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I get left side lower back spasms after exercise or when standing still? I use the stepper 45 minutes daily plus work with a trainer 3x/week

I get mid back pain while running. It aggravates when I run more. Searching on the web tells me it's a posture issue. What can I do to alleviate it?

I got pain in my back and neck after young children 5years old and below where sitting on my back like I was a pony but they were jumping up and down and hung around my neck could I have pulled muscle?

I got reiki done and man told me that ligaments in my back are twisted and the muscles have adapted to this, can that happen? I suffer from back pain.

I got scoliosis in my upper back by 30-40 degrees. If I straighten that out with exercises, would it be possible for me to "gain" 1-2 cm?

I had a c-section on the 1st of March..when is it advisable to start exercising. I have a back pain when i lift my child who is about 6 kg..

I had a chiropractor appointment yesterday (just needed a little tweak to keep me in maintenance mode). I inquired about my R big toe feeling slightly numb for about 3 weeks. He did minor adjustments in my lower back, posterior shoulders and neck, and fel

I had a full hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. How much can I now pick up? Am i back to normal in my exercises?

I had a little pain in my lower backbone so the doctor told me one of the caps on my lower backbone were missing, so should I lift heavy weights?

I had a major back spasm tuesday night and now my scoliosis, which i was born with, has some how gone away. How can I keep it this way?

I had a scoliosis surgery back in 2011. Is it safe for me to go ice skating? I won't break my back falling? Or something?

I had back fusion 7weeks ago and still in pain is this normal .Still can't sit upright for long either .Thanks?

I had back surgery an my therapist recommended I stretch out but I never did could that be the reason why I'm feeling stiff an back pain still?

I had lower back pain fracture which cured. I would like to lift weight due to flubby upper arms. Which is the best weight to buy?

I had lower back surgery for a slipped disc almost a year ago. Is it safe for me to start running on a regular basis?

I had slipped from stairs around 2 months ago and since then I am having lower back pain. Kindly suggest. My age is 26 with slim body.

I had swollen muscles in my lower back for 3wks now & going to a chiropractor 3x/wk.I feel better but should I still go 3x/wk?Tightness still presist

I had therapy for a hamstring injury a few years back. It comes back here and there. Right now it hurts and i limp. How can I get rid of this for good?

I have 5 ruptured dish and been spurs in my back along deterioration i hurt worser if i ever go to bed. I sleep in recliner.. Recomend type of Meds?

I have a back pain, I do however sit allot behind the computer. Is it because of that or could be other factors?

I have a bulged disc on lower right back. Do i need to rest or do specific exercises? The prescribed anti inflammatory pills don't seem to help.

I have a bump on my lower back due to acrobatic sport including rolling techniques. I only feel pain if I touch or is in direct contact with the bump?

I have a cracking in my upper back.I stretch alot(backbends, ect.)i have stopped doing so due to this.I have no pain.Could there be permanent damage?

I have a disc protusion at l5/s1, still sore and tingly in hipmand back after 2 weeks offshould i go back to work yet, i sit most of the day at a desk?

I have a hard time breathing and walking and have to stop walking when I do. I also have back pain and I have had back surgeries.

I have a labor intensive job. How can I prevent back strains and get rid of my lowerback strain?

I have a Lipoma on my back. It's not bothering me but I love having massages on my back. Is it harmful if it is massaged? Will it risk it to growing?

I have a lot of tension in my shoulders. Is a back massager safe to use on shoulders and/or lower back during pregnancy?

I have a lower back pain due to working long hours at my desk. What should I do?

I have a lower back problem and was wondering if a lazy boy recliner would make it any worse?

I have a lumbar strain and I work construction been out for 4weeks now still have lots of pain going to start pt do you think I should go back to work?

I have a medium to severe upper back pain when i straighten up my back. It's been more than 2 weeks. Tried heat, yoga, massage, nothing helps

I have a physical labor job and get occasional lower back pain. What can I do help strengthen my back?

I have a previous back injury, lower. Recently I have gained some weight and both heels of my feet are going numb could these be related?

