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About arthritis. There is any way or any medication to help relief the pain. Cause I have arthritis with severe spasms of my right leg.?

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Any ideas as to how to reduce the pain of fibromyalgia?

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Anyone know of any pain relief? I've had gout for two weeks now and it's still not shifting. I am on warfarin.

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Are there any devices to assist/help relieve pain in the knees due to arthritis?

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Besides back pain, what else should I expect if I have degenerative arthritis?

Body pain and joints are also paining. Have taken crocin but only it was for temperorily relief.

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Can you please tell me the best possible way to relieve my joint pain naturally?

Can you tell me about gout pain relief, i, ve had it for two weeks now and its still not shifting I am on warfarin?

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Diagnose with lupus and having a lot of joint pain what can I do to relieve pain?

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Does anyone know a good remedy for hip and knee joint pain? Tai chi? Massage?

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Does zostrix (capsaicin) work for arthritis pain ok?

Does zostrix (capsaicin) work for arthritis?

Does zostrix (capsaicin) work well for arthritis pain?

For osteoarthritic knee apart from knee surgery what are ways to relieve this? Can homeopathy work? Tried glucosamine and painkillers are only tempora

Fractured Right sacro illiac joint giving birth 3 years ago now suffer fibromyalgia severe pain how can I ease it on tramadol daily not helping?

From two weeks i hsve gout pain?

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