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My wrist have been hurting for a while. They hurt whether I'm holding my phone, writing, straightening my hair, etc. Why could this be?

was shoveling snow that was very heavy, twisting the shovel to throw the snow away, heard crunching & popping. left elbow weak, pain. ER?

17 years old. Very bad pain in right wrist. Can't lean or put pressure on it. Does not hurt when I'm not using it. ?

1st rib + scaleling surgery for ntos i thin acouple internal stitches busted is it serious? I felt a snap then warm wiggle feeling toward my sternum.

3 wks ago I heard an EXTREMELY LOUD pop in my knee-forcing my knee into file cabinet trying to move it--never swelling but still pain-suggestions?

36 male, software developer... Experiencing very deep funny feeling pain in middle toes when lying idle and and flexing the toes. What could be reason and how to ease it?

37 yr male was bending back landscaping material when his thumb bent backwards. Possible dislocation , put back in himself, swollen & bruise what 2 do?

4 mo. ago washed a 15x10x6Lb.Pyrex when almost dropping I caught it which injured my wrist- Gotten worse since - Twisting it & Sleeping w/Brace hurts?

4mnths ago my wrist hurt to bend both directions, i used a brace & it went away, now its back, what could it b, i'm 22?

4mos ago had IV put in vein of wrist. Since then it hurts to move hand too quickly or lift anything heavy. Locks up when i stretch. Is this serious?

4yrs ago dislocated knee sitting in a chair and x-rays done to search for break, none now both knees hurt all the time feel like gunna lock?

5w baby moves side by side pedaling motion moves arms rubs face twists making whimpy sounds eyes closed/open REM. Doesn't stop w hand/held. Seizure?

8lb medicine ball jammed my writing wrist back a week ago. what should I be doing to help it heal? I can't shoot hoops or pushups, too much pain

About 1 month ago i hit my right hand to a wall i didn't get fracture according to X-ray but still i feels pain whenever i try to lift any objects?

About a month ago i bent my wrist back on the job & now the center bone sticks out when i bends it & my skin sinks in. What should i do?

After a car accident can your wrist start hrting. It has been abt 8 weeks and my right wrist is still sore and getting worse. No strength in it?

After a neck sprain strain from a gym machine.I can't move 2right it hurts when i walk move my head to right when i sleep. Ice it? Rest it? Week off?

After banging my knee... I can't keep my leg in a bent direction for too long because itll start to hurt until I stretch it. Should I get it checked?

After how many weeks after breaking a clavicle usually is it ok to start lightly throwing a ball against the wall with a lacrosse stick?

After relaxing for an hour after work, my heels hurt and my achiles tendon feels tight when i start moving. What should I do?

After relaxing for an hour after work, my heels hurt and my achilies tendon feels tight when i start moving. What can cause this?

After taking naproxen for a few days my knuckel still hurts and feels tight when i make a fist. Should i just tape my finger to another?

After volleyball thete was a pain in my forearm and it felt like something wad overstretched what could be wrong and can I avoid a doctor?

At volleyball practice I was passi g a ball and then had a sharp pain in my wrist. Could it be hyperextended and can I avoid the doctor?

Back popped loudly when grabbed falling person, intense pain, different opinions from pulled muscle, popped bone out of line, no money for xrays ?

Big toe hurting for 48hrs. Haven't knocked/exerted it. Movement doesn't especially hurt. Icing brings mild relief.

Black pain at last point of spinal hard. I am unable to sit hard surface .I am unable drive my two wheeler. Please advice?

Botched a cartwheel 3 months ago, think I overextended my wrist. Let it rest and iced it awhile but still cant bend it back or forward w/o pain. Help?

Both shoulders are crunching/clicking when arms are raised and lowered. Noticeable crunch/click when opposite hand is rested on them when moved. Help!

Boyfriend lifted weights/did push ups last night; hour later his right arm was swollen. Still swollen today. Solid/hard to touch; swishy @ elbow. ?

Broke wrist several years ago. Sometimes wrist is so weak other times its ok. Hurts to brush hair, carry tray at work, hurts to support weight?

Burning feeling around bone from inside, elbow to wrist + pain when flexing wrist at inside joint. Result of horse bolting while holding a lead rope.

Can a pulled ligament on the hip make it feel like its locking up when i put it in certain positions?