I have a slipped disc at l5-s1. Sometimes my back becomes stiff and i cannot move about very easily. What meds can I take?

I have a small upper thoracic hump, are there any exercises that will help reduce it before it gets any worse?

I have a stiff back for over a year now. I do exercises regularly which were taught to me by physiotherapy. Will my back be normal again before i die.

I have a straight cervical curve my back & neck hurt a lot the doctor advised Lagaflex. I'm worried about its side effects. Should I take it or not?

I have a terrible pain in upper back neck area. What precautions i can take while walking n sitting?

I have a trap MS strain- I have had this x 6 months- I do yoga and pilate's 4 times a week which seems to aggravate it. If i take nsaids for a few weeks it gets better, but as soon as i stop it flares back up. Do you have advice?

I have arthritis, osetoporosis & a curvature to lower back, should I stop working as a cleaner?

I have back and neck pain for 2-3 days. I sit in same position for many hours studying. Pain is not going away. Should i take medicine or exercise?

I have back pain a lot specially after a squat work out i had 6 , onths ago pain is in back and legs i rested and had therapy nothong helped what could?

I have back spasms, and I was wondering, how long I should sit out for football?

I have bad pain in the front of both thighs especially, when i sit down or lie in bed, I have had two failed lamentacies, and this pain is driving me nut?

I have been doing pushups for about a year. (200 total reps a day) just recently as i went to do my set, i got a severe headache at back of my head.

I have been sitting a lot at my job. I have developed lower back problems that have lasted 3 weeks. I may have even pulled something. Treatment ideas?

I have been using a tight bra 4 over a year now./studying for hours for months/heavy back bag/4 a few days now i have mild neck to head pain what's it

I have colitis. Every so often when I bend down e.g to tie shoes up I get a pain in lower tummy and have stand back up. Is it connected???

I have constant back pain? Is foam mattress safe?

I have cont. discomfort on left hip upper back.? Feels like trapped air. Had an x-ray. Nothing seen. Injured that hip lifting heavy thing 10yrs back.

I have curved back due to my bad sitting habits. I am 18 male. What can I do now to make it straight?

I have degenerative disc L4 L5 is it safe to do sit ups n crunch. Will the it get better over time without doing surgery will it be like that 4 ever?

I have eds3 my 1st rib keeps pinching down on nerves on the right side. Exercises to help keep it in place?

I have eds3. A few of my ribs keep slipping out of place causing extreme pain until they slip back in. Exercises or other ways to help stop this?!

I have had a bruise on my back for over 7 years that grows and shrinks with back pain I am only 24 years old, I am wanting to know what it could be?

I have had really bad back aches for the past few months. I am a freshman in college but I have a great padded backpack. Please help.

I have lifted my girlfriend few times in the first month as lovers (108lbs) and I have some mild lower back pain. What course of action should I take?

I have lower back pain (bottom right). Do pt stretching exercies 4x/wk. Have relief until next activity (golf, run, etc). Need a better solution?

I have lower back pain that travels up my spinal cord and it gets more intense. My friend smacked my back in high school and i also get muscle spasms. What should I do?

I have lower back pain that was said to be muscle related but i'm now about 104lbs (lowest 100). I'm 5'6" & eat regular. I just had my 2nd kid 8mo ago?

I have lower back strain from my job. I've had pain for over six months. How can I get rid of it? Is it permanent? Im still working my job.

I have multiple lipomas. many near my spine. can they effect or make back pain? My back gets pulled often & right by where the lipomas are. remove?

I have neck arthritus, just stiffness , no pain.I eat right, exercise religiously do everything needed. Will i be in pain for years to come?

I have pain in left lower back, when i sit long, lift something or try strech. What can be and what to do to find out what is going on? Thank you!

I have pain in my thighs most of the time and also i feel that my chest is locked and some one holds it finally my creatine kinase was high=412?

I have pain on the upper part of my earflap if i put some light pressure what could be the cause ? Thank you

I have problem with my back and i've got it for some time and i think the problem is that when i walk to school i had a backpack weighing about 15 kg?

