across chest hurts.

Dr says strained rotator cuff. Can't move my rt arm up or to side cause it feels tight.Can lift it only using my lt hand as support. More than str rc?

DR. couple of these months my whole body and bone is paining.its like the pain start from my arms,then shoulder,back,legs,even my fingers.advice me?

Dull aching pain near left shoulder blade area for 2 years, feels good to massage real hard with pool ball, it was never injured. What could this be?

Dull, warm pain near acromion prcs in rt shoulder when bearing weight (turning in bed, respositioning in chair, pull ups) no hx injury. What's wrong?

During sport I feel a lot of pain on my face front?

Dx with rotator cuff injury to left shoulder area.Arm.Is still hurting bad on the side.Of upper arm and going in my arm. Took nsaid nohelp . Help?

Elbow cracks loudly when I tense and move it. No pain, but sometimes stiff. Has since I was hit by a car on that arm years ago. Can it cause problems?

Elbow pain for a week that radiates to the shoulder and arm. Also to the back. Feels like pinching? feels better with rest

ever since Monday my shoulder hurts I can't lift anything and it's to the point Where whenever I try to lift my shoulder my whole right arm hurts?

Every once in a while out of no where, my clavicle feels like its been disconnected from my shoulder and i can't lift my arm. What is this and why?

Every time i lift my arm or use it for doing something i get a pain at the top of my arm/shoulder? Do you know what this is?

Every time i lift my left arm to about face level my shoulder "pops" like when i crack my knuckles. It only happens with my left shoulder. Why?

Every time i push up my shoulder cracks, what to do?

Everytime I do shoulder presses or any chest exercise my shoulder clicks and cracks. What can I do to prevent that?

Everytime i lift my arm up my shoulder pops and it goes numb for no reason time to time.?

Experiencing popping or snapping sound from my shoulder . Been hurting for a month and can't raise my arm above my head. When raise there is pain. ?

Extreme right shoulder pain. Very limited mobility, just got left are out of a sling after breaking my humerus. Am afraid I tore cuff in right arm.

Fell about a week ago.i was crushed between the floor and a person that is about 250lb. Stlii have severe pain in shoulders and chest?

Fell on my arm 2 weeks ago, still can't twist it but pain is manageable.fear of fracture.What is the best way to support my arm until I can go to doc?

Fell over , pain in back of shoulder , when arms moved bone in the back of shoulder sticks out under skin , severe pain constantly , little movement?

Fell snowboarding 3 days ago. Pain in lower right clavicle and neck. Hurts most when I sleep, cough, or certain movements. Any ideas?


From last 4/5 years am suffering from drooping shoulder (right shoulder), right shoulder gets stretched down, uneasy sleep, pld help..

Getting a feeling of shoulder dislocation. What is a quick way for recovering from shoulder pain?

Getting out from rotator cuff & tendonitis, is it normal to feel some discomfort on upper arm, like burning specially when it is cold around 60's? Ty

Got a stiff neck for two weeks after I hit the shoulders workout in the gym & can't turn my head to the right side properly. How long will it to heal?

Had a cart fall on my shoulder a few years ago the pain eventually stopped but now its back and my shoulder pops when moved what can I do to stop pain?

Had an xray today on ny right shoulder on top of it, felt pain 2 yrs ago until now, can't fully move because of pain, there is clicking sound which my other shoulder doesn't have. Xray no fracture and doctor minimize heavy lifting. What others management

Had epidural injection a couple months ago been having a lot of pain just below in between my shoulder blades and really hard to pick up my head witho?

Had like an ache in between my shoulder blades. I'm perfectly healthy but am under a lot of stress. Could this cause it?

Had shoulder arthroscopic 3wks ago. Nothing major. Now my arm sometimes locks as i'm moving it.Then feels like something snaps and my arm moves again.

Had shoulder dialocation. Subluxs eaaily when left arm is up and to the left a bit. Limits rotation. After sublux any recovery made feels gone?

Had sport injury (AC joint), 2 years ago. Still feel pain when I left my arm or move it certain way & also in my back head (behind my ear). What todo?