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lower back pain and sciatica gets worse on cloudy,wet weather..yes or no?

15 weeks pregnant, bad hip & back pain, can hardly bend, get up from sitting or pick my 1yo up. What can help besides tylenol (acetaminophen)? Help!

15 year old daughter terrible leg pain & arm pain sometimes can't bear weight. Going to ER twice/ no answer.Pcp said stop stains 4 days ago no relief?

15 yrs ago i fractured 5ribs, i think i re fractured one 3 days ago. Pain is getting worse instead of better. How do i take care of this. Thank you.

18 weeks pregnant pregnancy #2 the last few days i've been having hip pain seems worst in morning especially when I walk, what can relieve this fast?

25 weeks pregnant was in car accident prior to finding out i was pregnant now I have constant hip pain gets worse and worse what should I do?

25yr Cuz has a very swollen ankle 6 days.Dull ache in low leg,LTpurple,no injury,dull,tingly pain,rotating no help.VERYoverweight,thyroid/issue medication.Cant get to doc, causes?care?Thank.

3 days ago had something pop in the back of my thigh been RICE. Pain getting worse painful to walk/straighten, is urgent care visit appropriate?

3 weeks ago, i developed sudden stiffness in both knees. I still have this and it appears to be getting worse. Any ideas how i can relieve this?

36 year old healthy female. Have had gutate psoriasis for 25 years. Starting to get back and joint pain (elbows, knees), stuff in the morning. Could these be related? Shall I see a Dr. or is this me getting old?

After getting acupuncture for a shoulder problem, my left inner shin keeps going really hot. What could it be?

After i jump and come down i get sharp pain above my talus. What can I do/take to treat the pain?

After my crowns flare up I can't seem to get rid of my right abdominal pain. Walking and bedding are the worst. What should I do?

After my first IVF cycle 8 months ago, part of my hip went numb. It's now getting worse with occasional pain down my leg. Is it ever going to heal?

Am 3 months pregnant with pain below stomach for several days, especially walking and bending down is this normal or do I need to see a doctor?

Any advice? I have sciatica for about 5 months with no sign of it getting better?

Anything can/should do for sciatic nerve pain? It is not bad enough to warrant anything like surgery, but don't want it to get worse.

Are psychosomatic knee (anxiety related), eye pain and headaches dangerous? Should i avoid walking or using the knee to not make it hurt worse?

Are some people more prone to getting back pain?

Are there any steps I can take to prevent mild dislocated shoulder from getting worse?

At 22 i got diagnosed with degenerative disk disease in l5. It's painful when i first lay down until it adjust. Is my pain going to get worse with age?

Bad ball joint symptoms. Who to see?

Been putting heat on my lower right abdomen, thinking it could ease the pain, but the pressure makes things worse. Any advice to make the pain stable?

Can a strained arch get worse if not treated?

Can being adjusted by chiropractor make inflammation in back worse?

Can children get bursitis? My son has elbow pain.

Can ebv/mono cause achy knee pain in both knees that won't get better.

Can exercise make tmj pain worse? I also have swollen glands

Can fibromyalgia suddenly get a lot worse? Feel like I'm in the worst flare I've ever had, and my energy levels and pain ones are terrible

Can neuropathy of foot get worse if i injure it again? Strained Achilles and the neuropathy is flaring up real bad. Getting MRI & seeing doc tomorrow.

Can numbness and very sore muscles be perminant/get worse? End up in wheelchair? Anything be done to relieve pain?

Can rib pain get worse before it starts to heal?

Can smoking make you hurt all over or is it atheritis.what can i do to ease the pain?

Can the pain from arthritis go away or do it get worse? So for, it has gotten worse for me. Any use of my hands I'm in pain. What can be done?

can walking and getting up from chair at job be causing me to get calf stiffness/tingling/pain? also getting r . shoulder numbnese

Can you tell me what you suggest if you have herpes can you get knee pain?

Chronic left knee pain even in my sleep due to having gone for a jog. 3 mnths has passed & not getting better even after long rest. Please advise?

Coccyx Numbness and Moderate pain seems to be worsening. Does net get better with standing. Hard chairs are like a death sentence. Going on for year?

Come and go mild pain and popping feeling in l knee 5 weeks after day of strenuous physical activity. Getting somewhat better with time. See a dr.?

Compression fracture of my t12 when i was 15. Its healed but i still have terrible back pain 11 years later and gets really bad. What would cause this?

Costochondritis is there anyway to diagnose it properly I have no heart problems but the pain makes my back and shoulders hurt what can I do help?

Could leukemia physical pains get worse?

Could sciatica make knee pain worse or be the complete cause?

Could self resolving calf pain (getting slowly better) with no other symptoms be dvt?

Cramp fasciculation syndrome with pain ln my legs seems to getting worse. What will make it go away?

Currently trying to get over a uc flair up and been trying to hold it in hard. My tailbone hurts. Could i be straining it causing pain?

Dancer from a young age now constant low level knee pain, what can I do to help/ease it? Do I need to go see my GP.

Diagnosed with L medial sesamoiditis (xray clean). getting worse &pain lingers but in springboard diving season. dangerous to continue through pain?

Diagnosed with pfps almst 3yrs ago been to os and going to pt not helping. Lately been getting worse and hurts more when rainy. Is it right diagnosis?

Dislocated my knee cap three days ago. Went to er. Following all dr rules. Pain meds aren't helping. The swelling/ pain is worse. What do I do?