I have problem with my back I have scoliosis.I went to many doctor all of them told me diffrent thing.I'm working exsercise every day it doesn't help.

I have purchased a Recumbent Exercise Bike. I have OA in my knees n back n neck. Did i make the right choice. for strengthening. THANKS.

I have put on 30kg in the last 10 months due to meds and poor diet. I have lower and upper back pain, aching legs, could be due to weight gain?

I have recently diagnose if mild scoliosis. and I sometimes have a back pain. can I still go to the gym and lift weights that I can manage?

I have recently had back surgery for the 4th time. What is best to restore strength in my back?

I have recurring lower back pain that i experience while driving/flying over periods of 30 minutes that leads me in pain for days. I use lumbar support and i sit quite upright. My doctor advised me to just pre-medicate with tylenol. Thoughts?

I have right upper back pain when eating. Why is this happening? I am in great health the only thing is I have scoliosis.

I have Sciatica for several week now. It has not bothered me for part 2 week, but came back yesterday after laying down with pants and belt on.

I have Sciatica.While resting in bed, i made a stretch which aggravated my back.When i got up, my low back was tight when i walked. Is this temporary?

I have sever to muscle in my lower calf elm had to have surgery to put it back together what is the best exercise to get my muscle back together .?

I have skoliosis(20°), trying to strengthen back with training-cant even go running without extreme pain in shoulder and trouble breathing. Any tips?

I have sprained my lower back while trying to lift an object. Any prescriptions available and what should I do now?

I have taken most every statin always resulting in shoulder/arm/leg pain. I finally told my doc no more. Yet he insists that I go back on one. What?

I have terrible lower backpain when getting up from bed an when leaning over or lifting light things etc what causes it?

I have tight muscles in my back. would it be beneficial if I sleep on the floor vs my bed? I think my dad does this when his back hurts.

I have va and am not sure why when i bring up a concern such as why a spot in my back can hurt so much after walking. Or exercising. They don't look?

I have what I believe to be a "Trigger Point" in my lower right leg muscle. Are there any ways I can treat my condition using things around the home?

I hurt my back about two years ago lifting a heavy box, at first it didn't hurt much but with due time the pain has increased. Anyway to calm pain?

I injured my low back 10 years ago while on a rowing machine. I've had an L5-S1 fusion, to no avail. I can't sit w/o pain, only lying on my stomach.

I just got back to the gym after ao few months out. For the first 2 weeks I couldn't stretch my arms, and now find it difficult to lift 5kg. Please..?

I just started my first job and i have to walk around for atleast six hours a day. I have fibromyagia and my lower back and shoulders are killing me from it. Is there away to stop the pain and prevent kt?

I m feeling pain in back bone specially end of bone . I cant sit properly. I cant worklong time. My job us feild work. Plz. Do me favor recomend a med?

I m in athletic physical shape, my entire back feels stiff but no pain. What to do?

I m suffering frm back pain. Plz suggest me something. I m a student and also a working partner in business. I have to travel a lot and sit 4long hrs?

I made a bad gesture with my lower back holding 25 pound baby think I slipped my disc what's the best home remedy?

I need an advice i had a shoulder dislocation about 4 months ago and i did all my therapy then i was released to go back to work with no restrictions so i start working as before with no pain and lifting heavy stuffs up to 123 pounds.......Well sometimes

I need my back/lower back to be as strong and immune to injury as possible for my work. How do I tell if it's there or close?

I need to loose at least 50lbs, im 21, 5'3" and 212lbs, but every exercise I do hurts, esp my lower back and bad shoulder. Any advice please?

I never hurt my back during sports/etc. But i often experience painful back spasms that last days after trivial things like bending over. Why? 25 y/o.

I pull myself up a horizontal bar and after hours i feel pain in my low back for days but no pain in feet is it disc herniated ? Any solution ?

I pulled out my back lifting a box and i think it's a pinch nerve. What should I do to help or get rid of the pain?

I ran rather too much on a day.When i lie down and try to fold my legs, they become locked.Removing them from that causes excruciating pain.Whats this?