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What are ways to prevent or relieve back aches and soreness while setting at an office desk all day?

What can they do for scoliosis in a 16yr old? I can't do dishes/chores w/out having a sharp back pain.only thing to help is lay flat on floor.Plz help

What causes pain in the buttocks besides your job?

What could be the reason that i can't use movelat on my back?

What does it mean when I do spinal stretches on a daily basis and my back begins to feel some what tight?

What does it mean when your back cracks often? I don't get as much exercise as i used to &it seems like my back is stiff & cracks more. Migraines also

What exercise can put me back in shape from this lumbar pain(l5/s1 slightly narrow ). ?

What exercises must I avoid if I 37 weeks pregnant with back pain?

What is a set back? And what causes it?

What is a suggested spring bed for people with back pain?

What is buzzing vibration on top of thighs caused from? I have had lower back for last 3 months but manageable with rest and exercise.

What is it like to get a brace for your back for scoliosis?

What is the best way to sleep when u have degenerative disc. On ur back or belly or on ur side. And should I put a pillow under my back or my foot?

What is the minimum time and maximum effictive exercise that helps reduce lower back pain or fix the probleme over time that caused by disc eruption?

What kind of exercisesis should I do if I have a broken disc in my lower back and I have asthma so I can't run and im trying to get in shape ?

What medicines should be prescribed when you pull your back and are having a very difficult time walking?

What should be done in case of back ache's after a gym session?

What should I do to keep my back pain free?

What the best job for people with lower back disability?

What to do if I'm beginning to have the 'turkey neck' problem. do you know of any flex exercises that might help me?

What would be a highly effective kind of chair to work on a computer if one suffers from back pain?

What would be the best sleeping position for a teen with mild scoliosis starting to get pain in neck and back?

What would cause my left hip to rotate back and not be able to return to neutral with physical therapy?

What would experts say? Could a doctor help me if my job causes severe muscle and back pain?

What’s the best way to ease myself back into the gym?

When chiropractor "stretches you out" are they adding height & is that permanent inches?Or does body eventually go back to way it was before over time

When i bend over I have a hump in my back i do a lot of gym work and general exercise, when i stand up right my back looks fine?

When I sit in vajrasana (pls google) for 20 mins and then get up, my right knee remains stiff w/ pain for 2-3 mins and then back to normal. Thoughts?

Whenever I am about to get on large ride such as a roller coster my lower back beginns to hurt could this just be nearves?

Whever i lift weights i get a pain in my spine running through my neck. Could this mean I am not stretching properly?

While bending over to wash the dog or sitting on ground working on something, I get these upper abdomen spasm or cramp where I have to stretch 2relief?

While squatting at the gym, I dropped the bar &140 lbs behind my back. since then I have had moderate back pain in middle. possible kind of injury?

Why can't i keepmy back erect.Sometimes i hunch too.Then steady my shoulders and strain a bit to send my upper arms back.Physically active.No idle work?

Why does my back still hurt after two weeks of exercise? Two weeks ago i was doing plyometrics workout jumping over cones and onto the sidewalk. My back has been in constant pain since. I've been icing, using my foam roller, seen my chiro and gotten a dee

Why is it when I do one hand push-ups my entire spine cracks? Is it bc of the stress on the back?

Why is my body always tense? As far back as i can remember, my body is always tense or tight. I can get a massage on back to back days and each therapist will tell me how tight or tense i am. This affects my life including passing gas and bowel movements.

Why my back hurts without making any effort? Thanks.

Why would my shoulders/back grind nonstop when i shrug/roll them? It gets sore. I'm only 25. Been under a lot of stress. Also use computer a lot.

Will a back brace limit my activities? I'm getting a back brace for scoliosis. Does this mean i won't be able to do things like sports? .

Will a support belt or brace keep my low back safe when I lift at work?

Will I get any medicine for pain when I go for the lower body lift?

Will putting your bed on the floor help with back pain issues?

Will running/jogging/walking help me improve the straight cervical curve I have? I'm 23 and suffer constant neck & whole back pain because of it. Thx

Will using a board under a mattress help with low back pain?

Wondering different possibilities or if I should see a doctor. I don't have health care so i don't like going to the doctors I have upper back pain alot. When i sit my upper back curves a bit and when i forces myself to sit up straight so my back is strai

Working in a chair for 12 hours is causing me back pain?What could it be? Slip-disc?

Working out to get 6 packs, i noticed that when i bend back or during some exercises, there is a slight bulge in between the recti. Is it diastasis?