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I read that slight rib flare can be from improper breathing (not pulling the ribcage back in when exhaling). Can core strengthening help correct this?

I recently found out that I have a small herniated disc in my lower back. It does not hurt so bad as of now but when i try to walk for exercise it hur?

I sit for long periods studying as a student, how do I relieve my back pain.

I slept on the floor a week ago, and since then I've had lower back pain , certain positions seem to trigger the pain although walking doesn't hurt.

I slipped and fell in the market on water. I've been having pain in my neck , back ,hip and underarm . I'm also running a fever .

I slouch a lot at work due to working at a computer all day. Lately mostly in winter time i get tight back and tight chest. The pain last min orless ?

I sprained a ligament in my back, I have mild scoliosis, and am in a decent amount of pain during the day and while moving. Should I go to school?

I sprained my lumbar region on my old job about a year ago, now its has happen again. Can be walking sharp pain goes up back. Im overweight and need to control it but scared cause of injury. Have picked up 125pounds. Pain raps area lower back to grions

I strained my low back while putting groceries away. My low back is getting better, but now having pain and tightness on the sides of my hips. Why would the low back strain would affect my hips?

I strained my low back, bending down to put gtoceries into a low cart. Normally I have some back strain, but never this bad (pain). No other trauma. What is best treatment for the first few days?

I suffer from back pain what are my cons and pros of wearing a waist cincher?

I tend to wrench my back every few months. I work out daily......not sure how to prevent?

I think i strained my back while sweeping with a broom at work ? What do I do? Remedies? How long will it take to heal. I am 19 . It is my lower back

I think my back is permenatly 'hunched'... Is there anything I can do to make it better ?...With it being hunched, I have back pain, what can I do?

I travel by taxi, bus, metro everyday for about 2 hours to reach my office and same time going back. Due to which im starting to grow lower back pain.

I try to do a lot, but always when I am cleaning or anything my lower back hurts. Can I do something about that? Cause itbs not only with cleaning

I used to do 100 situps daily,i stopped a week ago due to serious back problems. What other exercises to do rather than situps to have flat stomach?

I walk or workout, unless my back is arched back. Any ideas?

I wanted to try an exercise dvd for back and neck pain. Anyone know of any effective ones?

I was a firefighter/paramedic for 10 years- multiple back strains/sprains. Is it more likely ill feel labor in my back?

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia & Sciatica in 2011 now it's progressed so much that it's hard to sleep and I don't have a car or a dr now & hurt my lower back as well since then. What do I do to overcome the depression along with my pain? I've been put

I was diagnosed with havin a bulgin disk in my back. can stretchin or bein active help? have difficulty sitting up 2 long or find a comfy way to sleep

I was diagnosed with lower back pain two weeks due to a gym injury. Gave it 2 weeks rest, still pains after even light exercise. Solution?

I was doing legs excercise squats during this excercise i got back pain lower backpain i had an xray which say everything is fine?

I was tackled in P.E, upon impact I heard my lower back make a pop sound and between my upper sholder by my neck, should I Be worried???

I was thinking of going back to work early after recovering from a back injury for a while. Should i?

I went for a run a few days ago and now I'm having pains in my legs when fully extended and pain in my low back when bent over, normal? Treatments?

I work as a stocker constantly bending and lifting. How long should I wait to go back to work after I have my wisdom teeth pulled? I was told 2 days.

I work in the it field and I sit down for a long period of time, would that cause back pains later ?

I.F.C therapy done on my upper back yesterday after physiotherapy, how often can it be done? My back is a mess and hurts, this helped considerably!

I'm 18 years old male I have a curvature in the upper back and kyphosis when I try to make it straight I fell pain after 5 min what should I do?

I'm 22 I have been having lower back problems I went to a chiropractor and he said my spine was a little curved it sometimes effects my walking.

I'm 23. Weak back muscles causes pain in entire back, shoulder n neck. High fatigue. Caused by wrong posture while using laptop. How can I strengthen?

I'm 33 weeks pregnant- have lower back pain, is it safe to use heating pad on lower back on medium setting while i sleep?

I'm 33 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to do lunges to ease pain between my legs and lower back?

I'm 37 weeks and experience bad backpack and pain round ground what gets worse when walking?

I'm 45kg. I feel I've slight back pain, when I get up after some time. I don't exercise. But how come at this weight ? And what to do? Vit D short.

I'm 6'8" and have a really weak back. What kind of exercises can I do to strengthen my back and shoulders on a busy schedule ?

I'm 7 weeks pregnant is it ok for me to use the icy hot roll on my lower back for muscle and back pain?

I'm a 40 yr old woman with a desk job. Been working 10 hour days. Last few days been experiencing minor bilateral back of the knee pain that goes up ?

I'm a healthy 26-y-o female with near-constant back pain -- sometimes upper, sometimes lower. Massage helps temporarily. What are some solutions?

I'm almost 7 weeks pregnant and my resting hr is going back down after climbing from 55 to 71. Now it's back down to 63? Normal?

I'm having pain at my lower back region on my waist line, please wht medication can I use to get rid of the pain, and make my waist strong?

I'm trying to stay active and fit but am getting some pain in my lower back and right hip possibly from the exercise. Suggestions?

I'm20,kyphosis 70degrees I have worn brace for 2weeks today i feel pain in back especially after walking without brace Before it I didn't feel pain?

I've got upper back/neck pains from lifting weights. How can I treat this?

I've had 2 lower back surgerys will i be able to do mma?