Can hitting or tapping your back help relieve plurisey? My partner does this for me and it helps but is it good to do?

Can i die from cracking my neck? Like, can I twist it so far myself that it breaks or something?

Can i grow taller by hanging upside down with rope tied on my ankle just like how african neck rings stretch necks? I'm not concerned about injuries

Can musical and tendon nerve be slow stretch to a longer laugh with break and still work and move normal?

Can snowboarding somehow mess up the top of foot muscle and give me arthritis?

Can someone tell me how people fix a constantly inflamed shoulder?

Can spiking a volleyball too much make my shoulder bigger? Boxers who punch a bag too much make their arms bigger. Is it the same with spiking?

Can tight painful bear hugs cause ant spinal damage? Spine hurts after receiving one several hours ago. Very tight hug, made me yell at the time.

Can you breathe on your own under general anesthesia and are your muscles all relaxed so you can't move at all orcan you move a bit like your finger?

Can you guys tell me how bad would it hurt if i intentionally dislocate my shoulder?

Can you tell me about that hard substance built around my knees?

Can your posture make your wrist hurt or tingle because ive been trying to fix my posture and my wrist has been tingling and it hurts?

Catch in my shoulder. painful. 6 out of 10'at times. I put an ice pack on it. But it seems to have moved to the side and now even more 2 the front??

Chiro thinks my bi pars can heal hurt right side 7 months ago, left side couple weeks ago. Use brace, elect stim, heat & ice. 22& great shape. Possible?

Clapped both hands with someone we both used a lot of force and the impact jolted me, my ower jaw feels a bit sore, could it have moved it backwards?

Could an intercostal sprain happen from tennis? Feels like a knot. Sore. What's best way to treat it? Been trying to kneed it. Applying heat??

Could I have dislodged my ACL graph? I unintentionally moved my foot to about 3o'clock from a 12 o'clock position and hear a pop and crack. No pain.

Could I have sprained my forearm by having it jammed in a ski lift safety bar? They kept trying to shut it hard without knowing my arm was stuck

Could my rotating cuff be ripped? About a month ago i was out playing on the monkey bars and did a flip and yanked my arm really bad, then days later my shoulder began to throb with pain. When im in class and the air is on its starts throb also. When i pu

Couldn't breathe after trying to touch the rim in basketball, heard a crack but I don't know what it was. Help?

Cracking in neck when turning right but no pain, no movement limitation after whip lash type dance injury 6 months ago. Will it improve with time?

Crashed my hip \u0026 abdominal area into a tree.Hurts most when i bend back and lean the opposite way.I lean and what i'm stretchingfeels is gonna snap. Y?

Cut thumb with razor blade. 2 stitches. Very sore & stiff. Hard to bend. Feels like ima break/ tear somethin. This normal? Maybe inflammation?

Deadlift excersize: when i do weights over 220 pounds my fingers act like hook, i cant make a full grip no matter how hard i try.why cant i have agrip?

Did frontflip where at the end you stepout & when I did I hyperextended 1leg w/all my weight on it.Now hurts to straighten leg.Feels like a bad pinch?

Did I sprain or jam my hand rebounding the basketball? Hurts like h***

Did some cleaning for 2 hours, didn't overdo it. Next morning had bruising on forearms and felt weaker. What would cause this? Getting annoyed

Dislocated my shoulder in high school. Now I see and my arm aches like a door got closed on it. And sleeping on it makes it go numb.

Dislocated patella popped back in but still sideways a little.painful to walk and bend. Ice helps but not enough.Can't take antiinflammatory(on daypro (oxaprozin)?

Do double jointed elbows usually hurt alot?

Dominant right hand feels tight when i try to open it, kind of snaps back to close. Could this be from overuse, writing, holding bottle for baby, etc?

Dug a trench for about a 1 week straight..lifted couple of times in gym same week...forearm is sore.. Dull soreness when rotating wrist..little ache?

Dull pain in both thumbs (metacarpal area) for about 2 months now, no injury. Hard to open stuff. What are good hand exercises to do to make it better?

During cheer practice we were stunting and someone fell on my neck, making it crack. Now I have a pain in the middle of my chest. Should I see a doc.?

