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Mild back in the morning, after working out and strecthing it feels much better. Am I doing morr damage or is it nothing to be worry about, just spams?

Mom is having pain in her back near the scapula , because of the house working what can I do to help her ? She doesn't wanna rest ... Help !

Money is tight and I am wondering how serious my condition is thank you mike 2 weeks ago my lower back seized up on my left side i rested for the remainder of the week this past week i worked around the house and lifted far to much knowing this because of

Mri no breaks, stretch and see chiro and sports med doc... Still low back pain and under right leg/hip. I run 10 miles a week. 2 c-sections. Help?

My 8 month old bub has low muscle tone from his neck to lower back pediatric dr told me today he still dise not sit up he needs physio what exersise?

My back caves in like this >). I wish my back looked like this >|. I could stand taller and my back wouldn't hurt when I do sit-ups. How to fix this?

My back has a curve, how can I fix this? I used to slouch a lot (I recently found out that I do). Is that related to this?

My back has been getting a lot weaker and more due to trampolining, any advice on how to strengthen my back to prevent injury?

My back has been hurting extremely and it seems that i cant crack it. Im in sports so its needed to stretch any stretches recommended?

My back has been hurting from my head all the way down my spine also I have shrunk i used to be 5'5 but now within 6 months i'm 5'3 and a half?

My back is messed up from a car accident.Pulled a muscle I get back spasms. I love to work out. What good exercises can I do w/o hurting myself?

My back keeps cracking all of a sudden, sometimes every 20mins. I may have bad posture, have bad anxiety, stopped my daily gym training(3months ago),?

My back locks and I lose strength in my legs, so I slowly collapse. we have been able to pull the lower leg but it does'nt always wok. ambulance trip?

My back muscles are contracted and I can't walk straight. I need help up to what I should do or eat. Thank you!

My back tightens up every time i bend or put any type of stress on it. Please help?

My backs are very.Sore. The lower part. Is non stop since three weeks. I can't bend myself to put my shoes on or seat for a.While what should I do?

My c5 is out of alignment and causing much pain and limiting my ROM. I'm afraid of chiropractor adjustments. Any other way to safely get it back?

My estimated baby's weight is over 9 lbs, how can I help ease my back pain?

My father age 72 yrs. He has chronic lower back pain . Can't sleep at night and recently lost the ability to move . One of his legs is numbed .

My father has a lot of pain in his shoulders and in upper back. It is due to working a lot on computer. Is there any medication possible or exercise.

My friend had an accident 7 years ago and suffers with back pains on and off. I would like to know of any exercises to help strengthen this for her.

My hand rises up but it falls back to its place and causes a lot of pain. What is the problem?

My husband noticed that my upper back is starting to become rounded in appearance. Why is this, and will my posture continue to worsen?

My left leg is 9mm longer than my right and I have a mild scoliosis. But when i wear a 4mm shoe lift on my right the curve only gets worse. How?

My left patella hurts when sitting for periods of time and also at night when sleeping . I'm interested in some exercises to relieve the pain.

My lower back has been really sore. Is it possible that walking on our new hard wood floors without shoes is causing this?

My lower back is puffy above my buttocks, but only in the center around the spine. It's been this way for as long as i can remember. Is this normal?

My menstrual was on last month for 3 1/2 weeks & now it's on going for 28 days now. Back to back. Heavy too. Why is that? & how should I fix that?

My neck, back & shoulders ache every day. I can't stand for too long, i'm 21 not overweight and get regular exercise.

My pelvis slips out of alignment periodically and i was told this was due to the way they came back together after giving birth. They don't realign ?

My pubic symphysis keeps misaligning and causing back/knee pain so I have to "pop" it back in. I need to get stronger but exercise hurts. Can I swim?

My r foot vibrates like a cell phone. Can it be contributed to my back pain?

My right shoulder frequently pops out of place (even when i sleep) it is easy to get back in but it keeps popping back out. It causes mild pain. Why?

My right shoulder is continually in a lot of pain. Probably as a result of carrying around a back pack in high school and college. What do I do?

My shoulders have been popping out of place then back in during stunts at cheer practice more and more often. How do I stop it from getting worse?

My siatic nerve has made me unable to sit, stand, lay down without having terrible pain. What can I do besides surgery? I have do e exercises, tens u.

My upper back and shoulders stick out further than the rest of my back.Looks like I have a hunchback. Is there anyway I can correct it?

My upper back and shoulders still feel very stiff and hurt quite frequently even though i'm exercising after acdf surgery 5 months ago. Expected?

My upper back has been hurting. I tried different stretches with my personal trainer but it seemed to make it worse. Should I just rest a few days?

My whole back joints popped after doing a mckenzie excersie 3 months ago.I've been in pain since that day..My doc doesn't know the reason? Help, pleas

Need helpful advice. Low back pain when I lay down or get up from bending down when exhaling. Didn't start til on Accutane 40mg 12day. Is the SERIOUS?

No contrast spinal MRI. Felt back getting warm & made it feel like my back was being pulled into the pad. It was not comfortable. Why happen?


Pain down my waist (left side) usually triggered when I walk carrying my laptop bag & also when I stand doing chores. Been worse since 2 days "help"?

Pain in back and rib cage after starting new yoga class?

Pain in right hip area and ovary. 16yrs. Elevated pain when menstruating. Can't sleep on it. Certain sex positions ouch! excersise/stretching helps.

Pain in right Lower right back every morning gets better after half an hour. Difficult to move and lift when I have the pain. I have grade 2 spondy at L5/S1 and spina bifada oculta. What would be the remedy?

Pedicure massage chair causing low back spasm, should I be concerned?

Please help me. Cute cervical in low back ...I to disturbed..Plz help me.//./?

