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2 days my ears makes audible pop/clicks every time i breathe out or talk. It happens w/o moving my jaw and stops when i plug my nose?

33 yr. Old female. Pain in ear, hurts when I chew, yawn, etc. What could be the cause?

About 3 weeks ago my left thumb started giving me problems. It would make audible popping sounds and it was jerky whenever I bent or straightened it o?

All of sudded clicking noise in ear? Not consitent? Muscle spasm?

Almost every soccer game, after a few headers, I begin to hear a clicking noise in back of my head. Should I be concerned?

Any ideas on why i'm irritated so easily by the sound of smacking?

Blowing nose & heard a pop/crack noise from rib area. Now have severe sharp pain when moving, breathing, coughing, etc. Do u think it may be fractured?

Braces- weird clicking/cracking sound whenever i open and close my mouth, help?

Burning in right ear, along with snapping and clicking noises inside it?

Can barely hear out of one ear when I grind on that side all night. Is this bad?

Can braces make your jaw make a popping noise?

Can constantly deep breathing cause muscles or veins in your neck to pop? Can things in your neck pop and snap?

Can crackling the neck, the back, the legs, the fingers harm a person ? And how ? What can it cause ? And when we shouldn't crackle ?

Can squeezing ear cartridge real hard and bending it cause the cartlidge to be damaged? 

Can TMJ and tight muscles cause your eustachian tube to be jammed open, causing muffed sound when speak ?

Can you please tell me why it'sthat every time i bite down my jaw makes a popping noise?

Can you tear or fracture the cartilage in your nose by smashing or pressing down on your nose? I heard a pop when i was moving it.

Clicking in throat usu. On the right, just after i inhale or exhale through mouth or speak. Absent if hunched over/lying down or closed mouth sound (m, n); no pain; audible to others; need voice 4 work?

Clicking noise in back of my head above my neck only when i jump , i hear a faint click like a nail tap when i jump? What is this?

Constant urge to pop neck. Is this harmful?

Could it be alarming to hear a clicking sound in my shoulder during exercise?

Could tinnitis and crackling sound and pain in ear be caused by a forward head posture that led to masseter problems?

Cracking sound when i turn head after deep tissue neck massage- been over 1 week now, no pain but scared by this sound...Should i worry?

Crackles and pops like pop rocks what feels and sounds like in bottom of my brain and neck.mri shows lesions. Can be related ? What can it be?

Crunching sounds lungs?

Every time baby stretches I hear a very loud pop or crack and then baby stops moving for a while..I dont feel pain but what could this be?! Help!!

Every time soft palate moves up and down (usually when talking) i hear clicking in my ears as though there's sticky fluid above my palate. Pls help?

Everytime i lift my arm i can hear my ribs squeak. Could it be cracked?

Everytime i walk or move i hear a "grinding" or "cacking" type of sound. Could this be coming from back or neck? What type of symptoms could cause?

Everytime my right shoulder moves it makes a constant popping and cracking noise and leaves me in pain everyday, any advice on ways to help this?

Filling makes a popping sound. What could this be?

Fillings making a loud crunching sound when i chew. Is this normal?

Fluid squishy sound back of head near left ear when I move my head in a certain way(sortof clenching jaw). Also loud cracking sounds when I blow nose.

For 2 months I have had a clicking coming from my ear when I speak and breathe. I can hold my breath and let go - and it clicks. Others hear it too.

For about teo to three years my neck has been making a crackling noise. Why do you think that is?

For the past few weeks I've developed a popping sound in my neck when i'm swallowing something. It use to not hurt but would annoy me. Now it's sore.

For what reasons when i roll my shoulder when doing exercise do I hear a popping noise?

Had my neck cracked 2 x by a chiropracter, Is it normal to have pain with little cracking noises upon moving my head 2 weeks later ?

Have neck arthritus when squeezing shoulders together hear crackling sound. What to do and what is it?

Heard loud popping sound in my jaw when I opened my mouth to eat... What could it be? Is this normal? Its never happened to me before...

Hello i wan't to ask how to unlock left jaw or in other words, "heard clicking sound"?

Hello, i'm having a sort of crackling sound in my brain whenever i move my head. Feels like popcorn popping or chips cracking. No headache or anything?

Hello, my jaw bones make a loud noise when I chew, what is the problem, will it be fine? Any advice please I'm very worried about this and is very ann

Hello. I've been having a clicking noise in the back of my head for a long time now and I'm getting worried can you help me please? Thanks.

Hi , I just have a question about this cracking sound from the top of the throat near my soft plate my ears also Pop this only happens when I have my mouth open when it is closed there is no noise. ?

Hi doctor. Sometimes when I walk I can hear a clicking noise coming from my head. Please tell me what this is. ?

Hi have had a cold for 2 months on and off with sinus . At the back of the throat and into the noise I hear like crackling sound popping above the soft plate like there is phlegm stuck or something?

Hi i am facing this from last few days 1.clicking noise comes when i swallow sliva. 2.change in voice. 3.hurts when speaks loudly. 4.feel like dry thr?

Hi I'm 16 I'm hearing clicking noises in the side of my head and when I swallow my ears make a click sound as well and my ears ring slightly and its more than likely it happens every time I swallow its becoming worse and is really hard for me to sleep I'm

Hi, for the last 6 months, I've been having this clicking sounds at the front of my neck and moving my head in certain positions and sometimes swallowing creates this clicking sound. Also, today, while moving my head, I felt something snap out and now the

Hi, i hear spritz, fizz, bubbles type sound in spine / neck when lying down and also hear "crackling" when walking... ?