During my softball game I was rounding first base and felt a pop in my calf. The pain is still intense and I can't flex or bear weight on it.What2 do ?

elbow hurts in sharp bursts of pain, mostly on the inside. i sleep on it like an idiot sometimes. working out makes it worse. desk job too. thoughts?

Elbow hyper-extends & hurts on outside part of elbow. Could it be a ligament? How is this treated? Has been going on for at least 2yrs.

Entire body seemed to hurt really bad it kept me up seemed mostly in joints like knees spine ankles fingers no unusual activity?

Ever since I was little (I can remember as young as 5years old,) when I rotate my left wrist is clicks and grinds. No injuries, but I do have Type1dia?

Every few months I get excruciating pain, both elbows. Joints feel like they are being forced apart by a broad, knife that turns. Any ideas?

Every time i tilt my foot upwards you can see the tendon move. And it pops. Is this normal?

Every time I try to do push-ups or lift even light Dumbbells my elbows make a cracking noise which I can feel. Is that vitamin deficiency?

Fell 6 mos ago. When i caught myself, i felt a slight pop in the elbow & it overextended beyond my normal hypermobile range.Clear x-ray; still hurts.?

Fell on my palm & wrist 10/31/15 Have wrist for 1+monthCould it be from fall? Hurts to bend,stretch,touch,move Tried NSAIDs, support, creams, massage.

Few days treatment for wrist tendinitis & now can do the thumb test with little pain & more mobility. Can I go back to lifting weights now? Advice?tnx

First aid use triangular bandage mike elevation sling came underneath arm and bihind back if i tie on shoulder don't go behind back will hurt person?

For a while now my wrists have been hurting. They start to hurt whether it's writing, holding my phone, doing dishes, or straightening my hair. Why?

For about a month now, I've had pain when I move my thumb in the spot the wrist begins. I hear the bone popping sometimes when I try to massage it.

For the past week or so my left knee has been killing me. I can't bend , kneel or lean on it. I have iced, used OTC meds, and put a brace on it. Help!

For years my wrist hurts when I do push ups, i think it's from an old snowboarding injury. Is there anything i can do to fix it, not just work around?

Forced to do task at work which hurts my back but i've been told I have to do it. How can I avoid injury?

Forefinger got forcefully stretched backwards during workout. Pain (not severe, but impairing day-to-day) is the same after 3 months. What can I do?

Fractured sternum at age 13, now 22.Still get pain occasionally in chest & makes loud pop.Is this normal?Happens with strenuous act or heavy lifting

Frequently when I touch things (open a door, pick up the phone) if anything touches my finger joint I get severe pain enough to bring tears?

Good evening, my elbows and my fingers squeak ... how can I stop this ? Is stretching and back massage enough ? Will it squeak to osteoarthritis?

Good morning whenever I am doing pull ups exercise by the time i reach my 6-7 set of 6 each i get sprain on the right side of my neck?

Got a 3 month medroxyprogesterone injection. Was told me to not move my arm too much. But i like tennis and boxing. Can i really not do those things?

Gymnastics Balance beam Falling Pain My wrist is black and blue with a part slightly poking my skin. Is my wrist broken? I can barely move it

Had a painful pop In my shoulder while playing basketball and reaching out for a rebound & couldn't move it for a minute or 2.

Had a painful pop In my shoulder while playing basketball and reaching out for a rebound & couldn't move it for a minute or 2. Any ideas?

Had a painful pop In my shoulder while playing basketball and reaching out for a rebound & couldn't move it for a minute or 2. Now it's aching.

Had a pice of glass stuck in knee on otter side, pulled it out bit herd a snap when pulling out. 100% sure still in there, now what?

Had a pulled hamstring for a while and once that completely healed i now feel this like ball/growth thingy on my hamstring....Is that normal?

Had a semi torn triceps 8 years ago, still have cracking elbow joint and less triceps strenght than right side when working out. Is there a fix will it remain like this 4 ever?

Had a sharp pain in elbow on the last pushup in workout. Now (next morning), very sore to move. Feels like being jabbed with an ice pick. What is it?

Had a tfcc injury hitting a heavy bag 2 months ago. Still have a sharp pain on the little finger side. Is it ever to late for physical therapy?

Had an 8lbs ball jam my wrist back workingout Sat. still painful, stiff hard to write. what should I do to heal it? should I see a doc or let it heal?