I've had bad back pain for awhile now. Massage helped the first time but there's a big pinch which stops me from putting pressure on leg. Who do I see?

I've had bad posture all my life. I recently have been practicing standing straight but when I do my lower spine hurts. Is this normal?

I've had what seems to be a knot in my back for 3 weeks. Tried yoga, massages and stretching with no success. How can I end this back pain?

I've mild thoracic scolosis convex to the do i get rid of it? it hurts a lot. i've joined gym and doing exercises.Worried if it wud go bad

I've worked lifting fueniture for 15 years and i currently work as a cashier at a stoee and I have a lot of lower back pronlems any ideas?

If I have a herniated disc, can I go back to running regularly once the pain goes away? Is there anything special I should do or watch out for?

If i lift heavy my back starts paining for atleast a week it continues.m 17 yrs 66kg 5 feet 5inches before a year.. there ws no problem of back pain.

If i sit without support for few minutes also my back start to hurt badly what cud be this i hve cervical spondylosis also?

Im 18, i have ringworm on the back of my neck, i put on lotrimin (clotrimazole) 2-3 times a day. how long before i can go back to my grappling gym?

Im 20.My back always hurts and i haven't done anything strenuous. What is wrong?How can I improve pain without meds. I'm not pregnant or overweight.

Im 31 I have gave birth to 5 wonderful kids ages are 13 to 6 but I have pain in my lift groin area and in my back what could it be and why?

Im having aproblem pulling when I do a row or a pulldown i can only do half the weight as the other side, I have no pain tho, its been two weeks?

Im having backahe , backburning in upper portion and have stomackache and single point headeake i shown to more than 5 doc no use please help me ?

Im wondering if i can do cheerleading after three quarters of my back has been fused?

In January I had a fall. After several days I went into walk in clinic for help. Dr. suspected strained muscle in back. 5mths later it is much worse?

In x-rays taken 1/23 of my back bc of reoccurring back pain it looked like my spine was curved. Lady said it may have been my position but i was flat?

Is a lift to put in your shoe effective for low back pain?

Is incontinence (suddenly needing to go and not being able to hold it in, am in diapers) and tight back of lower left leg muscles an urgent problem?

Is it ok for my baby to start sitting up he is three months two weeks or will his back be damaged everyone is saying that he will damagehis back.

Is it okay to have a light back massage after myomectomy.

Is it possible to DMG lower back(couple of inches above waist) by falling on hard edge of trampoline and what does that part of body control/paralyze?

Is it possible to do exercises to have arched back like ballerina?

Is it possible to pull a muscle in your lower back after vomiting out of a car window?

Is it safe to use a massage chair for back pain after having a c section?

Is my condition a neurological problem or muscle problem? I have been having lower back pain for several months. I have been told that I have a weak back and tense muscles. I have taken aquatherapy. Help very little, may need to keep doing that. I have st

Is the plank safe for a bulging disc? Sometimes when I do I get little electric shocks in my lower back.

Is there a back brace I can buy online to help pain and weakness from Spinal Stenosis? I do exercises but find it hard to stand for long. Thanks

Is there a good recommendation for a good ergonomic chair for low back pain?

Is there a quick way to clear back ache without full exercise?

Is there any exercises to get rid of hump on the back of my neck? I slouch Sometimes my hunch isn't big though

Is there any limit to the number of times a day I can stretch my back to try & eliminate a constant stiff back & back pain? Is more better?

Is there anything I can try to keep my back from grinding until my spinal fusion? Also what about cramps?

Is twisting (chiropractic) your back harmful?

It feels like I'm getting a hump in my back. How can I correct it? Or could it just be arthritic?

It looks my jaw disc has dislocate slightly due to heavy sports. It's is already one month. What shall I do? Will it be back to its position again?

Iv been to my GP about my back several times but they keep saying its muscle damage, think its my spine. what can I do?

Iv gained 45 pounds in a year and now have extreme lower back pain whenever I stand or lift for to long. Should this pain go away after losing weight?

Ive had lower back strain from work for 8 months from bending/twisting. With rest gets better. Could this be permanent even after stopping my job?

Just had a blood patch done but my lower back is killing me what can I do aside from OTC medicine i can't move with out being on a 10 scale of pain.

Laminectomy having it done iam 58 back bad job is lefting twisting standing all day will have to retirer?

Leg lifts back pops painfully. 18yrs old back went out. Use to be health nut. Now 30 and still bad daily back pain. What do I do?

Looking for very simple, slow stretches to relax the lower back. I had trauma a few weeks ago.?

Loss of arm strength left and right after passing out. How long does it usually take to get the strength back?

Lower back pain 3rd time in the past 8 months ,can't stand up straight ,how do I threat this and also prevent it in the future ?

Lower back pain from lifting a person for fun earlier, what can I do?

Lower back pain from practicing martial arts. How can I prevent this?

Lower back pain lifting heavy stuff, it was pretty bad. It has happened again, chiropractor was a big help. Should i see a specialist & have a X-ray ?

Lower back pain. Constant need to crack back, to the point where I will feel uncomfortable in my skin. I try to resist cracking but I often fail.

Lower belly pain during excersize--reason to stop?

Lower chronic back pain that reduces the ability of walking, sitting and moving in general, im 18 and dont exercise 198lbs 5'6 ft , tailbone hurts too?

Lower-middle back pain. should I be resting completely, working out still or something in between like stretching? notice stretching helps temporality

Lumbar strain and muscle spasms. Taking prednisone and Valium not getting any better and there swelling in my right lower back.

Massage, is there any easy stretch or anything to make my back pop and lose the pain?