Hi, i recently oversang without warming up for about two days, and it has been 2 weeks when i talk loudly or sing it hurts. When i yawn my throat hurt

How come when I move my wrist up n down it makes a popping noise. Can see something moving with it behind thumb to middle of wrist by artery.

How do you work out knots in shoulder blades? When trying to work out knots they make a crackling noise why?

I bent over and heard a cracking noise from my breast now it is killing me feels like was pulled off my body?

I can crack my chest. The pop sound is in the middle. The problem is if the crack isnt succesful, it will hurt. But if it is, then its fine. Help?

I can feel my joints moving, like they are growing in some kind of way and it only happens while I'm making music, why does this happen?

I can make my ears pop voluntarily without moving. Its addicting like popping your knuckles. Will this damage my ears?

I can't sleep at night. I have TMJ. I hear crinkling sounds, my throat clicks when I swallow. What can I do? Please help me.

I feel 6w baby's joints crack all the time, especially during diaper changes & holding her. Sounds like cracking knuckles. Is this normal? Scared!

I feel like there's a air bubble in my eye, every single day when I blink it makes a click noise and goes away but then comes back what is it ??

I felt pressure in my throat and pressed down on it slightly with my fingers. I heard a crackling sound and my adams apple moved.. What happened?

I get a cracking squeak noise in my ears particularly when I swallow or move my jaw. It is so loud that others can hear it. I cannot sleep. 3 months?

I had a breast augmentation 27 days ago. Exerted my muscle and now I hear a slight noise. Almost like a quiet click. Should I be concerned?

I had TMJ cracking sound for long time ( 6 months) ... Today while chewing apple i heard very strong crack and now sound gone when open mouth why?

I have a broken tooth it hurts so bad but it keeps making popping noise?

I Have a cracking sound at the very end of my exhale, that if I exhale long then it turns to crackling and into coughing. advice?

I have a cracking sound in my sternum randomly, has been for nearly a year. Pain sometimes accompanies it. What is it/can I do for it?

I have a fizzing sound when neck moves?

I have a little bit of tightness in my shoulder then hear a click and some pain?

I have a perforated eardrum. Lately there's some weird movements like something being stretched out in that ear. It happens when i move my jaw. Why?

I have a popping sound when i swallow it dont hurt but annoying. I can move the bones in the larynx back and forth any idea what it can be. Worried.

I have a vashunt fitted5mnthsago. I was scratching head over area & heard a pop/click type of noise, their was a sensation of movment under my hand assoc. W/sound. Is this safe/normal occurance?

I have acute ear pain jaw pain constantly xray clear joint clicking heard and felt i don't grind been like this for months what can it be?

I have an old whiplash injury from years ago and my neck has crunching noises when I move it. Should I be concerned?

I have arthritis and sometimes on the back of my neck where my spine is it will make a shh noise like sand is falling. Kinda weird, what could that be?

I have arthritis in my neck and when i move my neck around i can hear a cushy sound , what might that be?

I have been having throat spasms every day for 3 months. It's noticeable looking at my neck and you can hear it. It's annoying, will it ever stop?

I have broken and dislocated my tailbone and keep hearing loud cracking sounds. Should I be concerned?

I have constant buzzing in my ears how can I make this stop I am cracking up?

I have degenerative disk disease L4 & 5. When I sit Down n bend over I hear almost like my disks are spreading is that what I'm feeling click noise ?

I have had a crackling noise when I swallow and also a moracalike noise everytime i take a step. I was wondering what might be causing this?

I have loud crunchy sounds when i rub anywhere along my spine & cervical. Sometimes painful, sometimes there are knots as well. Crepitus w movement 2?

I have neck arthritus when i squeeze my shoulder blades together you could hear crackling sound.What is it?

I have neck arthritus, when I do pullups i can hear my back crackling sound is it normal?

I have neck arthritus, when i squeeze my back i can hear it crack like sound, .What to do?

I have this constant sound in my left ear its like thin ice slowly cracking.Sometimes disappears for seconds, its painless its been a month, im worried?

I have tried blowing out gently but usually only one ear pops. I also hear clicks every time i swallow. Does this happen a lot in people with this?

I have very severe tinnitus thats getting worse in my right ear and that ear also cracks loudly when i swallow can the cracking noise be worsening it?

I hear a clicking or snapping sound in the back of my head but it's not when I'm walking its usually when I'm still? I can also feel it, no pain.

I hear a creaking sound in my left jaw whenever I open wide?

I hear a crunching noise when I turn my neck. Is this bad? Should I have it checked?

I hear a crunching or air noise when I push on the back of my ear, Or inside of it I can barley put my finger in it or it hurts. ?

I hear cracking sounds coming from my wrist every time I rotate it and there is some pain with it when it happens. What should I do?

I heard a crack in my ribs when i breathed in. What does this sound like?

I heard my spine crack from falling while snowboarding, now hear a clicky tinny sounding noise in head?

I heard swoosh noises in my ear, my neck is killing me, and my left wrist is hurting. Can you help me I'm in pain?

I hold my trachea it makes a popping sound and hurts like a sore throat you can feel it make a grinding noise as well when it's moved side to side?

I just did me push ups and my collar bone or shoulder started making a popping noise?

I just recently started hearing a crackling rice crispy sound when i turn or stretch my neck. Painless but worries me. Bad sleep posture or some else?