Do a lot of people get pelvic pain?

Do crutches make lower back issues worse?

Does anyone feel shoulder discomfort before not after working out?

Does arthritis get worse the more you move?

Does golf make low back pain worse?

Does ovary issue make hip hurt?

Does the cold weather cause pain from an ACL injury to get worse?

Does the pain from discitis get better?

Every day I have neck, back, and other muscle\ joint pain that get gradually worse as the day goes on. Sometimes it gets to the pint that I can't even function because of the pain.?

Every so often I will get horrid pains take make me hold my breath and make me sit down. And these sharp, acute pains come from my hip and pelvis area?

Every summer I have mild hayfever but also over the last few years I have been getting joint pain?

Everything hurts as if i were working out without stretching i m having issues with headaches i m always tired and have to force myself to eat the pain is getting worse everyday and it has been going on for about four days its getting colder could that be

Extreme pain in neck when I cough or yelling it goes down my spine.Been going on for over a year.been in accidents when younger & ruff as I get older ?

Fell getting out of shower heard knee pop, pain on inside of knee. I can do everything w pain. treatment/possible diagnosis?

For a few years now I've been suffering with painful lower backache now even more as my job involves walking alot. Its getting quite bad what can I do?

For the past 2 years I have had pain in my wrist that comes and goes. I can't put weight on it. It is getting worse and more frequent. What can it be?

For the past months, i get severe pain in the sole of my feet after a brief inactivity. It goes away once i start walking. What to do?

Fractured L1 spine8days ago.left ama b4MRI .pain is so much worse!cant walk for 3days now.any movement feels like its biting nervesIts getting worse.

Frat/twin has pain right all side of her body.Never exercises, diet.Mom has hip osteoporosis. Is it osteoarthritis?.Will it get worse?

Getting induced, when should I get my epidural so that it doesn't wear off when I start to push? About how many cms? Or if I can't handle the pain?

Got a sharp pain behind knee cap and is getting worse everyday could it be fluid if so is there anyway of helping it without going to the doctor?

Groin pain, gets worse with activity, walking etc. Better at rest, but still apparent. Radiates to top of leg. Had for 3 weeks. ?

Had a bilateral release on my knee 3 yrs ago in march, how long does it take for the nerves to grow back,im starting to feel better lately,is that why?

Had low back pain for ten years, over last year it has been constant and gets worse with activities. Time for surgery?

Had medial epicondylitis for 3 month, had physio was getting better but now it's started to get worse again. Not sure if my doctors will help me?

Had medial epicondylitis for 3 month, had physio was getting better but now it's started to get worse again. What should I do?

Had MRI for foot after falling. Diagnosis-mild contusion deep in muscle. Over a month later & pain is getting worse & it's popping now. See a new dr?

Had part knee replacement 6 months ago , still as bad as it was b4 had it dun if not worse. Pain really bad?

Had surgery on both legs. still having pains in foot and through legs. anyway to relieve the pain? have to be able to run eventually my job.

Haemochromatosis joint pain, does it come and go or progressively get worse?

Have an regular pain on my ball and socket of my thigh.. It is due to over wait or anything alse. Pls tell how to get rid of this pain?

Have fibromyalgia and 2 weeks out from abdominal myomectomy.Still in pain & on heavy narcotics, how long until i get better? Is fibro making it worse?

Have had severe chondromalacia patella for 3+ yrs. Tried physio, stretches everything. Nothing has helped keeps getting worse. What now?

Have had severe hip /groin/back pain for weeks steroids are helping a little. Will MRI still show problem if i'm starting to feel a little bit better?

Have pain in elbow they thought it is tendonitis of tricept I've had it braced for a month but its not getting better its getting worse whatcoulditbe?

Have pfs in both knees. Sometimes they hurt so bad it is hard to get comfortable so i can sleep. I'm going to pt, but it's not helping much?

Have severe trochanteric hip bursitis very painfulwill having a baby next year make it worse? Also 70lbs over weight will losing weight ease the pain?

Have TMJ dysfunction on right side. pain and can't fully bite down. comes and goes 2 months now. Gets better with rest. Is this a slipped disc? Tx?

Having extremely bad lower back pain when I bend in any direction. Feels weak and nsaids not helping. Worth calling my doctor? Going on for 3 weeks.,

Hello doc. I m hashim my leg and hand sometime gets pain wiyhout any reason it starts paining it doesn't stop untill i take pain killer i need advice?

Hello, I am Seeing doctor about patellar malalignment. I am getting surgery in may to realign. Recently in a lot more pain. Can it get worst?

Help docs! i'm trying to find out what causes bones to ache in old age?

Help! need to know if there's anyway to prevent hamstring pain?

Hi I have had severe pain in my arm and shoulderblade for a month now but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. My doctor gave me anti inflammatory?

Hi it's been nearly 5 months since I had my second child and I am having really bad trouble with my hips and my back and my knees I am in so much pain with them and every time I eat or drink I get a really bad pain in the abdomen can someone help me pleas

Hi. My wife is a larger woman but always working and not lazy. She has a bad problem with sharp pains in her heels and ankles to. Limps a lot?

Hi. Getting a lot of pain from the front of my right shin. Sometimes find it difficult to walk. Other times better.

How bad is the pain if you get amputation from the knee down?

How can I avoid/ relieve extremely painful foot cramps asap?

How can I get better sleep with coccyx pain causing new stress pain on hips and outer thighs?