Popped back out 2 days ago, was 4-5 inches to the side. Tried to relax it for 2 days.Now only about 2 inches. Is it possible for it to slowly slip in?

Problem for 6yrs. Muscle nerve pain in legs back. Hard to walk stand sit for long times. My dr says muscle degeneration. I want 2nd opinion.

Rarely I feel that my twists or my back (at the level of my twists)are heavy.what could be the reason? Thnx

Really sore lower back. Should I buy another gas guzzler for lumbar support or risk small car pain ?

Rear ended at stop sign, slow moving. Had whiplash lower back. 1 yr later, 6 mo. chiro, still muscle twitch/throb in area. Dr. said sprain, now what?

Recently every morning my spine is painful and i even struggle to lift myself up. What it maybe a cause of this problem?

Right middle back. Deep pain.-worse with deep breathing/sneeze. 1yr. Have done PT, MRI/X-RAY,massage,chiropractor. No answers. ?

Scatia.MRI normal.but get lower back pain which moves to leg thru butt.29yrMale.Feel fine after doing yoga but weakness returns.Shld i stop exercising?

Sciatica what exercise can I do to help with my back? Also my knees hurt so much i struggle to get out of bed sometimes

Severe back pain in both sides of spinal..Due to long riding of motorbike regularlly ..How to get rid of it?

Severe lower back pain to butt down thigh & leg for 7 myths & now right couple days PRESCRIPTION MEDS NOT WORKING ?

Should i arch my back in squats? I hear so many people debating a straight back and an arched back. Opinions?

Should i get a back brace or support of any kind for hyperlordosis... When it starts hurting me just to stand?

Should I just lie in bed and avoid exercise if I am having extra back pain?

Should I stretch regurlary as a tall person to help back pain?

Should I use a back brace for lifting if I have suffered a lower back injury?

Shoulder blade pain with little work(mainly with pc) using etodalac 400 with doc's prescription but pain comes and goes . any exercises to get fit?

Shoulder pain that started from a fall back Oct. 2014. increased soreness thru the months to wear now always in pain lifting up , backwards, at rest?

Since last two three days whenever i lift weight or use stairs, i feel pain in my lower jaw from chin to ears.

Since trying to better my posture, my mid back hurts when straightening my back. It's fine when I'm hunched over. What can help this?

Slight fracture to T11 w/slight pain on right side after 2 weeks of bed rest. Going back to desk job. What can I expect for recovery&pain?Restrictions?

Slight scoliosis in my spine.. What kind of exercise to get a nice stomach?

So much pain with my back ,hip ,arms , most mornings I can't move until I have Panadol (acetaminophen) , normally 8 a day. am of a small build and try to jog to help?

Some stretches or "cures" for lower back pain after running? Thanks in advance

Started working out on my chest and back by lifting weights and doing push ups but after Im done the next days I feel like I have trouble breathing.

Starting 2 develope a hunch on the back of the neck/back area from bad posture. Is there anything i can do 2 correct it, its really bothering & hurts?

Stiff shoulder gets worse when I use computer. Only right side. Does height of chair matter? could you tell me any ideas? I need to use it 2 hrs daily

Strained back and neck at 26 weeks pregnant but moving furniture. How to heal and take care of this best?

Sudden severe lower back pain bending at waist to pick up backpack cause? Hist: htn pcos 209lbs 18yrs old fell on tailbone 2 yrs ago no md evaluation.

Thai massage caused back to crack, is that good or bad?

The discs in my backbone feel like they are grinding against each other. I have been doing the insanity workout for approx 2 weeks now during my lunch break. When i get home in the evening, my back is very stiff and i can feel the discs in my backbone rub

The local shop is out of paracetimol and my lower back really hurts! what is a good alternative?

The lower part of my neck is swollen. Could that be a thyroid issue? We just got back from a long road trip. I didn't know if that is inflammation natural from sitting in a car for a couple days.

The top of my back has been hurting. I have a hump. Could that be serious? I am 29. I've had the hump in my back for as long as I can remember.

Then my son have a broken spine or what did u wanted to tell me and he stopped lifting already and the problem is in the lower back area and both legs?

Today I was carrying allot of heavy items at work, 40kg+, now have back pain in middle. I'm 20. Is slipped disk ? Will I become quadriplegic ?!!?

Tonight I got really cold & my muscles felt heavy and locked up, which caused me to fall. Could this be tied w/ my back issues like my spinal stenosis?

Two weeks ago i had a back pain after i took ride in universal studio my X-ray was ok... Now my back quiet ok but right side on my butt was pain?

Type 2 diabetic from 8 years, bad left shoulder pain in push-ups and flat bench press, uric acid normal,cbc normal,please advice meds for muscle cramp?

Unable to fix years of poor posture without chest or back pain that makes trying too hard?

Upper back and collarbone/neck pain - pull a muscle working out/doing yoga? pain from slumping over desk? got a flu shot last week - pain from that?

Upper back pain present for almost a year now. Pain started after dieting and losing weight.It is not present with rest. It hurts w/ activity /sitting?

Upper back pain when I take break from bikram?

Upper right back pain in one spot. Present for months. Obese but I have lost 65lbs dieting. Back only starts hurting when i get to work and sit?

Very bad lower back pain when i walk for more than 15 minutes. Not even carrying or pushing anything. Mom of 3 small kids so used to normal excersises?

Walking with your baby in a sling; good workout or back for your back?

Was told this week that my pelvic muscles are too tight. Is there anything i can do at home to help relax them? I'm too afraid to get physio for it.

What are good exercises to strengthen back and legs . I'm 6'8" and can't do a squat or push-up . Getting that low is hard to bounce back from. ?

What are some different kinds of back stretches?

What are the chances of a back strain being permanent?

What are the restrictions on going back to work after cancer?