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early rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. has me taking 2 Aleve (naproxen) twice a day no other drugs yet. Is it safe to get flu shot without making joints ache more!

2 dislocated TMJ disk+bone spur. Inflammation cause hearing loss left ear. Very painful. Possible infection? Taking perc+mscontin now. Will Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and ibuprofen) help?

2 weeks of big toe pain now in knee/wrist. Dix uric acid 465.2umol/L. Why is voltaren (diclofenac) helps but why is it not going away? First attack ever

29yrs. Male. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Doing exercises and physiotherapy. Pain is low. Please recommend medicines which help me with the disease.

35 yo female, history of c5-6 acdf in 2006. Similar symptoms for the past 2 months. Gabapentin and muscle relaxers don't help much, can't take nsaids (crohn's disease). ?

50mg tramadol isn't giving me relief at all for fibromyalgia or behcets joint pain. Any other pain med recommendations?

57 old,rheumatic heart,knee pain,will need long acting penicillin or not?

After stopping Decadron (dexamethasone) tablets i experience of severe joints pain and stiffness of fingers at night?

Allergic to nsaids. Have frequent pain in neck, back from inflammation. Celebrex (celecoxib) a good choice?

Allergic to prednizone and nsaids, is there anything else to take for joint pain riam to different parts of the body at night?

Any vitamins, supplements, etc. that help w/ rheumatoid arthritis pain? Used to take Plaquenil, (hydroxychloroquine) don't like it. The joint pain is getting unbearable.

Anyone know good pain killers that help with a slipped disk as voltaren (diclofenac) and nuro plus doesn't help!

Are there pain medicines for arthritis that wont cause drowsiness?

Are there withdrawal symptoms with diclofenac. Being taken by a 97 year old woman with pain only when pressure is put on joints. Standing, etc. ?

Because of my sciatica I'm on oral NSAID's for a few weeks now,how to protect my stomach?

Been on lortab 9 yrs. Chronic pain. Rheumatoid, osteo, fibro, neuropothy. Lortabs do not seem to work any longer. Pharmacist suggested opana. Safe?

Besides tramadol is there anything else I can use for my joint pain with sle lupus?

Best tolerated arthritis med that is sulfa free?

Best treatment for arthritic pain in hip and knee due to arthritis - I also take blood pressure medicine for a kidney condition?

Bextra was very effective for arthritis inflamation. Is there a substitute?

Bi-lateral Knee uric acid was at 10.7 mg/dl but no swelling or redness. I have to take allopurinol for a month.can i replace with supplements?

Bromelin - has anyone ever taken it for their joint pain?

Can a diuretic be taken with meloxicam to reduce inflammation in back and legs?

Can a doctor prescribe lortab for severe arthritis in the knees?

Can a physician tell if a person has arthritis without taking xrays?

Can an inflammatory arthritis flare up (lasting about 3 weeks) resolve without medication. I have JIA and currently on no meds due to breastfeeding.

Can celebrex (celecoxib) help with anxiety as well as joint pain - depression?

Can coreg (carvedilol) cause joint pain?

Can danzen, xyzal and pacofen reduce pain with arthritis, enabling one to move freely?

Can drinking mangosteen juice reduce arthritis inflammation and pain?

Can I donate plasma if I have hypothyroid and I am prescribed medications like oxycodone flexril and dizapam for degenerative disc diease? I am o+


Can i maintain a brexen 200 mg for my severe scoliosis pain? Is 200 mg a day is not harmful in my kidner and liver?

Can i take 3 sulfazine 500 mg, 1 mobic (meloxicam) 15 for swelling of my knuckles and back pain?

Can i take ibuprofen if I have chroans disease?

Can I take ibuprofen immediately after prednisone for severe pain due to RA flares?

Can i take methcarbomal for pain of rheumatoid arthritis?

Can I use arthritis medicine after surgery?

Can I use diclofenac instead of Celebrex. I have juvenile RA and just had a hip replacement?

Can I use methotrexate to treat psoriatic arthritis when I also have gallbladder stones and severe attacks?

Can liquid glucosamine supplements like flexicose and synflex help with spinal stenosis?

Can liquid glucosamine supplements like flexicose and synflex help with spinal stenosis?

Can low doses of antideppressants aleviate the pain of interstitial nephritis?

Can nabumetone 750 mg help with my inflamed tube?

Can one be hypnotized to stop RA pain?

Can quinine in tonic water make psoriatic arthritis worse?

Can reflux be caused by RA? If so, does RA meds help or do you have to take an additional reflux med?

Can severe symptoms of psoriatic arthritis be reduced with routine medications?

Can statin use cause costa chronditis?

Can taking 80mg of simvastatin daily for 7yrs cause rheumatoid arthritis? I'm 69 yrs old

Can taking a "statin" medication cause joint pain?

Can taking capoxone cause joint pain in their hands?

Can there be any other way than regular prescription for arthritis?

Can u take curcumin with etodolac - both for joint pain from osteoarthritis?

Can you tell me best indian herb to control joint pains?

Can you tell me is 40 mgs of predisone for a 53 year old women with severe arthritis ok?

Can Zoloft (sertraline) (100mg daily) be an effective and proper medicine to relieve erosive inflammatory arthritis joint pain and progression?

Chronic back, ribs, joint pain responds to paracetamol, naproxen or ibuprofen dramatically. Does that mean inflammatory pain? Ra, anticcp, hla b27 -ve

Chronic oa pain in spine; neuropathy & oa in feet. Is it ok to take 1 diclofenac in a.M., 5 oz. Glass wine w/dinner & vicodin @ bedtime?

Clicking in shoulder joint, can the drug rosuvastatin be a cause? Been on this new drug for 3 months

Could the mobic (meloxicam) i'm taking for my arthritis be causing stomach pain?

Dad had pmr and was on prednisone, he weaned off but 7 months later he has severe joint pains w/ no inflamitory markers all over. Prednisone effect?

Diag with sle. Dr had me on celebrex (celecoxib) &chloroquine sulphate. Changed to naproxen cos cele was toocostly. My legs hurt ever since. Help.

Do anti inflammatory drugs help with fibromyalgia pain ?

Do diverticulitis and sciatica sometimes occur together and does one aggravate the other?

Do I need to take Celebrex (celecoxib) everyday for chronic back, and joint pain, or can I take it as needed? I want to get the best effect.

Do pain patches work better than narcotic pills to control chronic joint pain from ankylosing spondylitis?

Doc Ronald I have pain in my sacroiliac joint and m hlab27 +; 29 yr of age detected rheumatoid arthritis and 28 weeks pregg.what med can I takepain ba?

doctor prescribe chymoral forte,,fursultiamine compound,vitamin B1+B6+B12 for thigh swelling 1 month x ray of hip joint and lumbar clear.effectivens?

Does a dr prescribe lortab for severe arthritis in the knees?

Does a six-month regimen of prednisone (for IGA nephropathy) risk damage to hips/joints? Husband is having hip pain after a month on the drug.

Does amoxicillin (almox 500) worsen rheumatoid arthritis pain ? I am having severe pain after having this for pain in tonsils. Please respond. Thanks.

Does anyone know about flector patch (diclofenac) for arthritis pain?

Does celecoxib really have a lower risk of GI problems compared to other nsaids?

Does chondritin or glucosamine have any stimulative properties? I am 46 year old 5'4' 155lb female. I am highly allergic to caffiene, ginseng, narcotics, etc... I am having issues with one of my ankles like pain when in high heels..It feels like my ankle

Does Curcumin work for osteoarthritis, and or low back pain? If so how much should I take? Thanks! :)

Does elevation have an effect on arthritis?

Does fibromyalgia causes paint in the joints as well in the flesh of my back even though I am takin my medicine?Help please.

Does long term use of NSAIDs such as Celebrex cause loss of cartilage or contribute to osteoarthritis?

Does mobic (meloxicam) help treat grade 1 hamstring strains?

Does naproxen decrease the amount of calcium deposits in my shoulder; or is it solely used as an anti-inflammatory? Or is it both and the same?

Does running exacerbate the inflammation for gout sufferers? Assuming the uric crystals have yet to subside completely.

Does taking joints maintenance drugs help to reduce joints inflammation?

Does taking narcotic therapy for degenerative disk disease effect my organs?

Does the steriod deca help with joint problems like gout?

Dr gave me celebrex (celecoxib) for psoriatic arthritis. How long before i will feel relief from the pain? And how does it work please?

Dr say I have a plueritis, Aleve (naproxen) helps but masks the pain only. What is standard treatment if not sure how I acquired it??. Didn't have pneumonia.

Dr says my 67y mother should take some type of injection to relief her severe pain due to osteoporosis. Is it safe?

Dr. perscribed Arcoxia etoricoxib MSD 90 mg tablets for occational knee pain, knowing that I have atrial fibrillation I need second opinion.

Drug of choice for pain in rheumatoid arthritis during breast feeding?

Drug to take for severe RA joint pain ? NIMESULIDE is banned. It used to relieve me in exactly one hour. Ibuprofen doesnt help. Any other good drug ?

Dx of rheumatoid arthritis. Taking Enbrel and occasionally prednisone burst pack. Chronic debilitating pain, not EVEN touched by OTC meds, or ensaids. Please help!!!!!!

Dx with RSD/CRPS. Best ways to deal with pain.?True allergy to opiates. Am taking ibuprofen and exercise.

Dx: ddd and arthritis in lumbar spine. prescription norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) but it's not helping. I'm still in a lot of pain. What can I do to reduce my pain? In pt for 2.5 yrs.

For severe severe pain on scale is 20 out of 10 from severe flare up of Rheumatoid Arthritis joint pain.what is the highest dose of norco (hydrocodone and acetaminophen) can she take?

For treatment of sudden gout attack (podagra) with sever pain, can 250mg naproxen, 30mg codeine, and 0.5mg colchicine be combined for a healthy person?

Good evening, i would like to know ,what is a good supplement or medication for pain inflamation and swelling.

Gout pain in toe.what to do n how to fight against gout attack my husband has this problem 2,3 timea a year then normal again after having pain killer?

Had a MRI last year no arthritis but this year have arthritis so bad on one side that its almost bone on bone tried pt knee brace mobic (meloxicam) pain meds tkr?

Had a reaction to relafen (nabumetone) in hospital for anemia / GI bleeding now have weakness and headaches , ringing in the ears is this still from relafen (nabumetone)?